Thank you for all the questions!!! I've got to go! GOODBYE and THANK YOU!!!I found my footing in the snow at age two—on a pair of skis. It took a princess-pink snowboard to convince me to make the swap from two sticks to one when I turned six, and I've been on a streak ever since. At 16 , I am one of the youngest females leading the charge for women on the halfpipe, scoring a spot on the podium at some of the country’s most prestigious competitions for the last two years, including the third-place prize at the U.S. Grand Prix of snowboarding in Mammoth. I love to surf and spend time outdoors. I am currently training for a spot on TEAM USA for the Winter Olympic Games. AMA!

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watergate_198328 karma

if you could ski bum in any town in the world, which would it be?

Maddie_Mastro31 karma

Mammoth for sure!

Maddie_Mastro22 karma

Thank you for all the questions I've got to run! Goodbyyyyeeeee and thankkkkk youuuuu! Mic drop.

travelgalhere21 karma

Favorite mountain? Thanks for answering.

Maddie_Mastro60 karma

My favorite mountain is Mammoth Mountain!

Mariokartfever17 karma

What are you feelings on downhill combat snowboarding?

Should it be an Olympic sport?

Maddie_Mastro18 karma

Hmm, I've never heard of downhill combat snowboarding. It sounds like it would be fun.

Down_it_up15 karma

3 favorite girl snowboarders?

Maddie_Mastro20 karma

I would say, Kimmy Fasani, Torah Bright, and Hailey Langland are 3 of my favorites!

xnodesirex14 karma

IF the moon was made of swiss cheese, would you eat it?

Maddie_Mastro24 karma

Maybe not the whole thing, but I'd have bite or two.

smastro2013 karma

Good luck Maddie we've been rooting for your Olympics debut and always knew you'd get there.

If you weren't snowboarding what ould your life consist of instead?

Maddie_Mastro22 karma

Thank you! If I wasn't snowboarding I'd probably being playing soccer and finishing my senior year in traditional high school.

Lvaughan10 karma

What do you think of the Disney movie cloud nine? Will you be attempting a Cloud Nine at the Olympics? Also who's a better skier me or you boyfriend?

Maddie_Mastro8 karma

I loved it, great movie. I watch it all the time. I'm not sure what a cloud nine is but I'll try it! And its a tie. Both equal in my book.

katehawks10 karma

Do you have dogs? What kind? Good luck!!!!

Maddie_Mastro11 karma

I have 3 awesome dogs! They are all rescues, one of them was a stray, one was from the pound, and one was from a rescue group. They all have a little bit of everything in them!

Sarcastic_Santa5 karma

Who are your favourite skiers?

Maddie_Mastro6 karma

Favorite skiers Miguel Porteous and Lennon Vaughan

Maddie_Mastro5 karma

and Carly Margulies she's a lady boss

sandyhope5 karma

How do you choose your board length?

Maddie_Mastro9 karma

I choose my board length based on my height and what terrain I want to ride it in.

lurking_digger3 karma

Hey, what tips would take from a skiier who's had shoulder rotator cuff surgery?

Maddie_Mastro7 karma

My tips would be work hard and rehab! You'll be back before you know it!

AlexGianakakis3 karma

What's your favourite song to cruise to on the mountain?

Maddie_Mastro23 karma

My favorite song to cruise to on the mountain is probably Mr. Blue Sky by elective lights orchestra or Cigarette Daydreams by cage the elephant

Autistic-Ken-M3 karma

Who do you look up to in snowboarding?

Maddie_Mastro6 karma

I look up to a lot of my friends, they inspire me every day. Hailey Langland, Torah Bright, Chase Josey are few that I look up to.

BigPhet3 karma

What's your favorite snowboarding movie? Also what tunes do you enjoy listening to when you board?

Maddie_Mastro4 karma

I have a lot of favorite snowboard movies, but 2 of my very favorites are Labor of Love and Fullmoon ! both are all girls movies! I listen everything when I snowboard, anything that I can sing along to!

Chtorrr3 karma

What is the very best dessert?

Maddie_Mastro6 karma

Crepes or cannolis !

heartbraden2 karma

Do you ever ride in the backcountry or do big mountain type stuff? Do you enjoy riding the halfpipe as much as powder or trees or natural terrain?

Maddie_Mastro6 karma

I do ride backcountry and I'm wanting get more into it! I really love learning about the backcountry and being able to take a step away from the park. Both backcountry and halfpipe give me the same adrenaline rush and excitement just in different ways. I enjoy them the same amount!

cyrogem2 karma

You enter a sandwich shop where you can make any sandwich. What is your sandwich you create?

Maddie_Mastro1 karma

Pizza sandwich , so I guess a calzone??

Chtorrr2 karma

How did you first get into snowboarding?

Maddie_Mastro5 karma

I got into snowboarding when I was 6 to 7. I switched from skiing which I had been doing since I was 2 years old. After trying snowboarding a few times I fell in love with it. My dad taught me how to snowboard and both my brother and mom learned already. My parents then bought me my first snowboard which was an all pink board and it made me even more in love with snowboarding.

Alexjessa0203082 karma

Who is your female rolemodel? Does Kelly help ya'll out? Male rolemodel? Thanks for the AMA

Maddie_Mastro3 karma

I have a lot different female role models, when it comes to snowboarding I would say Kimmy Fasani is a big role model in my snowboarding. Kelly is also an amazing role model for me. She is always support and is very kind to me. A male role model its hard to say, there are so many for me!

drinkbodyarmor2 karma

Before you compete or train, what is your go to meal?

Maddie_Mastro6 karma

Either oatmeal or breakfast burritos !

bkeck_022 karma

Hi. Good luck! Was there a certain trick you remember landing for the first time that made you think you were ready to compete? Thanks!

Maddie_Mastro5 karma

Thank you! I don't really remember a certain trick, for me it was an overall feeling. I remember just feeling confident in all my tricks and my halfpipe run which made me feel ready and confident to compete.

EarlyHemisphere2 karma

How much time do you spend training vs free time? What do you do in your free time?

Good luck! Hope everything goes well for you.

Maddie_Mastro11 karma

I spend probably spend 5-6 days on snow every week training or competing. I ride from typically 8 or 9 am to 2 pm ish for training. I try to balance my free time and training time the best I can, it can be tricky I tend to spend a lot of time traveling, and chasing winter around. In my free time I work out, enjoy time with friends and family, hang out with my dogs, take photos, play ukulele. The list goes on and on.

Coryflrrr2 karma

I'm sure you'll inspire many. Who was your inspiration? Were you a kelly Clark fan?

Maddie_Mastro3 karma

Kelly was a big inspiration of mine growing up, I also looked up to Torah Bright, Erin Comstock, and Kjersti Buaas!

momm32 karma

How did you train to do your first inverted tricks?

Maddie_Mastro5 karma

There are lots of different ways to train to do inverted tricks like airbags (you land on it) or trampoline training. I learned my first inverted trick by just trying it straight on snow, ahaha. But I have trained on both trampolines and into airbags to learn inverted tricks.

petneato2 karma

Do you still attend a school and or get home schooled on a semi consistent basis?

Maddie_Mastro5 karma

I recently graduated! WHOOWOOO. But I want to public school for as long as could before it became too much then I home schooled for most of my high school years!

ApostleOfArtorias2 karma

Hey Maddie! Just want to say thank you for being an inspiration and wish you luck in the future!

With all the training you do, how is your social life? Do you ever have free time to just spend with friends?

Maddie_Mastro2 karma

thank you!!!! I have a lot of friends with snowboarding so I get to hang with them A LOT.

tunaskin691 karma

Thanks for answering, and good luck! Any advice for new learning snowboarders?

Maddie_Mastro1 karma

Thank you for asking questions! My advice would be keep trying and working hard, I can take a lot to get going sometimes. But its worth it.

Akslon1 karma

Have you ever tought about going to Norway and snowboard?

Maddie_Mastro1 karma

I have actually been able to compete in Norway!! I went to the XGames in Oslo a few years ago! It was amazing x10000000 !

pllsa1 karma

Have you had a coach? If so, how often do you work with your coach?

Maddie_Mastro1 karma

I have had a coach, I've had a few! I currently work with my coaches during training camps and when I'm training. Its hard to say exactly how often, but I work with them a lot.

Galvezsurfer331 karma

So we know you can shred the snow but how about waves?

Also, good luck! USA

Maddie_Mastro2 karma

Hahaha! i love surfing! Not sure if I shred them though! Thank you!

[deleted]1 karma


Maddie_Mastro3 karma

Thank you! I use Billabong outwear, Giro helmet and goggles, and Salomon for boots/bindings/snowboard. They all are really high quality and the gear performs really well with everything I do snowboarding!

young_skeeter1 karma

What are your favourite artists/bands?

Maddie_Mastro1 karma

Fleetwood Mac, miley cyrus are two of my favorites

drinkbodyarmor1 karma

What’s your favorite flavor of BODYARMOR?

Maddie_Mastro1 karma


024chk1 karma

Have you ever boarded in Scotland?

Maddie_Mastro0 karma

I haven’t!

galaxyhop1 karma

What's the biggest practice you would recommend to get a snowboarder to the next level?

Maddie_Mastro2 karma

Snowboard as much as you can and try everything!

Cmargyymarg1 karma

Hey maddie, do you do your own stunts?

Maddie_Mastro0 karma

yes Hahahahhahahahhahahhaha

TylerTodd471 karma

Are yoy wanting to go to college?

Maddie_Mastro2 karma


pllsa1 karma

Congratulations on your success! Where will you be competing this winter, qualifiers, etc.? I'd love to come and watch you practice and compete.

Maddie_Mastro3 karma

Thank you so much! I will be competing at Copper Mountain, Breckenridge, Snowmass (all in Colorado), Mammoth Mountain, CA those are al Olympic Qualifiers! And Vail, CO for the US Open!

Hujopaz1 karma

What’s your favorite trick?

What was the hardest to learn?

Thanks for the AMA, and good luck!

Maddie_Mastro5 karma

My favorite trick is a front 5 in the halfpipe, there so many different and creative ways to do a front 5. I think the hardest to learn would be a inverted switch 7, I remember doing probably 100+ times before I was consistent with them.

ThroneHoldr1 karma

Any tips for beginner snowboarders ?

Maddie_Mastro2 karma

Keep trying and don't give up, its worth it in end!