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Frontlinekitty17 karma

How do you style your facial hair so well?

TsukoGakki6 karma

idk. I actually don't make any brushing effort whatsoever, to be honest.

MikanNishikino10 karma

What's your favourite song at the moment?

TsukoGakki9 karma

Amsterdam from Nothing But Thieves. They're hella good.

Alpha__3148 karma

Do you plan to do IRLs / meetings one day ? We frenchies could use some real-life kazoo ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

TsukoGakki7 karma

I have plans for my french community (I'm french myself you know). IRL meetings are one of them for sure! :)

Aberotiza2 karma

Other countries as well? For example, oh I don't know... Germany? :)

TsukoGakki1 karma

Will do when the occasion arises! :)

SwankyBox7 karma

Why the kazoo? What prompted you to pick up and play this sacred instrument?

TsukoGakki15 karma

Well, I was really bored at home one day. Then I remembered I used to annoy teachers at school when I was a little child. This thought made me go to the music store near my house and start recording hums of known songs (my first: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lApvW2E3Rbc).

I showed it to friends, big laughs. Then just kept on doing it. :)

thebrasem6 karma

What are your thoughts on My Hero Academia? Character-wise, story-wise, and especially music wise? What do you think of the openings and endings? Big fan <3

TsukoGakki15 karma

BNHA is HUUUUUGE!! I've always been a huge Shonen fan, and when I've been introduced to this manga/anime by my friend, it was insta-love!

I love the concept of quirks. My favs are Midoriya, Shoto and Kyoka! Opening wise, nothing beats the first one yet. :)

axon5896 karma

How did you learn to speak Japanese?

TsukoGakki1 karma

Yup. I can't really hold a political discussion though.

axon5893 karma

Wat. That doesn't really answer my question lol

AlabasterPotion1 karma

I think maybe he missed the "How" :)

TsukoGakki3 karma

Yeah, sorry. I've read "did you" for some reason... :p

Anime and Japanese classes!

trainer6686 karma

Do you plan to always focus on making kazoo'd videos, or would you like to branch off and focus on more traditional covers and videos? (like your "Jump Up Super Star!" and Deja Vu videos)

TsukoGakki4 karma

I am in fact leaning towards more and more covers. Kazoo is fun, but I'm starting to look for cool stuff now! :p

Spiir5 karma

Darude when ? (for the memes)

And real question : Do you plan to do more cover song (from anime or other)? Your style is really great to hear, like Rewrite last sunday.

Oh and maybe new collab' soon ?

TsukoGakki6 karma


And yes. As I've answered in another question, I'd like to do way more covers than usual. :) (Thanks for the support!)

Misheru_X963 karma

Hello Tsuko,

I was wondering.. How long does it take to edit your music covers especially the kazoo ones? 😮

Sincerely, Mish X

TsukoGakki2 karma

Hey Mish! Every video takes me a week. I've never been able to produce in advance!

Jenthespice3 karma

Why do you only wear glasses when you play the guitar? 🤔

TsukoGakki3 karma

I only wear glasses when a bass is involved.

tehSILENZIO3 karma

  • Pineapple on pizza, yay or nay ?
  • Do you like power metal and nu metal ?
  • Have you ever played CS, LoL or PUBG ?
  • Top 3 Anime of all time ?

Thanks for all your covers, dude !

(en plus t'es beau... de loin, la nuit, de dos, derrière un buisson)

TsukoGakki4 karma

  • Nay.
  • Hell yeah dude.
  • Played an insane amout of CS, a little LoL, and still haven't tried PUBG yet (it seems like the kind of game I would enjoy)
  • In no particular order: Trigun, Hunter X Hunter, and One Punch Man.

(Merci beaucoup, ça fait super plaisir!)

MatthewTheAutismGuy3 karma

Are you AntDude's long lost twin brother?

TsukoGakki3 karma


Fuzzyzilla2 karma

A couple questions here!

Do you arrange your music yourself?

How do you keep the different tracks synced in your head?

P.S. Big fan, the first AMA I actually want to participate in!

TsukoGakki2 karma

Hey Fuzzyzilla! Thank you so much!

I do everything myself, the playing, the recording, the mixing, the shooting... Everything really. As for the tracks, I usually write them down in sheet/MIDI form in my DAW, then I sing/play along. :)

Stratafyre2 karma

Hi there, Tsuko G.!

There are two things that my 13 month old daughter loves to watch on YouTube: Your cover videos, and any D.Va related music videos. I know you did a Kazoo cover of the Overwatch themes, but do you play? And if so, who do you main?

TsukoGakki5 karma

God only knows how many hours I've poured in this game... Love it to the bone!

I am a Soldier 76 main (golden weapon woohoo), Mercy/Roadhog secondaries. :)

Toloki1 karma

What would be your biggest achievement as a kazoo-artist?

TsukoGakki8 karma


dondeestaelpotato1 karma

What’s the average process for creating a video? Do you spend more time writing the music, or more time on the technical, editing process?

TsukoGakki1 karma

Usually, as a VGM fan, I more or less know the pieces I'm covering. So I would say 25% writing - 75% recording/editing.

turtwig3891 karma

Whars your favoritr cover youve kazoo'd?

Also why are you so damn attractive? 😘

TsukoGakki4 karma

Never really thought myself as attractive but thank you I really appreciate! <3

Guzma's Theme from Pokémon Sun/Moon is my favorite Kazoo'd!

galactica1011 karma

Yo! Long time fan here, it's awesome to see how far you've come.

  1. What's your favorite instrument to work with, kazoo not included?

  2. Are there any anime/game/movie soundtracks that stuck with you well after you first heard them?

  3. Who is Persona 5's best girl?

TsukoGakki3 karma

Hey! Thank you ever so much for your support!

  1. I'm a big guitar/amp/pedal fan! But I also like to hit drums!
  2. Flow - Go (Fighting Dreamers OP in Naruto). 10+ years, still can't get it out.
  3. Futaba best grill.

TheOlRedditWhileIPoo1 karma

If you could steal a smooch from any guy in Hollywood who would it be?

TsukoGakki1 karma

I'm not into guys. :(

BobDaBilda1 karma

Are you and your wife / husband going on House Hunters with a ridiculous budget at some point?

TsukoGakki1 karma

Nah. I don't like luxury too much.

pfoxeh1 karma

I've been a big fan of yours for a while, I love your style! I have to know, what's the piece you've gotten requested the most that you will NEVER do, and why won't you do it?

TsukoGakki4 karma

Thank you so much pfoxeh!

Simple: Hopes and Dreams from Undertale. Because I'm done with Undertale.

Loffy091 karma

I didn't expect you to do an AMA! I randomly came across this and I guess I'm glad I did haha. My question is what's the best part about kazooing? And what do you enjoy the most about using a kazoo?

EDIT: Also what's your favorite food?

TsukoGakki2 karma

Thanks! Best part is when you just stop recording because you can't stop laughing at how ridiculous your stuff is. Then it's when people say then enjoy what you do, when you always think what you do is shit. :)

As for food, rice-chicken-cucumber salad. And lots of watermelon.

Benny_The_Space_Core1 karma

Ever heard of Rhythm Heaven? Has some great songs.

TsukoGakki1 karma

Yup! Still didn't play it though!

ViZeShadowZ1 karma

your thoughts on ham sandwiches?

TsukoGakki1 karma

They're good.

PoorlyCoded1 karma

What's your favorite video game? And have you discovered any new favorites via music?

TsukoGakki1 karma

Overwatch I think. I also love watching LoL, Smash, and fighting games in general.

kugmuhyl1 karma

Thanks for being cool!

Do you have any advice for someone who would like to make music?

Whenever I sit down to make something I never get anywhere. I have instruments and FLStudio.

Would you ever make a behind the scenes / tutorial video showing your process?

TsukoGakki2 karma


Listen a lot to music. Think about what it makes you feel. Enjoy it. I think this would be the first step. Then after, lots of work, practice, lessons, listening from others, etc.

Blockmayus1 karma

Not sure if youve mentioned it somewhere, but have you ever seen Hunter x Hunter? Whats your opinion on it if you have?

Have there been any songs out there you tried to cover (either Kazoo or regular cover) but just couldnt make it work?

Why are you so handome?

TsukoGakki2 karma

Yup! Mentioned HxH is in my top 3 of all time! :)

And yes, it happened to me a couple of times for different reasons. Last project I've dropped was Spark Man from Mega Man 3.

TimelyTV1 karma

Bro have you thought of doing The Mega Man X4 soundtrack In Kazoo? This needs to be a Thing

TsukoGakki1 karma


LightningBW1 karma

EVO when?

TsukoGakki1 karma

Will try 2018.

thebrasem1 karma

Don't mind me, just wanted to ask another question.

What are your thoughts on Pokemon in general (especially the newer games) and what do you think of Pokémon Ultra Sun & Moon? Personally, I just need some more information, but we're almost 2 months away from release! We didn't get any info on Black & White 2 till 2 months before release either, and it's such a good game!

TsukoGakki2 karma

Pokémon was definitely a big part of my childhood, but I dropped it at Ruby/Sapphire. I was disappointed at the content, compared to Gold/Silver.

Then I got back in the train for X/Y. Loved the reboot and the switching to 3D.

I like Sun and Moon, but they're definitely not my favorite. I will still play Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon when it's out. :)

greynol51 karma

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Here's a link to the section of our wiki that discusses proof.

Please let us know when the proof has been added by replying here and we'll put the post back up. Cheers!

Please contact the mods if you need further assistance

TsukoGakki4 karma

I've also posted the link to this AmA on my official Twitter account:


Noopah1 karma

Hey Tsuko, been a fan since I found you when you started doing undertale stuff, really sealed it for me when I saw you covered fatalize from symphonia. Among my group of friends your deja vu cover gets played often when vehicles are involved.

Where did you learn to be so fluent in English? I had 12 years of class for a secondary language and it really just didn't stick. Also, deathbyglamourwhen

TsukoGakki2 karma

Hahahaha! Thanks, but be careful!

I think being a nerd plays a big role? I play all my games, watch all my entertainment in english. Also part of my family speaks english too, so there's that.

kitikitish1 karma

What's for dinner?

TsukoGakki1 karma

Pizza. I feel really bad about it.

Jumanji00281 karma

What's a kazoo?

TsukoGakki1 karma


Rapmatt1 karma

Comment tu fais pour avoir un aussi bon accent lorsque tu parle anglais ? Perso j'ai pas vraiment de prob avec l'anglais mais mon accent est juste horrible haha

TsukoGakki1 karma

Pas plus que de l'entraînement et de l'utilisation. :)

Azeleon1 karma

Yoooo Tsuko! Sitting here excited that I could possibly have caught you early enough for a reply. And then I realized I don't know what to ask... Well, hmm.

I guess, what went through your mind when you decided to hit the dab at 1:06 in your Blooming Villain Cover?

Do you plan on doing any more crossover work with some of the other youtube musicians out there?

Also Rivers in the Desert when

TsukoGakki1 karma

Dabbing is ridiculous. I like ridiculous.

Yup, planning on doing some more collabs soon!

Kekezo1 karma

I've been watching your videos for a while now and I've been wondering: Is there a difference between the different kazoos you use in your videos?

TsukoGakki1 karma

Yup. I like brass kazoos for higher octaves and plastic kazoos for lower ones.

spectrosoldier1 karma

What's your perfect Sunday?

TsukoGakki2 karma

Chill with the loved one(s).

GoodLookingGhostie1 karma

Are you gonna do a Kazoo'd Vol. 3? There are a lot of your songs on YouTube that aren't on Spotify and iTunes and etc

TsukoGakki7 karma

In the works! :)

DackDistardly1 karma

For how long have you been playing instruments and what got you into playing them in the first place?

TsukoGakki1 karma

Since I was around 9 I think. I picked guitar up because I thought it was cool. Then quickly started spreading to others as well.

dann_larnes1 karma

Hi, I've been watching you since the big blue cover and I loved your voice since I heard it in dreams of an absolution and I really love your version of of escape from the city. I wanted to ask ,are you just naturally gifted with your voice or do you practice a lot to sing like you do ?

TsukoGakki1 karma


Music and singing was always a part of me, really. Since I was born, I had this... thing for noises and singing. I also used to jam with friends, sing a lot in occasions here and there, etc. I think that it is rather exercise than a gift. And I think I still have a long way to go. :)

White0paper1 karma

Comment tu t'es amélioré en anglais?

TsukoGakki3 karma

J'ai de la famille qui parle anglais, tous mes appareils sont anglais, je joue aux jeux, regarde les séries en anglais, etc. etc.

Être geek aide beaucoup je pense. :)

MeixDev1 karma

What the fuck is a SANIC ? No, huh. Yeah. When do we organize an IRL meeting ? Let's play some Sm4sh !

TsukoGakki2 karma

I'll smash you.

Wolfrain641 karma

Do you like potato salad?

TsukoGakki3 karma

Hell yeah.

BreadStuffs081 karma

  1. Why did you choose "Tsuko Gakki"?
  2. Can you describe yourself with three words (pls, abuse the arrogance, this is normal)?
  3. What would be your message to you in the past, at some point? Extra: I just wanted to say that I love my Sundays, and I think you're cool. Congrats Tsuko!

TsukoGakki1 karma

  1. My first name ever was "Skaw". Then I fell in love with all that japanese culture, animation and stuff, which made my name go from Skaw to Tsuko (don't ask I have no idea lol). Gakki means music instrument in japanese. ;)

  2. Nice, Aware (Awake?), Motivated.

  3. Dude, you can do it! Get your shit together!