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Joe = wHaleJoey

Ross = Ross_Federman

Bora = 15secondsofbora

EDIT: Alright folks, it's time to sign off! Thank you for joining us!

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ShintarosKeyboard31 karma

Is my amp too high?

15secondsofbora58 karma

Whether it is or not, always use hearing protection to be safe. One of my three most recommended purchases in life are custom-molded musician's ear plugs. Call your local audiologist for details.

RapidSafe6 karma

What other purchases do you recommend?

15secondsofbora16 karma

  1. A decent telescope. Viewing the cosmos is educational, inspiring, and humbling. You look forward to the night.
  2. A squatty potty

MichaelUnicycle27 karma

You guys play smash bros? Who's your main?

15secondsofbora41 karma


alainabrynn24 karma


15secondsofbora25 karma

I am quite thirsty

lemonphan22 karma

not album related but how have y’all been lately? i hope everything’s going good!

15secondsofbora26 karma

I'm good thanks how are you

NPCFury22 karma

Firstly, thank you so much for this LP. It's my favorite album ever. What was the actual process like of collaborating with so many people remotely? What did a day in that life even look like? Much love, and thanks again!! 🖤

15secondsofbora35 karma

Here's the Bora answer: it was magical because it was my first time doing something like that. People who would happen to be in town in Los Angeles would just swing by, pop in, and put their little piece in. This is now the way I want to do things, personally!

BobbiandRandy21 karma

Any of y'all still visit Marvin's? We love going there when we go back to MI. We were so sad when Marvin passed.

15secondsofbora18 karma

I went a few years ago, and got like 50 tickets. I didn't redeem them.

Joey1458420 karma

With no better question to think of, what are your guys's favorite Pokémons?

15secondsofbora30 karma


15secondsofbora19 karma

Since this has been asked a lot, my favorite song is MURDERS. Also why hasn't anyone asked how we got the piano tone during the bridge???

bradyargo18 karma

Have any of you ever stepped into the unofficial Tally Hall Discord server? Right now we're freaking out about the AMA going on here.

15secondsofbora33 karma

god I feel old

Doritosareawful18 karma


Why 15 seconds? Why not 10? 20? Hell, you could have done 25 or even 30!

Why 15?

15secondsofbora31 karma

It comes from "15 minutes of fame", but scaled down to fit in a T.H.I.S. episode. I...think?

lukisdap17 karma

Bora: is there any chance you'll be featured as the official 6th member of Tally Hall in Tally Hall: Chapter 3?

15secondsofbora44 karma

Who said I wasn't the 1st

Masterjul0117 karma

Love your music! What kind of music do you listen to for fun?

skullpants0117 karma

Bora: Did the whole bronzini from ‘Fifteen Seconds of Bora’ turn out good?

Ross: What was your favorite Tally hall sons to preform live?

Joe: Will there be anymore music coming from ‘Miracle Musical’?

15secondsofbora25 karma

It was FREAKING DELICIOUS! I got it on my first try. It was juicy and lemony and sorry Joe

psh898916 karma

Really excited for the physical release of this album! I've been a fan since 2006 and the Tally Hall days and caught as many shows as I could through high school and college. My only question is how much Joe Hawley is too much Joe Hawley?

15secondsofbora31 karma

1.4 x 1021 electron volts

TheGrubLord15 karma

Hello! A question for each of you:

Joe: You use a lot of Nintendo samples in some of your recent work. What's your favorite game for the NES?

Ross: What was the most difficult Tally Hall song to drum?

Bora: Is your lemon tree still around?

15secondsofbora24 karma

My lemon tree is still around. I, however, am not around it.

PressrCleanr14 karma

Hey guys! Musician here and longtime fan of both Tally Hall and Musical Miracle! My main questions for you all atm are these;

"How the heck do you all go about creating music? Is there anything specific about your individual songwriting processes that you feel works the best? And finally, any advice for a musician who can't manage to write a full song?" Super cool of you all to do an AMA by the way, have a cool night guys!

15secondsofbora38 karma

Sing in the shower. Mumble in the elevator. Don't speak for 24 hours. Go for walks. Finish a song even if you hate it.

ChickenPromise14 karma

What is your opinion on the Pizza Theme from Spiderman 2?

15secondsofbora26 karma

it is music

thezebos14 karma

which song on H:PII was the most grueling to finish/be satisfied with?

Ross_Federman30 karma

Mind Electic was tough to get right.

15secondsofbora21 karma

Can not agree more

saddghost14 karma

This album is basically like oxygen to me at this point, so first of all, thank you. Just a few questions:

Any major inspirations for the album or any of the tracks on it?

What was it like having to write, translate, and sing lyrics that were in languages other than English for songs like 宇宙ステーションのレベル7 and Dream Sweet in Sea Major?

Love you all and hope you're doing well <3

15secondsofbora36 karma

I took a semester of Japanese in high school, making me incredibly qualified to speak fluently. And by that I mean I tried my best using what I knew, and asking bilingual friends who lived in Japan to confirm that I wasn't speaking like an idiot. Don't tell anybody

nomron90114 karma

do you see banana man? hopping over on the white hot sand?

15secondsofbora28 karma

I get this reference!

physicsboom12 karma

hi! i recently discovered i’m very passionate about making music, but i have literally no idea how. any tips for a beginner? (ps, congrats on hitting your kickstarter goal!)

15secondsofbora24 karma

Focus on your aural ear training and singing out loud. It doesn't matter what your voice sounds like. If you can start to recognize and eventually memorize something as simple as the intervals between the notes, you already have a great head start.

xHellbound11 karma

Huge metal head here, but I love the music you've created. I even remember watching Tally Hall on Fearless Music. If I get around to recording my album, I wanted to include a cover of Sacred Beast.

For such a comprehensive project, is there any "making of" or engineering lesson for Hawaii Part II? It's amazing what was done with so much source material.

15secondsofbora14 karma

It's actually a pretty good exercise in mixing, because I wanted every little thing to be heard no matter what. Balancing that with making compromises, and being passionate about it. You're going to engineer a wonderful product. An earthload of automation.

rowboatmayor11 karma

What would you guys say are your favourite or most memorable parts/pieces to come out of Hawaii: Part II? Was there a clear favourite song or anything after having made the album? Also, how has Bora been? Big fan of the Dip.

15secondsofbora25 karma

I'm so happy people call it the Dip

just-bee-lieve10 karma

ALSO @Bora i just wanted to say that i’m a HUGE cojum dip fan- also saw that there‘ s a new album coming out in summer of next year. is it with all new people?

15secondsofbora13 karma

You are so very kind. There won't really be a band, but there's going to be a lot of guests!

carcaranarchy10 karma

will cojum dip be making any more music in the future?

15secondsofbora13 karma

Answered this somewhere in the sea of comments, but yes! Summer 2019

Treux10 karma

What is the absolute craziest food you can think of?

15secondsofbora19 karma


mossyi8 karma

thats called cannibalism and i think someone told me it was illegal

15secondsofbora15 karma

I told you it was crazy

rkrts9 karma

ahh i see you put this up 5 minutes early :0

anyway i was wondering about the jump from time machine demo 3 to the final version of time machine. they're so brilliant but completely different from each other! what made you decide to go in the direction it did? big fan of all of you uwu

15secondsofbora14 karma

I feel like my guitar solo was a very important piece of the transformation

Jitters209 karma

This is probably more aimed at Joe, but, yeah

I did a cover of stranded lullaby, like that one in the bonus files or whatever it was, the one with just piano and voice? I don't know how much of a "cover" it is, I think I just repeated the piano for the most part. And I don't think I ever posted it anywhere or did anything with it.

So, how do you get over the fact that something you make isn't great, and keep going with it or working on it until it's great? Or showing it to people despite how much you don't like it?

Also, how do you go about writing lyrics? I really like how you'll sometimes switch it up or whatnot. But I've heard about so many approaches to lyrics, I'm wondering what yours is?

Also thanks for coming out here and doing this, for sure

15secondsofbora10 karma

  1. You get over it by doing it. People exceed, meet, and fall short your expectations. At my first live performance, people in the audience were stunned but I grew on them and they had a blast. My second performance, one guy in the front kept yelling "You suck". I love and miss you, guy in the front. Do you want one half-finished song to sit in your head forever? Or maybe 5 bad songs out in the open, that are done with, so you can move on to 5 more great songs?
  2. I like to write a great punchline first, then write the lyrics that are supposed to come before it.

mossyi9 karma

@ all of you: whats your favorite video game of all time?

15secondsofbora10 karma

Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem

MichaelUnicycle9 karma

Can you describe what's happening in the cover artwork in 10 words or less?

15secondsofbora24 karma

Some people got together and made some artwork

jmciesla8 karma

Bora - one thing I just thought of - how did you get the piano tone during the bridge of Murders?

15secondsofbora12 karma

Oh great question! I recorded the piano part first. Then I played that recording through my speakers, pointing directly at my piano strings. Leaving a barbell on the sustain pedal to keep them resonating, I recorded the piano strings as the speakers played the piano part.

dcsulli8 karma

Have you eaten a durian?

15secondsofbora12 karma

I ate durian ice cream and it tasted like the men's locker room

tectonicsynclair7 karma

Bora: Are you still doing stuff with Cojum Dip? That self-titled album was really fantastic IMO.
Joe: How did you find all the samples for JHJH? Also, will there be a demos album for it like Hawaii Part II: Part ii?
Ross: honestly i don't know what to ask ross i just hope you're having a good day.
All: Will the Tally Hall albums ever be repressed on vinyl (or any format, really) now that HP:II is getting pressed?

15secondsofbora27 karma

Why thank you! A new album is coming out summer 2019

MattHasIdeas5 karma

Huge fan here! Thank you so much for putting Miracle Musical out on vinyl. It is excellent. Are these shipping soon? (Not my actual question)

I’ve noticed that you guys have a lot of video game and chip-tune influence. (LOVE Hawaii Part II: Part ii, and I personally hear a lot of Katamari Damacy-type stuff on the record) What are your favorite video game soundtracks or single songs? Do you guys still play video games at all?

(Sorry for the multiple questions)

15secondsofbora15 karma

Mega Man 2. Takashi Tateishi made nothing but hits on that cartridge.

15secondsofbora13 karma

I mean I freaking covered it

mineroflegends25 karma

Hi, I’m currently I school learning how to record music and I love this album so much and it’s so intriguing. Who recorded it? How did you record it? And where did you record it?

15secondsofbora10 karma

This gal! A very big chunk of it was recorded at my studio at the time, The Laboratory (v1.0). Everything else was done around the country and sent to us via the internet, where we plugged it back into the arrangements. As for "how" I recorded it, I am ready for my mouth to turn into a river of words

kuragins4 karma

What are each of your favorite moments on the album? Also, if there's any kind of definitive story to the album, what is it to you?

15secondsofbora20 karma

Zubin's laughter

15secondsofbora11 karma

really just a ton of tiny moments that I'm not sure anyone has noticed. And of course all the cool little things Ross did with effects!

15secondsofbora21 karma

Actually my favorite musical moment is the "you look quite divine tonight" part

alphalpha_particle4 karma

What artist/s are you listening to right now?

Ross_Federman13 karma

currently loving Bnny Rbbt

15secondsofbora8 karma


Phaneronic644 karma

So, I'll be asking questions on behalf of myself and another person Because Reasons.

Me: Is the (Electric Guitar) sample that's on Hawaii Part II: Part ii actually in the mix? Because my brother pointed out to me that it wasn't and I end up trying to listen for it pretty much every time I try to listen to it. Also wondering if you could go into detail about the process of getting the LP pressed - source, mastering, pressing etc. Vaguely worried about it, as most LPs, sounding like cornn flaeks.

Them: Was curious about the box of 20 ct hearts Joe keeps under his bed?

15secondsofbora11 karma

I can tell you without a doubt that it is in the mix. Keep searching, my little cornmuffins

Mudrost4 karma

Katy Perry or Taylor Swift?

15secondsofbora10 karma