EDIT: Thank you all for your questions, though I would suggest a priest for those of you who rambled like madmen. I bid you farewell, exiles.

My short bio: Greetings, exiles. I am Conan, the Cimmerian. A thief, a reaver, a slayer, and king of Aquilonia. I am here to answer your questions, whatever they may be.

My Proof: I hear tell that the Nordheimers of "Funcom" have already announced my coming via their tweeting blue birds and A Book of Faces. Another blue bird to confirm my legitimacy. They also spoke with the priests of this magic mirror about my coming.

Let us sit together for the next hour! Ask me anything!

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securitysix49 karma

What is best in life?

Conan_thebarbarian73 karma

"Let me live deep while I live; let me know the rich juices of red meat and stinging wine on my palate, the hot embrace of white arms, the mad exultation of battle when the blue blades flame and crimson, and I am content. Let teachers and priests and philosophers brood over questions of reality and illusion. I know this: if life is illusion, then I am no less an illusion, and being thus, the illusion is real to me. I live, I burn with life, I love, I slay, and am content."

amnesiac232322 karma

No, no, no WRONG. It's This

Conan_thebarbarian54 karma

Some fool said that. Nothing I ever said. Consult the scholars and be enlightened.


JeffreyDetroit23 karma

I confuse Cimmerian with Cinnamon all of the time. What is your advice on keeping the two clear?

Conan_thebarbarian81 karma

Do not try to sell me your foreign spices. I've killed men for less.

GoldieEmu22 karma

Will the bark tool be coming post launch? please ! ;-)

Conan_thebarbarian31 karma

Use a sharp blade, as my father, and his father before him. A craftsman knows the worth of good steel.

wesjr17 karma

Hey Conan, have you been past the cursed wall to the west and if so what awaits us in those areas?

Conan_thebarbarian30 karma

Far, far to the west and south was a city, Xuthal. The inhabitants were mad. I cannot count the days I walked from there, but it was many.

Garshock14 karma

Powerful one,

My people and I bring our grievances and concerns to you. Please hear us. The current magical targeting reticle when using bows is blocking targets at a distance. Please sir, could you speak to the Gods about simplifying this Magic’s appearance, or making it a small dot?

Thank you Glorious one, may the land treat you fair.

Conan_thebarbarian29 karma

Much has changed since you last walked these lands. Your knowledge seem obsolete to my royal advisers.

h3nk113 karma

What is your thoughts on Joel Bylos, and how does this image make you feel?


Conan_thebarbarian38 karma

By Crom! To put his face on my body must mean he is a powerful sorcerer indeed! Do not trust him, his face is fleshy and weak.

HungryBook10 karma

If you were to lament something, what would you lament?

Conan_thebarbarian26 karma

"I remember

The dark woods, masking slopes of sombre hills;

The grey clouds' leaden everlasting arch;

The dusky streams that flowed without a sound,

And the lone winds that whispered down the passes."

Such things, I think are worth lamenting.

CuteHalfling9 karma

Do you like wearing a loin cloth?

Conan_thebarbarian39 karma

My body is nothing to be ashamed of. Why do city men wear such clothing and fashions if not to hide their own inadequacies?

MartianLens9 karma

What must I do, for you to give me a key to your harsh lands Conan King?!

Conan_thebarbarian20 karma

The key to my lands was earned with blood and fire. I have spilled much blood in my ascension to the throne. What makes you worthy of such a key?

Thefishy7 karma

Can you explain that the different colors on your map mean? Some locations are yellow, some are purple, some are green, but there is no legend or indication what these colors actually mean to my knowledge.

Conan_thebarbarian20 karma

Who gave you my map? Give it back knave!

GoldieEmu6 karma

With features been postponed till post launch so you could focus on completing the game, will there be any plans to improving client mod loading?

Currently you have to subscribe, enable, restart game just get onto a server, only to disable addon and restart to turn it off again to join anywhere else. That makes modded servers VERY unfriendly to join as opposed to just connecting to a server and it downloading required mods during connection.

Conan_thebarbarian31 karma

You speak the common tongue, but this babble has no meaning.

ReadBird5 karma

What is your favourite weapon, and why?

Conan_thebarbarian15 karma

Good steel is good steel regardless of shape. Like a master smith, the true warrior will choose the right weapon for the right occasion. To live and fight another day is the only choice that matters.

PlotSolver5 karma

Will Razma be one of your long-list lovers?

I've tried to locate her for you, but failed.

Conan_thebarbarian17 karma

Razma is a spirited wench, beauteous and dangerous. But it is an uncouth habit of civilized men to boast about their conquests between the sheets.

Daveyfiacre5 karma

Will there be any more armors and weapons at launch than what has been pushed to live recently? xD There are some that are hodgepodge ports of others [example: derketo dancer is visually ports of like 3 other sets] but have their own stats, will those be changed?

Will religious armors get stat bonuses? They could use a reason to be crafted besides rp, theyre too cool to let pvp'ers ignore and go unseen.

Conan_thebarbarian39 karma

You are a mad fool. I know nothing of what you speak.

Muregain4 karma

Conan, the mighty warrior, I have a question for you. The lands we walk upon, will they ever be expanded beyond the horizon? Will we ever be able to walk upon other lands and see new wonders?

Conan_thebarbarian10 karma

Such a question is for the gods alone. And they are silent.

Gameaccount133 karma

Is it true that PS4 officials will be region/ping locked? If so, how will you tackle the problem of players who cant play at peak times being unable to raid?

I am in the UK and due to work cannot play peak times. If playing on a NA server isn't an option it sort of forces me to go unofficial.

Would love an official answer to this, thanks very much looking forward to playing the game.

Conan_thebarbarian6 karma

I have handed off your gibberish to an advisor who says such locks will remain open for you and your people.

W4ldgeist3 karma

What separates civilized men from barbarians?

Conan_thebarbarian13 karma

Civilized men are more discourteous than savages because they know they can be impolite without having their skulls split, as a general thing.

jesminya2 karma

What advice can you give us soft men and women about to embark upon the lands in search of adventure? Are the swamplands suited for us, or will we need to become battle-hardened first?

Conan_thebarbarian7 karma

One can survive anywhere, with will and determination. The swamp you speak of is dangerous, but not extraordinarily so. Find a safe place to make your camp, pick only the battles that you can win, and make allies to watch your back.

Pinkxel2 karma

Which biome is your favourite to settle down in, and why?

Also: Have you been thinking of ditching Crom for Derketo? I know I have!

Conan_thebarbarian19 karma

I have traveled far and seen much - no land is more to my liking than another. But the pull of the north is strong in me, for the lands where I traveled as a youth.

I have known many gods. He who denies them is as blind as he who trusts them too deeply

Muregain2 karma

Tomorrow is my birthday, same as Conan Exiles launch day. Does this mean I am the chosen one? What say you, Conan... Am I a Legendary warrior or am I just a donkey boot licker?

Conan_thebarbarian13 karma

Only you can answer that question. Will the day of your birth also be the day of your death?

justforgaki2 karma

Conan,you've destroyed wizards and false gods,but how would you deal with trolls who imprison others for no other reason than to deny them the pleasures of your new world, and even wait for them to wake before killing them for a cheap thrill,a troll spawn camper? Would you use your sword and strength to destroy them,or perhaps contact friendly wizards you know,so they will punish the trolls more accordingly?

Conan_thebarbarian11 karma

I do not lose those kinds of fights. But for those who forfeit lands and honor I say this - that is the price of weakness. Do not play with ruthless people, if you are not ruthless yourself.

Daggow2 karma

Conan, what difference is there between men and women of Cimmeria to those of Vanaheim and Asgard?

Conan_thebarbarian9 karma

The people of Nordheim are fair and tall and blue-eyed. They fight all day and drink ale and roar their wild songs all night.

My people are more sombre. We do not sing, but for dirges. For my countrymen, there is no hope in this life, or the hereafter.

But as the Aquilonians once discovered, once we are roused, we cannot be turned back. Remember Vanarium!

Saharel2 karma

There's some new lands to explore real soon... Will we able to find you there? :D

Conan_thebarbarian11 karma

Find me in a tavern somewhere washing the dust of the desert from my throat.

3uphor1a2 karma

What are the best perks of the job?

Also, watch out for the Picts!

Conan_thebarbarian14 karma

"When I overthrew Numedides, then I was the Liberator - now they spit at my shadow. They have put a statue of that swine in the temple of Mitra, and people go and wail before it, hailing it as the holy effigy of a saintly monarch who was done to death by a red-handed barbarian. When I led her armies to victory as a mercenary, Aquilonia overlooked the fact that I was a foreigner, but now she can not forgive me.

"Now in Mitra's temple there come to burn incense to Numedides' memory, men whom his hangmen maimed and blinded, men whose sons died in his dungeons, whose wives and daughters were dragged into his seraglio. The fickle fools!"

There are no perks, only long nights brooding on a cold throne.

evenios2 karma

are we running out of real people to do AMAs with?

Conan_thebarbarian18 karma

I know this: if life is illusion, then I am no less an illusion, and being thus, the illusion is real to me.

justforgaki2 karma

Hey Conan,when are you going to adventure solo once more in ancient lands of men and gods? You freed a fellow barbarian from being crucified then walked away,expecting them to have fun without a true adventurous story. Why can't you share your adventure instead of,dare i say it...imitating a lower life form from the Ark?

Conan_thebarbarian6 karma

I know nothing of this Ark you speak of, but to adventure with true companions is the greatest of pleasures.

I cut down many people from crosses as I wandered across that dismal plain. To make companions of them all would be draining. I gave them a chance, nothing more.

dkslong1 karma

Can we get a hot bar for console like pc pretty please and a hide helmet option?

Conan_thebarbarian11 karma

An advisor says there are no plans for this warm tavern you speak of.

Gjetarguten1 karma

Will we be seeing even more additions to the combat system post launch. For example sprint attacks(lunge) and jump attacks to catch runners a little easier? Ps: Love the game :)

Conan_thebarbarian6 karma

It sounds as though you need training. Perhaps, in time, you will learn to do these things.

Diconius1 karma

Greetings Conan! Why not enable combat at all times for the PVE-Conflict servers since base raiding is turned off at all times? One of the biggest draws to this server type is the prevention of offline raiding, yet retaining the pvp feel.

Conan_thebarbarian7 karma

Why do peasants prefer not to harvest during the night?

My scholars advise me to tell you that this is a royal decree and will not be changed.

Wiborg19781 karma

I guess it is a you helped us and we helped you situation in Conan Exiles. You are not King of Aquilonia right now and maybe in the future, in another adventure (game). However if we could escape somehow the Exiles could we meet again (can we import in any way our character to Age of Conan or another upcoming Conan game) ?

Conan_thebarbarian6 karma

Strange seer, your question has little meaning to me. The future will be as it is. We are never who we were when the time to meet comes around again.

Daveyfiacre1 karma

i know it's Conan speaking, but is it wierd i hear the voice of one called Bylos?

Conan_thebarbarian10 karma

I would have my head examined. This hearing of voices cannot be good.

shiningwiz881 karma

HEY CONAN! question for ya....will i ever be able to have for thralls follow me? increasing the following limit?? will i ever be able to make my thralls stronger? leveling up thralls? thanks for you time

Conan_thebarbarian15 karma

Inspire men with action, not words. Laugh loudest, fight hardest and be generous. Then men will follow you without reservation.

CptnAwesome891 karma

What do you think of the all mighty Set?

Conan_thebarbarian9 karma

I care little for the snake-demon or his priests.

The Hyborians do not sacrifice humans to their god, Mitra, and as for my people - by Crom, I'd like to see a priest try to drag a Cimmerian to the altar! There'd be blood spilt, but not as the priest intended.'

wesmacker1 karma

Conan, Where might I find a great armorsmith that will craft me the greatest set of Aquillonian Armors?

Conan_thebarbarian9 karma

Such a smith can usually be found in Aquilonia. Barring that, you'll have to search the world for one who was unlucky enough to be enslaved and exiled.

ASchway1 karma

What is your favorite go to meal after slaying some real bad dudes?

Conan_thebarbarian8 karma

A fat grub is a good quick bite. But a hearty meal always goes down well.