felony here, i've fought in multiple promotions (pride, rizin, eliteXC) all over the world, had a feud with wanderlei silva, and went to jail a couple times. ama.

proof: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bh9tDe6nnom/

you can see me fight bruce lutchmedial for free this thursday on camsoda

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TheZombiezSlaya195 karma

You've once said that your training regime mostly involved beating your dick. Has that changed over the years?

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colossuskidd48 karma

Why hasn’t Rizin made the fight between you and candilei Silva?

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byopolarbear42 karma

When you goin on Joe Rogans podcast?

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H0n3yb4dg3r6936 karma

Hey brother, you are the man!!

1) Do you still run fast?

2) Have you had to use this ability vs Candylei?

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jwysong29 karma

whats the reason behind you screenshotting snapchats from your fans?

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wizardoflaw23 karma

Did Tito tap?

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TitanIsBack22 karma

Had fun playing with you on GTA: Online and getting to know you a little bit. Have to say, you're a pretty chill dude. Remember we talked about Michigan? Hit me up if you're ever up this way again.

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Parrotherb20 karma

Would you rather fight one Ngannou sized Mighty Mouse or hundred Mighty Mouse sized Ngannous?

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Manthejelly14 karma

How much have you made fighting in total?

Do Japanese promotions pay well?

Would you be a fighter if you had to do it all over again?

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B3_Prof12 karma

Could you kick Conor's ass?

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7exus12 karma

Is weed beneficial to your training routine? If so, how?

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illegaltaco4207 karma

What's been your craziest story while locked up?

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GaryPartsUnknown6 karma

Yo felony, have you heard the episode the crime in sports podcast did on you?

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Thrillh0use435 karma

Did you indeed knock out candylei durring the missing portion of tape from your fight?

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Aharaha4 karma

Have you tried going into the cage wearing your glasses like that? Because I think it could be an effective way of confusing your opponent. (But take it off before fighting.)

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Foxdog1754 karma

Can you tell us some interesting stories throughout your life that led you to become Felony? With all due respect, what made you, you?

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KyleH1234 karma

Hello Mr. Felony,

What are your plans today?

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jsfly4 karma

Were you on PEDs like everyone else in Pride?

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Babyarmcharles3 karma

What is your favorite and least favorite part of the Japanese fight scene?

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AbrahamRinkin2 karma

How much time have you spent on Camsoda over the years?

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IronRT2 karma

Who is the GOAT?

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hussain3002 karma

Whatsup Felony! My question is: what's your favorite fight of all time to rewatch?

Thanks for any reply

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Zenenx2 karma

Love you, you're a great personality to have in mma.

How do you feel about your career ? do you regret not training harder to become the best ? alot of mma fans have agreed that you're talented but never really tried as hard as you could have.

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MiNiMaLHaDeZz2 karma

What would be YOUR dream match-up?

(Except fighting Candylei)

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Diablo1651 karma

What are the most significant positive and negative changes to the fight game that you've experienced since you've been involved?

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ZimosBePimpin1 karma

What’s your dream fight?

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