Good day lovely people of reddit! We are [Colossal Order], the developers of Cities: Skylines from Finland. Just a few hours ago we released the game’s 7th major expansion Cities: Skylines Industries continuing on the games 3rd year in existence and as such, like we’ve done a couple of times before we thought we’d celebrate by spending some time with you, our fans and strangers of reddit since if there’s something that can be discussed to no end, it’s Cities: Skylines! Right?

We’re super-excited to talk about Industries and the changes that it brings but of course you may ask us anything that you might be curious about! With us today from us at Colossal Order we have:





And of course we wouldn’t come here without some friends! With us from our Publisher Paradox Interactive today we have:



Of course this is not our first rodeo so we come bearing proof, look at all these lovely people!



UPDATE: That will be all for this time folks, thank you all for sharing your great questions and some honestly good ideas for future Cities: Skylines content! We hope you all will enjoy Industries if you get it, we're very proud of it! It might happen that we go rogue and sneak back in to answer a question or two tomorrow though officially consider the thread CLOSED! Have a great day!

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Giveaway4121274 karma

What's the team's opinion on the feasibility of an waterfront expansion? Beach zones, more in-depth marinas, possibly waterfront buildings, more dock/pier options, and civilian boating would all make my tropical cities much more complete looking.

Theletterz540 karma

Beaches and resort tourism could be really cool to expand on..

FleekAdjacent510 karma

I love Snowfall - who do I have to bribe... er... persuade to get some additional maps set in snowy mountains and steep river valleys?

I’d gladly pay for a map pack like this to get me through the colder months ahead.

Theletterz144 karma

Not sure what I can do for you but feel free to bribe me!

lucky_octopus104 karma

When was the first time you realized you have a massive hit with Cities: Skylines?

co_martsu242 karma

At the PDXCon 2015 when streamers would come back to the demo room during lunch to play Cities: Skylines. They could have been drinking beer in the other room.

Nailed it!

Theletterz131 karma

When streamers or game devs choose playing your game over having beers with their peers, you're on to something!

tapuzon83 karma

Favourite paradox games outside city skylines?

Theletterz105 karma


Hufkeh27 karma

To martsu.

You say in the early days the company started with 4 developers and you. What was your role in the beginning when the company ws basically nothing?

co_martsu74 karma

My role was to handle the business side from funding to setting up the company and everything else ( that would allow the developers to focus on the actual game development and not worry about the outside world.

My role hasn't changed that much in the company. Personally I'm much happier now. I have upgraded from '80s Honda Civic to multiple Jaguars.

Theletterz59 karma

I wondered how far into the AMA we'd bring up the Jags! ;)

BlueSignRedLight12 karma

Congrats on the success! Cities 2 when?

Theletterz10 karma

Thanks fam!

drew140049 karma

I am a huge fan of the game and I've been playing it for a long time now. I need to know: do y'all ever plan on doing a multiplayer mode? I feel like adding multiplayer would add a whole new dimension to the game - maybe something like the way SimCity did, where players can play as neighboring cities and can send resources.

Theletterz12 karma

This has been covered above, the short answer is "probably not." however you can check out CO's answer in more detail above!

Sneekpreview7 karma

From Paradox Interactive's updated Privacy Policy:

Depending on whether you are a website visitor, customar and/or a user of our Services, we will process personal information such as your contact details (email address, telephone number and postal address), your username, password(s) and payment details. We will also collect and use information about your technical equipment such as your hardware and software type and location data, and other information you provide with us, for example when you sign up for our surveys and contests.

We will engage other companies in order to fulfill our purposes and obligations as set out in this policy, and we will transfer your personal information to countries outside the EU and EEA that may not have as strict privacy legislation as where you live. We will only transfer your personal information to such countries if we are allowed to do so, please see section 8 for more information.

I was considering purchasing your game, but after reviewing the T&C I hesitated. It is a little appalling how much data collection is happening with this game, even more so as its a single player. Why was this included and is it necessary to developing this game? Why am I forced to agree to data mining in order to play the game? Thanks for your time.

Theletterz12 karma

Hey! I understand that this seems a bit scary however I can give you my word that it is not as much so as it might sound! Essentially, since the passing of GDPR we have had to update the privacy policy for all of our games where needed. This in order to comply with GDPR under EU law, which we of course have to do! Everything is explained very clearly by my colleague /u/candyalien in this thread from a month ago! I hope that would clear it up at least a bit. Of course it is still your choice to not take part in our products due to it but I hope you'll see that there's no malice in what we do, it's just a little bit more plainly written now. :)