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Semi-Empathetic7 karma

Holy shit you’ve had it rough, and I wish you nothing but good health and happiness in your future.

Do you intend to help raise awareness about such problems in the medical system by telling your story after you’re hopefully through with this unimaginably agonizing problem? Or do you just want to continue with your life? Maybe a bit of both?

Also, you should totally write a harsh, blistering review for that piece of shit doctor, if only to protect further patients from his ill-treatment. They swore an oath and need to be held accountable.

bobthebagqueen13 karma

I actually am (or was...) a photojournalist, so I fully intend to write about it and have it published. People have been sending me their stories about similar issues with the medical system, and my own mother almost died because her medical issue was ignored for TWENTY YEARS.

I’m so shocked that this kind of treatment is considered normal, it’s terrifying to know that I don’t have anywhere to go when I’m at my worst, if an ER won’t help who will?

Avanouk5 karma

Do you feel like your gender played a role in the refusal to take your pain serious ?

bobthebagqueen9 karma

Oh absolutely. When I went in for a colonoscopy the doctor refused to do it because I’m a girl so pain is normal.

I think it was a combination of my gender and my age

This article might be interesting to you https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2015/10/emergency-room-wait-times-sexism/410515/

danoll2 karma

Where do you live that all of your doctors are so unprofessional?

bobthebagqueen2 karma

I was living in Montreal initially when it wasn’t as bad and essentially just told I had IBS

It really went to shit when I moved to Toronto all alone, it’s hard to navigate the medical system when you don’t know where to go or what areas of the city might have better doctors

rsquinny1 karma

Im sorry youre going through this, but hopefully youre not alone. What does your support system look like?

bobthebagqueen1 karma

I’m so lucky that my parents took me in and have let me become one with their couch. I feel so bad for them because they just put me through school and now I’m putting even more financial strain on them, and frankly I’m awful to deal with like this lol

I had moved to a new province a month before I got bedridden sick and kind of had said goodbye to my old friends and didn’t know anyone in my new city. None of my friends have reached out to me, so my support system is just my parents

WateryTart_ndSword1 karma

What was the moment like when you finally got the correct diagnosis? How is your family handling things?

(Also, thank you for sharing, and I hope you can get back on the train to healthy-town ASAP!)

bobthebagqueen1 karma

I was SO happy when I finally got the diagnoses. I kind of figured I had cancer for a long time. I thought I might die in my sleep as well, now that I know nothing is going to explode I feel a bit better

My family is handling things well considering, obviously they’re upset and annoyed but they’ve been the ones pushing things to get done faster. I feel so bad for them

nom_of_your_business-1 karma

How much weed did you smoke on a regular basis before symptoms started?

bobthebagqueen1 karma

None, but I have taken CBD oil for my symptoms if that counts