Go ahead ask me anything, but also watch this: https://youtu.be/c7E30AGlNLY. Genius Junior premieres Sunday, March 18 at 9/8c on NBC.

Proof: https://twitter.com/ActuallyNPH/status/974054622879821824

EDIT -- I'm done, homies. Tried to type as fast as I could. My fingers are bleeding. Wish I could have answered more. Let's do this again soon. Meantime, download my IAM app - as I do livestream videos on the weekly where I get to chat face to face and answer more random questions. Please do watch Genius Jr. on Sundays. It's opposite American Idol and, I mean, haven't we already done that? Much love, thanks for typing. #micdrop

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Bucceller2648 karma

Neil, Last year I read your autobiography, and it gave me the courage and final push I needed to publicly come out at the age of 28. A few months later, I was quite intentionally not invited to my old neighbor/best-friend-since-childhood's wedding, while the rest of my family including my brother attended. I assume my sexuality has everything to do with it as no one ever got an explanation, and he hasn't spoken to me since. We were close. Like Ted and Marshall close. I've been shocked and devastated. Did you experience any personal heartbreak/loss like this when you came out? How did you handle it? Thanks for being such an inspiration! ❤️

IamNPH4682 karma

Meh. Sounds to me like you're better off not attending a wedding laden with judgement. Proud of you for coming out. Full transparency makes you stand taller, no? I'd say spend more time in positivity and less time worrying about others' motives. What you did is solid. Be proud of that...

brendavelxrde1555 karma

The How I Met Your Mother finale is very controversial. Some hate it, some love it. Now that four years has past, what are your honest opinions about it? What would you have liked to seen? What parts did you like and not like?

PS: HIMYM is my favorite show of all time. I started watching it the day it premiered, to the day it ended, and still to this day. Thank you so much for being apart of the show that has brought me so much happiness.

IamNPH2073 karma

Hey, thanks. As I've stated before, I'm a fan of the finale. I think our creators Carter and Craig plotted it out nicely, and it makes rewatching the series take on another level. At the end of the day, characters are complicated and grow. As much as Barney loved him some Robin, his DNA made him pretty unable to maintain a long term relationship.

spudgun961508 karma

How amazing did it feel to open the tony awards in 2013, I know it’s old news but I’ve wanted to know ever since?

IamNPH1881 karma

It was the raddest. So much could have gone wrong. Very little did. That kind of fortune doesn't happen often. Especially live.

dukenny3301361 karma

NPH you're the man! Loved you in Harold and Kumar. Are you still close with the others from HIMYM?

IamNPH2559 karma

Closest to Cobie, as the years have passed. I have great fondness for everyone - we spent almost a decade together, creating content. Nothing but respect.

glenjemin91230 karma

Haaaaaave you met Ted?

IamNPH1549 karma

Sarantos? The head of Netflix? You betcha! He's dope.

Oh, wait. I'm just now realizing what devil's lettuce might mean...

yarn_store957 karma

Where is the sugar bowl?

IamNPH1108 karma


Swearblocked695 karma

Hi Neil!

Gigantic fan!

Just saw your “brother” Wayne Brady (still watch himym to much) , in Kinky Boots on broadway. What an incredible musical. Have you had a chance to go see it? What do you think about the message it sends about being honest with who you are?

IamNPH1002 karma

I love Wayne. Got to direct him as Tom Collins in RENT. Bummed that I missed him in Kinky Boots.

How can you not love the message of acceptance and pride? It's both universal and achievable.

yarn_store676 karma

What’s your favorite disguise of Count Olaf?

IamNPH1069 karma

I'm loving the looks for season two, out on 3/30 (PLUG!). Gunther was a hoot, Dectective Dupin was hipster shade. Good times.

shadixdarkkon578 karma

Neil, I think that you are a great person and a great example for pretty much anyone. What advice would you give to somebody who struggles socially and gets very anxious when the possibility of rejection is present?

IamNPH1891 karma

Fuck rejection. The fear of it prohibits taking action, and we only grow through experience, right? So do stuff. Try stuff. Fail. Look forward to failing. It is necessary to teach you how to improve.

That's my advice. Keep on doing stuff. And maintain perspective to try and keep growing. Do things that make you nervous. Out of your comfort zone. The rewards are countless.

Windex_O_Clean505 karma

I'm having a really rough go of things right now from what seems like every direction in life. Does life give you sucker punches from time to time and how do you weather them?

IamNPH1802 karma

Seek perspective. Know that things happening now - the intense stress and emotions happening now - will subside over time. They almost always do. Take care of yourself. Hydrate. Exercise. Breathe. Stand tall. Smile. I'm sorry you're down. That sucks balls. And not in the good way...

BananaSlings416 karma

How are you doing today?

IamNPH834 karma

Having an awesome day, albeit busy. Started the morning with a litany of morning chat show interviews for Genius Jr., premiering Sunday (PLUG!), about to head to set and don the Olaf disguise for the first day of shooting Penultimate Peril with Barry Sonnenfeld himself. No complaints. Oh wait, I'm supposed to be driving to work right now. Gah! I gotta go!

MrsPopeFormosus387 karma

What's your favorite place to take your kids in New York City?

IamNPH856 karma

Museums are fantastic. As are the parks. But I'd say taking them to Eataly is the best. Sitting at the crudo bar watching the twins devour fish is a sight to behold...

derkburt370 karma

What is the proudest moment of your career?

What is your favorite episode of HIMYM?

Will there ever be a sequel to Dr. Horrible?

Obviously, I'm a big fan and love everything I've seen you in. Continue being a great role model, fantastic actor and human being!

IamNPH809 karma

Too many questions..! Gah!

I loved hosting the Tonys when it went back to Radio City. That was awesome.

HIMYM episode 100 - Girls vs. Suits.

Would love to see a Dr. Horrible sequel. That Joss Whedon doesn't really have much on his plate, lately. Can't imagine why that isn't being fast tracked...

Meme25327367 karma

Hi Neil! I've been sitting here refreshing for 5 minutes waiting for this AMA.

Anyways, I wanted to ask you two things.

(1) In your opinion, what will be the hardest scene to film for A Series of Unfortunate Events?

(2) If Genius Junior turns out to be a huge success, would you consider moving it to other countries?

Thanks for doing this AMA!

IamNPH491 karma

1 - Filming the musical numbers are taxing. Lots of precision necessary with not much time. I also fear lengthy monologues, but thankfully Warburton gets the bulk of that...

opalescenttreeshark340 karma

What is your family going to be for Halloween this year?

IamNPH938 karma

If I told you, I'd have to change my mind.

rororourboat335 karma

With all these reboots any interest in revisiting Dr. Doogie Howser?

IamNPH640 karma

Oof. Not so much.

M-yuzi323 karma

Neil!!! You're insanely awesome dude. Your career was always around in my life since I was born in 87. I also loved you in Harold and kumar and especially in a series of unfortunate events. Now my question for you is.

It's my 31st birthday today, I'm in a new city with barely any friends and I'm really down as far as spirit goes. Is there anyway I could get a birthday shout out?

It would seriously make my day man, it goes without saying that I'll be continuing to watch whatever you dish out. You're great.

IamNPH529 karma

Happy Birthday, yo!

Now go make some friends..!

AMAbutTHAT269 karma

Hello Neil! Has parenthood affected the roles you choose?

IamNPH439 karma

I think it's made me a bit more concientions, yes. I like doing work that more than one demographic can enjoy, for differeing reasons.

AMAbutTHAT269 karma

Most child actors fail to make a successful comeback, but you did. What point of you life did you say, I want to be an actor again and how did you convince Hollywood that you were still marketable?

IamNPH365 karma

I was happy to just keep working. Never really needed for a comeback. The paths went in unexpected ways, for sure, but I do feel that roles and gigs come for distinct reasons, many of which you don't quite realize until much later.

heyahria230 karma

If you were to do a musical with Lin-Manuel Miranda, what would it be about?

IamNPH538 karma

Any goddammed thing he'd want.

My only regret in being friends with Lin is that I'm far less successful or powerful than most of the other people who are equally obsessed with his skills.

fewding214 karma

Do you partake of the devils Lettuce? [4]

IamNPH623 karma

Arugula? Sure. It's a bit spicy, but so am I.

yarn_store209 karma

Who started the fire at the Baudelaire mansion?

IamNPH538 karma


Oh wait, I fear I've said too much...

hayjo09200 karma

What is your favorite production that you’ve ever worked on? I’m talking film, tv, theater, all of them.

IamNPH556 karma

What a question..! I loved me some Barney Stinson. Absolutely adored playing Hedwig. But Count Olaf is the fantastical gift that keeps on giving. He's a beast. Loving playing him.

mitigationideas193 karma

What is your favorite book to read to your kids?

IamNPH471 karma

While I'd be inclined to say Harry Potter, I'm awfully motivated to answer The Magic Misfits (available anywhere books are sold!).

LegendOfAdrastos177 karma

Hi Neil, I adore you so much. I just want to ask what was more fun to do: crazy, sarcastic, seductive Barney, or serious, emotional and romantic Barney?

IamNPH420 karma

The former. The latter was just a play to get in their pants.

najing_ftw152 karma

What is your favorite part of being a doula?

IamNPH316 karma

All the screaming.

jseyfer129 karma

Hi, Neil. Thanks for putting this up.

My question is- you aren’t a very big guy. Is it difficult to contain all your awesomeness in that one, compact body? I don’t know how you do it, frankly.

P.S. On one episode of Doogie, you had to fight a guy. If you remember, what you did was, using your medical knowledge, you cupped your hand and swung it at the side of the bully’s head, causing intense pressure in his ear, thereby disabling him quite promptly. I tried this in a fight once and all it did was enrage him to the point where all thoughts of beating me up vanished and he now only wanted me dead. I know you didn’t write that scene, but wanted you to know that that doesn’t really work.

IamNPH255 karma

Most of it stays in my nether regions...

icybluetears119 karma

Is there anything you've ever taken from a set that you still have?! Thanks for your time!

IamNPH351 karma

I take a key prop from every show that I've done.

My favorite is probably Hedwig's heels. They look punk and beat up next to my shiny Tony.

GatNeo108 karma

Mr. Harris, I have recently decided to purchase my first suit and I have been watching HIMYM to get inspiration from Barney. It seems like the most common suits you wore were two or three buttons, single breast, double vented, and notched lapel. Can you tell me what what cut you had and what your favorite suit was? Any suggestions on what to look for for my first suit? Thank you.

IamNPH435 karma

Get a single breasted suit that can be worn with lots of different shirt/tie options (black or blue). Don't spend a ton. This is key: then go to a tailor and have them take it in so that it's perfect for you. Money spent on tailoring will be well worth it, as you'll look like Bond and get laid.


Hi NPH! Big fan! Your family is awesome and I always wonder who comes up with your Halloween costumes? Is it a democracy or dictatorship?

IamNPH252 karma

David and I champion the Halloween pic. The kids get to choose their own actual trick or treating attire.

But I'm not sure how long that'll last. They're quite opinionated.

GreyNietzsche94 karma

How do you cope with stress?

IamNPH319 karma

Sleep helps. As does cardio. As does therapy.

But meditation is the key. I don't do it nearly enough, but quieting the mind just makes sense. My husband David does it twice daily, and he's all the more remarkable for it.

Redrex_T93 karma

If you had a crush on any of your co worker/s, who was it and why?

IamNPH279 karma

Cobie Smulders. Because she's everything.

Haven't yet worked with Dave Franco yet, but still trying...

HeatherShannon92 karma

Hi Neil! My father has been a member of the Magic Castle for decades, and we all love visiting for the shows, the food, and (most importantly!) Irma. Are there any particular songs that you ask her to play? I just wanted to thank you for bringing more attention to such a fun hobby and such a cool club.

IamNPH102 karma

I certainly prefer when Irma is fun and welcoming, and not just cranky and begging for tips.

clem8289 karma

For those that think they might have a career in acting, specifically someone with a late start (mid/late 20s) what do you feel are the things that you can do to get exposure to parts/roles, I feel as if I always seem to hear bout these well after the fact.?

IamNPH164 karma

Just try to keep working. When you work, even if it's for few people or dollars, you're putting it out there. You're making business connections. You're planting seeds.

Frajer62 karma

Do you prefer theatrical acting or doing tv and movies? What was it like playing Hedwig?

IamNPH287 karma

If I could get paid the same to do them all, I'd probably do theatre. Unless I got asked to be in a Star Wars movie. Then I'd choose that.

mkabobo55 karma

Hi Neil, I’ve been a big fan of yours for a long time. As someone who is working towards becoming a host, I have been very impressed and have enjoyed your hosting work. That being said, I wanted to know your thoughts on why you think Best Time Ever didn’t really connect with an American audience and get renewed. As an American who loves the original Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway in the UK, I have a feeling it was partly because there was a precedent for similar shows that came before in the UK and here it was something brand new. What do you think? P.S. very excited to check out Genius Junior.

IamNPH88 karma

Hey, thanks. I think BTE didn't work due to the advertisers, if I'm being honest. A large part of the success of SNT is the inclusion of the ads as prizes in the show. We were hoping for the same, but US advertisers were much less inclined to play. So, it ended up feeling a bit disparate. Random. While that was fun in an ADD sort of way, it likely left viewers with nothing to cling to.

MyLifeAsAPirate1539 karma

I live in El Paso and do weekend trips to Ruidoso semi-frequently. It’s such a lovely place. Do you ever miss it and do you ever visit?

IamNPH75 karma

I look back at Ruidoso fondly. It was a truly idyllic environment for our upbringing. Can't wait to take my kids there someday. Show them my old stomping grounds.

SpiderManForever38 karma

What is your favorite A Series Of Unfortunate Events book?

IamNPH95 karma

The carnie in me is partial to The Carnivorous Carnival. But I also love the structure of Penultimate Peril.

Dackonaby35 karma

How dumb do the kids on Genius Junior make you feel? Do you need to show them Doogie Howser first?

IamNPH83 karma

Not dumb at all. I gots skills.

But I was beyond impressed by these kids - by their intellects, their compassion, and their humor. A buncha good eggs.

GaryCannon34 karma

Hey Neil, What's your favorite magic trick?

IamNPH64 karma

Mascot Moth? DeKolta Chair? A Jarrett Pedestal? I like the old school illusions...

greys1733 karma

Hey Neil!

What is your go to cocktail?

IamNPH119 karma

Old Fashioned. Rye whiskey.

Or a nice, cold sake.

Both divine.

ChuckEye24 karma

Would the performers at the Magic Castle get more exposure if performances there were more accessible to the public (non-members)?

IamNPH55 karma

I suppose, but that would kind of defeat the purpose of the private club, no? Regardless, I hope the performers are doing their sets with authenticity, and not because they're seeking exposure.

barakvesh23 karma

Would you do Broadway again?

IamNPH56 karma

Fingers crossed..!