Hi Reddit! We are a comedy duo who makes out with each other. We’ve done some popular Internet videos and host a much less popular podcast. We’ve got a new show on Pop TV about dating that’s a mix of narrative and sketch comedy. You can watch the first episode here. If you like it, we’ve got a new one tonight at 8 with our friend Ben Schwartz! If you don’t like it, I guess watch this one for Ben Schwartz????? Will Arnett is also a producer and was in our last episode!

Pop is a new network, but it comes with most basic cable packages and you can watch new episodes of Hot Date on Wednesdays at 8 and 11.

PROOF: https://imgur.com/gallery/kObd8

Ask us about Hot Date, CollegeHumor, ARE, the intimate details of our marriage, or anything else!

UPDATE: We've gotta run, thanks to everyone who participated!

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nickkapur15 karma

My favorite thing the two of you have ever done is the series "My Elf Girlfriend." I still go back and watch those every so often - sooo hilarious! My question is, why did you make so few of those, and would you ever consider making more?

brian_murphy_hotdate13 karma

We would LOVE to make more. "My Elf Girlfriend" came out around a time that CH was pivoting away from doing series, so we only got to make a few before they stopped greenlighting new ones. But now that CH is doing series again, we've talked about doing more episodes. We've been playing a lot of D&D so we'd be PUMPED to get back in that elf tree.

hashtagmydaywear13 karma

Who's the hotter CH couple Murph and Emily or Jake and Amir?

brian_murphy_hotdate9 karma

it's a coin flip.

Errol_Sweatstank10 karma

How many of the old CollegeHumor folk do you keep up with? Do you still write with them or is it more of a friendship/business relationship than a comic one?

brian_murphy_hotdate19 karma

We work with Adam on ARE and Sam's the head of CH, so we hang out with those guys a lot. We see Jake & Amir from time to time, but they're obviously very busy. I consider the early CH cast to be lifelong friends but we don't get to see each other a lot. Dan Gurewitch is a very good friend and very good at keeping in touch.

chmike22510 karma

Hi Em and Murph! Congrats on the AMA! Can you walk us through a typical day while shooting Hot Date? You must have been busy.

brian_murphy_hotdate7 karma

We did mostly overnight shoots, so on a non-busy day we would sleep til noon, show up on set at 2 and then it would be a flurry of wigs, memorizing scripts, and shooting until about 4AM. On a busy day, we would also have to write to meet our deadlines for the later episodes, so we were doing all that plus waking up early to write and writing during our meal breaks

palt378 karma

Brian- how did you first ask Emily out?

brian_murphy_hotdate18 karma

Emily made the first move on the dance floor w/ some bumpin and grindin

Noahk5198 karma

For each of you, What’s your favorite swear word?

brian_murphy_hotdate18 karma

love calling someone a shitbird

suaveitguy4 karma

And finally, if heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?

brian_murphy_hotdate19 karma

"what up shitbird?"

LittleMountainWillow8 karma

Mario or Sonic?

brian_murphy_hotdate20 karma


nipz3 karma

I thought you hated luigi after lavagate.

brian_murphy_hotdate6 karma

It wasn't Luigi's fault!!!

suaveitguy7 karma

What's a good sketch structure? How do you properly end one, and how do you hate to see one ended?

brian_murphy_hotdate11 karma

A sketch can be too predictable if you follow the rules to a T, but will be too unfocused if you throw them out all together. Anyone teaching sketch comedy will show you how to find the "game" of a sketch and how to heighten it, but in addition to that, you have to make your dialogue funny and find ways to surprise people. Giving your "straight man" funny lines is a good way to set your sketch apart from the standard, since most people will just have them there to call out weird things. I personally like to beginning a sketch with something dumb and conversational that never comes back, and end it with a really strong line or heightened emotion (aka me screaming).

brian_murphy_hotdate9 karma

also barfing is always funny

Errol_Sweatstank6 karma

What's your writing process like?

brian_murphy_hotdate13 karma

We outline together, then I spend 15 manic hours painstakingly writing my half while Emily painlessly writes 4 versions of her half. Then we edit together.

MiltownVet6 karma

What’s was your favorite sketch to film for college humor?

Bonus: Was there ever a scene so hilarious that you couldn’t get through it without laughing?

brian_murphy_hotdate8 karma

There is a scene in the show where we're arguing about who should have picked up condoms and Emily ad-libbed "I'M NOT THE ONE WITH THE DAMN WIENER!" She then incorporated it into every scene going forward to get me to break.

TheRealCmp5 karma

Hi Murph and Emily! I've been watching CollegeHumor since 2010 and you two have always been a highlight for me, but I'm completely unprepared for this AMA..

What's a topic that you want to see on Adam Ruins Everything?

PS We need a follow up to Hardcore Casual Gaming Rap.

brian_murphy_hotdate5 karma

Thank you for the kind words! I hesitate to recommend an Adam segment, since I wouldn't be surprised if he'd already covered it in some way that I'm forgetting. I'd love to see him talk about music streaming services and how they screw over bands.

edc975 karma

What is your favorite food?

brian_murphy_hotdate10 karma

deep dish pizza, heavier on cheese than sauce

LaVacheQuiRit7075 karma

What a hot date ?

brian_murphy_hotdate5 karma

is hot

commanderbastard5 karma

Loving the show, thrumming for the podcast.

Would you accept a naked brownie for the secrets to all of Bill McCay’s books?

(All my friends are horrified at browniegate. Horrified. Maybe it’s a British thing?)

brian_murphy_hotdate5 karma

I would eat the driest brownie on Bahamut's green earth to learn the secret of McCay's puzzles.

JoacoIB5 karma

What is a sketch you made you are particularly proud of, and why?

brian_murphy_hotdate7 karma

Furry Force is one of my favorites and I thought it was really cool that the furry community embraced it

suaveitguy5 karma

Who is the greatest sketch comic ever? Who is the Richard Pryor/Wayne Gretzky undisputed champ of the format?

brian_murphy_hotdate6 karma

Jack Handey & Tina Fey are my favorite writers. Performance-wise? Eddie Murphy almost single-handedly kept SNL afloat in the 80's and doesn't get enough credit for that. Of the past couple decades, Amy Poehler is the performer who sticks out to me as being all around the best.

Xacris5 karma

Critters or bots?

brian_murphy_hotdate7 karma


Dudestorm4 karma

What's your favorite college humor prank war prank?

brian_murphy_hotdate3 karma

Half court shot!

suaveitguy4 karma

Ever set out to consciously make a viral video? How did that go for you?

brian_murphy_hotdate6 karma

Early in my CH career, absolutely. Before game streaming and a lot of the current video game comedy stuff, there wasn't much humor targeted at gamers. There was a brief period of time when you could do a sketch about video games and it would reach #1 on Digg regardless of how good it was. There was definitely some viral video math going on when pitching some of those early videos.

DMCDawg4 karma

Congrats on all the recent success! With Hot Date blowing up as much as it has, do you fear you won’t have enough time for smaller passion projects like 8 Bit Book Club?

brian_murphy_hotdate4 karma

I see you 8 bit book bud. We've found ways to make 8BBC work better for our schedule, mostly by splitting big books into 3 parts instead of 2 and doing more live readings. By the Light of Bahamut, we shall keep doing it.

mdudecy4 karma

Which of the Hot Date sketches would you say was the most autobiographical?

brian_murphy_hotdate5 karma

Definitely the "Adult Disney Fan" one. I went there all the time as a kid so I've got a soft spot for it, plus I get motion sickness now on bigger rides so it's the only place I can really ride rollercoasters. Emily thinks it's weird but she's a filthy space mountain casual

abridgma3 karma

Hi Emily and Murph! Hot Date has been great, and I think about the pregnancy test video constantly (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9pv2L0Taf4) and NOT just because I work at CH.

Anyways, what are your thoughts on My Hero Academia?

brian_murphy_hotdate5 karma

I haven't seen My Hero Academia!!!

dr-krieger3 karma

How long does it take for you to shit, shower & shave?

brian_murphy_hotdate6 karma

5 seconds flat

chmike2253 karma

Can you each give us the full description of your most favorite D&D character you've created?

brian_murphy_hotdate3 karma

I made the mistake of learning how to DM, so now I never get to play a character again. I do play in one campaign as a Dwarf paladin who had to give up his heart to serve his god, so now he's depressed but he doesn't need to sleep at night so he's got that going for him.

jonzeyyy3 karma

I wanted to ask if you see Adam, could you let him know I said hi? Also what are your favorite colors?

brian_murphy_hotdate3 karma

I do not see Adam at the moment but I will tell him you said hi. My favorite color is red.

gooeybum3 karma

some of my favorite videos were the extreme challenges between murphy and kevin, what one was the most fun to do/watch?

brian_murphy_hotdate3 karma

The Twilight Trivia challenge was really fun for me, since I won and Kevin had to wear a dog shock collar. We messed around with it so much that we both became used to the pain of being shocked and it became our default for live shows.

gooeybum3 karma

thank you for the reply! long time fan, wish you lots of success in the future!

brian_murphy_hotdate3 karma

Thank YOU

cronedog3 karma

You are both so talented and good looking. What's stopping you from being the next hollywood A-list couple?

brian_murphy_hotdate6 karma

I eat at 7-11 too much

madd743 karma

Is a hotdog a sandwich?

brian_murphy_hotdate4 karma


CrackaDon_YT2 karma

Not a question, just wanted to say that Emily was always my favorite on CollegeHumor, and I really appreciate the consistent comedy that you guys put out. Do you have your own YouTube channel? I definitely think there would be some online fanbase for you guys to do vlogs, sketches, even just miscellaneous stuff like reviews and opinion pieces.

brian_murphy_hotdate1 karma

Thank you for the kind words! We don't currently keep up a YouTube channel, but we've got our podcast 8 Bit Book Club that we do every week with Caldwell Tanner. We're gonna be in some new CH projects coming up too.

InTupacWeTrust2 karma

I love Adam Ruins Everything. What was your favorite episode to write?

brian_murphy_hotdate3 karma

We actually don't write on the show, but my favorite episode to be a part of was probably the pregnancy episode. There is a lot of scaremongering around pregnancy and I thought it did a good job debunking some dangerous myths.

J3STER_42 karma

How did you start working for CollegeHumor? Also, how’s your day going?

brian_murphy_hotdate4 karma

I worked on a humor magazine in college with former staff writer Kevin Corrigan, who helped me get a job as an assistant when I graduated back in 2008. My day is good! Currently in my parents' basement on Reddit, as Thanksgiving is meant to be enjoyed

joeythegamewarden822 karma

How in the world did you guys decide to commit yourselves to the entertainment world?

brian_murphy_hotdate6 karma

Always wanted to write comedy and my first job out of college was an assistant at CollegeHumor. Luckily, I got to come up with the company and learn as they were moving into TV. I would never have the guts to just move out to LA and wing it.

mdudecy2 karma

Of all the CollegeHumor sketches you have written, which one are each of you most proud of? Also can we expect any more past and present CollegeHumor cast members to appear in future episodes of Hot Date?

brian_murphy_hotdate4 karma

Really loved the Jake & Amir Double Date series that we wrote with them and Furry Force, which I wrote with Adam Conover. As for the TV series, we shot in Chicago, so unfortunately, there aren't too many CH cameos. Siobhan shows up later in the season though!

suaveitguy2 karma

What makes for a funny, durable comedic character?

brian_murphy_hotdate5 karma

They should be exaggerated but based on truth. The ideal response is for the audience to be like, "I've met that person!"

lantrified2 karma

What are your favorite movies to binge on during the Thanksgiving/Christmas/Hannukah/Candlenights season?

brian_murphy_hotdate1 karma

Emily and I watch bad, made for TV Christmas movies on Netflix since we live in LA and it's the only way we can see snow.

LittleMountainWillow2 karma

Emily, are you continuing the Unflattering Murph contest? Murph, how do you feel about the Unflattering Murph contest?

brian_murphy_hotdate3 karma

I like the Unflattering Murph contest and feel like I could win it. There was a scene last week where I had a lazy nipple and nobody submitted.

suaveitguy2 karma

What were your thoughts on parallel thinking accusations leveled against Amy Schumer? Did you see similarities with her sketch and the College Humor one in particular?

brian_murphy_hotdate3 karma

I'm not sure of the sketches in question, but I usually give people the benefit of the doubt.

mamnek2 karma

So glad you guys are doing an AMA! I'm a huge fan!!

How do you handle critiquing each others work? Has there ever been a sketch or a joke that one of you was really proud of that the other just totally shot down?

brian_murphy_hotdate3 karma

If we like an idea, we'll be like "great idea!" and if we don't, we'll be like "Hm. Interesting." We really only pursue ideas that we're both 100% on board with, which leads to a better product in the end. The only downside is when you spend all day brainstorming something and are met with a "Hm. Interesting." I can't think of a particular joke that got shut down. If I can't convince Emily to go along with one of my "brilliant" ideas, it probably wasn't that brilliant to begin with and I ultimately end up forgetting it.

jjowl221 karma

Hey guys! Love all the stuff you have been doing, I feel like I see you everywhere now and it's fantastic to see your success continue to grow!

If you were to write a DND-esque book for 8BBC starring yourselves, what character trope would you most want to be that you don't associate yourselves with already? (sorry Paladin Murph). Also, thoughts on names?

I know I can always count on you guys to make me laugh, so I can't thank you enough for that!

brian_murphy_hotdate3 karma

Emily would be a chaotic good elf, maybe a druid? She's a wild card. Caldwell is a good, amiable dude and a talented artist, so I'd go maybe halfling bard. If I can't be a paladin, I GUESS I'd be a fighter with battle master spec cuz I'm boring and like telling people what to do.

brian_murphy_hotdate3 karma

Also I would be a dwarf cuz I'm grumpy and don't like going outside.

baconcheesebgr1 karma

What's your favorite burger place?

brian_murphy_hotdate2 karma

Au Cheval in Chicago! Stout in LA is a close second.

2x4y1 karma

Are you still working on getting sliced Brian?

brian_murphy_hotdate3 karma

hahaha I'm currently at my fattest. Whenever I'm busy with work I tend to go full tilt on all my food vices. Haven't been training jiu jitsu either so I'm pretty much a mess.

Saf221 karma

What was each of your favorite sketches? I’m a huge fan and have watched most of CH’s videos

brian_murphy_hotdate1 karma

We both loved working on the Double Date series with Jake and Amir and I'm very proud of Furry Force.

AmbientLizard1 karma

What was it like working with the crew behind College Humor?

brian_murphy_hotdate1 karma

They're the best!

AmbientLizard1 karma

What was the most fun you've had working with them?

brian_murphy_hotdate5 karma

All-Nighters my first few years were very fun. I usually sat at the front desk answering phones, so being there after work hours allowed me to finally hang out with everyone and participate in the videos. When Dorkly first launched, we used to all go to PAX together. Those trips were really fun! We hung out at the Harvard Lampoon castle one time and met Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Church_Yo1 karma

How do you do?

brian_murphy_hotdate1 karma

Pretty good, you?

Test-Please_Ignore1 karma

Merv, after you walked 50 miles to your parents house, did you actually have a doctor diagnose your knee as sprained at a bar?

brian_murphy_hotdate3 karma

Yes. Either that or some dude lied to me so he could touch my knee.

Xavier17910 karma

Hey you guy's! Emily you are my favorite collegehumor employee ever and Murph your pretty alright too. You both have showed up on J&A'$ if I were you podcast as individuals but why never together? You guys have great entertainment chemistry and I think a lot of people including myself would agree it would probably be a good episode, not to mention if those coy divas were daring enough to say... NO! murph could just kick them in the back.

brian_murphy_hotdate1 karma

I'd love to double date on If I Were You, but I don't think I've seen any episodes where they've had two guests on. Maybe they'd be down for it? Tweet at those boys!

NotinmytownScumbag0 karma

Can you please stop making "Adam Ruins Everything"? The guy is more annoying than Guy Fieri

brian_murphy_hotdate8 karma

I will pitch him "Adam Ruins Flavortown"