Bring it on you nosy bastards.... UPDATE: AS YOU WERE


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natblz4558 karma

Would you sing a song Noel wrote you if he offered it to you for your solo album?

liam-gallagher10742 karma

i think he needs all the songs he can get himself these days

The_Real_Lyla4252 karma

Wil you do this again when ur drunk please?

liam-gallagher5038 karma

of course

DannyBoi1Derz3798 karma

Did you have a bit of a drink before playing with the Foo Fighters the other night?

liam-gallagher4740 karma

What do you reckon?

cjunluck2809 karma

Liam, is Robbie Williams was a type of beer, what would that beer be? As you were lad

liam-gallagher5888 karma

Bud Light

asp8212633 karma

There’s a short recording from 2004 of you singing a song called “Show Me Your Love”. It’s fucking great man. Are you ever going to give it a proper release? Here is a link to it:

liam-gallagher4623 karma

forgot all about that, thanks for reminding me though

skinflavorbubblegum-2434 karma

How's your mom doing? Loved her in the documentary

liam-gallagher3344 karma

She's doing good thanks

Defrin1948 karma

What's your favourite drink?

liam-gallagher7144 karma


asp8211795 karma

What moment from your career are you proudest of?

liam-gallagher5495 karma

This is my proudest moment in my musical journey

Erehebdog1792 karma

Are you enjoying the creative freedom of being on your own as opposed to being in a band?

liam-gallagher4287 karma

not particularly. i loved being in a band.

Sgtpepper19671576 karma

Liam who do you think would win in a fight; Paul Simon or Phil Collins?

liam-gallagher2198 karma

Paul Simon

asp8211460 karma

What’s it going to say on your tombstone?

liam-gallagher4156 karma


BackwardsSlash1453 karma

I grew up on Manc council estate in the 90's... Oasis was very much the soundtrack to my childhood!

Putting music & football to one side, what do you miss most about Manchester?

Good work on the album btw Liam, you absolutely fuckin smashed it!

liam-gallagher2568 karma

My mam

asp8211217 karma

If you could open for one band, who would it be?

liam-gallagher2193 karma

Rolling Stones


Hey Liam! The new album is a fuckin’ rocker! Do you ever think of doing a collab with Richard Ashcroft?

liam-gallagher1823 karma

i would love to work with Ashcroft. i love him

mungefuddler1066 karma

What do you want for Christmas?

liam-gallagher5045 karma

a splash of Tourettes you f*cking cunt

Alxe971053 karma

Hi Liam, Love the new album. I bought it on vinyl but unfortunately couldn't get tickets to see you.

Anyway, my question is after the immediate success of As You Were, will you still be making your own tea?

liam-gallagher1640 karma

God no..

walley_mart978 karma

What was going through your mind when you decided to crowd-surf with the Foo Fighters the other night?

liam-gallagher2881 karma

not a lot tbh

LaidBackIrishGuy907 karma

If Ireland win here do I stay in the pub and get pissed or go the club and try and pull?

liam-gallagher1513 karma

go to the pub

bobi2805798 karma

Hey Liam! What's your absolute favourite song EVER? The one that makes you feel good everytime

liam-gallagher1789 karma


electricmohair715 karma

Do you prefer jam or marmalade?

liam-gallagher1111 karma


bennettbuzz707 karma

Hey Liam, absolutely loving As You Were, Come Back To Me is a belter. That aside what I wanna know is what’s more important the shoes or the jacket?

PS. Don’t ever change, see you in Notts/Manc x

liam-gallagher920 karma

The shoes

clubso614 karma

What's your favourite jacket? And can't wait to see u live

liam-gallagher2952 karma

jacket potato

asp821589 karma

What’s the definitive Oasis lineup in your eyes?

liam-gallagher1516 karma

bonehead guiggs and alan white. Obviously me and Noel

Zalenkroos562 karma

What is your favourite type of biscuit?
And what is your favourite brand of tea?

It’s gotta be hobnobs and yorkshire tea for me.

liam-gallagher1154 karma

Rich tea - stone cold classic and yorkshire tea

MatteoL_umo506 karma

Hey Liam, big fan here. Simple question, other than football, what's your favorite sport?

liam-gallagher899 karma


wolfofwalnut498 karma

How do you like your potatoes?

liam-gallagher1133 karma

I Like them roasted

WhoBuildTheMoon470 karma

Liam, please answer this important question..

''Who built the moon?''

liam-gallagher1555 karma


typedrier468 karma

How many tambourines do you have stockpiled at home and what's your preferred tambourine shape? (You were phenomenal on Saturday btw!)

liam-gallagher992 karma

i have a collection of around1500-2000. Round ones and triangular

Gizlo447 karma

Love the new album, you cheeky potato.

What are the chances I'll get to take a picture with you at your upcoming Colorado show?

Also, what did the Penguin say to the astronaut?

liam-gallagher624 karma

is that you Deano?

SayYesToTheSesh422 karma

Hi Liam, The new album rocks, thanks! Can’t believe ‘Come Back to Me’ wasn’t a single, what a nice surprise! If you could have been a fly on the wall for one moment in history – which moment would it be?

liam-gallagher961 karma

the moment john lennon went up in a helicopter with the maharishi

Wryduck408 karma

How much marching powder had gone up your nose before the Norton interview?

Got standing tickets for Birmingham in december, can't fucking wait! Legend

liam-gallagher2963 karma

i dont do cocaine before a performance smart ass. i wait until afterwards

LindathefryingPan335 karma

Hey Liam, I noticed that in various instances you sung "There are many things that I would like to say to you but I don't speak Chinese/Japanese/Korean/Spanish.../Whatever"

Do you plan to pick up a foreign language at all, and if so, which one?

liam-gallagher620 karma

i would love to speak French

asp821328 karma

What’s Alan White up to these days? Do you ever speak to him?

liam-gallagher905 karma

not seen Whitey for ages. I'm sure he's buying and selling things

asp821308 karma

Is there a Don’t Look Back in Anger demo with you on vocals?

liam-gallagher1086 karma

no but there should be

popenephele303 karma

What should I name my first born child?

liam-gallagher1090 karma


SirHOJO15284 karma

Reading Fest or Leeds Fest?

liam-gallagher600 karma


Lill-Gagga265 karma

Which song do you enjoy performing live the most?

liam-gallagher936 karma

Live Forever

sw4les261 karma

Best meal you can cook?

liam-gallagher1389 karma


tobehhhhh250 karma

Hi Liam

Loving the new tunes! How does life as a modern rock n roll star compare to the rock n roll star life of the 90's?

liam-gallagher656 karma

its the exact same

boysintheband244 karma

Hey LG I just really want to know what song do you usually sing in the shower? x

liam-gallagher522 karma

the birdie song

superdans98237 karma

Any Chance of a second solo album? Love As You Were!

liam-gallagher701 karma

Yes why the hell not

PaulHeymansPonytail229 karma

You are the Stone Cold Steve Austin of music. Who is your favourite wrestler?

Please play Gas Panic in december.

liam-gallagher467 karma

big daddy. Old Skool

The_Real_Lyla197 karma

are you a breasts, legs or arse man?

liam-gallagher1953 karma

partial to the odd elbow

natblz196 karma

How have you celebrated John Lennons birthday?

liam-gallagher623 karma

im going out for a mexiican and will raise a glass to the man himself

WhoBuildTheMoon188 karma

What needs to happen before you place a saxophone track on your next album? Ps. Will you come to the Netherlands anytime soon? Love ya bud!

liam-gallagher942 karma

ill need tohave shit in my ears for that to happen

Mediocre-username146 karma

Hello LG, you was rockin at Benicassim fest chief

1, What's your favourite song off the new album?

2, Please can you add more Manchester dates for the tour? I couldn't manage a ticket

liam-gallagher251 karma

greedy soul for me

pidgyt2136 karma

Hey Liam, what's your current favourite clothing brand besides your own? Cheers x

liam-gallagher302 karma

Engineered Garments

FourDigFiveDog130 karma

Alright Liam, massive fan of the new album.

My dad saw you and r kid live in 95 and said it was the best gig he’s been to. So my question is, what was your favourite or most memorable gig you have been to/performed at?

liam-gallagher408 karma

Stone roses Blackpool

MrHighFlyingBird126 karma

Mr. Gallagher.

Who is one band that you'd love to open for?

As you were! x

liam-gallagher240 karma

Rolling Stones

Rich22222110 karma

What are the chances of seeing some Pretty Green US Stores?

liam-gallagher258 karma

definitely up for bringing it to the US

MrHighFlyingBird108 karma

Massive fan here, Liam. Who's your favourite Man City player at the moment?

Thanks for all of the biblical music! x

liam-gallagher321 karma

Sergio Aguero

Ianoasis107 karma

Hi liam, as you were is awesome, what's your favourite alcoholic drink mate?

liam-gallagher293 karma


HJSwales105 karma

What's currently your favourite song?

liam-gallagher272 karma

Greedy Soul

asp821104 karma

Will Eh LA get a proper release?

liam-gallagher234 karma

without a doubt

The_Real_Lyla95 karma

Who’s got the best elbows you’ve ever seen?

liam-gallagher371 karma

Debbie Gwyther.. She has 3

TheMadgrom84 karma

You ever find the guy who took your sunglasses?

liam-gallagher328 karma

i did

seafarer244076 karma

Do you like reading on your free time? If so, what's your favorite type of book or material to read?

liam-gallagher674 karma

i don't read books, i only read minds

Dennyislife75 karma

Is the keeping milk fresh with a fork story true?

liam-gallagher236 karma

if kit came out of rkids mouth its gotta be true

adaughterofthesun67 karma

Are you going to add Europe, South America and Asia dates for your tour next year? Please fucking do, As You Were was amazing and there are so many people desperate to see you!

liam-gallagher147 karma

I will indeed

oasissoldier61 karma

Hi Liam! What’s your favorite drink? xx

liam-gallagher223 karma


sintonia4358 karma

Did you have any inspirations for the new album?

liam-gallagher303 karma

id love to do an out and out punk rock Pistols album

NathWAFC55 karma

If yer going for a meal deal what's your choice?

liam-gallagher240 karma

Quarter Piunder and Cheese Meal. Large. BBQ sauce

hutchcrunch54 karma

Taytos or King's?

liam-gallagher188 karma


kiemac47 karma

what would be your last meal? x

liam-gallagher336 karma

an egg

willmort8240 karma

What's a good Winston o boogie tune to bang on for his birthday?

liam-gallagher120 karma

day in the life

JamesDL437 karma

The Stone Roses or The Beatles?

Love the new album. JL x

liam-gallagher146 karma

its gotta be the Beatles as they have more tunes

Solid_Snake736 karma

Liam! You left the city of LOS ANGELES out of your US tour. Do you have any plans to play here any time soon?

liam-gallagher101 karma

Ive announced an LA show today - Wiltern Hall

liam-gallagher79 karma

Ive announced an LA show today - Wiltern Hall

guyadams136 karma

What was the first band you were into after you were hit on the head with the hammer?

liam-gallagher84 karma

Bucks Fizz

Jbs9733 karma

Favourite pair of adidas trainers?

liam-gallagher101 karma

Adidas Kick

kurtwilliams123033 karma

If you could have a lifetime supply of any beer, on tap, in your house, but you could only choose one brand, which brand would you choose?

liam-gallagher183 karma


redlineoffside31 karma

I believe that I can rock a parka as good as you, however, I cannot decide on which coloured jeans go best with my sand coloured desert boots, black or raw denim? EDIT:spelling

liam-gallagher119 karma

dark blue all the way

Hartley9325 karma

What do you listen to in the car?

liam-gallagher109 karma

Classical music

pauliewalnutzz25 karma

Appreciate taking your time doing this. So here we go:

  1. If you could pick a team with the players of your choice (old and new school) which would it be and why?

  2. Did you enjoyed being in Hamburg?

  3. Whatsapp Ricky or Skepta?

You are still the man. As you were.

liam-gallagher66 karma


llDieselll24 karma

What should I choose: full beard or sideburns?

liam-gallagher101 karma

depends on the haircut?

AsYouFuckingWere22 karma

Noel has seriously lost the plot hasn´t he?

liam-gallagher91 karma


My_Big_Mouth18 karma

What does Peggy think of the new songs?

liam-gallagher82 karma

Peggy loves all the songs - especially Greedy Soul

popenephele18 karma

Who is your favourite rapper?

liam-gallagher205 karma

Will Smith

Fozzy0_018 karma

If you could replace any actor in a film or tv series who would you pick and in what?

Greedy soul is amazing LG x

liam-gallagher61 karma

Jimmy = Quadrophenia

J_D200011 karma

Why don't you play any songs from 'Rain' anymore? Life in vain is a mint song

liam-gallagher31 karma

i was never in Rain - didnt know they had any

MrHighFlyingBird9 karma


What's your favourite song on AS YOU WERE????? x

liam-gallagher35 karma

Greedy Soul.

JustMadferit8 karma

Cheers for having a chat with us mortals Liam,

  1. What are your favorite Oasis' songs to sing on stage?
  2. Did you really get Bonehead pissed before recording Bonehead's Bank Holiday?
  3. Whose idea was that videoclip for "All Around the World"? (I guess it's safe to assume there was some magic powder behind that one)
  4. When will you drop "Paper Crown" live at the Air Studios on Youtube?
  5. And finally, the most important question: Why did you stop the Potato tweets man?

Massive thank you for your comeback, we have all been waiting for you, specially since others have been busy building the moon or whatever instead of making some proper Rock n' Roll.

As You Were

liam-gallagher73 karma

  1. Bonehead was always pissed

NickLiveForever7 karma

Will you ever bring PrettyGreen to the states?

liam-gallagher21 karma


Mr-Pants6 karma

Who's your favourite current City player?

Who's your favourite ever?

liam-gallagher12 karma

sergio Aguero and Mike Summerby

For_I_HaveAlreadyWon5 karma

One of the greatest debates of mankind:

What do you pour into the bowl first: The cereal or the milk?

liam-gallagher32 karma

CEREAL every time

WillHaworth5 karma

Hi Liam, big fan, what's your favourite scary movie? And what's your favourite Beatles tune from before 1967?

liam-gallagher19 karma

texas chainsaw massacre

boysintheband4 karma

Which one of your kids is musical like you?

liam-gallagher22 karma

both boys are having a go

luke_armstrong4 karma

Liam is there one song you wish you had written or sang on? Love the new album.

liam-gallagher22 karma

Bold as Love - Hendrix

PiggyAmmo3 karma

Paper Crown, Bold, or Come Back To Me?

liam-gallagher15 karma

All 3

Murbroski_2 karma

Hi Liam, love the new album!

My questions are: are you planning on doing another uk tour soon?

And how much influence do you have with pretty green?

Thanks for doing this... As you were x

liam-gallagher7 karma

lets get the first one out of the way

paulap522 karma

Hey Liam! How did you feel knowing Dave Grohl was watching you at Glastonbury?

liam-gallagher9 karma

i like all the Foo Fighters

ritchey13371 karma

Liam, cheers on your new album, listening to it right now. Here's my question: How would you feel about a second Supersonic film documenting the rest of Oasis' story?

Also, I'm in Germany, where are you right now and can you hear me over there?

liam-gallagher7 karma

I'm in LA