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Did anyone get pregnant on the boat?

pink_suitcase120 karma

Not that I’ve heard, but it’s certainly possible

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This post was submitted 15 minutes ago an is already on my front page... something seems off here. Can we get some proof?

pink_suitcase12 karma

Sure!! What kind of proof do you want?

ninetaleszgo50 karma

What were you studying?

pink_suitcase91 karma

I took coursework in Tourism, Hospitality, and International Studies. We were all required to take “Global Studies”, which taught us about the countries on our voyage itinerary. I also took a very interesting course on International Human Trafficking

Accomplished_Square30 karma

Do you think you got what you paid for?

Traveling sounds great but $25-30k for only one semester's worth of courses doesn't look like it's worth it to me for all those extra loans.

pink_suitcase10 karma

Yes- I think it was absolutely worth it! I was luckily able to get scholarships to help cover costs

Rixae20 karma

Was this basically suite life on deck?

pink_suitcase6 karma

pretty similar

Soenerob8 karma

What was the application process like?

pink_suitcase6 karma

Pretty simple- I remember writing a few essays and sending transcripts

bearhammers7 karma

How many people were seasick at first?

pink_suitcase12 karma

SO many!! On the first day of class we were passing through the English Channel (absolutely CRAZY waves) and at least 20 people had to run out of our first lecture 🥴😅

snaresamn6 karma

Do you think you'll regret spending 30k on a 3 month cruise when that money couldve easily paid for over a year of much more fulfilling solo world travel?

pink_suitcase2 karma

I will not regret it- it was a very enriching experience that I don’t think I could recreate on my own. :)

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I started saving money when I was in high school and applied for many scholarships! They have lots of really great financial aid options, it’s not as unaffordable as many think

mrbaryonyx5 karma

How hard/easy was it to do school work? Did you all have enough space?

pink_suitcase5 karma

We definitely had plenty of time for schoolwork- we would attend class in the early morning or afternoon and have the rest of the evening free. There were also days set aside called “Study Days”, just to get caught up and meet with professors

infinityxero4 karma

How old were you when you did it?

pink_suitcase2 karma

I was 20 when I sailed :)

mikeyboy1134 karma

How was it? Also has it impacted or effected your job search in any way?

pink_suitcase5 karma

It was the most enriching experience of my life! It absolutely changed my job search and I am now working in the Travel & Tourism industry

SPWatwin4 karma

Is this an American thing?

pink_suitcase3 karma

It is for students of all backgrounds- many of my friends on the ship were not American

Sp4gh3tt1_M4n3 karma

So have you ever watched suite life on deck?

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discountsethrogen3 karma

Did you have a private room or was it more similar to a navy shop with lots of people in one room?

pink_suitcase2 karma

There were single, double and triple rooms!

HintOfFlavor2 karma

What was the best country/location you visited?

What was the worst?

pink_suitcase5 karma

Kochi, India was absolutely extraordinary

Myanmar was my least favorite, it was unsafe and a little bit unsettling, however the people were wonderful and I still enjoyed my time there

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How was the ride on the ship. By cruise ship standards that's a tiny ship. Did you do any long crossings or just stay within a decent range that didn't find yourself in wide open seas?

pink_suitcase4 karma

We crossed the Pacific, which was a huuuuuge stretch! (Kobe, Japan to San Diego, California)

It was rocky sometimes, but most of the time it was smooth sailing

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I always wanted to do this but it’s so expensive! Especially for a Canadian. Do you think it should be cheaper? Or it it worth the price?

pink_suitcase3 karma

I think it is worth the price! (Comparable to out-of-state tuition at a big school)

They also have a lot of financial aid opportunities to make the trip more affordable

ninebears2 karma

What are the requirements for this? Are you all students in related degree programs?

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There is a GPA requirement and possibly a few others? They accept students of all majors and offer coursework in most ‘common’ fields of study

-CaliforniaRoll-2 karma

Have a buddy on SAS right now and one that went last year. Seems like the experience of a lifetime. What culture did you find the most different/surprising?

pink_suitcase5 karma

I thought Japan was absolutely delightful and so advanced

Southern India was also a beautiful place to explore :)

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Would you pay $25k for your kid to take the same program?

pink_suitcase3 karma

I would encourage my children to save money and apply for scholarships if they were really interested in sailing!

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None of the above! Saved up for the trip for about four years and applied for scholarshops