Hey Redditors. Johnny Devenanzio aka Johnny Bananas here. You may know me as the life of the party during the 2005 season of MTV’s The Real World: Key West. You may know me as the guy on The Challenge: Rivals III who didn’t split my $250,000 winnings with my friend Sarah. Or you may know me as the guy you hate to love or love to hate or the castmember who holds the record for the most The Challenge wins ever.

You can see me on The Challenge: Vendettas, which airs Tuesday nights at 9pm ET/PT. Watch the trailer here

Had an awesome time answering your questions, most fun I've had with my clothes on in a long time! Catch an all new The Challenge Vendettas tonight! peace out

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DAseaword40 karma

Are you still hooking up with Kayleigh?

MTVBananas216 karma

  • Opens bathroom door and asks Kayleigh how to answer this question

ClarencePryor198538 karma

Would it be great if there's a Challenge spinoff called #ChampsVsFans Johnny?

MTVBananas49 karma

I'd watch it

batmanforhire38 karma

What are your thoughts on how editing is done now - the year round format leads to more house moments, but the focus seems to be more on drama than humor/strategy?

MTVBananas71 karma

Fans are difficult to please. Some like drama, others like competition. So there's a give and take

ltcbobbo36 karma

What's up Bananas. The question on everyone's mind... has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

MTVBananas176 karma

lay off the bath salts

batmanforhire36 karma

Who do you think should be the host after TJ?

MTVBananas122 karma

You're lookin at him!

batmanforhire35 karma

Wes has said your rivalry with him was manufactured by you, and you guys were tight before him and Kenny had beef. What happened that made you start going after him?

MTVBananas17 karma

our strategies will always be at odds

Culpepper2Moss33 karma

How much influence do you have with producers?

MTVBananas113 karma

At this point I am a producer

spanishqueen33 karma

Do you ever feel bad for stealing the money?

MTVBananas84 karma

Not one second of one day

MobleV32 karma

What's the scoop on Camila - Is she off MTV now or what's up? WHo's next to get the boot with their antics?

MTVBananas203 karma

Safe to say we won't be seeing Camila on any upcoming challenges for awhile

JenkemPusher32 karma

Who, from the challenge, do you stay in touch with on a weekly basis other than Kenny? How would you describe you and CTs relationship outside the challenge? Keep rockin on and get that next win. “That arrogant little pompous bitch told me to bring it and I brought it” favorite line of all time

MTVBananas122 karma

Mark long, Evan, Cara, Leroy, Tyler, Derrick, Paula and a few others. CT and myself have pretty much squashed our beef and are now focused on crushing noobs

Short123432 karma

Who have you fucked from the show?

MTVBananas236 karma


batmanforhire30 karma

How come Zach can’t seem to put all the pieces together to be a top level challenger?

MTVBananas71 karma

sheep in wolves clothing

midtowneast28 karma

I assume its in MTV's best interest to keep you on the show since you're one of the main competitors. Do you get paid a baseline amount to appear on each season? And if so, how much?

MTVBananas81 karma

I don't show up for free

batmanforhire27 karma

What’s your best CT story?

MTVBananas147 karma

We were talking about technology one day. And he was convinced that if you cut a computer cable in half and put it in a bowl of water you could see the words and pictures traveling from one half of the wire to the other

gh0stingRS26 karma


What is something you think the show could benefit from in the future, in terms of programming/challenges, etc?

Also, if you haven't already, there's a Challenge subreddit: r/mtvChallenge . Lots of live discussion over there during the episodes if you want to pop by and see people hate and love the record holder.

MTVBananas37 karma

New blood

johnnybananaskiing23 karma

Will you alow leroy to do your hair after hes done with barber school? 😂😂

MTVBananas88 karma

I let him do my hair now

xtraguacbiatch23 karma

Would you ever do another reality show like Celebrity Big Brother or Survivor?

MTVBananas48 karma

Absolutely. Not sure they want those problems though

batmanforhire21 karma

What is the weakest part of your game?

MTVBananas22 karma


caitalbers21 karma

Who clogs the most toilets?

MTVBananas61 karma


OC_hotmess20 karma

Do you think if they voted in Big Easy into elimination instead of you, in the Gauntlet 3, would that have later resulted in a first win for you, Ct, Paula, Diem, Brad, Robin etc? ......

Also if that happened, do you think that would have changed the outcome of you and CTs relationship?

Better yet, would the term Bananas Backback ever have existed?

Also any particular reason why you weren't on the Duel 2, Freshmeat 2 or Battle of the Seasons? Because I thought You, Tyler, Janelle and Paula would have been the best team.

MTVBananas56 karma

100 percent. CT to this day calls the Big Easy vote his single greatest regret

YoungSweetness1719 karma

How do you feel about the new rookies? Any who will make it to titles or just pawns?

MTVBananas99 karma

The UK kids show a lot of promise because they are multi dimensional. Other than Tori and Kam AYTO kids are total duds

electriccabbage6919 karma

How awkward was it after you took the money?

MTVBananas101 karma

It was pretty awkward on top of that mountain. But I had 275k reasons to feel comforted

aceaguilar18 karma

Who’s the greatest female competitor of all time? Emily Laurel or Evelyn

MTVBananas75 karma

its too close to call, they're definitely top 3 along with Cara

ricardo_solano18 karma

Yoooo Bananas it's about damn time. Whats your most satisfying moment on the challenge thus far?

MTVBananas25 karma


michellaobama18 karma

Hey Johnny!! I love watching the challenges and you always bring the drama (but in a fun way)! I have a few questions about living in the house:

Is it true you guys aren't allowed to listen to music or bring books?

Is it true that you don't know the schedule for what day a challenge/elimination will be on?

Be honest, what are your feelings towards the catering?

Thanks for the AMA, love you dude!!

MTVBananas35 karma

No books, mags, music, tv schedule always changes food mostly sucks

batmanforhire18 karma

What kind of eyeliner do you use?

MTVBananas53 karma


mikeyeager17 karma

Yo Bananas!

How pumped should we be to see the Ross v Derrick tonight? Derrick says it was a brutal match and will go down has one of the most hard fought. What is your thoughts on it and all the newbies from this season in general?

MTVBananas75 karma

Its Joss. Hands down the most brutal elim I've ever witnessed

Socalkid9517 karma

Hi so I have a huge armpit fetish and I think you’re so hot! I always have had a fantasy of smelling u after a workout would u let someone do that if they came up to u and asked? Weird to some i know but such a turn on for me!!

MTVBananas191 karma

Some thoughts should remain thoughts

HereForTheTears16 karma

You seem to spend a lot of time with your niece, does Uncle Bananas change diapers???

MTVBananas54 karma

Uncle bananas does it all!

lowlyant72616 karma

Your “Mount Rushmore” of challenges ?

MTVBananas81 karma

Bananas, CT, Emily, Cara, Kenny, Landon, Evan, Derrick K, Laurel

KPFor315 karma

What's a season you weren't on that you wish you could've done?

MTVBananas38 karma

Duel 2 fo sho

OC_hotmess15 karma

Do you always pack feathers and a black dildo going into a challenge house?

MTVBananas72 karma

I pack those items when I go anywhere

wildturk3y14 karma

Do you think they will ever do large teams again like the show use to do when you first started? If not, why?

MTVBananas22 karma

Doubt it. The large team format is too difficult for fans to follow.

batmanforhire13 karma

If you raced Evan and Kenny in a purely individual final, what would the finishing order be?

MTVBananas76 karma

Well considering Evan is a week out from having a child and kenny does nothing but eat pizza and ho ho's I'd give myself the edge!

RohAnTheMaker13 karma

Good call on Landon being part of your Mount Rushmore. Any idea what that dude is even up to nowadays?

MTVBananas43 karma

Dentist I think

Idris9713 karma

Johnny B what's your workout routine for the challenge?

MTVBananas36 karma

Lift heavy, run fast, eat healthy

Tank8213 karma

Other than you, who stirs the pot the most in Challenge houses? Since you've been on so many seasons, give us someone from past seasons as well as someone who is currently still doing shows.

Thanks for doing this AMA! I've been watching the show since it started and it's great to see the show getting so much love recently.

MTVBananas85 karma

I'd say Wes. He's the only one who shares my same sick sense of humor

spanishqueen11 karma

Is being in the house “fun” or do you feel like it’s more of a training camp, stressful, job, etc?

MTVBananas41 karma

the house is fun for the first couple weeks then it becomes a prison

Chief_Rat11 karma

What’s a previous Challenge format that you’d like to see come back for a new season?

MTVBananas52 karma


Feast_511 karma

Do you see Devin as being the new Wes ?

MTVBananas89 karma

Not even close. Wes has confidence, believes in himself has the ability to convince people to follow him. Devin is just full of shit

RohAnTheMaker10 karma

Least Fav challenge you've ever done?

MTVBananas43 karma


ClemStokley10 karma

Hey Johnny,

What's your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Also when do you think you and Cara Maria are finally gonna bang it out?

MTVBananas66 karma

-Ben and Jerrys Americone Dream -When she gets a foot transplant

jhaftel3710 karma

When did your relationship with Cara change?

How has your strategy changed as many older vets from your alliance have stopped participating on the show?

MTVBananas20 karma

Yes, Love Cara I just adapt to the changing landscape

DurtyMurty119 karma

Who was a tougher elimination opponent -- Leroy or Mark Long?

MTVBananas35 karma

They are both strong as shit, my rib injury to Leroy took me out of that elim

phillies07_089 karma

You have done close to 20 shows now in your reality tv career. How many more seasons of The Challenge do you think you have left in you?

MTVBananas21 karma

As many as it takes!

meowchickenfish9 karma

What do you say to the haters that tell you, you're too old to be on the challenge or your life revolves around the challenge?

MTVBananas18 karma

jealousy is envy

justinheinrich17389 karma

if you could create your own format what would it be?

MTVBananas37 karma

Me vs The Girls Next Door

LegendaryDeathclaw129 karma

Who has a better time doing the show- the challengers that win the final or TJ?

MTVBananas46 karma


eastriverdriveII9 karma

Favorite Real World season? And do you think they should bring back Road Rules?

MTVBananas28 karma

Philadelphia. First season I ever watched, also what inspired me to send in an audition video

Rashellp78 karma

Who would you choose to run a final with, Tori, Kailah, Jenna or Cara?

MTVBananas45 karma


r3iKo8 karma

Casey or hannah?

MTVBananas27 karma


arnyvaneasy8 karma

Would you rather be stuck on a desert island with Wes or Cory if you had a choice?

MTVBananas120 karma

Cory. Somehow some way he'd find some deserted Island chicks for us

Brabbit1708 karma

When will you and Emily be making a baby? Also I need banana joggers in my life.

MTVBananas39 karma

We're still in the practicing making babies phase

reditttttpatttty8 karma

Jenna, Emily, Cara

Johnny, if you had to chose, who would you fuck, marry, & kill?

MTVBananas52 karma

F Jenna, M Emily, K Cara (only because of her hobbit feet)

show_ya_moves7 karma

What is the single grossest thing you've ever seen on the Challenge?

MTVBananas54 karma

Nia drink a cup of Zachs sweat in Panama

BumpNRun187 karma

What's it like to wake up every morning and piss excellence?

On some real shit though any chance we hear you on another Talk is Jericho episode?

MTVBananas23 karma

It burns a little Yes gonna do Jericho again soon

Chealth477 karma

What's your favorite thing to do outside of the challenge world?

MTVBananas20 karma

Travel, family, explore, meet new people

sweetagua6 karma

What vet would you like to return to the show?

MTVBananas32 karma

Mark, Landon, ACE

Pinciott15 karma

What hair products do you use?

MTVBananas18 karma

Moroccan oil cream

TexasKru5 karma

What is your all time favorite moment from any Challenge you've been on?

MTVBananas19 karma

stealing 275k

batmanforhire5 karma

What Challenge chick has the best reputation in the bedroom?

MTVBananas15 karma

By best you mean...

johnnybananaskiing5 karma

Will you ever ship to europe?

MTVBananas8 karma

Coming soon!

Firenze274 karma

How much of your success do you attribute to outsmarting your competitors versus outdoing them in physical challenges?

MTVBananas13 karma

Its a solid mix of both

tonydatigerr4 karma

Which is more fun to film: The Real World or The Challenge?

MTVBananas26 karma

Real World

swisdom7164 karma

Do you still get a ton of flack for not splitting the money with Sarah?

Also, let's be honest, how many of those flack-givers would really split that money if they didn't have a camera in their face? I wouldn't.

MTVBananas13 karma

Everyday Every single one would have wanted to. Not one would have had the balls too

MambaJuice24244 karma

Seeing that you’re somewhat of the Michael Jordan of The Challenge, do you feel the greatness when competing like athletes do? Or is it all business to you?

MTVBananas10 karma