I can currently be seen starring Montgomery De La Cruz on the Netflix original series “13 Reasons Why.” Season two is airing now on Netflix. I also play Ash Franklin in the HULU/go90/AwesomenessTV thriller drama series “[email protected].”

Proof: https://i.redd.it/mbksljlyol611.jpg

EDIT: Thank you all so much! I had a lot of fun answering your questions! Stay weird.

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TaxationIsMemes40 karma

When you signed on to play in 13 Reasons Why, did any of your friends or family have any reservations about it due to the nature of the show? Also, have you personally battled any of the topics covered in the show?

TimothyGranaderos76 karma

Friends and family were very supportive, no reservations. Many of the issues addressed in the show were bundled up in my High School experience but I always tried to stand up for the kids that were bullied because my Mama raised me right.

TheManWithNoName8839 karma

Did you enjoy filming the mop scene?

TimothyGranaderos143 karma

As an artist it was fun to challenge myself, as a human being it was disturbing to the point of having a splitting headache.

lilymandeville36 karma

If you weren’t cast as Montgomery, who else would you have loved to play on 13 Reasons Why?

TimothyGranaderos98 karma

I would say Justin Foley, who I actually auditioned for, but that beautiful, talented, Brandon Flynn got it instead. Justin is sensitive and deep.

colvon26 karma

Have you had any issues with people reacting angrily to you in real life/online because of your characters actions?

TimothyGranaderos64 karma

Fortunately no, the fans are passionate but in the best way possible. If you see me on the street, come say hi!

timisnotmonty22 karma

do you like girls with tattoos? ily

TimothyGranaderos64 karma

I love girls with tattoos. Tattoos are such a personal thing and can really tell a story. ily2

kamlovestim20 karma

When you go to a restaurant what is your go to food? wow i’m hungry now

TimothyGranaderos21 karma

A good cheeseburger is my go to if I'm feeling risky. What are you going to eat?

kamlovestim12 karma

I’m probably gonna get some pizza 😂

TimothyGranaderos21 karma


itsnoreenc17 karma

Rainbow sprinkles or chocolate chips?

TimothyGranaderos34 karma

Chocolate chips all day

ashx0_15 karma

Timothy, how do you feel about having a season 3 of 13 Reasons Why? And when will you be in NYC?! Dying to meet you, you’re my fav actor!

TimothyGranaderos29 karma

Beyond excited! As a fan, I'm excited to see where the story goes. I'd love to come to NY, ASAP because I have friends and family there, I'll let you know via Instagram!

kianah_janae14 karma

if you can have your own reality tv show what would you call it?

TimothyGranaderos70 karma

"Watch me be too nice to people and make things awkward." Episode 1: Holding the door open with my extended leg and big toe.

ChubbyHippo10914 karma

Loved your work as Monty on 13 Reasons Why, such a gripping performance. What does it take mentally to get into that character and the things he does?

TimothyGranaderos42 karma

Thank you, that means a lot. Lots of research and preparation trying to understand the mind of a Monty. I think the root of Monty's actions come from personal pain, and a lack of being able to properly understand those emotions.

kamlovestim10 karma

After the short film did you get to keep those heelys?

TimothyGranaderos18 karma

I'm wearing them right now.. just kidding, but I have them at home, and I'll be hitting the Venice boardwalk soon.

kamlovestim9 karma

Who have you bonded with the most during filming?

TimothyGranaderos24 karma

The jocks, because we spend so much time together. Our scenes are basically teenage boys with no parents around.

kamlovestim8 karma

What is something major that you learned while filming 13 Reasons Why?

TimothyGranaderos44 karma

Everything you say and do, or don't say and do, can directly impact someone in ways that you can't even comprehend.

xbrunna8 karma

who/what inspired you to begin acting?

TimothyGranaderos30 karma

I always liked being the class clown. I played soccer my whole life, but once I realized I wasn't Messi or Ronaldo, my drive for being an athlete transitioned into performing in front of the camera.

divineraeken8 karma

in which 13rw character do you identify?

TimothyGranaderos35 karma

Probably Zach Dempsey in season 2 because he was always trying to do the right thing.

kamlovestim8 karma

Worst acting experience?

TimothyGranaderos61 karma

I was shooting a commercial and I named the competitor instead of the actual company that hired me on accident. The commercial didn't air...

Dih_g_to8 karma

I think that Montgomery deserves a good kick in the balls... What do you think about it, Timothy?

TimothyGranaderos43 karma

I also think he deserves a kick in the balls, I'll do it the next time I see him.. OUCH.

hotlinewilk_7 karma

Messi or Ronaldo ?

TimothyGranaderos33 karma

Ronaldo in the clutch, but Messi moves like water

hotlinewilk_5 karma

Who will win the world cup?

TimothyGranaderos9 karma

Brazil is looking pretty strong right now.

JazziBalkan4 karma

What’s your favorite color? :)

TimothyGranaderos18 karma

Forrest green everything.

__megn2 karma

what’s your favourite milkshake flavour??

TimothyGranaderos11 karma

Peanut Butter

itsnoreenc1 karma

If you could work with any celebrity living or dead who would you choose and why?

TimothyGranaderos4 karma

Probably James Dean or Marlon Brando, because there's an energy with the OG actors that just can't be recreated.

kamlovestim1 karma

Do you enjoy when fans make edits for you? I make some for you btw!

TimothyGranaderos6 karma

I love it!

nilo_n1 karma

Do you like filming tagged or 13 reasons why better?

TimothyGranaderos5 karma

They're both so awesome and different, can't really compare the two. I love them both!

kamlovestim1 karma

Is the glass half empty or half full?

TimothyGranaderos12 karma

Half full, drink it.

nilo_n1 karma

what was your favorite music video to star in? Btw, you’re a very talented actor!!

TimothyGranaderos6 karma

Fall Out Boy - Because From Under the Cork Tree!

kamlovestim1 karma

If you were to play video games, what would you play? Fortnite? Love you! 💗

TimothyGranaderos6 karma

Fortnite on a school night. I'm still mediocre at best.

kamlovestim1 karma

pancakes or waffles?

TimothyGranaderos11 karma

Pancakes. If you're ever in LA, the Mikey Fitz at the 101 Cafe will do you right!

alyssanavarrete1 karma

What’s your favorite place you’ve been to to film?? By the way I think you are such an AMAZING actor and I love all of your work. Keep striving and you are gonna go so far in this world!!! 💜💜💜

TimothyGranaderos3 karma

Probably Park City, Utah. Utah in general is gorgeous. Thank you, you keep striving too!

kamlovestim0 karma

Yeet or Yeet?

TimothyGranaderos5 karma

Definitely or Yeet

Master_Nerd-5 karma

That picture could be easily photoshopped. Got any better proof?

Master_Nerd1 karma

Nvm I looked at your twitter

TimothyGranaderos11 karma

I'm a real boy, believe that