My short bio: Hey, SantaChong here, and I got my password back! The original dude we hired saw the post go viral, thanks for the help Reddit!

So much has changed over the past few years, and I thought it was time for another AMA. First off, congrats to many states for legalizing! Second, I just ate an edible about an hour ago so get your questions in before my answers become mumbled gibberish - the clock is ticking.

Recently I’ve been chillin in my house in the Pacific Palisades in Los Angeles, spending time with my dogs Captain and Oso. I always have the news on, watching the dumpster fire white house be a dumpster fire. But I’ve kept busy too, we’re working hard to make Chong’s Choice a household name, expanding beyond pre-rolls and flower into edibles, carts, and more. We also came out with a Daily High Club bong box for the holidays, and keep those red eyes peeled for more new stuff in the works!!

Just like before, I will answer any questions you guys have, raw and unfiltered. Now let’s get to it, ask me anything motherfuckers!

Oh and here’s my shameless plug: Instagram:@heytommychong Twitter: @tommychong Facebook: Tommy Chong duhhh

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EDIT 2:36 PST: Thanks for tuning in guys! I've gotta get back to watching the news and hanging with my dogs

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CrazyDuck123100 karma

Hey Tommy, do you have a question for me?? keep stoned.

SantaChong102 karma

Yea, Where'd you get that name?

TheKrs186 karma

Any desire to open up a chain of drive thru photo development stores?

SantaChong96 karma

No desire to open a drive in anything....... maybe an ice cream parlor

Jhegs0780 karma

You probably don't get asked this often but how are you anymore man? Like how are things going?

SantaChong162 karma

Things are excellent! I'll be getting some cataract surgery next month, so hopefully I'll be able to see for a while. Almost all the parts are working

tftwolvr55 karma

Hey Tommy.

Anything left on your bucket-list?

SantaChong187 karma

I've smoked with all the beatles except Paul, so smoke with Paul McCartney

mandalore23729 karma

Any stories about smoking with the others that you'd share?

SantaChong80 karma

I had a good connection with George since we were both guitarists. We lit up a couple of times over the years

xeim_49 karma

Do you still drop acid ever?

SantaChong169 karma

I havent dropped acid for 50 years.... my last experience my wife and I dropped acid during the movie "Thumbelina" and it came on right in the middle! I was freakin' out man!

The-Packet-Pusher48 karma

Did any rappers accept the smoke off challenge yet?!@!

SantaChong66 karma

Not yet, I'm still accepting challengers

rororourboat46 karma

Do you think someone could actually hide their crops by pretending it's a pool and pretending to swim in the tarp for the helicopter overhead as Cheech did in Nice Dreams?

SantaChong64 karma

I think that would probably work, it worked for us

balucared243 karma

How do you like hockey?

SantaChong138 karma

I grew up with hockey! I love hockey, except the Toronto Maple Leafs. Hockey is probably the most honest sport out there cause those fights are real

Herblord2443 karma

Hey Tommy, what’s one of your absolute favorite memories from your life?

Much love, bless to you!

Edit: bonus question, what’s the highest you have ever been?

SantaChong151 karma

My absolute favorite memory is when I fist saw my now Wife. She came off the beach like a mirage, and all of a sudden I was looking at the most beautiful creature I ever saw

Chocolatemanist30 karma

Have you ever been out smoked by anyone?

SantaChong111 karma

I've been outsmoked by a lot of people man, I'm a lightweight

ysh564027 karma

What is your favorite movie?!?

SantaChong105 karma

I'll tell ya Y,

My favorite movie of all time is called "Up in Smoke"

My favorite movie without myself is "Badlands"

jawshthedark26 karma

Hey Tommy, Love seeing you out and active in the community. I've only one question I'd like to ask. What is your favourite place to smoke. Which country, or state, or even seat in your home?

If possible could you 'say' "Hi earl" if you reply!

SantaChong64 karma

Hi Earl!

My favorite place to smoke is on the roof of my house, I have acomfy safe hideaway up there

abigaildt24 karma

Everybody knows you as Tommy the stoner; does that get old? What else do you want people to know about you?

SantaChong84 karma

I love being known as Tommy the stoner, it gives me a lot of leeway!

People don't know but sometimes I get afraid

HypnoticGremlin23 karma

How do you like being a business man? Any words of wisdom for anyone looking to get into the cannabis market?

SantaChong89 karma

Know your business and mind your own business

jinkies2523 karma

What is your go to food for when you got the munchies?

SantaChong119 karma

You probably won't like this answer.... Celery. It's mostly water so I'm never thirsty, and it's super crunchy which I love!

Unleashthenuge20 karma

Tommy were u at Woodstock in '69?

Also, would you consider franchising Chongs Choice to the east coast if legalization occurs?

SantaChong54 karma

I was on my way to Venice beach, but all the hippies I met were going back for Woodstock. I wasn't gonna make the trip back!

Absolutely, I plan on taking Chong's Choice worldwide!

Mockanopolis19 karma

Have you ever seen a UFO?

SantaChong66 karma

Yes I did see a UFO in Trail BC in the sixties. It was around midnight and it was a light hovering and it was there for 2 days hovering and then it disappeared

DumbLoserStoner18 karma

What’s your favorite strain?

SantaChong46 karma

I haven''t found it yet. I'm still out here searching. I'm terrible with names man

Eazylivin_inc18 karma

What are your thoughts on the upcoming legalization of hemp across America and how do you think it will effect the cannabis community?

SantaChong73 karma

Legalization is incredible, it's like watching an avalanche and there's a bunch of suits trying to stop it

ysh564017 karma

Do you have a favorite go to bong?

SantaChong36 karma

I love using my homemade bongs

LessNessMann14 karma

Do you miss making the movies that started your career? My wife got me an up in smoke LP for my birthday. Totally Loooove it!

Fellow Canadian here

SantaChong40 karma

I do miss making movies. That was one of the nicest times in my life

mrscoggins12 karma

Hey Tommy! What was the scariest decision of your life? Alternatively, what was the easiest decision you’ve made? Thanks for doing this!

SantaChong31 karma

Scariest decision of my life... good question They're all x-rated so shouldn't say.

Best decision of my life is definitely marrying my beautiful wife Shelby

ya_boy_porter12 karma

Hey Tommy! Stocked about this AMA, and can't wait to try Chong's Choice. Two questions: 1) If you had to pick, who would you invite to your 'stoner' Last Supper? 2) What's something you've had since before you first got high with Cheech that you still have and will never get rid of under any circumstance (if you can remember back that far :p)

SantaChong36 karma

Last supper: I'd have to say Michael Chau cause he's a good cook

I've got a watchband that my dad had made out of a piece of steel from a fighter plane from when he was in the war that I got when he had died that i've hung on to

meganfoxed11 karma

Eggplant or mushroom?

SantaChong20 karma


lifecraze10 karma

Did a dimebag really ever cost a dime?

SantaChong34 karma

Yea, I'd imagine it did. A dime meaning ten bucks

TheInitialGod8 karma

Hey Tommy, man. What do you want for Christmas?

SantaChong18 karma

Vacation.... oh wait I've got one coming up!

cheesyshtix6 karma

Whats your most favorite way to smoke?

SantaChong17 karma

Well that name sure conjures up a lot of visions.... how'd you get that name?

I like smoking my EasyPipe

noott6 karma

What are you doing in Canada?

SantaChong11 karma

I am looking at some pretty sexy deals in Canada..... keep your eyes peeled for that

princessluvsdaddy5 karma

What's going on with your shops in Oregon?

There are still Shango locations, but I hear now you have a different shop name too?

Is this a business split or just slow roll-over effect?

SantaChong7 karma

Who's Shango?

bztko5 karma

Chong Train glass looks legit! Perfect for the holidays lol how does it hit?

Might have to gift myself one

SantaChong11 karma

So smooth, I love smoking Chong's Choice through it