• What kind of storm was it? (Hurricane, snow, tornado, etc)

  • We're you ever in fear for your life?

  • How long were you reporting from your site?

  • Did you have a safe place to go in case something got really bad?

  • Did you have to get special permission from police to stay in your area?

  • What are your producers looking for from remotes like that? (exciting footage, etc)

  • Did you ever think "screw you guys, I'm going home"?

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ded2me163 karma

It's obvious to me that these reports are shot for shock value. There isn't anything special about these sorts of reports. The wind blows and they stand there like dumbasses reporting what we already know.

speezo_mchenry83 karma

True. I was kind of wondering what it was like to be the person put in harms way for ratings.