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Yoda77775 karma

What is your favorite villain from the flash so far?

VibeCatcher145 karma

Season 1 Reverse Flash fo sho. I loved how conflicting it was for the audience & for Barry.. to both love & hate the character.

VibeCatcher65 karma

Alright guys thank you so much! That was pretty fun. I know I missed a lot of you, but I won't be a stranger. Big Love <3


TheFlash94761 karma

Greatest moment of your life so far?

Is there a secret Arrowverse actors group chat ?

Apart from Candice who are you closest to on the Flash?

VibeCatcher89 karma

Greatest moment of my life was in May. A little hard to explain on here.. but it's the reason I wear a key all the time. I unlocked.. myself? haha

ffsGeorge61 karma

What’s your favourite video game or video game series Keiynan?

VibeCatcher201 karma

Final Fantasy / Kingdom hearts :)))

TheotherBelcherkid46 karma

Hey 🔑! Being a part of the entertainment business requires you to have thick skin, how do you personally deal with rejection (auditions or even ideas you have when it comes to your music)?

VibeCatcher51 karma

It's been a process, but I'm pretty used to rejection... and I guess I don't really see them as rejections anymore. I choose to expect nothing, I don't set my hopes high or low, I just do my work, my music, or the audition, and then focus on enjoying my life whether I get the next job or not.

Like with music, I've been writing/recording for almost 10 years.. and it's only now that things are starting to take off. I'm thankful for all the heartbreaks along the way, they've made me who I am.. and they've taught me how to be the artist I've dreamed of being. (Can't wait to show you all what's next hehe)

magikarpcatcher42 karma

What's going on with Wally's hair?

VibeCatcher99 karma

a lot

brukemammo39 karma

If you could be any superhero, would a Flash have been your pick? If not, who?

VibeCatcher75 karma

Hmmm.. Actually yes! I think Flash is one of the coolest if not the coolest super hero.. his powers go beyond strength, they're kind of limitless ( i think) and they could be used in such terrible ways, so it takes someone with the best heart to use them wisely

okaykeiynan38 karma

What was your favorite part about playing Wally? What changes do you wanna see in Wally when he comes back?

VibeCatcher85 karma

I wanna see him be everything he already is but doesn't get to show. 🙊

malecsangel36 karma

What has been the most valuable lesson of 2017 for you?

VibeCatcher54 karma

Definitely to love myself, like love my actual soul and everything around it. I highly recommend it for everyone, makes life much more chill

andreszulaino35 karma

Where has been your favorite place to visit?

VibeCatcher59 karma

Went to Japan a couple months back. Definitely my favourite!! Can't wait to go back.. The culture is rich, the people are grateful, the fashion is soooooo dope. And of course the food.

Chtorrr33 karma

What is the very best dessert?

VibeCatcher68 karma

It's chocolate, any kind of chocolate, & if anyone disagrees we gonna have to fight

ajacosta4123 karma

I absolutely adore everything you do. I can feel your positivity coming off in waves 😊 my question is, how do you cope with the bad days. Are they easy to get over? Is there a special “ritual” you do? Or maybe you don’t know?

VibeCatcher37 karma

Hey hey <3

Yeh this year I've definitely learned a lot of ways to find joy in most of my days, but I can still have days/weeks/months of being totally off... Because I know such joy, I also know the opposite.. but now instead of being sad because of bad days, I decide to enjoy the feelings of anxiety/insecurity/doubts/fear... because they ALWAYS teach me something, & help me progress in a way that I wouldn't if I was just happy all the time.

I realised, during periods of time where I've felt absolute nothingness, just how lucky we are to be able to feel emotion.. any emotion.. it's beautiful & special, so we shouldn't try to get rid of the "bad" ones... let them do their job, and you'll find that giving them their space, will actually allow you a lot of clarity. Love you.

okaykeiynan15 karma

Can you give advice on how t come out to my family as bi? its so terrifying and I don't know how I want to do it, I just know I want to.

VibeCatcher24 karma

Follow your heart & your gut. Whenever I came out to anyone it wasn't planned, it just sort of happened because of unexpected events. The fact that you want to, is already beautiful, you don't have to know how you want to do it...

I find it difficult to give proper advice on the matter because everyone's situation is different. But I can say, I'm SO damn excited for you to one day live your life as the full you. Best thing ever xx

BananaBadger15 karma

Whats the story behind the name "Vibe Catcher"?, seen you calling yourself that a few times now

VibeCatcher25 karma

I view life/people as magic energy. Little vibes haha. And as people, we are always receiving someone else's vibes, and we react accordingly.

I figured out that it didn't matter what kind of energy or vibe someone threw at me (ie really negative ones), I still get to decide what I do with that little vibe, I have the ability to turn it into something cool and beautiful. Energy is contagious, so I choose to send out the good stuff.

Everyone's a Vibe Catcher if they choose to be x

UnAwkwardMango11 karma

Is there any knowledge/Life Lessons you could impart on us?

VibeCatcher17 karma

Life is a big computer / dream / fantasy / movie / video game.

Which means, to me, that we may as well create a world of freedom, love, equality, magic, exploration, fun, laughs, adventures, lessons.

Humanity has spent so long separating themselves from one another, just from fear of the unknown. What if we decided that "the unknown" was in fact, the coolest story of all time..

? xx

_emordnilaP10 karma

If you could see any live concert, from any time period, which one would you want to see?

VibeCatcher20 karma

Any Michael Jackson concert

hoh219 karma

How do you stay motivated and keep your creativity flowing?

VibeCatcher15 karma

When I don't feel motivated or creative, I HAVE to go travel (even if it's like a road trip), or I go hang with friends... or a music festival etc.

We've been taught wrong, we've been taught that we just have to work hard and keep our heads down... but how are we supposed to see things clearly if our heads are down the whole time?

Having fun, letting go, breathing, laughing, learning... all of those things are essential to keeping things flowing.

AlexRaines9 karma

Hey Keiynan! As you are a longtime Final Fantasy fan, I was wondering who your favorite FF character is and why?

Thanks for doing this! You’re a great Wally West!

VibeCatcher18 karma

Tidus from FFX. Because we found out he was a dream.. but does that mean he's not real? It opens up questions on what real even means..

And watching him deal with that knowledge is cool.

I'm actually replaying that one right now.. because I think it is very relevant for our "reality" x

okaykeiynan8 karma

Do you have any music suggestions?

VibeCatcher9 karma

Sabrina Claudio's album "About Time"

hoh217 karma

What music do you listen to to get you out of a funk?

VibeCatcher8 karma

It depends, I thought that I'd only need happy music to get me out of a funk.. cause that works a lot.. But I was wrong. I realised that sometimes it's angry/somber stuff that works for me. That's the beauty of music though, it's all different, and it's there for you to discover what connects with you in that moment.

Yoursaname6 karma

What's the most slippery vibe you've caught?

VibeCatcher9 karma

ha. The fear vibe is pretty slippery, it causes people to be bullies & abuse any power they can grasp onto.. BUT I like a challenge. You win some you lose some.

alissaaaaa6 karma

hi i love u also whats ur favorite song that u have released ? :’)

VibeCatcher6 karma

Honestly love em all! They each reflect a different time period for me.. But if I had to choose I would say Good Life, because of the meaning... it was me projecting a world I think we can all have.. one day... but we gotta help each other with that