My name is Maddie! Some people know me as a halfpipe skier who has had a pretty successful career winning the Olympics in Sochi in 2014, winning 4 X Games Golds, and winning some World Cups and Dew Tours along the way as well! I also am the host of an event called Recess, which is an event (not a competition) that allows women skiers and snowboarders to express themselves and progress their skiing. Take a look with this link

I truly love skiing and how it allows me to be who I truly am! And then some people know me as a college student, a sister, a mountain biker, a cat and dog lover (you can be both), and an activity addict! So feel free to ask me anything about whatever you want!

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mimw18 karma

Other than Skiing and Snowboarding, What are your hobbies?

Maddie_Bowman27 karma

I really enjoy mountain biking and recently I have been trying to learn how to skateboard if anything I mostly eat it. But I also really enjoy school, playing with my dog, and just being outdoors.

travelgalhere10 karma

Hi Maddie! So excited I'm catching you live. How do you balance college with being an Olympian?

Maddie_Bowman15 karma

It isn't easy but I do it because I like to have a little balance in my life. I do have to take the spring semester off and the Olympic Year. Plus it's not easy watching my little brother pass me in school, we are a little competitive.

metasirena10 karma


Maddie_Bowman12 karma

@metasirena My best moment so far... Well the one that comes to mind is just that moment at the Olympics where I heard that a won. It is the most insane feeling and high. You feel happy to win, you feel months of stress being lifted from your shoulders, and you feel sad that you friends didn't land their runs and beat you. So its just a huge rush of emotions all at once that just brings you to tears.

thank you :)

katehawks9 karma

Freeskiing looks crazy. Are you ever just up in the air and like -- holy I am terrified!!!! Or does it just become second nature?

Maddie_Bowman6 karma

@katehawks Some days it feels so right and comfortable and others it feels so unnatural. But I believe it's important to scare my self at least once everyday

tannermcavoy8 karma

Would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses or one horse sized duck?

Maddie_Bowman11 karma

haha a horse sized duck!

Chtorrr8 karma

What is the very best cheese?

Maddie_Bowman17 karma


Jabjab3458 karma

How's the skate ramp holding up? -some twin or something

Maddie_Bowman9 karma

Its great! lets just say that one twin was a great engineer and the other a great pipe cutter

ShooterMcGillicuti6 karma

What was more challenging, Olympics or X Games?

Maddie_Bowman12 karma

I think it is easier to perform at the X Games because there is a lot less pressure and it is where my sport comes from so it really feels true to who I am. Where as the Olympics is equally a mental games as a physical one. And it is a bigger stage with a little more stress involved.

MattBaster5 karma

When looking back at standing on the podium and hearing the anthem played for you, do all of the emotions come back, or have the memories somewhat faded (for lack of a better term) with time?

Maddie_Bowman10 karma

I think they have faded and formed into more of this dream like memory for me but sometimes when I talk about it I do feel the emotions coming from somewhere inside of me.

coryrenton4 karma

what are injuries or health issues that pros might have that amateurs likely wouldn't, and what are the most exotic therapies pros use to treat them?

Maddie_Bowman3 karma

I think we just get a few more knee and shoulder surgeries than the average person. We do have some amazing PTs and the can come up with some crazy methods to use the like cupping or muscle activation through pressure points.

coryrenton2 karma

are there any exotic sportswear that pros use to mitigate knee and shoulder damage?

Maddie_Bowman3 karma

Just compression sleves and such! to be honest I don't even like wearing my knee brace!

Dvanpat4 karma

How long does it take to build up the "balls" to do even the easiest tricks you do? I've been snowboarding for 20 years, and I still can't even conjure up the nerve to attempt the halfpipe.

Maddie_Bowman4 karma

I think the key at least for me is to feel comfortable on my skis and then when I have a hint of inspiration to do something, to act right away on it and not over think it!

boompopfizz3 karma

who is your role model?

Maddie_Bowman2 karma

I have a few role models my mother for how strong and smart she is. Beyonce because she is Beyonce. And Sarah Burke for where she got skiing and the skier and kind person she was.

izziekins3 karma

How did growing up where you did help with your accomplishments? And also did you have any cool neighbors that hung out with your brother or something like that?

Maddie_Bowman2 karma

Yes growing up in Tahoe helped me become a good skier because the mountains here are very accessible for many people and because Sierra at Tahoe my home mountain was a park and pipe hub within Tahoe. Yes we had many many great neighbors growing up, who we explored with.

Alexjessa0203083 karma

Whose your friendliest competition?

Maddie_Bowman2 karma

Brita Sigourney and Annalisa Drew

Alexjessa0203083 karma

Thanks Maddie! Who are you looking out for this Olympics? Biggest competition you think?

Maddie_Bowman2 karma

I think that the women are really progessing fast and just a few to watch would be Brita Sigourney, Kelly Sildaru, and Cassie SHarpe

alwayslurkeduntilnow3 karma

The world record for two people leapfrogging each other is 59 in 60 seconds. Could you get close? Who would you partner with or can you think of two others who would have a better chance?

Maddie_Bowman5 karma

Wow thats impressive. I would pick my brother. And I think that two of the US Gymnasts would probably have a better chance

TeamUSAOlympics2 karma

Maddie, can you tell your fans what is was like shooting this?

Maddie_Bowman2 karma

It was so fun! I'm a huge game of thrones fan so I just tried to channel my inner queen!

travelgalhere2 karma

What else goes into being an Olympian that we don't realize? I get there is training, workouts, etc. Any fun Team USA get-together?

Maddie_Bowman2 karma

Ya there is al ot of fun that goes into it! I get the chance to hang with others from Team USA and on the skiing side of things we all ski fun together. Check out the link in the Bio for some ski fun!

tannermcavoy2 karma

Which animal would make the best type of president if the animal kingdom ever rises up and takes over?

Maddie_Bowman3 karma

Haha hey Tanner ummmmmm a black bear

Alexjessa0203082 karma

Favourite Mountains?

Maddie_Bowman5 karma

My home Mountain Sierra at Tahoe and the french alps, specifically Chamonix

forava71 karma

what would you say is your biggest accomplishment?

Maddie_Bowman1 karma

I think my biggest accomplishment has been my career as a whole. I'm equally as proud of my X games medals as my Olympic Medal. But my favorite Medal was the silver, my first X Games medal.

forava71 karma

your favorite event to compete in?

Maddie_Bowman1 karma

X Games for sure! It is what freeskiing is all about for us! It feels like home!

aldrichc4241 karma

As an actual athlete, how do you feel about video games being held as an X Games competition, considering the lack of actual athleticism?

Maddie_Bowman5 karma

I understand that videogames have a lot of following and they work hard but I did not really like when the video games were broadcasted over the skiing and snowboarding events.

GFY_EH1 karma

Since 2008 The X-Games has had equal pay for women and men competitors. The sport(s) seem to attract a lot more women than other sports that do not have this same pay equality. Do you think there is a correlation?

I for one love the fact that I can turn on a t.v. and watch badass athletes of both genders with my daughter. I think it resonates with her and young girls/women. There is a complete lack of coverage of many other sports.

Maddie_Bowman2 karma

We were very happy to be treated as equals from the beginning and a lot of that work was done by Sarah Burke. I do think that there should be equal pay from women in business and sports a like. And I think the more we show these women being badasses at what they do the more girls will be inspired to feel that they can go just as far as any other human. So thank you for showing us to your daughter!!

RonBonkers1 karma

Hey Maddie. I love the diversity in sports now days. I follow skateboarding alot more tho. What is your thoughts on getting more women in to these awesome sports? Is that what you hope to accomplish with this new event your a part of?

Maddie_Bowman2 karma

Yes! That is what I'm hoping to do! I want girls to see how much fun we are having doing sports and the friendships that come along with it. I believe that good role models are a part of that but also parents, friends, or siblings who encourage girl to do sports!

RonBonkers1 karma

Thank you for your input. Yes i think parents stem alot of hobbies in children. What annoying is parents associating hobbies based on gender. Its ok to have a daughter who loves to play outside or skateboard.

Maddie_Bowman1 karma

I couldn't agree more!

dimplejuice1 karma

When you bit the gold medal, what did it taste like? Like victory?

Maddie_Bowman1 karma

haha yes and I'm glad I put my mouth on it first especially since how many kids have put their mouths on it since then!

henrikharlaut-1 karma

are you planning to grab your skis this season or changing up your run from 2014 at all?

Maddie_Bowman1 karma

Ya I'm excited to change up my run a bit and believe me there is no one more frustrated with my lack of grabbing than myself so I am trying very hard to do so, so hopefully that is that we will see this season.