What's up reddit! I'm Nate Robinson, former /r/nba player and I'm here with my brother Chicken to answer all your questions.

I've been wanting to do one of these after hearing stories of other athlete's breaking major news through their AMAs (looking at you Connor Barwin 😂)

After getting tired of how awful my kids' bags smelled after practice and games (and remembering the stank some of my teammates caused in the locker room), I teamed up with some folks to invent an all-natural, long-lasting, bacteria-killing gym bag deodorizer we're calling "Slam it in the Bag" we JUST launched a Kickstarter so we could offer fans some once-in-a-lifetime perks (like playing me one-on-one IRL or Madden/NBA2K)

It'd mean a lot to me if you checked it out

My Proof


4:25pm est - alright. Gonna take a break. Might pop back in and give some more answers later but this was a ton of fun, sorry we were a little late getting it going. LOVE YOU ALL.

I know i said it a bunch in this thread but for real slamitinthebag.com shit legit works keeping your gym bag fresh and for you keyboard warriors out there pissin in bottles, put this shit in your room so it aint a science experiment anymore

If anyone wants something signed, dm me a confirmation of kickstarter backing and we’ll set it up!

Edit: GONNA KEEP ANSWERING!!! Love this!!

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TheNateRobinson1403 karma

My name is chicken because it’s I always got some food for thought ...... I’m here to feed yo mind !

EthiopianNutella1318 karma

How did it feel to dunk over shaq?

TheNateRobinson5377 karma

It was like taking a dump in the wind lol

sirfartsalot101311 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA!

When did you truly realize that you had a chance to play in the NBA?

TheNateRobinson2438 karma

When I was 10 I knew I was in

TheNateRobinson1275 karma

I played high off the crowd support ! The crowd makes me feel unstoppable

TheNateRobinson1268 karma

I know i said it a bunch in this thread but for real slamitinthebag.com shit legit works keeping your gym bag fresh and for you keyboard warriors out there pissin in bottles, put this shit in your room so it aint a science experiment anymore

Love u all. This was fun!

PixelMiner122908 karma

What did you do to get such a high vertical?

TheNateRobinson5095 karma

Momma made me p b and j and cut it horizontal and leave the edges

chilliboy21766 karma

I’ve wasted so much time on these diagonal cuts...

TheNateRobinson221 karma


TenRedBullsANite870 karma

Who’s winning rookie of the year?

TheNateRobinson2881 karma

Rookie from the mavs

MacNSchteez855 karma

Who is your favorite player to have guard you?

TheNateRobinson1826 karma


clonethief835 karma

What does this mean

TheNateRobinson2831 karma

Food for thought

teriyakisushi763 karma

Who’s your favourite player of all time?

TheNateRobinson1648 karma

Jordan and Iverson

AngelGC8733 karma

Hobbies outside of basketball/sports?

Ps you killed it as a Bull

TheNateRobinson772 karma

I run my company scuffedup and been working relentlessly to get my product to all athletes .

workworkworkeveryday725 karma

Was your Yao Ming block one of the proudest moments in your career? If not, what was?

TheNateRobinson1933 karma

Naw I had kids cuddy

ArtestDidNothinWrong694 karma

How does it feel being one of very few to win the dunk contest despite people overlooking your size?

TheNateRobinson1836 karma

I feel like a hero ‘ the people’s champ I did it for everybody who couldn’t

Joshing21686 karma

Do you like Basketball more or Football?

TheNateRobinson1461 karma

I like em both sports is my life I love this sh*+

zachwilson231353 karma

It's okay to curse here, Nate. Set that shit free

TheNateRobinson6449 karma

Ok well shit then fuck it lol

Ninjawarz1232658 karma

Whats your opinion on Seattle as a basketball city?

TheNateRobinson1510 karma

We da best

skinsballr649 karma

Which current NBA player is the best for the slam dunk contest, Nate?

TheNateRobinson1142 karma

Zack for the town

JesusSama617 karma

Hi Nate,

What is the greatest dunk you've ever seen of all time (Not one of yours)? Whether it be in the NBA or not.

TheNateRobinson967 karma

This dude on Instagram did a couple between the heems ‘

KeithSharpley587 karma

Why did Nate cross the road?

So Chicken didn’t have to!

TheNateRobinson931 karma

I got my brothers back on gawd !!!

pineapplescrotum578 karma

can you still dunk?

TheNateRobinson2041 karma

Yes u dont see me dunking theses bag deodorizers in these bags

JuiceWRLD24540 karma

How tall were you when u were first able to dunk?

TheNateRobinson2354 karma

I was knee high to a grasshopper

orchar8528 karma

Which teammate were you closest to during your career?

TheNateRobinson1067 karma


__Kev455 karma

Favorite city to play in?

TheNateRobinson938 karma

Seattle vs knicks

JeanRalfio455 karma

Do you and Big Baby watch Shrek together?

TheNateRobinson1971 karma

Never we are shrek together

EthiopianNutella401 karma

What’s your favourite movie? (I’m guessing talladega nights)

TheNateRobinson873 karma

Life wit Eddie Murphy and Martian Lawrence

dale_funhouse368 karma

Who sucked the most with their acting on the set of Uncle Drew?

TheNateRobinson765 karma

Everybody killed it

Zemulon351 karma

Could you dunk over a car? Not the shitty "jump on the hood of a car" dunk that Blake Griffin did, but OVER a car...

TheNateRobinson3481 karma

I’m jumping over trumps wall

EnzohGorlami367 karma

Great one liners in these answers.

TheNateRobinson635 karma


DefiniteSauce12333 karma

What’s the most creative dunk you have done off camera?

TheNateRobinson1114 karma

Off the glass backflip between the legs upside down #hackedbychi8ken

jocro333 karma

Hey Nate, big fan, especially as a short guy who thinks he can ball.

Have a favorite memory in the league?

TheNateRobinson670 karma

The day I was drafted #scuffedsquad

parserrr310 karma

Hey Nate, I read through this entire AMA, and it's still not clear to me... which brand of gym bag deodorizer should I be using?

Also, which summer league is the most fun you've played in?

TheNateRobinson324 karma

🤣😂 slamitinthebag.com 👏👏 theyre all great playing is the most important

EthiopianNutella297 karma

Are you attempting to play overseas now or back to the nba?

TheNateRobinson590 karma


rsnellings25287 karma

Hey Nate! I'm looking to add a couple inches to my vertical. What methods of training did you use to increase yours?

TheNateRobinson977 karma

A lot of leg work and make sure you take care of you body. Get you a bag deodorizer so you stay protected f. Look good feel good play good

radioactiveoffspring257 karma

Nate one of my all time favorite games was when your Bulls snapped the Heat’s extended win streak.

Do you have a favorite or most memorable regular season game from your career?

Thanks for doing this

TheNateRobinson608 karma

Hitting the game winner over my favorite player AI

NBAKefka225 karma

Hey Nate, what is your opinion regarding mental health in the NBA?

TheNateRobinson704 karma

Mental and physical health are extremely important . This is why the mission of my company scuffed up is on providing better health and wellness for athletes . I just want the athletes to feel more protected’

TheClayrooAtWork216 karma

Are you going to be in Space Jam 2 as the new Mugsy?

TheNateRobinson479 karma

If they let me “slam it in the bag “

aBigSportsFan187 karma

Nate did the doubts over your height fuel you to become a great player?

TheNateRobinson431 karma

Doubt made me focus proving everyone wrong was my goal

TheNateRobinson328 karma

No I’m jus blessed up #hackedbychi8ken

DustysMuffler182 karma

How big is Batista's dick?

TheNateRobinson593 karma


bigmackdaddy52143 karma

Are you ever gonna bring back State of Nate on YouTube?

TheNateRobinson263 karma

We making a new show Nate and chi8ken me my brother run’n it up

StockLearning138 karma

Did Shaq ever get you back for dunking ALL OVER HIS ASS?!?

TheNateRobinson227 karma


LonzoBBBall95 karma

Hey Nate

Thoughts on Lonzo Ball?

TheNateRobinson437 karma

Hacked by chicken #ifuxwitbigballerbrand

RonMexic042078 karma

Who are you bumping in the weight room? (top 3 at the moment)

TheNateRobinson194 karma

Kodak , Tory lanes , wiz


What was it like beating Iguodala in the sudden death dunk off In 2006?

TheNateRobinson452 karma

It was like when ur bag stinks and you go to slamitinthebag.com and u get a bag deodorizer and you “slam it in the bag” and the stank goes away! Lol I felt fresh asf ‘

RRHMJ2364 karma

How can I get some items signed by you ?

TheNateRobinson158 karma

Be a backer! Slamitinthebag.com

Josiefbabe61 karma

Is that photo of you as a kid with a 6 pack real?

TheNateRobinson493 karma

Yeah ! Ima monster ‘ u know how u carry the groceries in the house for ur mom? I carried my mom in the house for the groceries #hackedbychi8ken

_datricanjefe61 karma

Honestly one of my favorite knicks in an era that unfortunately seen alot of losses for us all...

Considering that in many people's opinions that you SHOULD be in a team playing in the NBA, would you say that you're in some way or form being blackballed by the league?

TheNateRobinson162 karma

Man I don’t know what’s going on but nobody can keep me from being here for other athletes and loving my fans.

saeedg137757 karma

Nate, what do you think is wrong with the Celtics? Just 5th in the East and they've been plagued with inconsistent play all season

TheNateRobinson211 karma

All teams go through ups and downs it’ll be ok

Bobby-Samsonite46 karma

How does the "Slam In The Bag" work? Do you have scientific lab proof that it works? Is it a cream or a spray or bar? How do you apply it to your gym bag?

Do you two browse reddit from time to time? If so what are your favorite subreddits?

TheNateRobinson101 karma

New 2 reddit tho

TheNateRobinson97 karma

Check the kickstarter slamitinthebag.com bunch of videos & science behind it. IT WORKS.

goat046 karma

What's your opinion on Harden?

TheNateRobinson199 karma

He’s a scoring machine

jonnynature39 karma

Hey Nate. You're old man played in the NFL briefly. Did he want you to go into football more than basketball?

TheNateRobinson111 karma

He wanted me to do what made me happy ‘ and I follow that motto till this day’ ! I’m happy to be a business owner and provide a product that can help everyone ‘

mrjowei32 karma

What makes slamitinthebag better than Febreeze?

TheNateRobinson120 karma

No spray getting all over your shit! As the tea tree oil evaporates it naturally sanitizes and deodorizes. Put this in your locker, car, bag or bathroom and you dont have to think about it again for 90 days!

Leff_hook26 karma

Hey Nate! I'm a huge fan of yours! I've followed your career since you came into the league and I've always loved your fierceness and tenacity on the court.

How does it feel knowing that a lot of the shorter kids can look up to you, knowing that they don't necessarily have to be 6'7" to aspire to play ball?

Would you be offended if I said that you're kind of like this generations Spud Webb?

TheNateRobinson63 karma

Naw that’s a honor to be compared to anyone influential ‘ I just want to inspire people

CoryWithAnE22 karma

Who’s your favorite current player?

TheNateRobinson63 karma

I don’t have a favorite I like different players for different reasons

LLcoolJOINT21 karma

What’s your opinion on Donald Trump feeding athletes McDonald’s, Burger King, and Wendy’s for their White House visit?

TheNateRobinson221 karma

That’s love . He coulda at least made sure he bought them some bag deodorizers from slamitinthebag.com

CrazyDuck12320 karma

This is great! Hello Nate, what is your proudest moment of your career? Nice to talk with you man.

TheNateRobinson56 karma

Getting to a point where I could give back to the players and fans

kale4reals10 karma

Can you still dunk?!

TheNateRobinson142 karma

The pope catholic?

IamLuke55510 karma

Who do you think was the most disappointing dunk contest participant? My vote is Shannon Brown.

Who do you think was the most surprising participant?

TheNateRobinson37 karma

Shannon brown got bunnies tho ‘ Vince carter surprised me the most ever ‘

Royal_Ramble8 karma

What's your favorite kind of dunk?

TheNateRobinson143 karma

The one when I smell a bag stink’n so I throw the lob off the back of they head and slamitinthebag.com

sdancy555 karma

Who is better looking, you or Chicken?

TheNateRobinson9 karma

Chicken is way more handsomer than me lol

cumstainedtshirt2 karma

You were my idol growing up, I went to see a Celtics game which happened in Turkey just to see you but you were not there :D Anyways just that I can thank you for inspiring me makes me happy. Thank you Nate Robinson. Also, what advice can you give to the people who play at overseas and want to make it to NBA one day?

TheNateRobinson3 karma

Work hard stay healthy and slamitinthebag

j-9r2 karma

What do you think is the most important skill to master when trying to improve your game?

TheNateRobinson6 karma

What you’re good at . Get better at what you are good at already

daBriguy2 karma

As a smaller basketball player, what did you do to best utilitize your height? I mean no disrespect but I modeled my game after IT to be utilize my average height. Thanks!!

TheNateRobinson4 karma

I beat everybody to the spot it is what it is

louverture22 karma

What was being on the Knicks during the Larry Brown/ Isiah- Steph feud/ sexual harrasment trial? I read reports in 2008(year Z-BO played with you guys) Steph and Isiah got into a legit fight on the plane while traveling to an away game. Can you expand on these characters and how you dealt with them as a young player?

TheNateRobinson5 karma

Teams are like small communities and family’s. We went through stuff but at the end of the day we were a family. I don’t have anything bad to say about family ‘ that’s not my style

orchar82 karma

What are your thoughts on Zion shutting it down for the season? What would you do in that position?

TheNateRobinson3 karma

I would play as much as I could cuz I’m always hungry to play

ArkhamBrothers1 karma

Why is his name chicken?

KeithSharpley5 karma

Nate and Chicken. Why people why?

TheNateRobinson25 karma

Cuz we lit