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uberwalrus981 karma

What is the biggest challenge you face when preparing for a live performance, and how do you over come it? Do you edit anything in your tracks to adapt them for a live environment?

Jga2u2 karma

We're very picky with tracks. We really want our sets to have quality. We usually prepare a lot of mashups only within a few days, also we never play the same tracklist over and over.

Sometimes we edit tracks or remix them completely to fit our liking. We like to support other artists though and usually only play few of our own tracks.

DividedInfinity-1 karma

How did you first originally get booked as an act for gigs? How did you marketing skills help you to where you are now?

Jga2u1 karma

The other half of this project, Jake, has pretty good contacts and social skills. You can also do things for other DJ's, such as making a track with them, and in exchange they get you a cool gig. It's hard when you aren't as known yet, but simply going out there and meeting managers in person, helps a lot.

martinluther3107-1 karma

Hi there, thx for taking the time to do this AMA. 2 questions.... 1. What DAW and midis do you use? 2. What setup do you use for live performances?

Jga2u2 karma

We use FL Studio and a midi keyboard. For live performances, the standard are ususlly pioneer mixers and cdjs.

Jga2u-2 karma

Thanks for your questions, we'll be heading out now. I'll try to answer some when i am back home though.

The_SoftServe_Devil-4 karma

What styles do you produce/play?

Any plans to tour Australia?

Jga2u5 karma

We like to do anything, from moombahton to DnB, from Future and Bass House to Dubstep and Trap and so on.

We have no plans for Australia yet, we're still not that big yet and are mostly touring europe. You can find our schedule on facebook or soundcloud for tourdates.