Hey everyone! It’s your girl Tiffany Haddish here, you may know me from the movie Girls Trip, from my stand up shows or from my Super Bowl commercial with Groupon! I am so excited to be doing my first AMA today. Go ahead and ask me anything! #SheReady

Proof: https://www.instagram.com/p/BfMdAYAHa_g/?taken-by=tiffanyhaddish

UPDATE: Well Reddit, it looks like it's time for me to go. I just got some mail - it's from the Bronx Zoo!

It says "Congratulations, the Bronx Zoo has named a Hissing Madagascar Cockroach "Tiffany" in your honor. Happy Valentine's Day! #namearoach" They also gave me a chocolate roach, socks with roaches on them, and a roach broach. #ROACHBROACH.

Oh, and I also got a copper pot in the mail today from Groupon. Y'all have been great. Thank you! Remember to check out my page on Groupon at www.groupon.com/occasion/tiffany-haddish

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beachhike21 karma

Loved your appearence on Drunk History.

How was your experience filming it?

Tiffany_Haddish49 karma

I don't remember anything from that night!

dcstrawn20 karma

What is your favorite memory from the set of Girls Trip other than going on the Groupon swamp tour? (Still love that story so much lol)

Tiffany_Haddish52 karma

My favorite memory is Jada giving me my Rottweiler Givenchy bag! I saw the price tag in it and I said to Jada "Girlll you just paid my light bill for a year I'm sellin' this!" and she said "Tiffany - you can't sell that it's a gift!"

So it's up for sale now y'all, it's only $4000 (and may have flowers inside hahahahaha, you Cali people know what I'm talkin bout)

baltimorequeen17 karma

People say your shy in real life. How are you really exuberant on stage?

Tiffany_Haddish37 karma

u/baltimorequeen who said I was shy in real life? I'm not shy no more! I'm not shy no more! I'm not shy no more! I been delivered!

rororourboat17 karma

Do you still wear your white Alexander McQueen dress? I saw your SNL monologue and I was like yes, why aren't celebrities wearing these expensive ass dresses more than once?! I buy a sweater for $30 and I will wear it as often as possible!

Tiffany_Haddish37 karma

I do wear my Alexander McQueen dress and you will see it again, stay tuned baby stay tuned...

Punchy1312 karma

Ms. Haddish , listen all 7 hours of your book straight 👍🏿. What would you like to added to book that you didn’t have a chance to?

Tiffany_Haddish34 karma

None of your business...lol. If I wanted you to know, I would have put it in the book!

pretty-in-pink12 karma

Hey Tiffany! I’ve loved your work ever since The Carmichael Show and enjoyed reading your book!

What is your go-to joke when you want to get a good chuckle out of someone?

Tiffany_Haddish41 karma

"Gimme some money!" -- they be like "What?!" and I just keep lookin at em and then they laugh. I never do get the money...

Mamamia52012 karma

Your perspective on life is amazing given all you've been through. What are some tips to getting over rough times and not letting BS pull you down?

Tiffany_Haddish22 karma

Find the funny in it. Find something about the situation that can make you laugh. Whether it be the guy that hurts you got a lazy eye, or somebody passed gas in the middle of a crazy situation: find the funny. You know what I mean!

dcstrawn12 karma

How surreal was it getting to announce the Oscar nominations?

Tiffany_Haddish40 karma

Aw man, that was an experience of a lifetime. I felt like a substitute teacher who went out the night before and wasn't ready to pronounce those names.

whatthegaby11 karma

Hey, Tiffany!!! #SheReady i love you so much! I just wanted to ask, when was the first moment you realized "wow,I made it." and what was your reaction? I bet it was comical. Thanks!

Tiffany_Haddish21 karma

When I did the Arsenio Hall show and he scooped me off my feet and I licked his face!

If you want to know more, Google it.

notnede11 karma

Tiffany, I absolutely loved your book. You had me dying!! You still got the Geo Metro? If not, what did you upgrade to?

Tiffany_Haddish19 karma

I still have the Metro, but I also have a Honda and a Volkswagen.

Mamamia52010 karma

Haaaaaayyyy Tiffany! Because of you I've started to do the nae nae when I enter a room. What are some tips to doing it right?

Tiffany_Haddish14 karma

Smile, put that right hand up, put that left hand on your hip, and let that backbone dip right to left.

Punchy1310 karma

I notice you speak other languages which is 👍🏿. How did this come about ?

Tiffany_Haddish33 karma

I studied, hahaha. I learned to speak Japanese because I want to be on a Japanese soap opera (no joke)

anarita139 karma

What are the best and worst things that come with fame? Besides being tired as f, of course.

Tiffany_Haddish17 karma

The best thing that came with the fame is being able to provide for my family! The worst thing aside from being so tired is not getting to spend enough time with my family.

j0m1n1n9 karma

What was your favorite skit when you hosted SNL?

Tiffany_Haddish22 karma

I think it would have to be BooBoo Jeffries and also the Unicorn sketch. I loved BooBoo Jeffries because I got to come up with the "Rhianna! Rhianna! Rhianna!" and "Beyonce! Beyonce! Beyonce!" bits, but I loved the Unicorn costume.

baltimorequeen9 karma

Your stand up is usually hilariously inappropriate, but you said you used to perform at bat mitzvahs. Can you run us through your typical bat mitzvah set?

Tiffany_Haddish18 karma

I would start out "How's everyone doing tonight? Congratulations! I heard someone's grown up nowww! You ready to pay those taxes? Wait until you try to find a place to live but they don't let you live there cause you got roaches! I hope you know how to clean your room, cause you'll have roaches!" I was corny as hell.

dcstrawn9 karma

How many times a week does a fan ask you to say bootyhole? (lololol)

Tiffany_Haddish17 karma

At least two times a week (seriously)

They either ask me or they say it to me!

Punchy139 karma

I notice you have a garden and you cook , is there a cookbook in the near future?

Tiffany_Haddish23 karma

Thank you for the idea, I will definitely be coming up with a cookbook in the next 3 years: "Green Cooking with Tiffany EBT"

Edwardistheman8 karma

What was your favorite scene from girls trip?

Tiffany_Haddish28 karma

My favorite scene is when I tell Regina's character all of the things I would do to her husband for cheating on her. Because the director let me say what I want to, and I often think of revenge when I'm home alone.

Mamamia5208 karma

What are your thoughts on putting together an all-female comedy event?

Tiffany_Haddish11 karma

My thoughts on that are very high, I would love to be a part of an event like that but I do not want to be responsible for that event.

Kaydee19837 karma

Which celebrity would you love to teach how to Groupon?

Tiffany_Haddish17 karma


Punchy137 karma

Have you found Roscoe ?

Tiffany_Haddish8 karma

No, and I'm still lookin for him! He's definitely not on Groupon.

Edwardistheman7 karma

What is your secret to being so beautiful and funny?

Tiffany_Haddish21 karma

Alkaline water and not caring what anyone thinks...#becauseofweed

sofialucas6667 karma

What do you think the most defining moment in your career has been?

Tiffany_Haddish11 karma

I don't know - there hasn't been one yet. Still working on that definition. Ask me again in about five years!

PurplePriority7 karma

Hi Tiffany...You are so funny! Will you be attending the Oscars? If so, did you choose a dress yet?

Tiffany_Haddish18 karma

Yes I will be attending the Oscars and I am going to wear a beautiful dress!

Edwardistheman7 karma

Which is harder being an comedian or actress?

Tiffany_Haddish12 karma

It's harder to be an actress because it's longer hours and there are so many different personalities. When you're a comedian, you're on stage for 5 minutes to an hour and a half and it's your own words. The hardest part of stand-up for me is traveling to the gigs. I tell jokes for free, you pay me to get there! (Notice how I didn't say "you pay me to be funny")

lululakes7 karma

What are you most excited about working with Melissa McCarthy?

Tiffany_Haddish12 karma

I'm excited to get the opportunity to learn from Melissa... and making some money! #Wehungryoverhere

liamquane7 karma

Are you thinking about tackling a more serious non-comedic role in the future?

Tiffany_Haddish15 karma

Yes, I will be doing that --- and it will be in the very near future. That's all I can say.

Frajer7 karma

How surreal has this past year been for you? What was your reaction when Paul Thomas Anderson said he wanted to work with you?

Tiffany_Haddish15 karma

This last year has been very real for me. I mean, I visualized this! I manifested this. When Paul Thomas Anderson said he wanted to work with me I was like "Oooooohhhhh somebody like me?!"

Terry_Carlton677 karma

Do you watch your movies/shows when they come on TV?

Tiffany_Haddish26 karma

If I'm not doing anything and it happens to be on TV, yes. I'm not searching for it, I'm too busy watching cartoons.

And before you ask, Family Guy, Cleveland Show, King of the Hill, Thundercats, alllll of Adult Swim. One night, Rainbow Bright came on and you couldn't tell me anything. I felt like I was 5 years old again and it was the 80s!

anarita137 karma

Craziest fan moment so far?

Tiffany_Haddish20 karma

Oh man, when I was in Eritrea in the city of Asmara, I was staying at this really nice hotel called the Asmara palace and it was full of teenage girls and boys. There was at least 100 people in the lobby waiting for me to take pictures. But to be honest, they were probably all in their 30s. They just look really young!

mochis6 karma

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve purchased from Groupon?

Tiffany_Haddish14 karma

Well I got a blood pressure pill cuff but I also got a dildo with pearls in it...sorry brother (my brother is sitting right here).

anarita136 karma

What was it like having Taylor Swift as you personal chef?

Tiffany_Haddish10 karma

It was amazing and her cooking was excellent!

TheGreatQuillow6 karma

Tiffany, you are fucking hilarious!

What’s your favorite animal and why?

Tiffany_Haddish10 karma

A real animal or a mythological animal?

TheGreatQuillow5 karma

Now I want to know both!

Tiffany_Haddish9 karma

Unicorn is my mythological one. My favorite real animals are dogs, cats, and giraffes. And I would love to have a miniature horse so I could put a unicorn horn on it.

Mamamia5206 karma

Had you heard of grapefruiting before Girl's Trip? Hilarious movie btw!

Tiffany_Haddish15 karma

Thank you for noticing, but I definitely knew about grapefruiting back in 2012 Auntie Angel's video came out. I studied hard, and I finally got a job showing everyone how to do it!

tiffdiff2346 karma

In an interview with Stephen Colbert you said when you were initially struggling you created a list of goals. What’s on your list now?

Tiffany_Haddish15 karma

None of your damn business...stop being nosy...but I do want to be on that Forbes' highest paid actors and comedian list.

96firephoenix6 karma

What is your hands-down favorite food?

For extra points, the recipe?

Tiffany_Haddish13 karma

Beef Brisket seasoned with salt, pepper. Put it in the oven on 300 degrees for about 4 hours. At about hour 3 put some BBQ sauce on it, then go for it...

Terry_Carlton675 karma

What does Oprah smell like?

Tiffany_Haddish11 karma

I don't know! But if I had to guess, I would have to say Oprah smells like success...my new perfume line coming to Groupon in 2019! #sheready #success

tomlocke75 karma

Hi Tiffany! I have 2 questions. What are your top 3 fave things to purchase from Groupon? And do you have any plans to write or direct in the future?

Tiffany_Haddish15 karma

My top three favorite things to purchase from Groupon

  1. Water pills
  2. Spa Days
  3. Sex Toys

I am already writing and I will definitely be directing!

tomlocke73 karma

Follow up question: best sex toy available on Groupon?

Tiffany_Haddish11 karma

Best sex toy available on Groupon is the $290-something bidet.

96firephoenix5 karma

I'm so out of the loop on how a bidet is a sex toy, that I'm almost afraid to ask.

It's it something besides the butt pressure washer toilet thing? Or is it just that pressure washer toilet thing with alternate instructions?

Tiffany_Haddish9 karma


gwyenthpal0005 karma

What’s your favorite part about your sense of humor?

Tiffany_Haddish7 karma

I feel like it's always evolving, so my favorite part about my sense of humor is that people laugh along with me!

dcstrawn4 karma

What was it like to meet Barbra Streisand?

Tiffany_Haddish9 karma

It was like finally getting my HS diploma. It was amazing! I felt like I was moving up to the next level in life.

Smoldero4 karma

Were you ever scared you wouldn't be able to be a successful comedian and fulfill that dream?

I loved your book, Tiffany! Thank you for sharing all your experiences and making people laugh all the damn time! I rewatch your interviews & standup way too much.

Tiffany_Haddish7 karma

Yes I was scared that I wouldn't be a successful standup comedian, probably because there was someone standing there telling me I could. But I showed them different hahahahhhhhhhh!

Mamamia5203 karma

Is there anything that surprised you about the movie/show business?

Tiffany_Haddish10 karma

Nothing surprises me, I read books.

tomlocke75 karma

Do you have any favorite books?

Tiffany_Haddish15 karma

Yes! So many books: Wolf and Vampires, The Triangle Box, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, A Billion Dirty Thoughts... just to name a few.

tomlocke73 karma

Do you watch any reality TV?

Tiffany_Haddish15 karma

Yes! I watch reality TV - Ultimate Beastmaster and Housewives of Atlanta. I would love to have my own reality show where I take celebrities on Groupon excursions.

[deleted]2 karma


Tiffany_Haddish19 karma

No, I can't burp my ABCs, but I can queef them... the more you know #thatstalent