Hello reddit, we're Ally Beardsley and Grant O'Brien, and we're two cast members / writers for CollegeHumor and our new streaming service, Dropout.tv. We made a show together about drowning in student loan debt (Grant had about $90k in student loan debt, Ally had about $60k) and convincing our bosses to help us pay off a big chunk of that by giving each other ridiculous challenges and filming the whole thing. The first episode is up for free on the CollegeHumor Youtube channel (check it out here). It takes a lot of turns, and yes, was completely real and unscripted (and an emotional / physical nightmare!). Kinda continuing the CollegeHumor tradition of pranks, except with a lot more dark painful effects of late stage capitalism and being consumed by debt. New episodes are coming out every week on Wednesdays for the next couple months (you can get a free trial for Dropout here).

So if you've got questions about comedy, being broke, or testing the limits of friendship through elaborate filmed stunts that your financial future depends upon, go nuts. We'll be answering questions starting at 4 PM EST/1 PM PST but feel free to start piling them up!

Proof: https://i.redd.it/djsvkhhc52i21.jpg

2:47pst- We've got to go, guys. This was fun! Thanks for all the questions! Sorry we couldn't get to all of them. Check out the show on dropout.tv!

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splendid_ssbm74 karma

I have two questions:

1) How much of a typical work day is spent making fun of Grant at the CH office? 2) In future appearances of Tales From the Closet will Grant find new and creative ways to tell us he likes giving blowjobs or will he be sticking to tried and true methods?

collegehumor70 karma

Grant: 1) Entirely too much 2) I'm using my appearances on Tales From The Closet to get laid. It's...it's why I do everything. I need people to know what they're in for

samreich73 karma

hi both, love you love the show, quick question, this sam guy. great boss or greatest boss?

collegehumor100 karma

I caught Sam stealing 20 dollars out of my wallet one time

The_Actual_Sage66 karma

Ok, I need to know everything about the Daddy's day sketch. Who's idea was it? How did filming go? How did you guys manage to keep straight faces? Did you actual fathers see it? I need to know

collegehumor108 karma

AB: Trapp wrote Daddy's Day, then Trapp conveniently left on vacation leaving us to read the INSANE, GRAPHIC words he penned from his shitty little bitch mind. It was chaos on set, I maybe took 10+ takes to get my first line out. They are easier now because we know how weird those shoot days are going to be. Tbh Grant was in his element.

MediocreLeadership851 karma

What's it like being a sex symbol, Grant?

collegehumor59 karma

Grant: A sex symbol? Me? Wow. What do you think is the sexiest thing about me?

MediocreLeadership829 karma

those huge lips of course! and the elusive height is a factor too

Penthouse_Pauper_40 karma

And don’t forget that megawatt smile!

MediocreLeadership813 karma

I would never!

collegehumor31 karma

Grant: That's great. What else? Lots more?

sandralison46 karma

Hi Ally i’m also a non-binary lesbian so thank u for the representation first of all. I love u. Second of all, what other hair colors are u thinking of trying after the green?

collegehumor61 karma

AB: heya! I am actually thinking of cutting off all the dyed hair into a bowl cut (✿◕‿◕)

justblayz44 karma

How tall is grant?

collegehumor74 karma

Good question

RichardKindFan6940 karma

Ally, do you still have green hair IRL from the show? That's awesome.

Grant, how does it feel that one of your challenges just made Ally even cooler on a permanent basis?

collegehumor66 karma

AB: Yeah! Well, it's kind of a faded aqua blue and now middle aged women stop me on the street to tell me I'm "pretty" lol

RadioEngineerMonkey32 karma

First of all, love you both. Easily two of my favorite cast members of all time, and the current roster on CH is on equal footing with the best stuff in the entire run.

I have 2 questions:

1) How did you decide the risk of this competition and the prize was worth the potential strain on your relationship with each other as friends and coworkers?

2) Do you feel the degrees you got this debt for have helped you in your current work, or are they things you got before transitioning into comedy full time (asked as a man who dropped out of college and pursued a different line of work from what I studied).

Thanks for doing this and making me laugh nonstop! You'll never know how much I need it sometimes thanks to the old PTSD.

collegehumor32 karma

AB: wow high praise and great questions. 1) I wasn't too afraid of our relationship going in, Grant and I have always been drawn to each other and we have a solid amount of things in common- we actually met before this job in a UCB class!

NotSoKrazyKamek28 karma

1) How much of a clutz idiot is Grant? 2) What’s your favourite CH video?

collegehumor48 karma

AB: Grant is actually extremely clumsy, just last night I watched him spilled red wine all over a chair while clapping. I fucking loooove "My Name's Not Ralph" because it's also how I feel about my pronouns.

Grant: I'm a trained ballet dancer, that's all for show. Is that vid of the cat saying oh long johnson CH?

EthanDrummer23 karma

how has working on a non-scripted snow like Total Forgiveness differ from working on scripted sketch comedy?

collegehumor33 karma

The thing about writing sketch is that it's SO short. Anything more than 5 pages is way too long. A lot of our writing process is riffing with each other, so doing an unscripted series is pretty natural. The biggest difference is honestly getting more time to tell the story with long-form shows like Total Forgiveness

BobbitTheDog21 karma

Are the other CH guys jealous of you guys (potentially) getting your loans paid off?? I mean you're basically getting like a multi-thousand dollar bonus!

collegehumor64 karma

Literally yesterday Brennan was asking about doing a Side Quest for his loans

FIREorlove15 karma

Seems like Grant got off easy with the camping challenge. Are we really supposed to believe that nothing happened during the night that freaked him out? Or can you just not show the footage because he was distracting himself by watching pornos all night?

collegehumor31 karma

AB: yah I agree that challenge was a little too easy... just wait

Grant: I didn't need the pornos ;)

Domo101614 karma

Hi Grant and Ally! Do you guys have any advice for me as a person who wants to continue college but would need to take out loans to do so? I don’t want to be in debt because I’ve seen my parents go through it and it is terrible.

collegehumor23 karma

Hard as it is to believe, I actually don't regret doing what I had to to get the education I got. Lots of the the good things in my life are connected to it. That said, there would probably be good things in my life regardless of where I was, so look around at your options (taking a year off to work, transferring to a cheaper school, etc), but if you do need loans know that, while it sucks, it's not impossible.

ReadyWhipp12 karma

Is drowning in student loan debt as fun as drowning in water?

collegehumor16 karma

I've heard drowning in water isn't as bad as people say...

ChopSueyWasTaken11 karma

Are you aware of your international audience? Or alternatively, how much of your audience is from outside the United States? German University student here, I've been watching your content religiously for years. You guys are great! <3

collegehumor13 karma

Grant: Thanks! I'm not sure about the numbers, but I met a guy from Russia not too long ago who learned English by watching CollegeHumor (and I assume other things, but still. Cool.)

Ally: When I lived abroad I met people who liked CollegeHumor, so I'm very aware!

Pesky___Bee11 karma

Can you give Brennen my love? It's like important and such

collegehumor12 karma

I just told him. He loves you as well, and he says he's the number one Total Forgiveness stan

RichNCrispy10 karma

What is your average day like?

collegehumor17 karma

AB: work days involve a lot of coffee and rushing to meetings and trying not to waste time with video games. off days i try to be out in nature and around friends/animals. i take a lot of cbd (ᵕ̣̣̣̣̣ ہ ᵕ̣̣̣̣̣̣ ✿)

kilbreazy10 karma

How long have you wanted to do this?

collegehumor36 karma

An AMA? Since my movie Rampart was released into theaters

iwastedmyname10 karma

Would you rather fight 1 elephant sized duck, or 100 duck sized elephants? only condition: barehanded

collegehumor18 karma

Grant: the only right answer is 100 duck sized elephants

AB: both of these scenarios sound C.U.T.E. A.F.

YourFavouriteCousin9 karma

Lots of comedy recently has become very socially driven eg Patriot Act. Is this something that’s a particular passion of the both of yours? Have you got anything else that you’d like to tackle?

Grant, why do you have such nice teeth?

collegehumor19 karma

Grant: I think comedy is moving that direction because people are so much more engaged politically now. Comedy will (and should!) reflect the "national conversation" (I'm making the jerk off motion when I say "national conversation" jsyk)

My teeth are nice because of the YEARS of orthodontics I had when I was a kid and honestly they're crumbling in front of my very eyes now, so enjoy them while they last

SheckyDAndTheBoyz9 karma

Hey guys! I got a dropout subscription day one and it’s totally been worth it. Since then I’ve been trying my hand at writing sketches and it’s been going ok. So my question for you is: Who can eat more peeps Raphael or Brennan?

collegehumor16 karma


collegehumor16 karma

Grant: Thanks! I'm not sure, but I'll say that I wouldn't eat a Peep if you paid every dime of my student loans. Gross.

Ametiel878 karma

Hey! Just got a reddit account for the soul purpose of being involved in this discussion. I don’t know what to ask you... I just wanted to be included. Oh! (That was a 2 minute pause) Is this game tearing you apart psychologically?

collegehumor5 karma

AB: hi!!

buttlicker90018 karma

What does your shirt say Grant? Ohio against what? Also are you from Ohio?

collegehumor15 karma

Grant: It says Ohio Against The World. I AM from Ohio. I grew up in Columbus. Are you from Ohio Buttlicker?

buttlicker90014 karma

I am! I live and grew up near Kent and Akron. It's really cool to know that you came from the same state as me. Makes me feel like maybe one day if I work really hard, then I too may lick dudes butts as you do. Or at least stick something in em. Idk if you eat ass but you do you

collegehumor15 karma

^ You guys, I think this is LeBron James...

TMJ_Jack8 karma

Why won't you stop talking about whipped cream cheese?

collegehumor12 karma

Grant: Whipped Cream Cheese it trash and NOBODY REALIZES IT! It's not dense enough so you have to put so much of it on your bagel and it melts right off!

marijanBalic8 karma

Ally, for the love of God, are you really $60k in debt for a degree in philosophy? In a world we live in that's insane. And kinda badass in the nerdiest way possible.

collegehumor13 karma

AB: It has kept me humble and bookish, who needs money? shoplifts cheese

Conspiracy-A-Go-Go8 karma

The LGBT representation and terrific humor that you two contributed to the site warmed my closeted eighth grade heart, and I can’t thank you enough for that. How do you feel about Naked Lunch?

collegehumor5 karma

AB: wow thank you! the beat poets are tight, but I think they got too rich/famous and ran out of things to say

Expiredasscream8 karma

Hey y'all! Big fan of CH. Just a quick question, what was your go to fast food meal when y'all were broke and in college?

collegehumor13 karma

Grant: There was one Arby's in Manhattan that was in the basement food court of a mall. I'd go crazy on a Beef N Cheddar

Ally: Chipotle Chips and Guac, then add a side of beans, sour cream, and salsa. Pour them into the bad, you've got a big plate of nachos for four dollars! Or maybe five...

Huddicle8 karma

Hi guys, you're both awesome btw. Question for Grant, What was the reaction from Jay Fleischman (The finance expert) when you asked him to do an serious interview about student loans with a man covered in leeches?

collegehumor15 karma

Grant: Jay rules! I actually didn't ask him myself. Our producer Shane Crown did. He was honestly surprisingly unfazed. I love that dude

Warmag37 karma

First off, love you guys. I’ve had many hysterical crying fits due to some of your sketches. Second, what’s the best prank that’s happened at the office that fans don’t know about?

collegehumor12 karma

AB: We wrote out all the lines from Daddy's Day and hung them above Raph's desk

iplaywarframe7 karma

Hi! This is more directed towards Grant.

Have you seen this yet?

collegehumor15 karma

Grant: Yes! People KEEP sending it to me! A bee with jaws. Christ.

HobblinGoblin7 karma

Ally: how long did you live in the Netherlands? Whereabouts were you?

collegehumor13 karma

AB: Ik gewoond in nederland drie jaren in de Oost! I actually lived allll over Amsterdam, because I moved like every 6 months. Fucking gorgeous city (albeit very small)

Chtorrr6 karma

What is the very best cheese?

collegehumor13 karma

Grant: Blue cheese!!!

Ally: MFin Dutch Reypenaer

mmanz19945 karma

Ally why are you my favorite person? Why do you rock my socks so hard? D:

collegehumor13 karma

Grant: Ahem

E71C-Lastname4 karma

Besides Total Forgiveness, what is your favorite Dropout show?

collegehumor5 karma

AB: DIMENSION 20!!!!!!!!! Also Um, Actually

Grant: The weed show that's not out yet!

Itsonlymedisguise4 karma

What are your degrees in, and where did you go to college? Are you happy with what you majored in?

collegehumor13 karma

AB: my degree is in Philosophy!

Itsonlymedisguise7 karma

P.S. Grant, are you ever jealous that Ally owes less money than you?

collegehumor11 karma

Grant: I'm jealous of everyone that owes less money than me

capitalistspaghetti3 karma

Hi! I’m a huge fan of College Humor and I have been for years, but unfortunately I also suffer from student debt. Sooooooooooo... Where can I pirate Total Forgiveness??

collegehumor6 karma

Do people not know how to BitTorrent anymore? smdh

Lucas_Wood3 karma

Hey grant and ally! I love your content! O was just wondering what a normal day at college humor is like? It seemed like a really fun work environment

collegehumor5 karma

like that

fintanconlon3 karma

Who’s you fav original cast member from the early CollegeHumour days?

collegehumor9 karma

Gilda Radner

l0ll0rs3 karma

So um... Quick question... If you found a large wooden horse infront of your front door, would you let it in?

collegehumor3 karma

Of course! It's rude to turn down a gift

shartnado33 karma

Can you tell me how to get rid of my god damn 80k student loan debt in non organic kind of ways? Also, IDK how many worked for College Humor, but I talked to Adam Conover once on here, so I am trying to beef up my CH resume. Thanks! Byeeeeeeeee

collegehumor4 karma

Go on a game show??

TheAirEnforcer3 karma

Hey guys, love you, love your work, Grant is a sexual icon, etcetera. 3 questions: 1. Are IRL pitch meetings anything like those found in sketches? 2. Similarly, how long is it from the conception of an idea to a published video? 3. Okay, Grant: Lots of people are afraid of bees, perfectly reasonable fear. But (by any chance) are you allergic (if not, do you like honey?) or did you have a harrowing experience as a child or something?

Wait, did a beehive fall on your head?

collegehumor5 karma

Grant: Thank you, yes, I am. 1. The pitch meetings aren't like the sketches because we honestly do pitch things. That's not even the room we use IRL. Our room has windows and couches 2. It really depends! The writing process takes about a week, but the production and post-production can vary a lot based on what the sketch calls for. Anywhere from a month to three months, I'd say. 3. I'm not allergic, but it's STILL REASONABLE!

itsmiiitch3 karma

Favorite pizza toppings?

collegehumor10 karma

Grant: Pineapple. Don't @ me

Ryofashadewalk2 karma

Glad to hear that both of you are still alive. Grant what was your first reaction to people thinking you and Keith formerly from Buzzfeed are the same person? Has anyone ever confused you outside of the meme?

collegehumor6 karma

I get confused for him ALL THE TIME! I got sent at free drink in a bar because someone thought I was him. I was just at Eugene from the Try Guy's birthday party and Keith and I were talking about it. It's a thing.

TheAnonymousGamer2222 karma

Do you two like Pokémon? Which one is your favourite? Grant would probably like Machamp.

collegehumor4 karma

AB: jigglypuff +゚*。:゚+凸

samuel_holden2 karma

If you weren’t working at college humor, what would you be doing?

collegehumor5 karma

AB: very stoned selling rich women $6 skinny lattes and a cheese danish

graduallemon2 karma

huge CH fan!! what would you say is each of yours’ (is that grammar right? idk) writing style? ex: grant’s - usually horny

collegehumor3 karma

Grant: It's not just my writing style

ChaChaMull2 karma

Do either of you have an interesting coming out story that you’re willing to tell us?

collegehumor9 karma

Grant: The first time I came out to anyone was freshman year of college. My friend, who was very dramatic, was throwing up and screaming at the world. We were making sure she was okay, and she said "You men! All you want to do is fuck us!" I said back "That's not ALL I want to do. I'm bisexual" thinking people would take it as a joke. They paused and said "Wait, really?" and I, very quietly, said "yeah."

samjamtimtam2 karma

Ah this is great, love you guys. Of all time, what's been your favourite sketch to write / work on?

collegehumor3 karma

AB: My fav sketch to write was Gay At A Sleepover and fav to be in was Got No Sleep

Grant: I really had a good time with Give It A Whirl fuckers

Trapp is eavesdropping and answered that he had a great time on the theme week for the sCHining

Kiyose_962 karma

Favourite Condiment?

collegehumor2 karma

Grant: Hot sauce

Ally: Pesto mayo