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hambone_bowler9 karma

Can I get a job?

MahoosiveBadger21 karma


MahoosiveBadger21 karma

Seriously, I'm not the person to ask. But making docs is a great career.

1DVSguy9 karma

How did you get your start making docs if I may ask? One of my really good friends from film school is trying to go to NYC to get involved in the doc scene there. Did you do something similar or get started somewhere else?

MahoosiveBadger7 karma

My start was similar to Gareth's - through work experience at the BBC. But there's no hard and fast way into the industry.

swagpanther6 karma

Congratulations on an extremely captivating and well presented show. It is unlike most true crime based docs I have seen.

Did you personally have any reservations about the show making people sympathetic to murderers?

MahoosiveBadger10 karma

I think people are smart enough to form their own judgements, so no.

We went out of our way to balance perspectives in each of the films. And I think its possible to be sympathetic towards a murderer and still find their actions utterly abhorrent, and still also feel extreme sympathy towards the family of the victim. I certainly did at times. As Joshua Nelson says: 'It's not that simple. It's not that clear-cut.'

JayBird95405 karma

What made y’all think “hey let’s make a documentary about killers” ?

MahoosiveBadger16 karma

The series was commissioned before either of us came on board. But I'd guess the answer is pretty straightforward: to show people something they wouldn't ordinarily see, and hopefully also to get them to consider it in a way they hadn't previously.

PeeB4uGoToBed4 karma

I watched a couple episodes of the show, i was hoping for more of the true crime aspect and personal stories but the episodes seemed to be more of a trial and was based more on what LEGALLY happened on both sides rather than what actually happened.

Are you guys satisfied with the outcome of the show? I prefer lockup and the countless other shows like that

MahoosiveBadger8 karma

I'm very pleased with how our series turned out. The series you mention are all excellent, though.

Thanks for tuning in - sorry we weren't your bag.

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Can I borrow $1500? My transmission is breaking.

MahoosiveBadger7 karma

Sorry, mate. I've just had to shell out a king's ransom on my roof.

AnonymousWander1 karma

What do you plan to do after the series ends?

MahoosiveBadger4 karma

The whole production team has now moved on to different projects - we delivered it to Netflix around April / May. I've been doing a WW2 documentary for Nat Geo, while Gareth has been making an observational documentary about young British soldiers. The others have been on a whole range of cool stuff too.

GoHomeWithBonnieJean1 karma

Why do you think that it's beneficial to society to hold murderers up to view?

Knowing the human beings have something referred to as "mirror neurons," which is the monkey-see-monkey-do part of the brain, don't you think it might be better to refrain from exposing the public to the thoughts of the murderous and insane?

MahoosiveBadger3 karma

Unsurprisingly, and with respect I'm going to disagree. There's also a huge tradition of cautionary literature dating back centuries - the likes of Aesop's fables and Chaucer are full of violence and people getting their comeuppance. I'd rather trust in people's ability to look and learn.

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If you got into rap, would your nom de plume be Young Ross?

MahoosiveBadger2 karma

Nah, I'd stick with Mahoosive Badger.

JacksonHeightsOwn1 karma

one thing that impressed me about the series was what i perceived to be a fairly even treatment of the moral/political question of the death penalty w/out a lot of obvious slant one way or the other. it appeared to me that from episode to episode the inmate's culpability varied - from "obviously this guy belongs on death row" to feelings of sympathy for others.

was that your intent? or was there a particular political or philosophical angle that you intended?

anyway - i thought you guys did a great job.

MahoosiveBadger4 karma

That was pretty much our intent - obviously we tried to identify interesting stories and characters with a range of different viewpoints, but the aim was to let them speak for themselves.

One thing that's been interesting for us has been how different viewers can watch the same programme and have radically different responses. Hopefully that means we've achieved our aim.

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Are you a killer?

MahoosiveBadger5 karma

I'm definitely not, but I can't vouch for Gareth...