Hey Reddit, we are Blue Man Group. Ask us anything!


EDIT: The Blue Men have left the building. Reddit, thank you for spending time with us—we'll be back...


And <3<3<3 from our staff, we had a blast.


Proof: What's up, Tuesday?!


Who are the Blue Men? How are their instruments made? Who writes the music? What does it take to become a Blue Man? What is the best tasting color of paint? Boxers? Briefs? Commando!


The Blue Men will answer these questions and more, but in case their responses prompt more questions…we’ve brought along a team to help:


u/BMG-Phil = Phil Stanton (Co-founder, one of the original Blue Men)

u/BMG-Tascha = Tascha Van Auken (Blue Man casting and training)

u/BMG-David = David Bray (Blue Man performer and director)

u/BMG-Jeff = Jeff Turlik (Head of music, composer, and musician)

u/BMG-Bill = Bill Swartz (Creates instruments, designs sets, and can build anything)




u/BMG-Blue-Men = Three Blue Men (Three Blue Men)




Blue Man Group performances are an explosive collision of music, comedy and a whole LOT of color. To date, our award-winning show has rocked the minds and unleashed the spirits of over 35 million people worldwide. Blue Man Group's euphoric celebration appeals to all ages and cultures, so you might even want to bring your parents to the party. (Parent not required for entry)


Blue Man Group has shows in New York, Las Vegas, Boston, Chicago, Orlando, Berlin and a World Tour.


Learn more about Blue Man Group.

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crazylilb8073 karma

Will Tobias ever get his chance again?

THSiGMARotMG7956 karma

Do you paint "other" things blue besides whats visible?

ButYouCanDoJiuJitsu6976 karma

Do you ever engage in promiscuity whilst still in makeup?

Asking for a friend.

pbgamer1235999 karma

Aw no! I'm late to the party... and I know what the blue man group does to late arrivals. Think they'll notice?

BMG-Blue-Men10310 karma

kinkyslinky3869 karma

No one ever writes my name :(

Mlbkid105214 karma

Was it always going to be the Blue Man Group? Was there ever a discussion about being a different color?

PeppersHere4481 karma

Do you remember me from the audience? I was the guy in the 8th row in a sweatshirt a few years ago.

BMG-Jeff5410 karma

That guy! Pants, right?

CosmicJoker964167 karma

Did you enjoy the video you made with the Slow-Mo Guys? You didn't look that happy.

MorphineBear2895 karma

What did you guys do with Gavin Free?

avansbrorson2889 karma

Why are you blue?

SinSmithy2809 karma

How many smurf jokes do you hear on a daily basis?

BMG-Bill2992 karma

First one today....

MattBaster2746 karma

What is the most memorable mishap that has happened on stage?

BMG-David4397 karma

Can we tell poop stories on here?

markusdelarkus2739 karma

Should Pete Rose be in the Hall of Fame?

Mackin-N-Cheese2527 karma

What part of a show do you dread every night because it's uncomfortable, unpleasant, or whatever?

Squeebee0072399 karma

How can we cheer Phil up?

TheCaspica2131 karma

What do you do for fun, outside of BMG?

Bueller9672131 karma

Which one of you hooked up with my friend Amy in Reno like 10 years ago? Or is that one no longer in the group?

erecthammock2044 karma

Can you share an inside joke that you guys have?

LeeMayney1824 karma

What do you guys think of Redman?

JaCoBaLlEn1559 karma

What can you agree on as your favorite soup?

literallynothingleft1401 karma

So I've been dying to know for just about forever, how the hell are your eyes so expressive when performing?

It's almost like watching 6 performers on stage: three bodies and three pairs of eyes.

BMG-Jeff2282 karma

when you don't feed them, their eyes get kinda desperate

Filmguy11221287 karma

If you were to do a Blue Man Group movie....Who would be the lead actor?

W0LF_JK1127 karma

What's the meaning of life?

BetterCallSal1116 karma

Are you still harboring the known criminal George Bluth?

BMG-Jeff1220 karma

Not permitted to say. sorry

JohhnyUhmericun1116 karma

Who is the most vocal of your group?

heyomayo2962 karma

Is Joe Flacco an elite quarterback?

Steven_first956 karma

How did you get to our planet and what do you want from us?

Astralwinks486 karma

I've never seen a BMG show but my dad did in Boston some years ago and was thoroughly impressed. He gave me your CD, I love it. How often do the PVC instruments break? I imagine the really long swoopy whippy poles might break every once in a while.

Who -does- make them?

How long does it take a new Blue Man to get trained in on the different instruments and songs?

Has there/will there ever be a Blue Woman?

Does each group have someone really good at catching marshmallows in their mouth?

Has being in the BMG helped you in dating or other social interactions? Do people respond to it favorably?

Is there an aspect of the show which has helped you develop an odd skill which is useful in everyday life?

shniggy361 karma

Who is taking these photos and how do I get that job?

Gr8Daft345 karma

How do you do your quick changes?

BatgirlPhoenix337 karma

Have you ever considered Blue Man ASMR? Y'all are so good with sounds already, I'm sure you could put something weird and wonderful together.

BMG-Blue-Men606 karma

hecarimstevejobs331 karma

Does the carpet match the drapes??

calvy_cakes244 karma

Do you guys have any other interests, aside from being blue?

OxyNotCotton123 karma

As a current dude going to Clark University. How was y'alls Clark Experience? Currently in class writing this in JC.

tehbantho78 karma

Would you rather fight 1 horse sized blue man or 100 duck sized blue men?

BMG-David81 karma

1 horse for sure. 100 ducks will mess you up!

hsifeulbhsifder15 karma

I just don't get it man. What was the reasoning behind the blue Man group? How did this concept come about?