My short bio: Hi Reddit! My name is Jacob Orth, and I currently work as a VIP Host at a strip club in Las Vegas called the Hustler Club. It's a 3 story, 70,000 square foot building, with 21 bottle booths, 3 stages, 2 VIP rooms, female and male strippers (weekends only for males). I've worked in Vegas strip clubs for about 5 years now, and know the strip club industry in Vegas very well. Ask me anything!

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HummingTERD3410 karma

Any celebrities or famous people walking into your place? Whats the most amount of money you have seen someone spend?

Jacob_Orth_Las_Vegas7816 karma

$150,000 was the most I've ever seen spent. It was a husband, wife and their son who came in at 5am and didn't leave until around 3pm. They each had their own VIP room with their own stripper. The guys had a female stripper and the wife had a male stripper.

TheEarthIsntNotFlat3222 karma

How strict are strip clubs about following the rules regarding prostitution? Is there a sense of "for the right price?"

Jacob_Orth_Las_Vegas4424 karma

In Vegas they're pretty strict about it. If a club is caught allowing that then they are at a serious risk of having the entire operation shut down. Vegas really markets itself well with the "Sin City" tag, but it's not quite as "anything goes" as people think. Even some cities in the U.S. have more lax rules than Vegas.

xrandx2419 karma

How has constantly being around a highly sexualized environment affected your perspective and interactions with people in the 'real' world?

Jacob_Orth_Las_Vegas3384 karma

You get to see some of the more primal side of people. It's interesting seeing wealthy businessmen, a lawyer, a teacher, a doctor, etc. behaving in a way that you just have a hard to imagining if you were to see them in their daily work environment.

YippYaya2190 karma

It is a common belief that strippers have personal issues in their life that lead to this career path. What do you think of it? How much of it is true.

Also, compared to female dancers, how do the male strippers compare in terms of income?

Jacob_Orth_Las_Vegas3310 karma

It is a really common belief. It exists because there is some truth to it. There are those who have issues, grew up in really shitty situations, etc. and feel like they don't have a lot of options to make a lot of money. Many see dancing as a quick way to make a lot of money. The problem is that many of them spend their money as fast as they get it.

The men can make good money, but their earning potentially overall is nowhere near what the women can make. Most women don't spend very much money. It's men who are spending serious cash inside the club.

CognitivelyDecent935 karma

Would you ever date a stripper?

Jacob_Orth_Las_Vegas2074 karma

It would depend on the person she is. I've come across a few that were in it temporarily until they had enough to reach a certain goal like build a home, start a business, etc. That's the small minority though. A lot more become dependent and attached to the work with practically no future plan

the_panic_the_vomit191 karma

The men can make good money, but their earning potentially overall is nowhere near what the women can make.

1) What about gay men as patrons.

2) Why aren't there any good gay strip joints in Vegas?

Jacob_Orth_Las_Vegas400 karma

Gay guys come to see male strippers sometimes, but the strippers often times don't want to dance for men.

The market is only so big for straight women to see male strippers, let alone for gay men to see male strippers. There's only 2 strip clubs in Vegas with male strippers. I think one gay nightclub has some male strippers on occasion, but I'm not sure.

MrWaaWaa1990 karma

What are the girls like at work vs. not working?

Jacob_Orth_Las_Vegas3448 karma

When they are at work, they are in a different mentality because they have to make money. They know that they have to get guys interested to get them to spend money. Outside of work you wouldn't even know that a lot of the girls are actually strippers. I've seen plenty of strippers that I would never think do it for a living if I were to see them out in public.

Alpha_Delta_Bravo1380 karma

What is your favorite place to party in Vegas and why?

Edit: no spell good on mobile

Jacob_Orth_Las_Vegas2613 karma

I'm not the biggest party person (it helps me keep my sanity while working in nightlife and avoid burnout), but any of the popular nightclubs will do if you want to go hard. Hakkasan and Omnia are really popular since they're newer and so massive. Other clubs like Drai's, XS, Hyde, etc. are fun too. I actually think that the day clubs and night swims are more fun than nightclubs. Rehab was the first day club I went to, and it was awesome. XS night swim is something I encourage everyone to try during the warmer months.

Packing_Meat1215 karma

How many people go just for the free buffet?

Jacob_Orth_Las_Vegas1965 karma

A lot of the locals

Squats4urmom308 karma

I take it cover during day shift is a bit lower than the 40 dollars?

jgagnon_in_FL198 karma

Locals never pay a cover.

GOTaSMALL1516 karma

Not a Vegas local but go a lot and a friend IS a local. We frequent the Crazy Horse (sorry OP). I've learned that the fastest way to get girls to ignore you all night is to tell the first one that sits on your lap, "Am I here for business? No. We're locals." And then... woooooooooosh. You can drink in peace for the rest of the night.

Another_Alex292 karma

When I lived in Las Vegas I found if someone was bothering me on the Strip I would just say "I live here." and they would stop. It was a very different experience from Boston or NYC where that doesn't work as well.

Jacob_Orth_Las_Vegas255 karma

Because Vegas depends on tourism much more than NYC or Boston.

Jacob_Orth_Las_Vegas201 karma

Yep! The entertainers usually don't bother with locals. No worries about liking Crazy Horse. I know some of the guys over there.

ProfLiar1194 karma

What’s the deal with dances in line for the bathroom?

Jacob_Orth_Las_Vegas1959 karma

I don't think I've ever seen a guy get a standing dance while waiting in line to use the toilet. I've seen girls dance and grind on guys while they're trying to get money out of the ATM. This is so that they keep the guy's attention.

stefandraganovic1029 karma

Whats the craziest thing you've seen in there?

Jacob_Orth_Las_Vegas2482 karma

When I was working at a previous club, there was a guy who puked in his private booth during his 30 minute session with a dancer because he just drank too much. Once he was done puking the dancer continued to stay and finish the time even though she didn't have to. That one was strange.

turbor32963 karma

Are the free limo ride and other offers given out by “promoters” a scam? If not, how much does it actually end up costing the patron?

Jacob_Orth_Las_Vegas1889 karma

Promoters on the strip have a reputation for being some of the biggest scumbags and liars in Vegas. The shit that they tell people to get them to the club sometimes is absolutely ridiculous. That's part of the reason I even started a youtube channel was because I knew there had to be a better way to reach people before coming to Vegas, and informing them of how clubs work.

Promoters have deals that they can do based on contracts worked out with clubs. You won't know what deal they can get at any particular club, so you're at a real disadvantage. I suggest planning ahead and not even dealing with street promoters. Many of them will lie through their teeth about prices, what they will get you (a free dance, a free bottle, a VIP table, a ride back to your hotel, etc).

Many Vegas strip clubs charge anywhere from $40-50 for entry. I've seen groups come to the front to get told what the cover charge is only to say that the promoter told them it was $15 or $20, and that was supposed to include drinks, a bottle booth, a guaranteed table because they're his "VIP"' customers, blah, blah, blah. I say don't bother with them because there's a good chance you won't get what they are telling you, and it will cost you more than what they are telling you.

Sabodis854 karma

How did you get into this line of business?
What are the best and worst parts about the job?

Jacob_Orth_Las_Vegas1670 karma

I actually started working in nightlife in CA back in 2006. I did it during the off season from football while I was in college. In CA I mostly worked nightclubs doing security and management operations. After finishing my MBA, I had a ton of debt from school. The cost of living was really high in my part of CA, and they just passed another state tax increase right before I left. I had experience in nightlife, I knew in Vegas you could make good money doing it, and once I saw how cheap it was to live there (plus no state in come tax), I was pretty sold on the idea.

Best part about the job is that it's not a "normal job" in the corporate world. Plus, being in Vegas, you meet a lot of cool people and make connections at other clubs and in the hospitality industry.

The worst part is just some of the bullshit that you have to put up with-drunken idiots, people wanting to fight, threatening to sue, false complaints made about you to try to get you in trouble, unbelievable entitlement some people exhibit, people lying to you, people trying to haggle prices like they're at the flea market, etc. Sometimes it comes from customers, sometimes it comes from dancers and sometimes it comes from coworkers. If the club is managed well, then that stuff can be kept to a minimum and they know when something has merit or it's just bullshit.

TheGoldChain778 karma

I'm organizing a bachelor party in Vegas in a week and trying to find unique stuff to do. What's your favorite place to eat or do down there?

Jacob_Orth_Las_Vegas2699 karma

For bachelor parties, I recommend eating at a steak house at least once. There are a ton on the strip, but I also encourage you to look off the strip. Especially at the Brazilian ones where you pay a flat fee and can eat until you're totally stuffed.

Shooting ranges, ATVs, renting exotic cars, zipline, are all cool things to do in addition to bars and clubs for bachelor parties.

jmullin091449 karma

Love the actual honest answer and you didn't just default to promoting your own club.

wssecurity1080 karma


Jacob_Orth_Las_Vegas29 karma

I'm pretty sure that promoters say that so much that they do it out loud in their sleep.

Conchobair674 karma

Do you guys serve food?

Jacob_Orth_Las_Vegas770 karma


yucatan36615 karma

I’ve know a few strippers, seems like a lot of them sleep with guys that work at a strip club. Do you notice any of that?

Jacob_Orth_Las_Vegas760 karma

I wouldn't say a lot, but it happens. I've seen hosts and managers who openly or secretly date and sleep with dancers. The policy really depends from club to club on their attitude towards that.

spockspeare556 karma

Can I get a drink that isn't watered down?

Jacob_Orth_Las_Vegas586 karma

Yes lol

Ronburgundy2099513 karma

Have you ever thrown out a celebrity?

Jacob_Orth_Las_Vegas876 karma

I was at the front when we turned away rapper V-Nasty at one place I worked. I had two coworkers who said that they had to turn away Three 6 Mafia and his group at the front door.

bigoted_bill444 karma

What was your worse night like involving workers or customers?

Jacob_Orth_Las_Vegas1328 karma

I had to tackle a guy once who punched an entertainer in the VIP room, and tried to run out of the club. I was working the door, and was the last guy with a chance to take him down. I had to make an open field tackle like I was a safety lol. I got him down, everyone else jumped on, and we cuffed him until the police showed up. He had at least one warrant out for his arrest. I don't know if it was my worst day, but it was nuts.

LowBatteryPower394 karma

What's one thing you love about your job, and have you ever played host to anyone famous?

Jacob_Orth_Las_Vegas532 karma

I love the fact that it's very different than most jobs. Whenever I tell someone what I do, they usually have a follow up question or two. It's so out of the norm that they find it intriguing. I've come across some famous people. It's usually pretty unexpected. Sometimes the person comes on their own or in a small group and sometimes they have an entire entourage of people with them.

OzymandiasKoK229 karma

I've come across some famous people.

So it's more than just "hosting" for you?

Jacob_Orth_Las_Vegas233 karma

This is why I love reddit

Wocto371 karma

Do you accept bitcoin yet? They should put QR codes on strippers' asses which corresponds to a crypto transaction when scanned.

Jacob_Orth_Las_Vegas306 karma

Working on it

hoss292369 karma

What is your typical night like?

Jacob_Orth_Las_Vegas725 karma

Kind of depends on what position you're working. I've worked the front door, the floor and the VIP in multiple clubs. A lot of your job is really just facilitating the operations of the club. If you're at the door then you're mostly keeping underage people, weapons and drugs out of the building. If you're on the floor then you're walking customers to tables, setting them up with requested dancers, getting them change, taking them on a tour of the club, setting up their bachelor or 21st birthday boy to go on stage, handling disputes involving dancers, customers, waitresses, etc. You have to put out fires, and do your best to maintain the operation of the club.

Earthicus339 karma


Jacob_Orth_Las_Vegas550 karma

We shut down the night it happened, but reopened the next for business as usual.

Gaudyclover260 karma

How important is the biker facial hair in your industry?

Jacob_Orth_Las_Vegas178 karma

Not very important

CodexFive238 karma

Is there anything different between a normal strip club and a Vegas club? (other than the income tax)

Jacob_Orth_Las_Vegas333 karma

Off the top of my head-Vegas clubs are usually much bigger, have more dancers, and the prices are higher than most other cities.

theserpentsmiles221 karma

Have you met Larry Flynt? Id so how is he in real life?

Jacob_Orth_Las_Vegas458 karma

I have not met him. He actually is not the owner of the club. The company just pays him a royalty to use his name.

_anonxmous214 karma

What is drug use like among VIP clients? Have you witnessed a lot of drug use since you’ve started? If a customer pays to get a VIP room, is he just free to do whatever the hell he wants in there? Like doing a bunch of cocaine off/with his stripper?

Jacob_Orth_Las_Vegas301 karma

Not really. I've caught a lot of drugs at the front door on people. The clubs still have to operate within the law.

MKerrsive163 karma

Do celebrities really go into strip clubs and throw down like we sometimes imagine they do? No named needed, but if you feel like naming names/telling stories, go for it.

Jacob_Orth_Las_Vegas308 karma

Not really. The most I've known a celebrity to spend was $15,000. It was a boxer that pretty much everyone knows. I wouldn't say that celebrities regularly drop a bunch of money. I've seen several not spend a dollar.

SysAdminToTheStars156 karma

Has the legalization of weed changed anything for you?

Jacob_Orth_Las_Vegas212 karma

No. It's not allowed in the building or on property.

Gaultier55109 karma

Okay Jacob big fan of your channel and Vegas , so I won’t waste time with Vegas related questions. Let get to the serious stuff, Marvel or DC? You can’t say both or neither.

Jacob_Orth_Las_Vegas182 karma

MARVEL! I loved X-Men as a kid.

ACE_C0ND0R84 karma

Would you rather fight 10 duck sized strippers or 1 stripper sized duck?

Jacob_Orth_Las_Vegas105 karma

1 stripper sized duck. It's easier to fight one opponent

KickingMyOwnAss82 karma

Have any of the dancers (male or female) had regular customer turn stalker? How does the industry protect the help?

Jacob_Orth_Las_Vegas93 karma

Numerous times I've worked at places where we had to ban someone that was a regular customer getting too close (for lack of a better term), or ex-boyfriends.

AncientWyvernShield76 karma

Lamar Odom a frequent visitor?

Jacob_Orth_Las_Vegas91 karma

No sir

weedNSATAN34 karma

Any crazy violent stories?

Jacob_Orth_Las_Vegas112 karma

I mentioned earlier taking down a guy a two different occasions. One for punching a stripper and the other for throwing a rock through the glass doors at the front. Also had a guy that turned out to be a pimp inside one night. He smacked a girl that was working for him, and casually walked out of the club. He was banned after smacking her.

WCsharpeh23 karma

Have any contacts for promoters or promotions for Hustler? i'm asking for a friend...

Jacob_Orth_Las_Vegas48 karma


marinasyellow15 karma

How much can a host, stripper, bartender at a strip club expect to make?

Jacob_Orth_Las_Vegas49 karma

Totally depends on the club, how they operate and how effective you are at making money. Some people may barely scrape $20k a year, and others are in the 6 figures.

CognitivelyDecent0 karma

In your experience, what percentage of strippers are asexual?

Jacob_Orth_Las_Vegas3 karma

It's impossible to tell, but I'd say it's a really small percent...probably a single digit percent.

Inverted_Vortex-1 karma

Do you instruct your dancers to steal drinks from dudes getting lap dances so they'll have to pay $15 for a new one?

happened to me twice in one night.

Jacob_Orth_Las_Vegas4 karma

Definitely not. I've never heard of that happening, but it wouldn't really benefit the dancer much because dancers don't make money from drink sales. Sometimes a waitress picks up a drink before a customer is done with though. That happens on occasion.

beantownjuggalo-9 karma

The girls at strip clubs in Vegas are the worst, so hungry for money. Try to pry it out of you. Why?

Also can we please stop it with the cover charge?

Jacob_Orth_Las_Vegas2 karma

It's their job to make money, and sometimes being aggressive works well. The cover charge will not stop any time soon.