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So my original comment was: Hey, good luck. We're fightin for you. No questions, just thought you'd like some positivity after all these fucking douche bags shit down your throat. I'm waiting for the Sioux to kick us all out based on this.

But that is not a question so it got deleted by the auto-mod.

So my question is, are you fluent in Spanish?

If you have to go to Mexico and apply for citizenship, that would be helpful I assume.

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Thanks for the positivity! It's been challenging in here for sure.

To answer your question, no. I'm not fluent in Spanish. Going back to Mexico would be me going into something entirely foreign. I've never been back since I arrived.

My parents tried to help me learn and maintain my Spanish, but... they themselves wanted to learn English. Going to school, learning English, and then going home and teaching it to my parents, speaking it to my parents, translating everything for my parents... I learned Spanish, but only the bare minimum. I know some Spanish, but if you took me and threw me into TJ, I'd be damn near lost.

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Would marry an american work or are you not eligible for that option?

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I could marry an American citizen and I'd be safe. I wouldn't even have to leave the country to wait to adjust.

But... this is a bit more tricky than one may think, especially if it's not a real marriage.

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Have you considered moving to Canada? Or any other country that is less hostile towards immigrants?

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I've thought about it. But. You know how it is. I love a struggle.

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Actually, it's going exactly like I thought.

Why are you so angry with me?

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If my parents robbed a bank, them buying me a car would be the least of my concerns.

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I answered this above, but the TL;DR: it's not like I haven't tried to adjust my situation, and it's not like there's a true venue for me to do so anyway.

What am I doing now to make myself a legal resident?

I'm trying to find me an angry white girl who is mad at her racist parents to fall in love with me so that we can get married, give her parents the finger, have babies, and take them over to her parents house during the holidays so that they chew with their mouths open at the dinner table and use the toilet and not flush.