Hi I'm Brendon Small (you may know me from Home Movies, Dethklok, etc.), I'll be talking about my brand new short film GALAKTIKON "NIGHTMARE: The Live-Action Intergalactic Metal Short Film, my new album Galaktikon II: Become the Storm, my comic GALAKTIKON! (aka the Galakticomic w Eric Powell and Steve Mannion), and whatever else! Check them all out at the links below, and AMA!

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DjCyric192 karma

What was your inspiration for creating 'Home Movies'?

_BrendonSmall265 karma

I was, just like many kids on the planet, making home movies. I would spend my weekends forcing my friends to act in half assed shitty little sketches with no ending and trying to figure out where to put the camera- thats how I had fun- stupid little projects- so when I met up w Loren Bouchard and started improvising I said what if this kid made films? We were both big movie dorks so we said why not?

rickthecabbie100 karma

Would you ever be willing to bring Home Movies back? I would really love to see Walter and Perry get married now that it is legal.

_BrendonSmall288 karma

ha ha. Home Movies (btw we started working on it 20 years ago- holy shuckkkksssss) is exactly what it needed to be- a little ahead of its time but very much appreciated after its run- we love the way it turned out and want to honor it by leaving it where it ended- we really have no interest in bringing it back- sorry!!

uninspired29 karma

Do you still have any of the movies you made as a kid?

_BrendonSmall46 karma

that is a good question- Ill have to ask my parents

cat-socks161 karma

Hey Brendon! I had a great time seeing Dethklok perform some years ago in Seattle. Is there any chance of another tour? Or does Adult Swim own the music rights too?

_BrendonSmall186 karma

who knows? But I will say we loved touring and connecting with the fans. What a fun fucking show that was eh?

HipsterBrewfus134 karma

Who do I have to blow to hear you perform Under The Apple Tree live ( including the five minutes of gratuitous Apple chewing)?

_BrendonSmall136 karma

ha ha ha- to me the sound of an apple being eaten is the worst thing in the world which is why I did that

zero6313116 karma

I know you probably get this question a lot, but will we ever get to see the ending of Metalocalypse and a DVD/Blu Ray release of The Doomstar Requiem?

What would be your dream bands to tour with?

Keep up the great work, I have been loving Galaktikon since I heard the first album in 2012. Hopefully there is a Galaktikon tour coming in the near future.

_BrendonSmall133 karma

I have no control over the rights to Metalocalypse but I will say that very recently I'm seeing signs that GAlaktikon II is acting as a surrogate to that problem. . . People are finding some meaning in this record directly related to that- go figure huh?

Black_Sun_Rising49 karma

I'm unwilling to accept it'll never be concluded, my question is what has to happen to get an epic conclusion and how can the internet help?

_BrendonSmall163 karma

the internet came out in droves to support the show and were rejected categorically by the network- therefor it is quite finished I'm sorry to say to you.

Grox222CZ108 karma

Hey Brendon, any chance of a Planet Piss album/EP in the future?

_BrendonSmall112 karma

isn't that what Im doing??

mandeemagenta77 karma

Hey buddy 🤘🏼

So how’s the tour coming along? Soon? Ish? Maybe?

Also are we gonna get any behind the scenes stuff from Nightmare? I want to see more of that badass whale 🐋

_BrendonSmall62 karma

Tour-wise I'll let you know when I know

however stay tuned because you will get some sweet BTS action from NIGHTMARE- I'm glad you're interested!

scissormetimbers113814 karma

we need a tour !!! make it happen!!!

_BrendonSmall38 karma

smiley face emoticon

_BrendonSmall64 karma

allright- I'm all done! hope I answered your questions- thanks for hanging out guys- again if you haven't seen the NIGHTMARE Short its right here: https://youtu.be/bgMHbwB3_PQ

also check out the Galaktikon comic book at galaktikon.com I really think you'll like it

I'll give you updates as I get em in the future- thanks for sticking with me, the shows, & the music throughout the years!

miraculux53 karma

Heya Brendon, thank you so much for your amazing music. It's been making my life more epic for years. I've been trying to come up with a profound question for hours, but alas, all i can think of is what i've wondered for years -

How'd Toki get his deady bear?

_BrendonSmall79 karma

he had it made by a Norwegian furniture maker, what you don't know is that it is stuffed with the cotton from his old comforter.

Private_Pyjak43 karma

Brendon, what's the weirdest thing you've ever done high?

Also, any advice for someone also trying to become something of a one-man band?

_BrendonSmall129 karma

I went to Cirque du Soliel really high once and was afraid somebody's taint was going to land on my face, That was scary.

I'd say for band stuff- write all the time, write a ton of riffs- record yourself and be willing to change your stuff according to the logic that the song presents you- listen to yourself and don't be afraid to critique yourself harshly- but not so harshly that you never let anybody listen to your stuff!

amorningofsleep41 karma

In your personal opinion, what is the best way for someone to cope with hamburger time?

_BrendonSmall75 karma

you must go through the hamburger grieving process until it releases you. Thats the only way i survived when my dog ernie met with hamburger time- it was 'ruff'

DeadDeaderDeadest37 karma

The band I’m in can play every song on the first 2 metalocolypse albums by heart just because they’re fun. Do you need a band that will tour in your honor?

_BrendonSmall34 karma

go ahead and do it!

CraigularB32 karma

Hi Brendon, thanks for coming back!

Nightmare was pretty cool, especially with the practical effects. How intentional was it to draw so many parallels to The Galaxy and Metalocalypse/Dethok in general?

I’m really digging the comic and I can’t wait for the next issue. After you finish up this series, can we expect to see more? And can we expect to see more shorts like Nightmare for Galaktikon tracks?

Love your work man, keep it up!

_BrendonSmall57 karma

the parallels you see are motifs that will most likely follow me forever. I have been drawn to the water and sea creatures for a long time- I like the look of certain shots- I like scale and bigness. I also love Ralph BAkshi and rip him off mercilessly- so what you're seeing is a collection of what I like to look at.

I'm having such a blast in the comic book world with Eric Powell and Steve Mannion that I could easily see myself continuing. I'm also really happy with how the series finished- I hope you all check it out. I love it.

aku_47830 karma

Firstly I loved metalocalypse and all your music, so thank you for helping me get through dark times in life with great music and timeless comedy. Do you have any advice for people who want to get into creating, or just any advice for life in general?

_BrendonSmall108 karma

I think if you wanna play guitar- get one and practice a lot

if you wanna be a writer- get some paper and write a lot

if you wanna act- go get an acting coach and get on stage as often as you can

if you wanna be a comedian- write all the time and get on stage as often as you can

no one will ever tell you to do this- it has to come from you and remember failure is the biggest ingredient to all success don't be afraid to fail- and don't sweat the small stuff buddy

WallMouth22 karma

If you could start your career over at adult swim, would you have done or handled anything differently?

_BrendonSmall72 karma

no. I was lucky to get the opportunities I did when they just beginning . It was very much time for me to move when i did. I think it all worked out well except for the fans- they got screwed

EggplantSmoothie21 karma

Have you ever been to Danbury, CT?

_BrendonSmall33 karma

I haven't but i know Jeff Roland. He's from there. I worked at the Sony Loews movie theatre in copy square in Boston with him a long time ago

thefury77719 karma

Thanks for doing this, I've been a huge fan for years and always appreciated having a show that actually revolved around metal. Which is so overlooked in culture in general, at least in my opinion.

That being said, how would feel about living in the world of Dethklok where they basically drive the world's economy and are megastars?

_BrendonSmall33 karma

i think I'm living in a that world right now- I made a show about celebrityism (just so happened to be a metal band) and now a celebrity is in charge. However the Dethklok world is cooler because it celebrates metal

Daletech211218 karma

I have 3 small questions: 1. Can official tabs for galaktikon 2 be expected?I'm tearible at learning by ear. 2. Is Beastblade involved in the story of Galaktikon 2? because it looked like he was in the Icarus video 3. If you were to do another comic series would it be Galaktikon 2 or a Triton spin- off?

_BrendonSmall42 karma

thats a good question- we are so independent over here that I hadn't really put thought into TAB book- don't people just rip them and put them up online for free anyway? I know that happened to Dethklok- but i also know that people buy them and are really interested in learning the parts- what do i do??

I'd love to continue in the comic world with Galaktikon- I'd like to take the story in fun unexpected directions related or not related to the music

Alexandros0315 karma

Hey Brendon! Big fan of the new album, show, comics and Nightmare short!

I had heard somewhere before that you had pulled from many sources of inspiration for the making of Galaktikon 2, but what were the major influences you pulled from for this album?

Do you have any visions in terms of a next project after Galaktikon 2, be it more music or another potential show?

_BrendonSmall29 karma

Yes my thoughts are that though this is a contemporary metal record I'd rather be inspired by things NOT CURRENT. so I go to my usual place the 70's I listened to everything from ELO (vocoders)to Paul Simon- post simon and garfunkle he started experimenting with song form and that inspired me to make MY NAME IS MURDER believe it or not!

But I'm working on a lot of narrative TV/movie ideas right now- that's my focus after having finished the Galaktikon short- I'd like to continue in the world of live action practical effects with big scale

_BrendonSmall35 karma

I haven't ever done it. I'm sure I'd like it. But I'm not going to do it.

derrick_400014 karma

Not only do you make some of my favorite music & television, but you’re also one of my favorite voice actors. How did you grow such a wide variety of character voices? Are they inspired by people you know, or are they just of your own creation?

_BrendonSmall21 karma

You are nice to say that- Skwisgaar from Dethklok is a combo of three or four people: a german kid who went to music school with me, a comedy friend's buddy, Yngwie, the swedish dude from fargo.. . . I guess that what I do- compile a lot of influences and hopefully cover my tracks so the vote feels unique

NighthawkII13 karma

Hey Brendon, I fucking love everything Galaktikon and Triton is a serious badass, that helmet is so cool.

The live action Nightmare video is amazing and I love the way the story plays out. Im wondering if youre planning to make more live action videos? Id love to see Some Days Are For Dying and Could This Be The End in live action form and see your vision for their stories as well.

Also the Galakticomic is insane, do you think that youll make another comic series for Galaktikon 2?

Thanks for doing this AmA today, cant wait to see everything you have in store for Triton!

_BrendonSmall24 karma

I think that I'd like to skip music videos and try for something bigger with galaktikon- live action, with a lot of cool music- that to me is incredibly fun and new feeling

RenaldoMoon412 karma

Hey Brendon, just wanted to say what a big impact you've made on my life. I've watched every episode of Home Movies more times than I can count. Do you have any plans in the future to release anything Home Movies related? It would honestly make my life worth living again.

_BrendonSmall21 karma

We may be doing some fun little tiny things just for fun with Shout Factory (the DVD BLU RAY company) so stay tuned-

tomosponz12 karma

Have any big names in music given dethklok's music high praise? I find the music to not only be great but also more notably innovative.

_BrendonSmall39 karma

I was hanging out with kirk Hammet once(and this doesnt happen often) and he played me a dethklok riff (amazingly i don't remember which one) and that was pretty cool

Joe Satriani has said very nice stuff about my playing and I felt very very nice inside- he is an amazing dude

SwansonsMoustache11 karma

Any chance of more live Dethklok in the future or is the stage a no go along with the cartoon etc?

_BrendonSmall22 karma

listen to Galaktikon II is all I can say

Soundwarp10 karma

  1. Is it just a coincidence that the ocean galaktik matches right up with your nightmare short film down to the time?

  2. Any plans to release the lyrics of Galaktikon 2? We have been trying very hard on the Galaktikon reddit to figure it out.

  3. Any chance more Galaktikon videos?

  4. Last question, any chance on coming back to the east coast?

_BrendonSmall22 karma

I think thats a crazy coincidence. I knew that I wanted to have the song NIGHTMARE featured and I wanted to have original score (before the song and a bridge between nightmare and Ocean Galactic) and I knew I wrote a long treatment-

  1. I thought the lyrics have been posted- I've seen some and they are very very close. . .

  2. I want bigger than videos for this project

  3. I love the east coast- i'll let you know!!

Nazzadan10 karma

Hey Brendon, always enjoyed your shows and music.
Both with Dethklok and your Galaktikon albums you have produced what most would consider melodic death metal, but have you ever experimented with making a different subgenre of metal such as black, thrash, etc. that didn't make it on to an album?

_BrendonSmall21 karma

I get to do a lot of heavy genres inside of Dethklok and Galaktikon- to me there are tiny black metal moments and trashy moments but built around modern metal- old hard rock

i think in the future I'd like to keep experimenting and doing electric stuff like the intro score of the NIGHTMARE short

AJShoes97899 karma

I've always wondered why the earlier seasons of Home Movies had the characters outlines in motion and then not in later seasons. My question is, why is that? It's probably a simple answer but I know nothing of animation. Love all your work btw.

_BrendonSmall22 karma

at the time the studio used a technique called "squiggle vision" (the same technique Dr Katz used- which I loved) this was off-putting to a lot of viewers and we wanted a show to be unique so we said fuck it we need viewers not to be turned off by the looks and switched to FLASH animation- though we all thought squiggle vision was charming

tiesun9 karma

Hey Brendon. Thank you for everything you’ve done, especially Metalocalypse. It continues to be one of my favourite shows. To this day I still refer to my acoustics as “grampas guitars”.

If a person were looking for bands very similar to Dethklok who would you recommend checking out?

_BrendonSmall31 karma

Dont know if I sound like them but here is a short list of metal influences for DK in no particular order:

Amon Amarth, Dimmu Borger, In Flames, Enslaved, Cannibal Corpse, Metallica, Anthrax, Gojira, Maiden. . . I could go on and on. . .

Phantom8158 karma

Hey Brendon any chance we are going to see any more guitars through Gibson or epiphone in the future?

_BrendonSmall22 karma

I truly do not know- Gibson has been incredibly generous with me over the years but we'll see what happens

I do think one way or another I'm going to be making guitars though!

Kinglaughingman8 karma

Hey Brendon Have you ever considered doing a music based video game with a company ?

_BrendonSmall19 karma

i have had those conversations and we tried once with dethklok and it was squashed by the network -

I'm a rainy day gamer in that I suck at all games but enjoy them

what are some games I should be playing

Krayze317 karma

Hey Brendon, I really love the first Galaktikon album and the comics. I just really want to know, what is the inspiration for Triton's personality? I want to love him so much, I love how he talks, and how funny and real he is for being set in space. He's such an asshole at the same time though, I can't stand the things he's done, especially to Liz. It's quite the dilemma.

Also, keep doing what you're doing! Long time fan of Dethklok, (even got a tattoo it means so much) and honestly I really love Galaktikon. Also T1 is absolutely adorable <3

_BrendonSmall13 karma

To me Triton is like a 1970's anti hero comedy character. I think he's like a perturbed charles Grodin or Albert Brooks in space, he's constantly irritated and when we meet him he's in a dark place- that to me is incredibly fun because I love that era of movie making- also I think this comic feels like its from the 70's Steve Mannion (G artist) fleshed out the world with a 70's take on sci fi. like an analogue universe in space- I live his aesthetic.

thanks for digging the stuff!!

QueenAfterDragon6 karma

Hi, Brendon! I just want to say thank you because your music helped me to lead myself out of depression There will be more videos like Nightmare so we can have a little live action Galaktikon movie series? I love the big words you use for the lyrics, sounds like a strong protest, is there any kind of message that you want to send to us? Anything that can change our minds? What is it about? Greetings from Argentina!

_BrendonSmall14 karma

I'm glad to have helped!

Yes I want to do more galaktikon live action but not in short-form, much bigger- I guess that's kind of why we worked so hard to make the NIGHTMARE look cool

meinsaft6 karma

Hey man, what's your favorite kind of bean?

_BrendonSmall17 karma


KBGrevolver6 karma




_BrendonSmall14 karma

ha ha- noted. I'll bring it up at the next galaktikon shareholders meeting

ShitpostingAccount_15 karma

Hi Brendon,

Do you think metal in recent years has gravitated towards crowdism? Where metal has become a tool for signaling and achieving socio-political goals?

_BrendonSmall13 karma

that is a good question- in the story of galaktikon II its hard not to influenced by social and political climates

but f you listen to the record- as dark and dismal as it begins- it ends with unity and people working together. . . cue the orchestra

Valkyllias5 karma

Hey Brandon, so glad you're doing an AMA. I've been a fan for a long time. When I saw that you released an album I didn't realize it was part of a larger project. Are you planning on releasing a stand alone album that's more "absolute music"?

Also, are you thinking of doing any more tv shows? I love your writing and would watch just about anything you're part of.

_BrendonSmall5 karma

absolute music? Whats that???

you are nice to say that!

MorboDestroyer5 karma

Hi Brendon,

Have you considered doing a tour/festival in Europe as Dethklok?

We miss you!!

_BrendonSmall11 karma

yes but not with name dethklok

Beast_overdose5 karma

You're an amazing musician Mr.Small !I have a few questions. 1) Were you ever in a band growing up? If not why didnt you make a band? 2) Do you think you'll ever be in a band? 3)How do i buy a snowhorse (Explorer)?

_BrendonSmall8 karma

I would put project bands together and do 1 off shows in high school and college.

If Gibson can brave this storm there might be a chance for the snow horse so now you know as much as me.

Sub7music5 karma

Hey man, love your music! Galaktikon 2 is a great record but I do miss the clean vocals from the first one, any plans for more music with clean vocals? The snow falcon is a beautiful guitar btw.

_BrendonSmall10 karma

I'm glad you like the clean vocals- there are a lot on G2 but I hear you. I like doing clean vocals and they're way harder to do than the growl but I think melody is king and I'm glad you dig

and thanks!

cosmicpsycho6665 karma

Hey Brendon, My buddy Cam is the biggest Dethklok fan I know. Gears brand and all! He wants to know if he goes full "Godfather" on Lazzo. Will you finish the show?

_BrendonSmall9 karma

ha ha poor guy- but seriously do not hurt anybody

malikosinor4 karma

Hey Brendon! Any chance we will be getting official lyrics for Galaktikon 2 anytime soon?

_BrendonSmall9 karma

ha ha ha

Sabrewylf3 karma

I have been a fan for many years, Brendon. Please keep making great music and shows!

  1. How likely is a European tour? And if it were to happen, would it be Dethklok, Galaktikon, or a mix of both?

  2. For the past year or so I've had this itch to start making music, but I literally have zero musical background, and my musical tastes also vary wildly, from death metal to electros wing to synthwave... Have you got any tips for starting from absolute zero? I've been considering either starting from pure software or buying myself a very basic synthesizer to mess around with, it seems like an instrument with a lot of range in terms of genres.

_BrendonSmall9 karma

  1. someday i would love to tour all the music I wrote in europe

  2. I think if you're drawn to an instrument- guitar, keys, whatever save your money and buy one- get a good teacher- I wouldn't be anywhere if I didn't have great teachers in my youth in Salinas- John Sherry and Dennis Murphy- they helped open my eyes up to ear training, technique and theory- teachers are crucial to getting good and exploring

TChapman21123 karma

A few people have already asked about a tour but I'd be interested in a UK run or a show or two, is this something you can see financially being viable or just not reasonable?

Also as a side note, love all your musical work, can't wait for more!

_BrendonSmall6 karma

id love to do UK someday! and thank you!

ghenna3 karma

Thanks for all the amazing music, episodes, and podcast appearances! Are you planning on releasing the lyrics for the second galaktikon album?

_BrendonSmall4 karma

I heard they're up somewhere. aren't they???

Vote4PresidentTrump2 karma

Would you work with the five nights at Freddy creators and make a TV show?

_BrendonSmall5 karma

I'll do it when I finish this- deal?

EvilRobotArt2 karma


When you were first starting out how did you deal with building a name for yourself? I want to create content myself someday and I guess I wanted to know about your personal experiences getting your stuff out there. (Apologies if this question has been asked a billion times.)

_BrendonSmall9 karma

its a good question- if you're interested in music and or comedy (as i was inserted in both) theres a point where we have to leave the comfort of our rooms and get in front of people- this does a few things - it tells people "I'm Here" and it forces us to have to deliver. If you wanna do comedy- get out and preform, bomb- work it out- nobody cares if you fail but you- with music- play out, bomb, nobody cares if you fail but you

cosmicpsycho6662 karma

Hey Brendon! Do you plan on dong another Canadian tour at some point in the future?

_BrendonSmall4 karma

not sure but I'll let you know. I love canada!

scissormetimbers11382 karma

any tips on rhythm guitar practicing? how did you get your speed up on songs like "the gears"?

_BrendonSmall10 karma

for rhythm- get a metronome of go on youtube and play to drum beats or even better yet record yourself- you'll hear where all the problems are.

and I have found some way to not have my hand get fatigued when playing songs like THE GEARS- I discuss it with Troy Grady in a future video- often times its about relaxing your rt hand and moving as little as possible

Darth_Ozymandias1 karma

Do you plan on making more albums as Galaktikon since you arent allowed to use Dethklok or will your music career take some other turn?

_BrendonSmall5 karma

who knows where time will take us my friend- I have not plotted any of what got me here out- I'm just here to be creative and hopefully bring something new to the table

Throwaway_75001 karma

What are some of your other hobbies besides music?

_BrendonSmall9 karma

hmmm. . . Honestly it's guitars, comedy & movies and visiting Italy and eating like I'm going to the chair. My favorite thing to do right now is sit around and dork out over movies- I'm easy to please