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mugenhunt82 karma

We hear a lot about bribery being common in Chinese Universities. That many people just pay their way to graduating. How true is that?

diudiaoprof115 karma

Just Cheating itself and all forms of it including bribery is a huge problem.

and it's especially a problem with most top universities. My university is the least affected I'd say compared to the rest of the C9 because we admit a large number of foreign students hence more policing I guess.

Hundreds, and millions of yuan have been given to admission officers and test makers from wealthy families so that their children can get into those schools. It was very bad when I first started teaching, and I could clearly identify these students who paid no attention in classes and simple gave damn care to education because their parents money would get them the degree regardless.

Nowadays I think it has improved or atleast become more hidden as awareness grows. but students can be very creative when it comes to cheating.

missfunk16 karma

From what I understand there are certain things that aren't allowed to be taught/talked about such as the Tiananmen Square protests. How true is this? If this is true, how do you know what's appropriate to talk about and what's not?

diudiaoprof57 karma

Talking in private about such things isn't that big of a deal and is always appropriate I think. Online is not appropriate but there's not much danger in just talking about it.

The bigger problem isn't that we aren't allowed to talk about such things but is that we don't even care about it.

We all kinda know about it but it's just seen as not a big deal. However we always have secret codes about talking about things like this online.

I only found about Tianamen square truly devostating nature when I went to Malaysia for unversity and watched a documentary.

didntfindsthnclever4 karma

Why did you leave the Communist party? What sociopolitical movement would you say serves this age best?

diudiaoprof40 karma

I have not left, officially still à member.

However, in my mind I certainly differ from the party in a few key ways.

Most important of being speech control. I feel like the CPC overestimates the damage of what free speech can do. The main argument is that if they control the speech then they can bask in stability, but if people are allowed to say whatever they want, society will delve into chaos and "misinformation" will spread and the party will be taken down.

Most Chinese accept this argument as fact but I feel like it really isn't true. The Great Fire Wall could come down tommrow and we'd all have access to Google, Facebook, YouTube, Wikipedia etc. and they could let anyone protest about anything and almost nothing would change except people would be free. Because I'd say even with all the information about all the terrible things the party has done people would still make the decision to vote for them and keep them in power but also in turn pestering then to improve, which overall would improve the entire country.

If China had completely free election, with no meddling, no propaganda, it most likely would still pick the current leadership. but atleast they would be doing it out of a position of informed and not ignorance.