House and Senate Republicans are moving to negotiate their two versions of the tax bill into a final tax bill this week. These are largely unpopular bills that would give huge tax breaks to the corporations and well-connected at the expense of the middle class. That includes increasing the deficit by over $1.5 trillion, forcing $25 billion in cuts to Medicare next year alone, and raising taxes on people with high medical costs and student loan bills.

u/senatorwyden, U.S. Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon, ranking member of the Senate Finance Committee and senior member of the Senate Committee on the Budget and Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources.

u/taxmarchama, Nicole Gill, executive director of Tax March, a member of Not One Penny a coalition of progressive groups and grassroots organizers fighting for not one penny in tax cuts for millionaires, billionaires, and wealthy corporations.


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Take action! Join events across the country, call your elected official, schedule a visit to your district office, write a letter to your local newspaper, and talk to your loved ones about the impact of this bill on your family.

Update: 12:18 PM ET, thanks everyone! Keep up the fight. Senator Ron Wyden and Nicole Gill signing off.

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Endorn192 karma

Why is it so hard for dems with facts on our side to beat things like this tax bill that are purely based on lies?

Is it a messaging issue? Leadership? Or is there just no hope of change?

TaxMarchAMA56 karma

Hi Endorn - Democrats are doing everything they can to fight back on this terrible bill, but we are outnumbered in the House, Senate and the White House and so if Republicans want to ram this through, unfortunately, they can. Democrats, including Senator Wyden, have been totally united in opposing the bill. The best thing we can do is work hard to make sure Republicans who vote for this bill are held accountable for it.

CPTLoggie43 karma

Senator Wyden. Why does the Democratic party continue to fail in their messaging efforts? Is it a lack of money or ingenuity? The Republicans are continually feeding so much BS but the Dems keep failing in their efforts to call them on it.

TaxMarchAMA159 karma

Here's the thing - we've actually won the messaging war here. Only 25% of the population supports the bill. It's the most unpopular piece of legislation (besides the GOP failed attempts to repeal the ACA) in 30 years. We're winning the message war, and people hate this bill, Republican's just don't care what their constituents think or want. They're not in government for the people, they are in it for themselves and their donors.

CPTLoggie12 karma

But here's the question. A poll is just a poll. You have to harness that effort and those feelings going forward. Where is the Road to War for the midterms where you will shape the message and target all of the populations hurt by the tax bill, all of the people hurt by the attempts at repealing the health care bill, look at the other comment on climate change. Move beyond sound bites, organize some real resistance. Where's the Tax March on Washington?

TaxMarchAMA20 karma

Tax March, along with dozens of groups in DC and across the country, have been organizing events for months. In fact, in the last 2 months, activists have held more than 800 events. Even if this fight doesn't go our way, we will keep fighting and make sure people know how their representatives voted on this bill. You can join us in fighting back at

CocteauQuintuplet32 karma

Why do you believe that Senators like McCain, Collins, and Murkowski went along with this horrendous bill? They had shown that they weren't going to go along with unpopular Trump platforms, which is basically all of them, but they folded here.

senatorwyden61 karma

First of all, we hope to win them back before this process runs out. Senator Collins based her support for the bill on getting health care reforms, and it’s clear the House of Representatives won’t give them to her. Senator McCain has always felt strongly that there be a traditional process with real debate, but that’s not on offer here. Several other Senators are troubled by the short shrift this bill is giving the middle class, and we’re hopeful they, too, will look again at this badly flawed bill.

TaxMarchAMA38 karma

Like Senator Wyden said - the fight isn't over, and we should continue to push all of our members, especially Senator Collins and Senator Flake. Keep up the fight!

ZestyDumpster10 karma

What can the average person do to help stop this? The GOP continually lies about this tax scam with zero consequences. Dems keep taking the high road which I’m all for, but what do you do when the other side literally can’t hit the bottom.

TaxMarchAMA17 karma

You're right -- the GOP is pretty comfortable with lying. It's like they never learned basic rights and wrongs. The fight isn't over though, there is still a chance we could beat this thing and so making calls to your representatives, showing up at their offices, hosting and attending events in your area (visit NotOnePenny) are all still very important. And then we need to all work hard to hold those who vote for this terrible bill accountable and make them pay for voting for their donors not their constituents.

goldenspear5 karma

Senator would it be possible to invite about 500 to-be victims of the taxscam to the capitol for a presser/protest? It feels like the democrats are doing little in terms of strategy to oppose Trump and the GOP. And could do more to drive the media narrative on all fronts and drown Trump out.

TaxMarchAMA9 karma

Good news - there is a rally happening tomorrow on the hill that everyone should come to! We need a big show of strength tomorrow before the sham Conferee's meeting at 2pm. If you want to come, here's more information on the Facebook event page.

If you can't make it to DC, visit our website to find an event near you.

madjoy5 karma

I'm aghast about the potential consequences of this bill for the country's long-term future.

However, I live in a district where all of my congressional representation (both my Senators and my House Rep) are against this bill. I feel helpless. What can I do to help stop it?

TaxMarchAMA14 karma

Hi madjoy! Me too. The bill will have devastating effects for hundreds of millions of Americans. If you live in a district represented by members who are already against the bill, the first thing you should do is call them to thank them for standing up for you and working families. Members of Congress are just like us, they like to be thanked for doing the right thing. :) Then you should visit and check out the events section to see if there is an event in your neighborhood. If there isn't one, there is still time for you to plan an action to show you are against the bill. We would love to help, so feel free to reach out to us. Keep up the fight!

foolmanchoo3 karma

I live in a district and state that is overwhelmingly pro tax scam, the great State of Texas. I feel utterly helpless, a lot of us here do.

Is there anything we can do beyond calling, emailing our congress people that are obviously beyond debating the matter?

TaxMarchAMA6 karma

Howdy foolmanchoo! I know you feel hopeless. It's hard to keep fighting these terrible bills the Republican Congress is trying to push through. In Texas you actually have a lot of power. There are some really interesting congressional districts with members who are going to be in tight races next year and if they vote for a bill that harms their constituents (hint: it will) it's up to active citizens like you to hold them accountable. Keep calling your members, and make sure you talk to your family and friends across the state and educate them about the bill and encourage them to take action too. Thank you for keeping up the fight!

MultipleMe2 karma

/u/senatorwyden This bill seems to have been rushed through the Senate with hand written changes and mistakes just to get it "passed." This did not allow for proper time to read the bill that will have effects throughout all of America. Would you support a constitutional amendment that requires a turn around time of lets say a week that would require a full week without changes to review a bill before a vote? I know there would need to be some exceptions to allow for immediate reaction to some things but I do not think a tax bill would fit in those exceptions.

TaxMarchAMA3 karma

Hi MultipleMe - I can't answer on Senator Wyden's behalf, but I know he (and the entire Democratic caucus) supports an open and thorough legislative process. Not the behind-closed-doors and lobbyist filled bill writing that the Republicans have used since taking power in January.

PopsicleMud2 karma

Do you get a sense that the Republican base is starting to realize that GOP members of Congress don't live up to their reputation for fiscal responsibility?

TaxMarchAMA5 karma

Hi PopsicleMud. Great question. I do think Republican voters realize how bad this bill is for them, and that their members aren't representing them but instead looking out for their donors. In fact, Rep. Collins and Sen. Graham said so on the record! The most recent public polling shows the bill only has 25% support and we've seen lots of activities and rallies in deep red states like Tennessee, Oklahoma, Montana. Anyone who learns about what is in the bill ends up opposing it.

wildstaringeyes2 karma

Senator Wyden and Ms. Gill,

What are the top three things that normal American citizens can do to stop this bill from going through?

Also, what is the best way to frame this bill to explain it so people who aren't as politically active or savvy can understand what is potentially about to happen? How can I get my apathetic friends to realize how badly this will affect them?

Thanks for your time!

TaxMarchAMA5 karma

Hi wildstaringeyes - the best way to talk about the bill is to tell the truth. Multiple independent experts have concluded that the bill overwhelming gives tax cuts to the wealthy and big corporations, and proof of this is that the tax cuts for corporations are permanent whereas those for individuals expire! The fact is, if you make under $200,000 a year, you are probably going to get a tax increase.

Please keep talking to your friends and family and urge them to take the time to understand the bill. Thank you for everything you are doing to stop the bill!

RayWencube1 karma

Aside from calling my representative and senators (I'm from Indiana; one Dem. rep, one Dem. senator, and one haaaard GOP senator), what can I do to stop this from passing once it leaves conference? Should I call other members of Congress? I feel helpless.

TaxMarchAMA10 karma

Don't call other members of Congress. DON'T DO IT! It's bad for two reasons: 1. It keeps the line busy so their constituents can't call their members; and 2. It gives the GOP a talking point that they love to use, that their constituents don't care about the bill and it's just out of state groups trying to tell him or her what to do.

Instead you can still hold and attend in-state events in Indiana and make sure to thank Senator Donnelly for standing up against the bill. And tell your members that you will remember how they vote on this bill and hold them accountable.