I’m an actor, writer and pizza enthusiast living in Los Angeles. You can catch me on season three of Crazy-Ex Girlfriend airing tonight at 9/8C! Twitter and Instagram @scottmfoster. #AskMeAnything!

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RBLX_RealCaesar22463 karma

Scott Michael, do you ever pretend to be... Michael Scott?

SMF201750 karma

I definitely quote that show a ton.

dp51743 karma

As someone who has a mental illness, thanks for jumping on my favorite show about dealing with mental illnesses.

The CXG crew has made the past 3 years pretty awesome for me.

How does it feel to know you've helped be a part of something people really gravitate to for something that I feel doesn't get enough recognition in mental illness awareness?

SMF201740 karma

Honestly, I'm learning more about mental illness each day on this show. It's good to be a part of something that helps raise awareness!

stoaway7636 karma

Who is the funiest person on set and why is it Pete Gardner?

Also what is the funniest thing Pete has done?

What song is currently stuck in your head?

SMF201739 karma

Pete definitely has us all in stitches pretty regularly and I don't think I can single out any one funny thing because he's funny ALL THE TIME.

marcelineofooo35 karma

Do you ship Nathaniel with anyone?

Also, we know that Nathaniel identifies as Slytherin but what house do you identify with?

SMF201761 karma

Nathaniel is a complicated character for sure but I think he needs to figure himself out before I start to ship him with anyone. And I'm definitely a Hufflepuff...

thafraz26 karma

What's your favorite Crazy Ex-Girlfriend song that you WEREN'T a part of?

SMF201753 karma

I was sort of a part of "Man Nap" but I wish I could've been on stage in the 80's glam rock get up with the rest of the guys.

SMF201713 karma

I was sort of a part of "Man Nap" but I wish I could've been on stage in the 80's glam rock get up with the rest of the guys.

SMF201726 karma

Thanks for all the great questions! Don't forget to tune in tonight to watch the season premiere of Crazy-Ex Girlfriend on the CW @ 9/8C Bye for now!

Moonshoescamillo23 karma

God I love this show. So much so much so much. I particularly loved the song where all the office people are asking why you were even there!

What do you think is the reason why Nathaniel is drawn to Rebecca?

SMF201738 karma

Great question! I think she provides him some comfort by telling him its ok to have feelings. He's not used to feeling emotions and she brings that out of him.

missglinda21 karma

Hi Scott! Do you or the writers have a backstory for Nathaniel that you can share? I'm very curious to know what happened to Nathaniel (or what you think happened to him) once his father caught him napping!

SMF201734 karma

Let's just say he had a sad childhood :/

darkglitter80220 karma

Great actor!! Loved your work since “Greek” but what has been the character you’ve liked the most playing?

SMF201716 karma

Thank you! They have all been great roles, I couldn't single one out :)

Gabicito0416 karma

Hi, Scott! I love your character in Crazy Ex Girlfriend! My question is: were there any scenes in Season 2 that had to be filmed more than once because you could not stop laughing during filming? 🍿

SMF201726 karma

I definitely lost it a few times doing scenes with Pete.

dp51716 karma

How different is Rebecca Bunch to Rachel Bloom?

SMF201738 karma

Wildly different. While Rachel brings Rebecca to life, she definitely isn't the same person.

a-pizza-and-a-rocket16 karma

What characteristic of Nathaniel's do you relate to the most? The least?

SMF201743 karma

the most: I'd like to say fitness...

the least: probably fitness..

ThatDemiGuy15 karma

Do you have any early memories of acting or writing that made you realize it was what you wanted to do for real?

SMF201723 karma

I would watch movies on the weekends over and over again. I really hated the fact that certain movies were already made and I couldn't be in them!

Miskity18215 karma

Nathaniel seems to be coming around to Rebecca, do you think this is an organic thing (like would the character actually do that) or a plot device?

SMF201721 karma

Oh absolutely! Rebecca brings something out of all the characters on the show and I think they like that about her. It's only natural for Nathaniel to want to understand her.

Miskity18212 karma

Cappie was a character that changed with the shows needs but if you had to give him a hypothetical future, what direction do you see that person going in life?

SMF201719 karma

Running a taco stand on the beach in Spain.

sweetnessanddecency12 karma

If you could make your bway debut in any show, what would it be? Also, if you could play any other Crazy Ex-Girlfriend character which one would it be?

SMF201737 karma

That's a great question.. probably The Last 5 Years since I know it backwards and forwards. But I like so many plays and musicals!

Em002312 karma

Chasing life was my favorite show and I was so sad when Leo died. What did you like most about being a part of that show?

SMF201710 karma

I was happy to be a part of a show that raised cancer awareness. I got to meet some really amazing survivors who watched the show and that meant the world to me.

BecKM9411 karma

Hi Scott! First of all, I wanted to say you're really, really wonderful as Nathaniel on CXG! (Also, "Let's Have Intercourse" was one of my favourites last season, I saw the video of you performing it live and you sound there even better than on the show.) I hope you don't mind if I have three questions at once (It's my very first time on reddit, so I hope that's allowed):

  1. I'm intrigued by that "fun, sexy number" you're doing with White Josh / David in episode 9 - can you maybe tell us more about this? Was it also fun to shoot?

  2. I don't know if you know this super fantastic podcast "Crazy Ex-GirlFans", but they talk at the end always about self-care recommendations (and already had some tips of Erick, Gabrielle, Steve & Rachel), do you also have some self-care tips for yourself/others?

  3. Last one: Is "Dance Captain" Pete still so proud of your dancing skills as in this video on Vincent's Instagram some days ago? ;-)

SMF201717 karma

I think Pete would want me to stay in class.

I'll have to give that podcast listen! Try to get some Vitamin D (sunshine) every day, It will help your mood :)

Can't give too much away about the White josh number but let's just say it will be wild.

dp51711 karma

Do you have any exercises or rituals you have to get in character?

Do you just slip right into it easily?

SMF201717 karma

The writing on this show makes it pretty easy to get into character so I have to credit the writers.

50mmforever10 karma

Hi Scott, huge of Crazy Ex- girlfriend. What's the most outrageous behind-the-scenes thing that's happened to you on the show?

SMF201718 karma

hmmmmm, the show itself is pretty outrageous. Our BTS antics are pretty tame haha

lyonkun9 karma

Hey Scott!

What was the audition process like for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend? Did you have to sing for your audition, and if so, what was it?

Btw, love the show and can’t wait to see it tonight!

SMF201721 karma

Hey thanks! I had to do a scene and sing a song. I sang fly me to the moon by Frank Sinatra.

hummuspie8 karma

What did you like to pretend as a kid?

SMF201715 karma

That I was a rockstar haha

TheFlyInYourBeer8 karma

Favorite song to sing along to in the car?

SMF201717 karma

Mr. Blue Sky

TeamYMD8 karma

Hey Scott! Remember that Virtual Rush contest from the show Greek? I barely do. Anyway, I was one of the winners that got to visit the set. Just wanted to say what's up again!

SMF201710 karma

Hey! That was YEEEEEAAARS ago

emu_warlord8 karma

Who would win in a fight: a Godzilla-sized pug, a million pug-sized Godzillas, or Kevin McCallister from Home Alone?

SMF201715 karma

Kevin, duh.

Jim_the_Anatidae7 karma

Without giving anything away, if it's a spoiler, what's the moment you're most proud of on CXG? Like, a joke that you know you nailed, or a dramatic scene that you're really proud of. If it's still in the future, you can just tell us the episode number. :)

SMF201720 karma

Definitely tune into to episode 9

ashleybah7 karma

Can you tell us anything about an upcoming song for Nathaniel? I can't wait to see what's in store for him this season. :)

SMF201726 karma

Nathaniel has a few songs this season but in episode 3 he has a fun little number that takes place at the zoo. Don't miss it!

admrakbarr6 karma

Hi Scott, my girlfriend and I loved you on Greek and think you're hilarious on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Who do you like playing more, Cappie or Nathaniel? Also, which character would you say you're more like?

SMF20177 karma

Oh gosh, I'm not really like either of them. I bring them to life but they are very different people. And I like playing each of them for different reasons.

CasusBellyBell6 karma

What's the hardest thing you've had to overcome in life?

SMF201711 karma

Rejection. This business is tough and you need thick skin to survive. Learning that lesson was difficult but necessary.

skinasadress5 karma

Bang, marry, kill: Rebecca, Karen, Maya

Unrelated, If it were up to you, what would Nathaniel's outcome be?

SMF201728 karma

Pretty sure I don't want to piss any of these ladies off.

the4thinstrument5 karma

Thank you so much for doing this AMA! I love Crazy Ex Girlfriend, Once Upon A Time, and Greek, so this is super exciting for me!

  1. I must know: why did the Greek reunion movie fall apart? Would you still be up for it?

  2. Cappie, Kristoff, or Nathaniel? Who was the most fun to play?

  3. What's it like working with Rachel Bloom? And fun behind-the-scenes tidbits you can share?

Thanks again, I am eagerly anticipating watching CEG Season 3 live tonight!

SMF20178 karma

  1. I don't really know! I never got all the information.

  2. I can't pick favorites!

  3. Bloom is an amazing talent and I'm very lucky to be working with her.

Lailscail5 karma

If you weren't an actor, what would you be?

SMF20176 karma

Architect was my other dream.

Truelxveskiss5 karma

How about you combine your dreams and write a show about an architect and well play that role yourself!?

SMF201710 karma

I. Must. Write!

chewbecca4154 karma

Do you know your exact time of birth?

SMF201712 karma

8:43am CST

Tifferbean014 karma

I love your character on Crazy Ex girlfriend. How did you prepare for that character compared to the other characters that you have played?

SMF20179 karma

Talking with the writers and Rachel about what they wanted! They write Nathaniel so well they make my job easy.

Lailscail3 karma

Hi Scott. What was your favorite moment on set with Elizabeth Lail?

SMF20175 karma

The trunk scene! we couldn't stop laughing.

maitredestroy3 karma


I thought the scene where Calvin came out to Cappie and Co. in GREEK was very powerful. Did it feel powerful at the time that you were shooting it or was it just another scene?

SMF20178 karma

It's always awesome to deal with great content like that. Knowing that somewhere someone is going through that in real life and might be struggling, it's good to know that you might be helping in a way.

skinasadress3 karma

Do you feel like you could've brought something different to the character Greg?

SMF20175 karma

Haven't ever thought about that..

Truelxveskiss3 karma

Can you recommend me some musicals?

SMF20179 karma

Well, I just saw Hamilton and Dear Evan Hansen on B'way and they were incredible!

sidneyyprescott2 karma

I absolutely adored you on Greek! It’s one of my favorite shows and Cappie was my favorite character. What is your favorite memory from being on set?

SMF20174 karma

Thanks! I have so many but my favorite times were when we were all together in big scenes. Those were the best.

Moonshoescamillo2 karma

What do you think Nathaniel's issues are?

SMF20175 karma

They definitely stem from his parents during childhood.

TysonJacksonTLH1 karma

I've never got to participate in one of these so hey!! Haha. But what was your favorite part of working on Once Upon a Time and as such an iconic character?

SMF20178 karma

It was a lot to live up to for sure. My favorite part was getting to know Georgina and Elizabeth who played Elsa and Anna!

mah_brito1 karma

What is your favorite type of hat?

SMF20179 karma

One that fits.

Truelxveskiss1 karma

Do you believe that everything happens for a reason?

SMF20177 karma

Not really, no. I think we are the masters of our own destiny. But we can learn from our experiences to better prepare us for the future.