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What kind of work do you do?

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I don't feel that you are doing much surveillance on reddit

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No worries I was just doing a bit of investigation

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Lmao you're hired.

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Caught any cheaters/APs so far?

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What was the story there? Is this a small casino or one of the big boys

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Guy was really old and his foot "slipped" lol. It's a smaller casino in the midwest. I came from Atlantic City though, i used to work at two of the very big casino-resorts so i have experience with the giant ones.

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How would I get into this sort of job and is it hard to get into it?

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Do you think i can use a sourdough straight from the freezer, or do I have to de-frost it first??

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Absolutely no idea dude good luck lol.

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I'm planning a casino robbery. Any advice?

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Don't drop the soap.

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What is your 5 year plan? I'm a similar age and I find that this time is a weird time of figuring out what you REALLY wanna do or be.

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Why do you want to be a cop?

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Because waking up and going to a job where you can actually make a difference in the community just seems really rewarding. My personality in my opinion is suited for it as well.

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Please try to do everything in your power to actually engage with and help your community, and to reverse the militarization and oppression of law enforcement in this country. We desperately need police officers who are aware of deep seated issues such as structural and institutional racism, as well as oppression of minorities and impoverished peoples.

Thank you for your commitment to serving your community, I wish you all the best (:

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I plan on it. Thanks for your well wishes i appreciate it :)

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what an upsetting comment.

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You are comfortable with the stigma surrounding police at the moment? I think it is a respectable career path and wish you luck on your endeavor just wondering how you feel about the public opinion at the moment.

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It upsets me and i think it's unfair, but i can also see why some people have issues with the police. I honestly believe hiring practices should be more stringent, and i say that as someone who is about to go through the hiring process myself. I think we will see less issues with police if we get some more thoughtful and intelligent officers in the field. Sadly, i know a few people who i graduated high school with that became cops in my hometown and they were junkie losers in highschool, so the fact that they get to run around with a gun and feed their egos now is terrifying. But it's actually one of the reasons i want to be a cop, to be an example to the community. I hope that i do a good job and that when people start talking crap about cops someone speaks up and says "But that Mongoosemancer! Cops should be like him." That's my goal anyway, I'm not perfect but i really think i have my mind set in the right place to do this. Wish me luck!

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Good luck man! It seems like you've got a level head on your shoulder solely basing it off your comment here. I hope all things go well with becoming an officer, and you have a moderately safe career. Merry Christmas!

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I don't know why i started laughing when you said "moderately safe" like maybe just get shot in the arm or something. Lmao nah jk, i knew exactly what you meant and i appreciate it a lot. Merry Christmas to you.

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Be the change you want to see.

Don't get caught up in the shit. It takes a tough person to go into a system and try to improve it. We need you. Never give up. ♡♡♡

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Thank you all so much!!

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My mom is a lieutenant in my state’s capitol city, I’m rooting for you!

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That's really awesome!! You have a badass mom. And thanks a lot!

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Would you give up your sense of smell for $1million?

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Hell yeah my sense of smell already sucks anyway, i have an exceptionally hairy nose and bad allergies.

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would you rather have a hand instead of a penis, or penises instead of fingers?

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You single ? 😂

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No, I'm quite fond of my girlfriend i just spent christmas eve with her family. I have a roommate that's single though ;) haha.

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Ha! Well I’m happy you had a nice evening, enjoy your day at work :)

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Thanks, that's so nice :) you too.

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Casinos make the vast majority of their money from sick people with gambling addictions. Do you feel any moral dilemma over working in the industry?

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Not personally no, although i have seen my fair share of people with a very sad and very real problem.

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What's your perfect sundae?

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Hmmm i don't eat many Sundaes but maybe vanilla icecream with whipped cream and chocolate chips and maybe reeses pieces and a cherry? That sounds yummy to me.

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Would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses or one horse sized duck?

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I feel like a horse sized duck would just fuck your day up. So I'll try the duck sized horses and hope they don't overwhelm me.

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How many people are in the casino on Christmas Day?

I wouldn’t have thought it would be the best way to spend the day, but then again, what do I know?

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It's been deader than hell. Clearly, as I'm able to do this AMA. I have some coworkers with me and we are taking turns scanning the floor and the parking lots, but man we got nothing going on today. It actually picks up quite a bit after christmas dinner, but i work morning shift so aint my problem!

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Is this dip in the market a buying opportunity?

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I'll say there's a 50% chance that it would work out for you. You're welcome.

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where would you rather be and with who?

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My mom, dad, brother, and sister are all in New Jersey and i miss them and wish i were there today.

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Can’t think of anything to ask. Sorry you gotta work today man. Hope your shift goes by fast. Oh I have a question, do you think the weather will ever be normal again? I’m not an alarmist or think the end of the world is around the corner or anything, but it has been a pretty strange Winter up North so far. Of course the wildfires out West were awful this year as well as a severe hurricane season in the South. I just read a science report that said a huge percentage of ocean plankton died off... jeez now I’m freaking Myself out!Anyway, the climate looks pretty crazy, what are your thoughts?

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I really just don't think the planet or the universe cares about us. It's awesome that we are here, but we could just as easily not be here and the planet wouldn't mind. So this human arrogance that causes us to take all this for granted will probably lead to us not winning this war against climate change and things are going to get much worse in the future. I know that's pessimistic, sorry.

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So you make a lot of money? Or enough to live the life you want?

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No not really. I can pay my bills on time and i have a newer car, but I'm always relying on that next paycheck.

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Sorry you have to work Christmas Day. The casino can’t close for one damned holiday? That sucks!

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Yeah, barring a fire or a catastrophe we never close haha. Thanks though :)

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Tits or ass?

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I'm an ass man through and through.

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If you had to spend your money at the casino, which games would you play and why? Best odds and personal favorites?

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Your best odds are Blackjack and Poker, given you know how to play. My personal favorite is Three card poker and Let it Ride.

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When you wipe, do you... fold or crumple? lift your cheeks off the seat of keep them firmly planted? wipe front to back or back to front?

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Rip, crumple, stand slightly off the seat, wipe front to back, stand fully up, turn around, 3 point shot into the toilet, game forced into overtime and the crowd goes wild.

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What do you want for Christmas?

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Beer, video games, stuff for my dog, i dunno. My parents sent me some steaks so that was nice.

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No but i used to work in AC. I worked there for 3 years.