Hey, it's Adam Goldberg (Saving Private Ryan, 2 Days in Paris, Fargo FX, etc), writer director of I Love Your Work, No Way Jose, analog photographer, maker of Goldberg Sisters LPs.

Jon Kesselman is the writer/director of 2003's Jewxploitation comedy The Hebrew Hammer. Wait, I was in that. So weird. Anyway, he and I are currently crowdsourcing the living shit out of the long awaited sequel, The Hebrew Hammer vs. Hitler. You can invest in the film via new fangled fancy shamncy equity crowdsourcing site Microventures or support the film via old timey but still hep Indiegogo. Indiegogo is a landing page presently as we haven't officially launched that part of the campaign, but you can sign up and we'll update you in a few days when the page is ready for public consumption.

Anyhoo, ask us shit.




(Jon says bye too and also shabbat shalom motherfuckers as well)

gracias, ag

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Psloveblog350 karma

I see you both wrote “Saturday the 12th” on your signs in the photos above. Google is quite insistent that today is Saturday the 11th. So, which one of you is the cheater that copied the other’s work?

MrAdamGoldberg782 karma

I have no mind of my own. Jon did his photo first. So I'm the plagiarist but he's the idiot.

lucusmarcus250 karma

WTF is going on in hollywood?

MrAdamGoldberg718 karma

It's a shitshow. The only ones left standing will be hanks, spielberg, a lot of woman, and me and jon. Well, me anyway.

pork_king204 karma

u/MrAdamGoldberg, how close is your real laugh to the laugh of Eddie, Chandler's psychotic roommate on "Friends"?

MrAdamGoldberg276 karma

It is my father's laugh. Exactly.

-Vinushka-197 karma

What was the most fun you had making the Goldbergs?

MrAdamGoldberg269 karma

Not making it.

jingletard115 karma

You attract an unusually large amount of idiots on twitter, Mr Goldberg. It seems like every other day you're arguing with some antisemitic dipshit. Do you believe you excrete some kind of pheromone which is attracting these people to your twitter account?

Also, if you were a 4chan board, which 4chan board would you be and why?

Edit: One more question. Any interesting Christopher Walken stories to tell from The Prophecy? You have to have something good, right?

MrAdamGoldberg202 karma

Honestly the trolling only gets bad when someone like Michael Ian Black or Sarah Silverman RT me. Some of their mentions are fucking disgusting. If I had a 4 chan board it would be, "It's Okay to be White, but it's not Okay to be a Stupid Fascist Piece of Shit"

MrAdamGoldberg152 karma

PS: I think one of my trolls, @kikesrapekids, just got suspended as we were talking.

MrAdamGoldberg55 karma

Yes. Quite a few.

SepDot112 karma

Adam, your death in Saving Private Ryan to me was probably one of the most gut wrenching scene the movie. Mad props on that one, it still gives me the willies now.

What was it like working on that film? Any favourite stories?

Also, I’m coming to LA all the way from Aussie at the start of December. Wanna hang?

MrAdamGoldberg133 karma

Thank you. That scene was definitely a highlight both as a human and an actor. It was just very sort of cathartic in some way and also a great scene to play as an actor. Probably one of the most draining days of my life and certainly of that shoot, which to this day is the most draining and intense filming experience I've had. I'll be in Toronto when you're in L.A. Please start my car for me, it's been in my driveway for months Thanks!

Floyd31496 karma

Do you still wanna dance?

jkess1974105 karma

Always, although I'm pretty sure that question was for me

MrAdamGoldberg82 karma

oh yeah, sorry Jon.

MrAdamGoldberg86 karma

not really.

fuzzy_winkerbean93 karma

You gonna let me be in your new movie or what?

MrAdamGoldberg140 karma

Sure, how much money do you have?

fuzzy_winkerbean159 karma

Enough. And absolutely no one can accuse me of rape. Deal?

MrAdamGoldberg174 karma

You're hired.

TractorGeek59 karma

Adam, what is your favorite memory of making Hebrew Hammer? That was so great!

MrAdamGoldberg84 karma

Lots of good ones. I love working with Judy, so all that stuff was a hoot. My apartment in the movie is in this great building in DUMBO/Brooklyn, that was a huge long day, but remember having a blast, particularly doing my seduction boogie for Esther. Also I was younger then, and often hungover, so I recall hairs of the dog being furtively delivered to me. Did you know that Jon?

chimpomatic500038 karma

Adam, I remember seeing you in Dazed and Confused in the early 90s, then was thrilled when you got a mainstream recurring role on Friends.

What do you personally consider your big break in the business, or the moment you realized you made it?

MrAdamGoldberg79 karma

I'll let you know when it happens. ; )
There's been ebbs and flows but basically have consistently worked since Dazed. I definitely have a career as a character actor which has it's ups and downs, but I think in many ways is far more predictable a life than that of "leading man," etc. I suppose Private Ryan helped a lot, but honestly things have been pretty much the same for a long time with some higher highs and lower lows than other times but I just keep chugging, and it allows me to do music, make films, photos, other things which deeply fulfill me.

TheQueitWolf33 karma

Hi Adam,

How was it working on Fargo? First season was seriously awesome, you and Russel Harvard were great together.

Also how was Martin Freeman, dude seems like such a nice guy.

MrAdamGoldberg3 karma

I loved working on that. Well, actually I was miserable. It was painful cold and I was editing a movie in my hotel I just literally finished directing days before we began shooting, and the sign language stuff was super daunting. That said! it was super satisfying work. I loved everybody I worked with. Russell was great and so helpful to me with the ASL stuff. We kind of had each other's backs. Martin was great, super nice like you say. And Billie Bob fucking hilarious.

Titleisthetitle30 karma

When will you be making that movie with Maron?

MrAdamGoldberg46 karma

Probably when we're too old to make it. We have like 8 ideas. We'll see.

Metelyx24 karma

Adam, why does your picture look like you're melting into the couch? Did you smoke the devil's lettuce before posing?

MrAdamGoldberg40 karma

I was in bed with a migraine.

WhiskeySeven21 karma

Adam can you tell us something about the making of Dazed and Confused that we might've not known about?

MrAdamGoldberg45 karma

I wrote a song with Jason Lee who was Marisa Ribisi's boyfriend at the time, about Chuck Woolrey, who just tweeted at the other day incidentally for being a fascist prick.

WhiskeySeven15 karma

Woolery is a fucking ghoul - hope the song fit his character.

Is it true the ending of the film had to be re-done? I always thought it was, in many ways, a perfect movie. The dialogue is so on point. Did you folks feel like you had something special when it was shooting?

What do you make of Linklater's work? Did you see Everybody Wants Some?

MrAdamGoldberg44 karma

I don't think it had to be reshot per se. The not Slater stoner guy got let go I think and his girlfriend Milla left with him and the role was sort of divvied up between Rory and Matthew. Yes we knew it was special but didn't know how it would do-- which wasn't very well. Terrible marketing and release. But we know Rick was special and the pedigree of the producers and Don the casting director, and all the special kids they cast. I love Rick. I love his work. He's one of kind. He was very mentory for me when I was making my first film, "Scotch and Milk." In fact he was in it. I saw Everybody Wants Some at cast and crew screening. It was very difficult to be objective. I think Boyhood is a masterpiece.

worthofhowlandreed21 karma

What was it like on the set of friends Adam ? What were the relationships of main characters with each other offscreen like?

If you had to make a pitch for watching your favourite movie, what would it be?

MrAdamGoldberg41 karma

Everyone was super cool and welcoming. It was quite a lot of fun. Would talk the Matts out to my favorite bars after we'd tape. I actually told my agent no when the offer came in, cause I was a snobby douche, but my agent said "No way, no." So I did it and glad I did, though that character will haunt me forever no matter what else I do with my life. Favorite films? Too many to mention. Double Indemnity Lost Highway Woman Under the Influence Breathless Citizen Kane Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice Shampoo All the Presidents Men Bad Timing: A Sensual Obsession On the Waterfront Giant Modern Romance I literally could go on for ever.

Spiralbones16 karma

Harold Perinneau said he wants to make an Unusuals spinoff with you... thoughts?

MrAdamGoldberg28 karma

Literally nothing would make me happier. Except maybe if I were younger. And a different person. I love Harold and loved that role. (actually was offered his role and asked to play Delahoy instead)

eastriverdriveII16 karma

Adam, was it hard to take Michael Rappaport seriously as a skinhead in higher learning since he's a jew from manhattan? Also guys, write a part for natasha lyonne...I love her.

MrAdamGoldberg20 karma

Well I knew Michael for years already, he and I were repped by the same agent who started out as an actor in my acting class. I was actually really blown away by him and how far into that role he disappeared. Natasha huh? Well we haven't talked that much since we split up in 2001, but yeah, she's pretty damn good. Maybe I'll tweet her.

greentide0089 karma

How long did it take you to be able to act full-time after you got your first role in Mr. Saturday Night? How struggly was that time?

MrAdamGoldberg20 karma

The first year and half I suppose were the most struggly. But even after Dazed I had to do, i.e. a day on Son In Law (my voice is dubbed in it)... It's always struggly, but coincidentally around Dazed I started working more, doing lots of tv stuff.

-Vinushka-9 karma

What was the most fun you had filming saving privare Ryan?

MrAdamGoldberg29 karma

It was grueling so I'm not sure it was ever fun per se. The day that felt the most satisfying and cathartic in many ways was the death scene.

VDOVault9 karma

Please tell me about working on The Salton Sea...was everyone as cool as they seem?

MrAdamGoldberg14 karma

I became friends with Val, but really only much later on Deja Vu. I became friends with Shalom and put her in my movie "I Love Your Work." but became friends with her much later, on How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Peter was great and we hung out here and there over the years. It was cool for sure. I dug that role and got very into it, lots of documentaries, visited NA meetings, etc.

VDOVault3 karma

No cool Vincent D'Onofrio stories?!?

MrAdamGoldberg11 karma

Didn't work with him. We became pals on Law and Order CI. Hilarious, only really hung out with these guys years later on other things. (I didn't work more than a couple days on that film)

Sandyjello8 karma

Have you checked out el Catrin in Toronto? If not and you like Mexican, then you should.

MrAdamGoldberg25 karma

Will give it a try. I'm from LA, so I drive a hard bargain when it comes to Mexican. Will let you know.

bobn1186 karma

Adam why are you in Zodiac for only one scene? Was there scenes on the cutting room floor?

MrAdamGoldberg2 karma

Fincher had offered me the Jared Leto role in Panic Room but I was doing a tv series, and no matter how much I tried to negotiate they couldn't make it work. It broke my heart. I revered Fincher. When Zodiac was casting I was doing another tv series but I asked my agent to call and say I'd do anything, literally craft service. So they said there's a small part, I said I don't care, anything. Truth is I never read the script until about a week before, and I was like, shit, they weren't kidding, that's a small part. But again, Fincher, so even a small part takes like 5 days on his sets. But yes I think one scene was cut or truncated.

BryceLikesMovies6 karma

Adam, what's your favorite film stock?

MrAdamGoldberg12 karma

No doubt it's cinestill 800t these days.

HordeOfTheDance5 karma

Adam, how did you end up in EdTV twice?

MrAdamGoldberg8 karma

Please explain.

HordeOfTheDance6 karma

quick Google later

I have been under a misapprehension for many years! Sorry for wasting your time and causing you 3 seconds of mild confusion.

MrAdamGoldberg17 karma

HA! that's hilarious.

SeventhPostman4 karma

How's the troll/Nazi podcast coming? Have you done any interviews?

MrAdamGoldberg15 karma

Just been DM-ing with people. When I have a few days off in about 10 days I'll start having conversations.

greentide0084 karma

What's the weirdest thing about being famous?

jkess197416 karma

I wouldn't know. Adam?

MrAdamGoldberg41 karma

I wouldn't really know either. I made a film called "I Love Your Work," which is about basically if a guy like me --but even more self conscious and paranoid -- was really really famous. It was inspired by living in New York and never being sure if people were looking at me because I was an actor, an asshole, or not at all. I'm about as famous as I can psychologically handle.

GodPowardKingOfLies4 karma

What process did you go through casting your younger self on the Goldbergs?

MrAdamGoldberg7 karma

If it were my show I would've cast a young brad pitt.

cjc0233 karma

I'm watching Saving Private Ryan right now on Spike. You were great, what is your most impactful memory about filming that movie?

MrAdamGoldberg2 karma

Without question the death scene, which as exhausting and taxing as it was to shot was sort of euphorically cathartic in a way-- both as a persona and an actor. Much of that film was incredibly moving and powerful to work on.

MFKontrast3 karma

Would you be seeking to cast any larger names in the Hebrew Hammer vs. Hitler aside from Adam and Judy?

jkess19748 karma

We want the best, funniest actors for each part. I also love 'The History Of The World' model, in which tons of really funny comedians and comic actors come in and day play. So ... yeah.

MrAdamGoldberg7 karma

which is why Jon isn't casting me.


favourite midnight snack?

MrAdamGoldberg19 karma

black chewy licorice from this place downstairs where i'm staying in toronto right now. I can't stop eating it. I'm eating it now. It's all I think about.

demandred_zero2 karma

When is Hebrew Hammer 2 coming out? Also you were great in Prophecy, Adam.

MrAdamGoldberg2 karma

Please read bio. That's why we're here, trying to gin up support for the sequel. Thanks, The Prophecy was wild. Be well.

Misfits_Jordan2 karma

@Adam If you could portray anyone's life story in a movie who would it be?

MrAdamGoldberg3 karma

I was just thinking about Leonard Cohen, long time ago was asked to play him in a small film; also Allen Ginsberg, which I was gonna play in a small film also years ago, but dropped out. Hmmmm who else.....I don't know, I think more about movies I'd like to write rather than who I'd like to play, but every once in a while something will come up and I'll be like , shit I'd like to play/have played that guy. Lenny Bruce, ha another thing I dropped out of, to do this cross country cabaret tour as him.

BLOOOR2 karma

I've always loved the score to "I Love Your Work" but I've never been able to find it to buy or even listen to (divorced of the film).

Is the music available anywhere?

MrAdamGoldberg3 karma

Thank you so much. I'm super fond of it. Made it with Steven Drozd from the Flaming Lips. The release of the film was a bit of a nightmare story, but the long and short of is I'm not entirely sure who owns the music--Steven and I--or the defunct film company. All I have are some rough stereo mixes. I don't have the sessions. Steven and I did go on to collaborate on my first (LANDy) album, on three songs. I might just post the rough ILYW mixes to Soundcloud at some point. Thanks again.

chowchowcatchow2 karma

I have a question for Adam--

I really appreciated you talking about your anxiety issues when you guested on Marc Maron's WTF and Steve Agee Uhhh podcasts.

My question is about that-- I have super similar issues to you, and I was wondering what worked best for you to become a functioning human, and not an agoraphobic anxious mess?

Thanks if you have the chance to answer, and for talking so openly about these kind of issues! Hearing someone I admire discuss mental health really makes me feel less weird about it.

MrAdamGoldberg3 karma

Wow. I do a lot. Yoga. Meditate. CBT therapy. And recently got back on Prozac after years of being off any SSRIs, etc. I've spent the last year really kicking it into high gear. I've thought about getting out of the performance game for a long time (to pursue my other interests but also) because it's such a ridiculously high stress environment to have anxiety issues. But I guess I'd say, seek out those you can talk openly with, and if you can't afford therapy, pick up some CBT books. And mediate. Everyday. No matter what. It will take some time, but it will seep in. I do mindfulness, but I hear TM is a quicker "fix." Best to you my friend.

Psloveblog2 karma

Do you guys have certain actors in mind for this sequel? Who gets to play Hitler?

jkess197423 karma

We're out to Steve Bannon for Hitler. His agent's kind of a prick.

MrAdamGoldberg24 karma

I think Bannon's agent is more right for it.

ludlow900262 karma

What are you eating right now?

jkess19745 karma


MrAdamGoldberg6 karma

chewy licorice, Please see prior question, I go into great detail,

Malstrum2 karma

Hey Adam, I loved you in Fargo. Wrench and Numbers are by far my favourite. Did you know any ASL prior to the show? And I noticed that Numbers has a tattoo -- what was the meaning behind it, if there was any!?

MrAdamGoldberg2 karma

Thanks so much. I didn't. In fact I was directing a movie in which I was in every scene, wrapping just days prior to my first Fargo scene, the one where we talk about the library. I knew nothing, and on my days off from the film, Catherine, the ASL coach, would come over and try and teach me basics, but I was so dog tired I could barely focus. I told Noah and others I wasn't sure I could do this , that maybe I had bitten off more than I could chew, and didn't want to disrespect speaker of ASL and generally give a a shitty performance, But Noah said "just get through thursday's scene and you have a couple weeks to work on the rest." Needless to say I'm glad I stuck with it. Catherine and Russell were invaluable in helping me through the whole process. To be honest, I can't remember the tattoo and remember that they were having a hard time seeing it i the shot in which it was meant to be revealed so they kind of bagged it though I guess I still had it applied in other scenes. I can't remember if my real tattoos are shown in it.

MFKontrast2 karma

Outside of the crowd-sourcing do you have outside interest and financing?

MrAdamGoldberg10 karma

First money in is always the hardest. So we wanted to start with that and engage with fans before we reaching out to financiers.

LizardOrgMember52 karma

The only movie I watched that you starred in was Stay Alive. When I was a kid, I thought the idea of a horror movie about haunted video game sounded cool. Looking back then it was a silly movie but it had a unique concept. I wish someone remade it and push the movie to its full potential.

Of all the film directors you worked with, which one you had a great time with and hoped to work with again?

MrAdamGoldberg11 karma

spielberg, finches, linklater, ron howard, and jon obviously.

MrAdamGoldberg10 karma

oh and tony scott....RIP.

yobotomy2 karma

Of anyone in hollywood, who would you choose to be your shabbos goy?

MrAdamGoldberg5 karma

Jon just had to explain that to me. Michael Bay.

Camsy342 karma

Have you ever felt totally out of control on a set before?

MrAdamGoldberg9 karma

Me? Mainly. yes.

greentide0082 karma

Adam- do you have lucid dreams, and if so, what did you do in your last one?

MrAdamGoldberg21 karma

I have hypnogogic hallucinatory dreams, in which I'm paralyzed, being drilled into the bed, then learned to transform them into "out of body" experiences, floating over myself,, around the room, etc. Thanks for your call.

EzraCy1232 karma

Any words of wisdom / comedy from you guys about politics / DC / the current presidential administration?

MrAdamGoldberg2 karma

Check out our campaign video for the film. It's probably more succinct that I can be in this space.

mythicalkiwi2 karma

How cool was the set on fargo?

MrAdamGoldberg2 karma

Freezing. -30F. Oh yeah and I dug everyone a lot too.

kitkat900092 karma

Was the whole Hollywood assault scandal really “the secret that everyone knew” or did you guys really not know anything? Had you ever heard any stories from people about certain producers/actors/directors?

MrAdamGoldberg2 karma

Yeah I had heard explicitly about Weinstein, the whole thing, the bathrobe, etc, years ago. But it was second hand. And I myself have had girlfriends harassed by producers. Quite emasculating when you can't confront them because it will fuck up your girlfriend's career or they think it will, etc. It's all such a mess. The whole town. This has been going on since the dawn of Hollywood. And every industry for that matter. It's just more public in the case of Hollywood. I know very few women who haven't been either sexually assaulted or made to feel very uncomfortable.

bymx1 karma

favourite ice-cream flavours?

MrAdamGoldberg5 karma

Citizen Kane.

jkess19743 karma

Vanilla. I'm fairly vanilla.

MrAdamGoldberg4 karma

Vanilla Sky?

jkess19743 karma

Milli Vanilla-i

MrAdamGoldberg5 karma

Milla Jovavich.