We’re Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. We’re the executive producers of Hulu’s new sci-fi action-comedy Future Man. It’s about a janitor who beats an impossible video game, and finds out the game is actually a training tool to find the savior of humanity. If you’re thinking “Hey that sounds like the Last Starfighter,” it’s intentional. He then goes on a journey through time to prevent his boss from curing herpes. Aiding him along the way are Tiger, a no-nonsense resistance commander from the future, and Wolf, another future warrior who likes hanging out in the past a little too much. It’s inspired by movies we loved growing up. Here’s the trailer and you can watch every episode on Hulu now: https://youtu.be/vJaUfpbEYIU.

Ask us anything. About Future Man. Or anything else. Ask us anything about anything.

Proof: https://twitter.com/futuremanonhulu/status/932654797441835008

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themargolis9095 karma

It's a long shot, but I'm the kid you guys casted as Young Seth in Superbad (Casey Margolis), remember me? How're you fellas doing?

SethAndEvan6734 karma

Of course we remember you! We're well! hope you are too! 10 years yo! Crazy!

mobi19916867 karma

Hi Seth!! Do you remember when Eric Andre posted your number on his show? Was that actually your number because I left you 100 million voicemails of me doing an impression of you pretending to be you from the future..

SethAndEvan8723 karma

it was please stop

SethAndEvan4010 karma

How are you

SethAndEvan3799 karma

I'm cool. you?

Nbke_3113 karma

@seth What does your laugh look like in text?

SethAndEvan7528 karma


SethAndEvan3087 karma


SethAndEvan1521 karma


voyager282405 karma

what is Tommy Wiseau like in real life?

SethAndEvan3605 karma

he's super strange but nice.

orangejulius2242 karma

Seth - What happened with you and Kim Jong Un?

SethAndEvan3965 karma

He's got bigger problems now

MaeClementine2167 karma

Is James Franco a good kisser?

SethAndEvan3644 karma

not as good as nick kroll

cocohaze2047 karma

can you name any famous actors who have turned down roles in your films?

SethAndEvan2864 karma


--liveitup1584 karma

Hey guys, any future interest in venturing into darker/more serious comedies? Would love to see a super dark and realistic comedy come from you 2.

SethAndEvan2327 karma

we are getting MUCH darker

hislla1530 karma

Nick Offerman said on an interview that if he ever played a superhero he wanted it to be from The Boys. Is it possible to make this happen?????

SethAndEvan1820 karma

good to fucking know!

RikNasty2Point01465 karma

Seth, Is your mom as cool as she seems? And Evan, is your mom as cool as she seems?

SethAndEvan2343 karma

Both our mothers are unbelievably cool and make us look lame

NeXT_Cube1381 karma

Are there any future plans for Pineapple Express 2?

SethAndEvan2971 karma

we tried. you can probably find the email in the sony hack where they decided not to do it.

zachfulkerson1347 karma

How many times have you watched The Room now?

SethAndEvan1949 karma

Too many too count. But it gets better everytime

craicatoa1268 karma

Are we ever going to see a This is the End sequel?

SethAndEvan2715 karma

nah, we all die.

fartfacepooper1118 karma

Have you ever seen James Franco's dick?

SethAndEvan1788 karma

oddly know. but i've never asked. i'm sure he'd let me.

Flyingvaders1104 karma

Was this movie cheap cheap cheap cheap cheap to make?

SethAndEvan1171 karma

GOOD ONE, what a story!

djskne1090 karma

Can you walk me through your favorite sandwich?

SethAndEvan2405 karma

I'm allergic to wheat. My sandwich days are over. Aging is a real drag.

SethAndEvan998 karma


AstroTheArtist986 karma

what's your relationship like with Tyler the Creator?

SethAndEvan1705 karma


WigglestonTheFourth916 karma

Are you worried that, 30 years from now, someone will make a movie about playing video games only to become the savior of humanity and they'll reference Future Man in the trailer as a joke?

SethAndEvan1105 karma

That would be a dream. Full circle.

daarock866 karma

Hi Seth, is there any chance in the future that you would be keen on doing a comedy of some kind with Jermaine Clement (Flight of the Concords, What We Do in the Shadows) or Taika Waititi (What We Do in the Shadows, Thor Ragnarok)?...They are hilarious together and it would be comedic heaven if the three of you were involved some way

SethAndEvan1049 karma

I would love to those guys are geniuses

chachawhore755 karma

Seth! Congrats on Future Man. Unrelated question: I go to University of Vermont, and did you know that literally everyone of your frat brothers has you in their tinder pictures? No joke I see a picture of you on Tinder everyday.

SethAndEvan1024 karma

this has recently been brought to my attention. I hope people don't think they're going on a date with me instead.

XxCHARTIERxX701 karma

What is the best idea you have ever had while being high?

SethAndEvan2130 karma

This is the End

GoldDustTwins698 karma

Would you rather have fingers the length of legs, or legs the length of fingers?

SethAndEvan1102 karma

finger legs

pops992694 karma

Can you tell me to go fuck myself?

SethAndEvan1273 karma

Not in so many words, but yes.

paperfisherman631 karma

Hi Seth and Evan,

This summer, my friends and I watched 50/50 50 straight times. Still a great movie on the 50th viewing. Do you have any advice for how to continue our lives going forward?

SethAndEvan1337 karma

watch future man.

Khan4Prez546 karma

Has Donald Trump Jr ever responded to you?

SethAndEvan706 karma


Sir1234514 karma

How did your show end up on HULU? and how much creative freedom did they give you?

SethAndEvan1234 karma

they seemed like a good fit and they let us do whatever the fuck we wanted.

Skydolize511 karma

I loved Future Man, binged it within the first 24 hours. Since you now have 2 hit shows, are you going to be able to keep pumping out hilarious movies??? That's the one bummer of binge watching a good show, no big audience to laugh and experience with.

SethAndEvan698 karma

We will NEVER stop making movies for the theatre! We'll just do both!

unique_useyourname485 karma

Seth if you're ever in Edmonton you should hit me up. Wanna get hiiiiiigh?

SethAndEvan668 karma

i will fo sho

daddd452 karma

my friends and i watch "the night before" every xmas since it came out! gonna live on forever i swear!

im a huge michael shannon fan. did you guys know him beforehand and write the character with him in mind? he's so great in comedy.

SethAndEvan496 karma

We did not know him before hand and it was awesome working with him. He's just so damn good.

kp2412403 karma

What's your number 1 favourite thing to do while stoned?.. Apart from eating!

SethAndEvan1004 karma

hanging with my wiiiiiiiiiife.

GreenforceXIII397 karma

On a scale of 1-Seth Rogen where would you place yourself?

SethAndEvan728 karma

seth rogen

JRB91373 karma

Which Canadian provinces have you NOT visited yet?

SethAndEvan522 karma


ogcha342 karma

seth, who’s your comedy idol? and can I buy your laugh to keep in a jar at home?

SethAndEvan593 karma

Bill Murray

InFamous159335 karma

What’s your favorite cereal?

SethAndEvan572 karma

co co crispies

Khan4Prez277 karma

During Pineapple Express (or any other major film we see people smoking) are you actually smoking weed?

SethAndEvan747 karma

Sorry guys. The answer is never.

woodnor21248 karma

Top 3 favorite comedies ?(not your films)

SethAndEvan784 karma

I love Spaceballs, The THree Amgios, the big lebowski

Cromulus247 karma

Why does Hulu charge but still show commercials?

SethAndEvan764 karma

they want that money.

QueenAndreaa230 karma

What's your fave episode of Nathan For You?

SethAndEvan395 karma

Finding Frances

alixsyd211 karma

Hi Seth, Are you still being harassed by trolls on Twitter after trolling Bill Mitchell? You should do it again! That was hilarious.

SethAndEvan710 karma

sorry in a meeting.

LizardOrgMember5210 karma


SethAndEvan316 karma

i'm pretty sure

neonmeow188 karma

Hey Seth,

What does Nathan Fielder smell like? Asking for myself.

SethAndEvan320 karma


SethAndEvan286 karma


kp2412165 karma

All time favourite character?

SethAndEvan558 karma

Most of the characters in the Princes Bride.

HollyWood45164 karma

Have you ever gone Rathole to Rathole?

SethAndEvan526 karma

yeah with your mom

canonm8161 karma

Are platform-exclusive shows like Future Man the future of TV? Do you see the big studios and distributors being relevant 15 years from now?

SethAndEvan275 karma

i hope so because I like making movies for movie theaters.

serenisms146 karma

Hi Seth and Evan! The two of you are brilliant. Simple question: what's the highest you've ever been and what are you most excited for in the future?

SethAndEvan430 karma

I once ate too many shrooms in the woods in high school and I'm most excited to see this new thor movie.

redcuppingpongball142 karma

Seth- im in vancouver. What should i do this weekend?

SethAndEvan187 karma

go to maenam

sharks-spiderman138 karma

Hey guys, so I've been a fan since i was a kid and you guys are the reason i want to work in the film industry so what advice would you have for someone who wants to make their own movies and scripts?

SethAndEvan501 karma

Finish them! DOn't be the guy that writes half a script. Write a full script or make a film and post it! you have so many cool avenues these days! But no matter what, finish! Even if it's bad, then you have something finished to work off of and show others and get their thougths! Finish, then show others and take their precious free thougths!

luckycharms4life132 karma

What's the coolest thing you've ever done?

SethAndEvan382 karma

I went on a weird bobsled down the side of the great wall of china.

SethAndEvan194 karma


sirthizzalot108 karma

Sausage party 2?

SethAndEvan380 karma

nah, but we'll make other r rated animated movies.

murtadi00787 karma

What's your favorite movie of all time?

SethAndEvan139 karma

damn yo. tough one. the last detail?

SteveMcJ75 karma

Hey Seth! As a kid in college aspiring to be a comedian/actor, what’s your advice on how to be successful? More specifically, what’s the best way to someday work on a project with you?

P.S. Preacher and Future Man are dope. Keep up the awesome work.

SethAndEvan137 karma

make your own stuff and put it out in the world.

Chalupaca_Bruh74 karma

Hollywood seems to notoriously suck at adapting video games. Would either of you ever consider bucking that trend and taking a crack at an adaptation since you’re doing a doc on the Console Wars? If so, what franchise?

SethAndEvan163 karma

Bubble Bobble!

NinjaGoodra70 karma

What is your relationship with Nathan Fielder?

SethAndEvan133 karma

We went to high school with him!

coltonkemp63 karma

Long-time fan, first-time poster – here’s my piece. If weed isn’t legal in all 50 states in the next five years, i have no faith left in humanity. Everyone likes smoking weed. They have for thousands of years. They're not gonna stop anytime soon. It makes everything better. It makes food better. It makes music better. It makes sex feel better, for God's sakes. It makes shitty movies better, you know?

SethAndEvan81 karma


MichaelG20562 karma

what movie or movies did you see that made you think, "That's what I want to do."?

SethAndEvan182 karma


mikewachowski61 karma

What's your Seth Rogen slogan?

SethAndEvan155 karma

mess with me and I fuck you up like hulk hogan.

FearedGinger48 karma

Hello Seth and Evan! Thank you both so much for providing us all with such extensive opportunities to laugh. Your senses of humor are irreplaceable and unmatched. My question for you is a bit odd and self-serving. My last name happens to be Kronisch, not one that you commonly come across, if ever. When I saw the trailer for Future Man and my name being used in the show I thought I was either dreaming or someone was pranking me (perhaps it was some new advertising tech that inserted the viewer’s name into the video somehow?). Not the case. I neeeeeed to know: what is the origin of coming up with the name Elias Kronish? The fact that you have both said my name out loud is still mind blowing to me.

SethAndEvan68 karma

It was just a cool name that was also clearable! You submit names sometimes and they say you can't use it for one reason or another and of the names we liked most this one stuck!

mrrobledo1232 karma

Hey Seth & Evan! Are you interested in doing This is the End 2? Haha, cheers guys!

SethAndEvan151 karma

I don't think we'll be doing that! Our ending is pretty final. We can't top the backstreet boys.

Dunk097329 karma

Favorite movie this year besides Disaster Artist?

SethAndEvan97 karma

Thor:Ragnorak! Granted, I haven't seen it yet, but I think I'm gonna like it.

Kenyag1226 karma

What should I watch on Netflix?

SethAndEvan104 karma

I don't know which of our things is on netflix, but watch those!

elmatador1224 karma

Hey, so in the pilot episode of Future Man, is the line "Time out stop the bike" a call back to Terminator 2?

Follow up, how many times is too many times for watching T2?

SethAndEvan39 karma

it sure as fuck is.

Charpybro15 karma

Hi guys, huge fan.

I grew up sneaking into your movies (Superbad, Pinapple Express) and you guys pretty much shaped my sense of humor. Now I am attending Vancouver Film School to become a film maker so my question is, how do you feel that your films have inspired future film makers?

SethAndEvan39 karma

Love to hear people are diving into it! Making movies is fun! Writing is the jam! DO IIIIITTTT!!!!

tisha31915 karma

Hey guys! Big fan of This is the End and now of Futureman! Love it so so much and I'm cackling, yes cackling, every episode so far. I've just finished episode 7 so I have a few more left. Question: have you started talking to Hulu about season 2? Any news?

SethAndEvan20 karma

fingers crossed!

karaokekyle14 karma

Favorite Freaks and Geeks scene to film?

SethAndEvan29 karma

Lady L

mplv7714 karma

Favorite movie? Guilty pleasure?

SethAndEvan26 karma

you've got mail

J_A_Prufrock514 karma

What were your favorite movies to work on?

SethAndEvan48 karma

I loved most of them but superbad, This is the end, and Sausage Party were awesome.

zddlg13 karma

James Franco or Dave Franco?

SethAndEvan58 karma

Thanks to The Disaster Artist, you don't have to choose!

noahhhh5213 karma

What did you have more fun making, This is the End or The Disaster Artist?

SethAndEvan70 karma

Probably this is the end. it just felt special because ALL of our friends were in it.

Mango_Fett6 karma

WHAT'S UPPPP GUYS! Love your shit! You guys look like you have the best time on your sets. Can you tell me you love me?

SethAndEvan16 karma


jaydb955 karma

Hey Seth and Evan,

Love all your movies! What was it like working with such a huge cast (who are also your friends) for This is the End? Would that be something you guys would consider doing again for a sequel or similar film?

Also can't wait to watch Future Man and The Disaster Artist!

Edit: Forgot to add that your Superbad anniversary trivia this year was really interesting so thanks for that too!

SethAndEvan10 karma

It was super tricky to work with that many friends at the same time as our directorial debut, but ultimately that's why it was a good movie so we regret nothing!

tomicompu3 karma

Also, what are some of your favourite albums of the year so far?

SethAndEvan13 karma

I love the new Robert Plant, Chance the Rapper!

Bisessar32 karma

What else do you guys think you would be doing If you never got into the entertainment business?

SethAndEvan3 karma

I'd be a history teacher. Love history. And always writing fiction, if I was getting paid or not.