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My name is Ken Fuchs. I am fortunate to be the director of shows like Shark Tank, The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Family Feud, Celebrity Family Feud, Love Connection, and Deal or No Deal.

I’ve worked my entire career in unscripted and variety television. My favorite thing to do is direct live television specials, overseeing an expansive camera crew and amplified production atmosphere. I direct the Bachelor specials, including all of the weddings, “The Bachelor: After The Final Rose,” and “The Bachelor: Women Tell All."

I was also fortunate to receive a 2018 Emmy Nomination for my directing in Shark Tank. I am blessed to work with so many great teams across all of my projects.

Proof: On my twitter here!

I’ll do my best to answer as many questions as I can! Ask Me (Almost) Anything! AMAA!

EDIT: Thanks so much for joining. I have to head out for now, but I will check back later on the thread to answer some more questions!

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shankliest59 karma

Who was your favorite bachelor and bachelorette?

Ken_Fuchs148 karma

Some of favorites include Ben Higgins & Jason Mesnick. Also, going way back to the first season of Bachelorette, Trista! And more recently, Rachel.

Are_You_Knitting_Me56 karma

How much do ABC/producers listen to fan opinions about choosing the next bachelor(ette)?

Ken_Fuchs86 karma

I'm not sure because I am not involved in the casting. But, the producing team is definitely aware of social media and fan discussion.

shankliest51 karma

Do you have any behind the scenes stories from the Bachelor and Bachelorette to share with us??

Ken_Fuchs165 karma

In Ben Flajnik's finale in Switzerland there was a funny situation. We set everything up and we were all ready to go for the big proposal for the next day....we showed up on set and the mountain goats had eaten through all our cable!

My amazing team had to pull it together and make everything work within just a few hours.

longwhitejeans48 karma

Do you get to eat the untouched perfect looking food on 1 on 1 dates?

Ken_Fuchs55 karma

No. I wish :)

poppykjellberg46 karma

Do people mispronounce your surname?

Ken_Fuchs177 karma

What the Fuchs do you mean? :)

Are_You_Knitting_Me45 karma

How do you decide what the storylines are going to be on shows where you have so much footage?

Ken_Fuchs47 karma

I don't decide that, the producers do. That's not part of my job.

PSone37 karma

What's up with Kanye's permanent smile on episode 1 of Celebrity Family Feud? He seems like a nice guy.

Ken_Fuchs86 karma

He was so nice and so excited and happy to be on Feud. It was one of my favorite episodes to direct.

poppykjellberg25 karma

Do you have a favourite of all the shows you direct?

Ken_Fuchs63 karma

I love all my children equally :). They are very different and I like the variety.

cenilecreep24 karma

Is there any aspect to The Bachelor franchise that even a big fans don't know about, that you think makes it special and or interesting?

Ken_Fuchs46 karma

Over the course of 17 years, it is amazing what a tight knit family the crew has become. It helps us make great television.

backwardsplanning23 karma

Peter for Bachelor please? Any chance?!

Ken_Fuchs75 karma

There are a few great guys that are being considered. It will all be announced soon!

Tomcat110821 karma

Who are more difficult to work with, hosts or contestants?

Ken_Fuchs23 karma

I work with everyone differently. All of my hosts are incredible and easy to work with!

thesearemyroots18 karma

Out of the current couples, whose wedding would be your favorite to direct?

Ken_Fuchs24 karma

I would do any/all of them!

cenilecreep18 karma

It is very clear the impact that social media has on shows like The Bachelor(ette), do you notice any impacts with the other shows you are involved with?

Ken_Fuchs32 karma

Family Feud & Celebrity Feud have a huge social media presence! It's cool to see.

Moistlivesmatter17 karma

Do the sharks use their own money or is it the TV station that invests in these companies?

Ken_Fuchs31 karma

It is 100% their own money.

rma829517 karma

Funniest or your personal favorite moment from Becca's season of The Bachelorette?

Ken_Fuchs66 karma

The llamas! I was attached by a llama at the proposal. I can maybe post a video later...haha

Ken_Fuchs55 karma

Oh wait this is Arie's season where Becca won....let me keep thinking.

tigersaresocool12313 karma

What's the hardest part about directing reality TV?

Ken_Fuchs28 karma

Being ready for anything to happen, and to get your entire crew on board with that idea. Staying flexible. But I love the challenge of spontaneous storytelling.

BadAssachusetts12 karma

In your opinion, what are the ingredients for a good 'Women Tell All' episode?

Ken_Fuchs27 karma

The same thing that makes the show good: honesty. It is great for the girls to see the Bachelor one more time. On these specials, they are able to get closure and it is a joy to direct these situations.

itsbecomingathing12 karma

Kevin (Mr. Wonderful) doesn't seem interested in investing with many companies unless they pay him royalties. Does this bother producers? Do they want more from him, or do they keep him around for his commentary? Also, have you watched the Sharks go after a company and you thought it was a terrible investment? I love all your shows and my husband and I can't wait for Deal or No Deal to come back!!

Ken_Fuchs17 karma

I'm not involved with the investment choices, but I love working with Kevin. He adds so much to the show and makes directing it really fun. He keeps me on my toes!

Thank you for your support. You're going to be blown away by the new Deal! It's bigger and better than ever, debuts December 5th.

poppykjellberg12 karma

Do you watch your own shows on TV? If not, what reality shows do you watch?

Ken_Fuchs28 karma

Yes! I like to see how they are presented with commercials. I'm too busy making the shows to have time to watch them!

somanyconches12 karma

What did you think of our most recent Bachelorette, Becca?

Ken_Fuchs40 karma

Becca was amazing. It was great to give her a second chance at love. She's a nice, easy to work with Bachelorette.

thesearemyroots12 karma

What's your favorite couple that's come out of the Bachelor franchise?

Ken_Fuchs67 karma

Definitely Trista + Ryan are the most memorable! They set the gold standard. Once they got married, nobody could say "that show will never work" anymore. And it was a career highlight to direct their wedding special.

KurtzM0mmy11 karma

How are the locations determined for each Bachelor/ette season? Does the team literally google “most romantic places” and ensure no same place is repeated?

Ken_Fuchs30 karma

I'm not particularly a part of the location decisions. Our producing team does a great job of establishing relationships with various countries and cities. And of course we look for the most romantic and exotic locales.

We actually have repeated some countries, like Thailand, Spain, Thailand again...

One of my favorites is Cape Town, South Africa! We were there for Emily's proposal. Also, for Sean Low's finale at the elephant resort in Thailand.

Kokopolol10 karma

What are the most memorable moments you’ve been part of? Have you been in the room for any really uncomfortable or emotional scenes? I’m think of breakups like Becca and Arie or Peter and Rachel. Were you there and does it ever feel intrusive?

Ken_Fuchs25 karma

We are not in the room, as we are in our mobile set up looking at the cameras. Everyone knows we are making a television show, in the end we try to be the least intrusive we can, while also doing our jobs. I think these moments underscore the authenticity of the show. By that point in the season, the cast is also less aware of our presence.

perfgracias9 karma

Where are you when things are being filmed? With the camera crew or in a TV room?

Ken_Fuchs28 karma

We build a mobile control room in another room, where we can see all the cameras at once.

gemi299 karma

Do you keep in touch with any of the Bachelor leads / contestants after filming is done?

Ken_Fuchs35 karma

I wish them well at the end, but then I'm right on to the next season or project.

abbtaylor9 karma

How was it having Richard Branson on the show as a guest shark?

Ken_Fuchs25 karma

It was incredible. How often do you get to witness 2 billionaires in a water fight?

By the way, I am proud to have that as my Emmy-nominated episode!

perfgracias9 karma

How long have you been the Director of these shows? How did your life take you there?

Ken_Fuchs25 karma

I've been director for 17 years on Bachelor and Family Feud, and 10 years on Shark Tank. I worked my way up the ranks through various shows, before eventually becoming an AD (Assistant Director). Then, I was finally given the chance to direct.

longwhitejeans7 karma

One of my fave scenarios on Shark Tank is when all sharks are interested in a pitch and there a shark fight each one going for blood as they try to outbid each other. Is that a director's dream as well?!

Ken_Fuchs20 karma

Yes! Your dreams scenarios are my dream to direct. We all want the same thing.

longwhitejeans7 karma

Any fun stories from all those freebie weddings done on Bachelor/rette?

It must just so much harder dealing with crowds of family, drunk relatives, grannies/grandpas flirting with production, bach nation guests, bride and groom tantrums!

Ken_Fuchs23 karma

One story from a wedding...during Molly + Jason's there was a torrential downpour. But yet, her makeup held up beautifully. His hair, not so much. They totally embraced it. This was another example of going with the flow, which makes working on these kinds of projects so fun. And the unpredictability is so fun for the viewers. It's as unscripted as it gets. I like to think of them as happy accidents :)

blessedbyfairies6 karma

Is working with the Sharks as intimidating as it seems on TV?! Or are they more intimidated by you because you're the director? :)

Ken_Fuchs29 karma

They are certainly not intimidated by me ;)! They are more curious about my work.

They are lovely, self-made millionaires who treat everyone equally on the set.

longwhitejeans5 karma

How is the experience of directing billionaires? How do you get them to do what you want? It must require some special skills!

Ken_Fuchs16 karma

I see them as normal people. It's amazing. They're easy. And they're brilliant. All I do is watch them go through their discovery process on all of these companies.

longwhitejeans5 karma

Is it true on Shark Tank the sharks had to work long hours and were purposely not fed, so that they could provide more drama when investment pitches were made. Eek. I think I heard it one of their interviews. Maybe Cuban? My question : WHYYYYYYY? Seems inhuman.

Ken_Fuchs14 karma

No, not at all. There's plenty of krafty on set, and the occasional food product! I love working with Mark.

Trojansforthewin4 karma

What’s one deal a Shark has passed up on that you know they totally regret now?

Ken_Fuchs20 karma

I don't think the Sharks have any regrets. They don't have hindsight. They make the best decisions at the time and they move on. That's why they are sharks.

Supermartinguy4 karma

Have you been able to score any Maverick tickets from Mark Cuban?

Ken_Fuchs7 karma

I haven't been in Dallas during the season! But I'm sure it's a possibility... ;)

Otisbolognis3 karma

How are bachelor/ette people on camera as opposed to off camera? Do contestants act different/fight or feud/play up certain personas in front of cameras ? Who was the biggest showboat character? Is it harder to direct people who are clearly just there for fame/playing a character of themselves?

How has social media changed the way you work on bach nation shows? Have you noticed a difference in contestants?

Ken_Fuchs21 karma

They are always on camera! We've had many showboats, Chad is quite memorable and was a fan-favorite. For the fame question, usually it is difficult to tell on set.

Clearly my time on The Bachelor has changed with the popularity of social media. It seems to have grown the popularity and fan base a lot!