Hey guys, thanks for stopping in. It's been so amazing seeing the response from you guys so far on my debut album, The Story of Us. I'll be hitting the road Sunday to tour the new music across the country through the Fall. Hope to see all of you at a show in your city!

EDIT: I've gotta jump to rehearsals but this has been awesome guys! Thanks for all your questions, let's do this again soon. Hope to see some of you on the road this Fall - few dates still available at www.quinnxcii.com/tour.


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charlzandre20 karma

What does your name mean?

Quinn_XCII39 karma

Quit Unless Your Instincts are Never Neglected (Quinn)

XCII = 92 (1992 is the year i was born)

alot of people pronounce it incorrectly but how you say it is "Quinn 92"

DainBramage2319 karma

What artist would you particularly want to collaborate with, and who do you get the most inspiration from?

Quinn_XCII41 karma

Jon Bellion, Leon Bridges, Jack Johnson (to name a few). I get inspiration from various things. Artists i look up to, things happening around my community, tv shows i binge watch, etc.

Bigdaddysativa17 karma

First off wanna thank you. I met you in Phoenix at viva Phoenix and took a pic with you. That pic is on my tinder profile and I have gotten many dates from you being in a picture with me. Second being where an I get that red hat you have with the Sphinx looking cat on it? See you October 28th!

Quinn_XCII12 karma

haha that hat is actually from pacsun so i think you can just go buy it on their site! Viva Phoenix was amazing. Ill be playing the Crescent Ballroom in Phoenix on Oct 28 hope to see you there!

chocolatelightning11 karma

Do you experience synesthesia when you're writing/producing? I've noticed every one of your visual pieces have a rad color palette and it looks dope all around.

Quinn_XCII12 karma

i think i do actually! certain colors come to mind when i make music which is crazy

iMonstah10 karma

Hey Quinn

I really enjoyed your song with Muramasa 'Part Deaux'. Will you do more songs in that faster style?

Massive fan of your music and the album, come to the UK :D

Quinn_XCII7 karma

Coming to UK in january! details coming soon. And yeah i think as things progress ill definitely experiment more with that style

nelsonthebear8 karma

What's been most difficult during your come up to fame? (If anything)

Quinn_XCII16 karma

Definitely dont think im famous lol but keeping in contact with friends and family can be difficult as schedules become more intense

CowHaterGaming7 karma

Hey Quinn, love the new album. Was wondering if you’ve considered adding second tour dates to some of your sold out shows, would love to see you live. Also, which song is your favorite off of The Story of Us?

Quinn_XCII12 karma

Thank so much! ill be back on the road this spring so look out for tour date announcements coming soon! One of my favorites off the album is "Always Been you"

Saucetin7 karma

Quinn! My man, you gotta book bigger venues in Boston. We LOVE you here. I can't get a ticket anywhere! All I want to do is get my whole crew to your shows but it's never working out =(

How do you feel when you play shows that aren't general admission where bodies are rocking out, but instead are like feeling kind of stranded at chairs and tables? Is there some way to get everyone out of their seats and moving, or do you need somebody in the audience to take that lead?

(if you do man, get me in your show, I'll be your guy)

Quinn_XCII10 karma

all bigger venues next tour in the spring! i believe we're playing paradise in boston. Appreciate the support my man ill definitely keep you in mind haha

Saucetin2 karma

Thank you so much for responding, and obviously you got a ton of questions to get to, so I'll try to boil it down to a more specific thing:

What do you do in your planning of a show to create the kind of environment you want people to experience? Venue choice, Song order, etc. How intensely do you think about that stuff, or is it fuck it we do it live and have fun?

Quinn_XCII3 karma

no theres definitely alot of planning going on. My whole objective basically is to try and make the fan feel as if they're apart of the show and not just watching it.

randt126 karma

Is it possible that more tickets ever get released for a sold out show? I've been trying to find two for your show in Oxford for months now but no luck!

Quinn_XCII3 karma

Hopefully some show up but if they do the venue will make an announcement

dewgin866 karma

Hey man, love the new album! What's your inspiration when writing lyrics and what's your method?

Quinn_XCII4 karma

thank you! it's super random. sometimes ill write an entire song without listening to any production, and other times ill have an instrumental sent to me and then write to it.

Chtorrr6 karma

What is the very best cheese?

Quinn_XCII6 karma

Tiger Cheese

Bscastillon5 karma

How does it feel knowing you and your music creates friendships?

Quinn_XCII4 karma

its unreal and so humbling

Eibbor145 karma

Sort of a different question... I want to go to your show in Denver, but don't know of anyone who would want to go. Any suggestions on how to link up with people?

Quinn_XCII8 karma

Definitely! tweet at me and ill retweet it !

jesusjesusgod4 karma

How do you like working with David von mering? I really enjoyed his work with aer and now the songs that he has produced with you.

Quinn_XCII5 karma

dave is the man! great musician and even better friend

YaBoiAdam3 karma

Are all the stories of the girl in Straightjacket true?? And if so do you have any other stories about that girl? p.s. thx for responding to my dm made my day

Quinn_XCII4 karma

the stories are true, yes. haha. not much that id wanna share over the internet but needless to say she was a bit "out there"

TheBestCorgi3 karma

Do you like Corgis?

Quinn_XCII8 karma

i do. Although im trying to get a french bulldog

American_ebola3 karma

Favorite artists? Influences? and can you come to Portland, Maine sometime?

Quinn_XCII1 karma

coming to portland this fall! Hawthorne Theater

plow_poon3 karma

What is the most frustrating part about how the music industry is run? Booking shows/tours, artist compensation, etc.

Quinn_XCII4 karma

its very up and down (i know thats vague but probably the simplest way to put it). You kinda gotta be ready to expect anything at anytime and nothing is certain so i always try to live in the moment and appreciate the good while it lasts

Krypton1173 karma

What music were you into when you were growing up and what artist are you really looking up to?

Quinn_XCII6 karma

Motown 24/7 and Michael Jackson. I look up to Kid Cudi, Jack Johnson, Jon Bellion, Michael Jackson, Sam Cook, Chance. just to name a few. so many great musicians.

RedReddited3 karma

Love the new album. Can't stop listening to it. I have some buddies that can't make it to your minneapolis show. Coming back to MN any time soon? I loved listening to your music all summer.

Quinn_XCII3 karma

thank you so much! i love MN. Definitely think ill be back there in the spring

Rusty89713 karma

I ordered a hat and a poster 4 days before the album came out and have yet to even receive a shipping confirmation email and it’s now been a week since the album was released (amazing album, loved the flow of it) and yet despite several efforts to contact any customer service to inquire about my order have only been met with silence. Who can I contact about what could have happened to my order??

Quinn_XCII3 karma

[email protected] (manager) sorry for the confusion!

SirNarwhal3 karma

What's the craziest part of all of the success you've been having lately? Any fun road stories?

Quinn_XCII4 karma

honestly just doing what i love everyday and getting to travel the country is so amazing and i definitely dont take it for granted at all. you guys made all of this possible

Kevinbgb3 karma

Hey Quinn huge fan! I was wondering which song off the album you are the most proud of? Also what're the chances we can get either an El or Lansing headline show? Go green!

Quinn_XCII3 karma

GO WHITE! im proud of all of them honestly. I will definitely be back in the EL / Lansing area soon

Sneonbanana3 karma

Do you still remember your album old Fashioned and how do you felt doing it?

Quinn_XCII3 karma

of course! still a classic in my opinion haha

Sneonbanana3 karma

Whats your snapchat?

Quinn_XCII6 karma


coreycarr3 karma

When are you going to make your way to Florida? We've been waiting for an Orlando show for too long, hope you can make it happen soon!

Quinn_XCII2 karma

this spring!

okdesiree2 karma

me and bianca are trying to meet in the spring so is your spring tour going to have any michigan dates or dates in the LA area?

Quinn_XCII1 karma

both LA and Detroit!

wilsonrobbie392 karma

Love the album! Do you have any plans or aspirations to work with Jon Bellion?

Quinn_XCII5 karma

thank you! and yes thats on my bucket list for sure. Jon is a special talent.

BlindButter2 karma

Do you have a favorite song of your own?

Quinn_XCII1 karma

honestly i dont, i know its cliche but i truly enjoy all of them. I guess certain songs appeal to me more depending on the state of mind im in while listening

F0xQueen2 karma

What is the first line of Kings of Summer? I have the entire rest of the song memorized and I just can't figure it out!

Quinn_XCII5 karma

I've been out here waiting for night fall (verse one). or the chorus "Jumping off the porch like moms not home"

Jettisons2 karma

Hey Quinn, loved your album I keep Flare Guns on repeat. Would you ever work with Jeremy Zucker again? You should get to know me is a classic!

Quinn_XCII2 karma

thank you! definitely working with jeremy soon thats my homie

KangarooGames1 karma

Did you ever think you were ever going to make it this far in your music carrer also what was your motivation to make music?

Quinn_XCII3 karma

Honestly im still surprised at how things have gone so far. Very blessed. My motivation to make music was just basically my love for music and writing (short stories, even poems). I sorta fused both of those together and started making my own music eventually

Bigdaddysativa1 karma

Ever gonna release the instrumental for always been you?

Quinn_XCII3 karma

i think eventually we will!

BB_DarkLordOfAll1 karma

At what point did you realize you had to stop doing everything else and full on pursue music?

Also thank you so much for all of the incredible music and I can't wait to see your show in Dallas!

Quinn_XCII3 karma

i appreciate the love and cant wait for dallas either! once i graduated college i realized that music could potentially become a full time job for me and sorta just went for it

ranrizedd1 karma

Hey Quinn! Love your new album and wish you the very best in the future! What's your favorite song you've ever produced? My favourite has to be Native Tongue or Full Circle! Cheers my man!

Quinn_XCII1 karma

I love those both! to name a couple i really enjoy straightjacket, full circle, and always been you.

mrsharbear1 karma

Quinn! What's up homie? What's your all time favorite jam you like to listen/sing? You know that song you just can't help yourself to in the car or in the shower. Super excited to hopefully catch you one night for your tour when you're out here in California!

Quinn_XCII2 karma

such a tough question! one of my favorites i constantly sing is "stand by me" by Ben E King. Try and make it to a california show if you can!

agreen911 karma

Hey Quinn, when can we expect to see the denim hats!?

Quinn_XCII3 karma

on tour! they will be sold at the shows

Break-Even1 karma

Hey man, big fan of your work. I saw you a couple of times in the last few months, and I appreciate your stage presence.  
My question is: what song of yours has surprised you the most in terms of popularity (good or bad)?

Quinn_XCII3 karma

Bootleggin. I didn't expect it to be as popular as it is because truthfully it was initially my least favorite off of "Bloom"

Sneonbanana1 karma

How many tracks will you release before your next album?

Quinn_XCII1 karma

quite a few

okdesiree0 karma

can you fit your fist in your mouth?

Quinn_XCII6 karma

just tried, i cant.

Nut_Cancer-2 karma


Quinn_XCII7 karma