Golem is a dApp built on top of Ethereum that has recently launched onto mainnet. We are building a decentralized p2p marketplace for computing power, and our first use-case is rendering for the open source software Blender. Please have a look into our project (https://golem.network) and join our AMA!

Link: https://www.reddit.com/r/GolemProject/comments/8cwj12/welcome_to_the_april_edition_of_golem_teams/

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Nataliewithasecret58 karma

Is there a timeframe to when we will be able to use GPU’s?

mariapaulafn25 karma

Please post it on the Golem AMAs link so we make sure we dont miss your question!

Soren1111248 karma

Did you post it there so you could remove the comments you don't like?

mariapaulafn2 karma

We haven’t deleted anything that’s not spam. If you think this is the case, please let me know so i can find out

BigFatShaco24 karma

I’ve heared you’re still sitting on most of your 820k eth gathered on ur ICO. What are ur plans to do with these...? Ps: powodzenia z projektem :))

mariapaulafn0 karma

Please post this on the original post, where all questons will be answered.

Kibubik18 karma

Why do you think people will use Golem over AWS? Wouldn't AWS be cheaper in the end due to their economies of scale?

Leguy423 karma

Did you get an answer? I’m wondering the same.

mariapaulafn1 karma

It’s posted on the original AMA post where the team will answer