We've been making stupid videos for YouTube and touring our stupid shows nonstop over the last couple years, but we're here in Los Angeles to take a breather and answer all your stupid questions before we get back to touring North America next stupid week.

**Proof: (https://imgur.com/a/awLKueV) June BIG BOY Tour Tickets

Here's a little playlist to introduce you to what we do: http://bit.ly/AuntyDonnaPlaylist


EDIT: We've wrapped up this session for today but we will try to keep answering questions throughout the day, so pls keep asking and upvoting ur fave questions and stuff lol.

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bjowett7610 karma

Question to Zachary and Mark, what’s it like to work alongside someone as famous as Broden? Does he often speak of his successes with the ‘Coles No Annual Fee Mastercard’?

weareauntydonna523 karma

Broden has alway been incredibly gracious. I have one story that captures his great attitude: when we were shooting Ripper Aussie Summer, the director was getting coverage for a sketch involving me and him. He got all of the shots that Broden was in, and then we wrapped for the next day. The next day, I was expecting that it would just be a stand in, as Broden would not be in any shots. As I was preparing to do my lines, Broden came onto set wearing his entire ‘Coles No Annual Fee Mastercard’ costume, ready to asct opposite me. I expressed surprise that he would act opposite me despite not being in shot, and he said he act opposite his co-stars in the ‘Coles No Annual Fee Mastercard’ ad, and he'll do the same for us. Very gracious.

  • zach

Aam1997331 karma

Mark, are the rumours true that you shaved all of Broden's hair off and glued it to your face to appear taller?

weareauntydonna421 karma

who fucking said that?? was it sam??? who the fuck did you hear this shit from?? tell me.

HeWasAZombie323 karma

Which one of you boys is the best kisser, and why is it Zach?

weareauntydonna349 karma

because i have soft lips

CrazyTigerLady272 karma

do you know that an acceptable portion of your fanbase is Furries andWarrior Cats fans because of a parody of your Bikie Wars song with a popular character from the series?

this animated parody has 611,000 views

weareauntydonna268 karma

Are you serious? Link please.

HOYS12272 karma

How is it like to work with a large italian horse in all of your comedy skits?

weareauntydonna301 karma

Thank you for this question. It's hell. One time he pissed in a trunk of a car.

Crackdowntom249 karma

I traveled all the way from the UK to Australia to try Hungry Jacks after so much praise from you boys, it was the most disappointing experience of my life. How do you feel about misleading people about the quality of Hungry Jacks?

weareauntydonna425 karma

hi frem. you are wrong, u must have got the wrong thing. ur wrong.

  • zach

paddyman01220 karma


weareauntydonna259 karma


assPirate69172 karma

You're thinking of Kanye dude

weareauntydonna347 karma

aw ye fuck

LauraMarvel196 karma

Oh hi boys, I'm 26 and female. My dream man would be a combination of the three of you. Who do you think fits this description so that I can track them down for love squishings?

weareauntydonna311 karma

Broden could grow a beard and we could put a long black wig on him. - Zach

weareauntydonna192 karma

would that work?

The-nutty-pr0fess0r183 karma

Is it Tom who makes all your music? If so, does he know how fucking good and criminally underrated his tracks are?

weareauntydonna228 karma

He does a real good job. He is very appreciated by us performers. His old music only project is called Godwolf and you should check it out. He's just started another solo project too which he'll announce soon so stay tuned.

weareauntydonna85 karma

this knowledge is the bane of his existence.


gbearr160 karma

Broden, you are a sexy boy. If you aren't married by the time you are 50, can we get married please?

weareauntydonna250 karma

Is this a genuine offer? Seriously? I genuinely want to take you up on this. I'm severely lonely. What is your Name, Address and Phone Number.

gbearr96 karma

I'm watching you live on instagram and shitting myself wow

Thanks for the response

Absolutely genuine offer.

gbearr58 karma

...San Francisco (come visit your future wife)

Lorahh31 karma

Nicer than Mark who apparently doesnt respond, or is already married and I don't know it. oops

weareauntydonna63 karma

But you asked Broden????

TheZKey132 karma

Was Tom Armstrong genuinely not onboard with the vegan nugget bit during the podcast? or is he an improv king?

weareauntydonna164 karma

He was not on board, no. - Zach

mkpowell66127 karma

What are your thoughts on cum egg?

weareauntydonna136 karma

this is my favourite.


CaitieMurph124 karma

Will we ever see a return of Sam's South African stroke victim character, Mrs Mr Mirror Man?

weareauntydonna147 karma

God we hope not.

nekacookie112 karma

Can't wait for your DC show. Since the Lincoln Theatre has open seating, where is the best place to sit where I WON'T get touched inappropriately?

weareauntydonna266 karma

Hear this.

No matter where you sit.

We will find you.

And we will touch you.


JwMnMaso107 karma

Hey boys, big fan. I was wondering is you're planning to add an 'Zach will DJ at your house' option in the merch store for the UK? I dont have the money but it would be nice to know theres the option.

Also, Dominos meeting video coming down the pipeline or never?

weareauntydonna158 karma

If. you paid the 7000 or whatever we've said the price is, we would totally fly Zach to the U.K and make him D.J your house party. Seriously. -B.K

costag102 karma

Bringing lots of frems to your philly show who aren't all AD fans (not by choice, merely ignorance) ... how should I get them all lubed up for ya?

weareauntydonna139 karma

Vaseline works I've found.


isyoucrazy79 karma

Dominoes Pizza... better in the US or Ausland?

weareauntydonna273 karma

Dominos pizza is best in Australia, New Zealand, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, the Principality of Monaco, Japan and Germany. This is because of Don Meij is in charge of these countries and is very passionate about good pizza. - zach

jsully25774 karma

can you make camera man the 7th Donna?

weareauntydonna127 karma

He's real chuffed that you asked that. He's real attractive.

SamMitch9471 karma

This one is for your tour manager

Broden, Mark and Zach

Fuck, Marry, Kill?

weareauntydonna93 karma

Arnold wants to know if you have tickets to the show?

Banjo_Pigeon2769 karma

Would you watch a tv series based around a human sized nacho chip called nacho man living in a share house with a bunch of humans??? please don't steal my idea

weareauntydonna48 karma


JwMnMaso64 karma

My vicar father loves you boys to a degree where everytime he sees me on youtube he barates me to show him a new donna vid, how does it feel to ve breaking into the priest market?

weareauntydonna66 karma

If this is true it's absolutely fantastic. Can you please send us a video/photo of him watching your stuff? -B.K

capitankaneda62 karma

The New Zealand Flat White or the Melbourne Flat Shite? Which is superior?

weareauntydonna145 karma

What the fuck is your Problem man. I come on here to do some nice questions and you go all fucken fucky? the Melbourne Flat Shite. -B.K

kyun151 karma

Is it daunting to try and break a new market despite having a very dedicated home fanbase?

weareauntydonna107 karma

The answer to your question is yes. Incredibly so. Especially because America has SO MANY amazing cities. It's so fucking big. Australia has like 5 cities. America has like 25 big fucking cities. So many fucking cities! Eventually we want to be doing 25 cities in big theatres, but we're still a lot of years and a lot of crippling debt off of that goal.


thePABSman48 karma

Hey guys. Met you in London last year. Burning question. What did Don Meij smell like? Was there a dark crust to his demeanor?

weareauntydonna92 karma

He smelt like a man who could buy and sell your ass quicker than a Domino's Pizza home delivery. Now that's fast!

konarodingo44 karma

I was one of the extras who featured in some 1999 episodes when you guys filmed it, I had such a blast and need to say an honest thank you for such a fun time! Did any of you guys have a personal favorite episode from that series, and did you choose the Cockram building just for the hilarious name?

weareauntydonna63 karma

That's a true story. The building that we shot 1999 is called COCKRAM. Seriously. Look it up. it's pronounced 'Co-Ram', lol. Retrospectively my favorite ep of 99 is same tie. It was really close to not being in the series. it was really hard to convince people that the idea worked. But it came out real well and I'm real happy about it. Which ep were you in? -B.K

jsully25743 karma

Will you be bringing Glenridge Secondary College to America and Canada (Americans no know how to spell) next year? I understand it maybe difficult for an international audience, but I loved seeing it in Melbourne and would love to see it again

weareauntydonna90 karma

Hey jsully257 We love Canda. We can't wait to get to Canda. Canda is our favourite place in the world and we will totally be coming to Canda next year. Last time we were in Canda we ate so much Outine. Outine is our favourite dish that one can eat in Canda.

All jokes aside we are still working that out. Because the show is VERY Australian, we might re-work all of the best bits of it into a different show. Either way, you'll get a brand new show in Canda next year WE CAN PROMISE THAT!

Mark xo

chezf34 karma

Are you boys planning to do the fringe again this year?

weareauntydonna101 karma

As I am the only member of the group with hair long enough to cut a fringe, I have decided to answer this question. I don't think I'll be growing a fringe. - Zach

Schivers33 karma

Hey guys big fan, something I've always wanted to know is why did Zach put that glass there?

weareauntydonna58 karma

Hey Schivers, it's Mark here. I have no fucking idea why that piece of shit did that. I think he's trying to sabotage this AMA, i'll try and figure it out and get back to you.

CrazyTigerLady25 karma

I'm coming to your show in Des Moines and it's my first time seeing you boys live and I couldn't be more excited but I have to say why on earth are you coming to the corn coated shithole that is Iowa?

weareauntydonna58 karma

Coz slipknot are from des moines. - zach

we feel it's important to to bring alternative comedy to everywhere. Also bring your friends, so we keep coming to des moines.

  • arnold

kyun123 karma

Were ye at all worried about Y2K when filming 1999?

weareauntydonna43 karma

Do you know what we actually were. The original script we wanted the series this hole storyline where it ended with all these Robots going crazy and shit because of Y2K but when we did a table read for comedian friends. Aussie comedian Anne Edmonds (Who is brilliant check her out) suggested we just make it the sketches. So we did. it made it work a lot better -B.K

biocow19 karma

Did you end up going to Universal or California Adventure? How was it? Any regrets? Wish you had chosen the other?

Edit: Almost forgot... STOSSEL!!!!!! <>

weareauntydonna43 karma

When I was brutally depressed in America last year I bought a three day pass to both parks and spent one night and one full day, by myself, in California Adventure Park.

I genuinely didn't know if I was having the best or worst time of my life.

I did however have one of the best Spaghetti alle Vongole at the Trattoria. That I know for sure.

We're going to Universal this weekend (we hope).


aBitOfMooreAndGaiman17 karma

How did you guys end up on planet broadcasting? Will any of you be appearing on the weekly planet podcast?

weareauntydonna33 karma

Claire came up to us and said "YOUWANNADOPLANETYBROADCAST' and we were like 'ye' and she was like 'SICK' so now we do it. I often disagree with Mr. Sunday Movies' movie reviews. -B.K

Cerbrix17 karma

Are you guys coming to England this year and when?

weareauntydonna25 karma

We don't know exactly when we're coming back to England, or whether it will be this year exactly. But we definitley will be coming back to the UK as we love it. Look out for announcements on our socials. Also, look out for a mailing list, which will be starting in the next few weeks. So you can know whenever we tour! - zach

sickbassplayer15 karma

Why is there cum in Broden's coffee?

weareauntydonna20 karma

If you check out the live feed I had a new coffee made for me. This one is really good.

LauraMarvel14 karma

Who is your favourite person to stand next to in a urinal out of aunty donna? Who would be your dream person to pee next to?

weareauntydonna19 karma

Johnny Blood-Piss -B.K

rafster287614 karma

Hello boys, I am only 14 but I love all your stuff. How does it feel to have your vastly inappropriate humour broadcast out to very innocent and loveable children?

Love rafster xx P.S fuck you cunts

weareauntydonna28 karma

Hello Little Boy, It's lovely to meet you tiny child. We think it's quite funny that we've ruined your outlook on the world. Do you like video games little man? Just so you know also, high school is hard. Get through it. Don't do maths if you're bad at it. -B.K

weareauntydonna10 karma

Very bad, I hope to be a father one day. And I do want my 14 year old boy watching our content. Lol jk, it's aight. Thanks for the question - zach

CaitieMurph13 karma

Will there be more usage of the word 'cunt' in upcoming content? You boys use the word with such artistry, it is a joy to behold.

weareauntydonna58 karma

Yeah we will be saying Cunt. It is a REALLY bad word in the US and Canada where we're touring. In Australia it's a lot more chill. For any Australians reading this, calling an American a Cunt is the equivalent of calling an Aussie a DOG CUNT. So don't do it. - B.K

kyun113 karma

How did ye decide which videos would be on the Aunty Donna: An Introduction playlist?

weareauntydonna34 karma

Sam decided. I think it was decided by which videos I was slightly stiff in. -B.K

Boodz11 karma

Hey you big boys.

What would you say is the most important thing learned from drama school?

Also, any chance of you guys coming back to Denver? You can redeem yourselves by not joking about chutney.

Sincerely, man with hat

weareauntydonna28 karma

Yeah Denver is sick. As big South Park fans we went straight to Casa Bonita. Which was fucking disgusting. I was worried I would have severe diarrhea during our show but I got through OK - B.K

HeWasAZombie10 karma

When are you going to absorb Demi Lardner and Michelle Braisier into the amorphous unspeakable horror blob that is the Aunty Donna?

weareauntydonna19 karma

They're pretty much there. But if we got a TV show they'd become huge parts of it I'd say. -B.K

Spartacus_Rex9 karma

Do you boys live by Ayers Rock?

weareauntydonna65 karma

We call it Uluru in Australia. I've never been there. It's way too fucken far away. I can't afford a house because I'm a youtube celebrity. -B.K

luv2hotdog9 karma

Are you worried about spilling a drink into those powerpoints in the middle of the table? I'm worried about you doing that. Don't do that pls

weareauntydonna12 karma

You must watching the live streams on one of our socials. all the tables in LA have these little power points in the middle. it makes meetings in LA v intense.

Lorahh9 karma

Do you guys play Fortnite?

weareauntydonna39 karma

I'm still on PUBG like a goon but I love PUBG and Fortnite looks super super fun, I play on PS4 sometimes, so I might make the switch and give it a go on PC. I'm not big on the rivalry I think both games offer very different, fun experiences lol haha lol.


Lorahh11 karma

would you play fortnite with me?

weareauntydonna20 karma


aBitOfMooreAndGaiman9 karma

Whats it like being a professional entertainer but constantly being surrounded by all these hacks? (you know who you are)

weareauntydonna14 karma

I reckon this is for Broden. I am Broden. fuck me I am King - B.K

kyun18 karma

How long does a sketch usually take from idea to upload?

weareauntydonna31 karma

Way too long, I wish I was dead. It can take like 6 months. When one doesn't work I'm like 'Fuck that took so long and it didn't work dear christ'. Little window into my soul there. - B.K

CrazyTigerLady8 karma

You said the word cunt is far more offensive in the united states which is very true; but does this mean you will use the word less during your US tour?

I sure hope not

weareauntydonna11 karma

Good question and No.

CaitieMurph7 karma

Can we get some dance tutorials from Broden inspired from his dancing at Charlie's wedding?

weareauntydonna21 karma

hahha, It's very funny that got filmed the other day. I'm fucken sick at weddings mate get around me. B.K

Thesneakycake7 karma

Where would you say guys are in your careers now that you have a large base in Australia and a growing one in the US?

weareauntydonna37 karma

I would say that have a large base in Australia and a growing one in the US.

  • zach

kyun17 karma

Any rejected sketch ideas and reasons for scraping them?

weareauntydonna26 karma

I have an idea for a joke where it's just my asshole. The joke is it's my asshole. It's been rejected by everyone in the group so far. I'm not sure if this is a live sketch or a youtube sketch yet. Thoughts? - B.K

Karmanthanon7 karma

I’m coming to see your new show in Chicago. Last year I was chosen to be the Larry and it was easily one of the best experiences of my entire life. In what ways can I expect this show to top last years?

weareauntydonna15 karma

Tom is playing live and DJing ON STAGE! We learnt many lessons from New Show so it's a better. New songs! New sketches! More audience involvement. It's epic! You might be able to touch marks penis if you sit in the front row, but you shouldn't, but you can, but don't, but you can.

  • Mark and Arnold and Mark

sickbassplayer7 karma

What kind of music do you guys enjoy listening to?

weareauntydonna15 karma

The best album ever made is the album we released earlier in year. It's really good listen lol.

MrDrProfWalrus7 karma

Hey boys. Any ideas for skits that you wanted to do but couldn't for one reason or another? also Mark what is your favorite type of taco?

weareauntydonna35 karma

We wanted to do a skit about a man named Mr Moustache Man, and ... actualyy we could do it and it was great.

Marks fave taco is a vegan taco.

  • zach

Lorahh6 karma

What are you most looking forward to in St. Paul, MN?

weareauntydonna44 karma

Look here's my favorite thing about St. Paul Minnesota. Saint Paul (abbreviated St. Paul) is the capital and second-most populous city of the U.S. state of Minnesota. As of 2017,the city's estimated population was 309,180.[5] Saint Paul is the county seat of Ramsey County, the smallest and most densely populated county in Minnesota.[6] The city lies mostly on the east bank of the Mississippi River in the area surrounding its point of confluence with the Minnesota River, and adjoins Minneapolis, the state's largest city. Known as the "Twin Cities", the two form the core of Minneapolis–Saint Paul, the 16th-largest metropolitan area in the United States, with about 3.6 million residents.[7]

Founded near historic Native American settlements as a trading and transportation center, the city rose to prominence when it was named the capital of the Minnesota Territory in 1849. The Dakota name for Saint Paul is "Imnizaska". Though Minneapolis (Bdeota) is better-known nationally, Saint Paul contains the state government and other important institutions.[8] Regionally, the city is known for the Xcel Energy Center, home of the Minnesota Wild,[9] and for the Science Museum of Minnesota.[10][11] As a business hub of the Upper Midwest, it is the headquarters of companies such as Ecolab.[12] Saint Paul, along with its Twin City, Minneapolis, is known for its high literacy rate. It was the only city in the United States with a population of 250,000 or more to see an increase in circulation of Sunday newspapers in 2007.[13]

The settlement originally began at present-day Lambert's Landing, but was known as Pig's Eye after Pierre "Pig's Eye" Parrant established a popular tavern there. When Lucien Galtier, the first Catholic pastor of the region, established the Log Chapel of Saint Paul (shortly thereafter to become the first location of the Cathedral of Saint Paul), he made it known that the settlement was now to be called by that name, as "Saint Paul as applied to a town or city was well appropriated, this monosyllable is short, sounds good, it is understood by all Christian denominations".[14]

jackknight19196 karma

If broden has a stiffy in the US does that mean pausey Pete is an illusion?

weareauntydonna7 karma

In short yes. not me Peeny Weeeny. That's a DIFFERENT story. lolol

damionwayne6 karma

You have to let either Adrian Dean OR Joe Kosky back into the group. Who do you choose and why? All six of you have to answer.

(Also can't wait to see your New Show in Chicago. Love you cheeky boys)

weareauntydonna19 karma

I think it'd be Adrian Dean because he will be a lawyer soon, and we can mooch all his money off of him and put it towards buying a company Tesla cause that's what Don Meji drives and we want ppl to think we got that sweet pizza pie money.


mristre5 karma

What's something about working as performers that you wish had known when you were starting out?

weareauntydonna13 karma

i wish someone told me it was gonna be a non stop party ride.


weareauntydonna12 karma

all the fun partys and the fact that its always awesome all the time.

  • zach

paddyman015 karma

Are you ugly boyos touring Glennridge again in AUS?

weareauntydonna12 karma

I reckon we'll do a version of it in the future. It's a REALLY Australian show and we don't know how well it will translate. I reckon 80% of it will work, we just need to shift 20% of it I reckon - B.K

Aam19975 karma

Serious question (if you boys can do serious), when did you each realise you loved doing comedy, and wanted to make it your career? If you couldn't be doing this now, what would you want to be doing instead?

weareauntydonna13 karma

I would probably be a teacher. Which is quite a scary thought. I just wanted to be a performer and I saw doing comedy as a way of doing it on my own and not waiting for someone to put me in their movie. The first time we did a show and people laughed at stuff I had written I became severely addicted. -B.K

Gooboobly4 karma

Are you all born in Australia, or did any of you move there when you were younger?

weareauntydonna9 karma

All of us were born in Australia, and most of us grew up in Victoria (expect for Broden who spent a little time in Adelaide). My parents immigrated to Australia in the 60s from Sicily. That's about as international as we get.


jackknight19194 karma

Broden you the real MVP. But real talk, how many brodens does it take to unload a dishwasher?

weareauntydonna8 karma

You're on a real thing here Jackknight1919. I like it. -B.K

leonardodicapriohere4 karma

Question for Mark. My friends and I gave you a t-shirt to wear when you came to Wellington.

  1. Why are you not wearing it now?

  2. Can you wear it now?

weareauntydonna16 karma

you mean the t-shirt with the picture of the woman giving a giant penis a foot job?

i wear it to bed most nights.


wuodi_4 karma

I would really love two tix for Toronto show. yes or no?

weareauntydonna25 karma


RankedList4 karma

Hey Aunty Donna, could I compare you to a kiss from a rose?

weareauntydonna2 karma


OkanAK4 karma

Hey dudes, it’s my Bday today!

Are you guys excited for any Games Coming out this Year?(E3)

weareauntydonna10 karma

nothing could be more exciting than Last of Us Part II (which i think is 2019? so sorry) and i hope we get some news on it cause I will fucking shit.


TheW0lfPack3 karma

Me and me friend are seeing yous in Boston, what are your favorite things to do in the six hours before the show starts in the city of Boston in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts?

weareauntydonna14 karma

I love to fuck a Red Sox, and fuck a Tom Brady. Go sox etc etc. Al Horford Etc Etc.

snwlprds3 karma

why no montreal this time round? :(

weareauntydonna11 karma

Cos you have to be invited to the Montreal JFL festival. Hopefully we get invited again and we come back and hug you. -B.K

Szafranko2 karma

I saw you guys in toronto. And impersonated you guys during the meet the guys segment after the show. I said " bloody broaden bloody ahhh.. " to broden. I said " ARE YOU JOKING x 2 " to Zach. And I asked mark if he wanted to talk about cum. And hugged him. My question is do you remember me? And I have tickets to your next show in Toronto. I plan on doing this again or similar. But this time.... You guys wanna hang out? Do you hang out with your fans? Because I'd love to just be with you guys all the time forever until you all mysteriously die. For every waking moment of the rest of your shorter than mine lives. :D please love me.

weareauntydonna8 karma

We love you.

Please don't hurt us.