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PepeGroen1175 karma

How did you start being Jesus?

SatanicOnion1431 karma

I'm just curious as to why he keeps making AMAs and not answering the questions

SoCalChrist248 karma

my bad, the first one I made in the wrong subreddit. this is the right place, I also timed it wrong and wasn't going to have a way to get any attorney approval over the weekend. I'll be answering these questions... more in depth tomorrow.

earthshader550 karma

Out of all the charities you could have chosen to support, was there any specific reason you chose to support the doggo charity? Any pets?

SoCalChrist500 karma

Great question! I will definitely answer this one in depth in tomorrows video. Short answer, my best friend in this world is an my Tri-color Aussie, Judas. Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/judastheaussie and so I have a very special place in my heart for doggos... especially Aussies. Aussie Rescue SoCal was the perfect charity for me.