Here's the trailer for the new movie

I have battled in a ton of leagues against the best rappers from around the world.

Drake hosting my battle vs DNA

Facing off against the legend Canibus

Me vs battle rap legend Iron Solomon


Shouts to /r/rapbattles for making this happen

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thewholedamnplanet23 karma

Any fun Eminem stories?

Dizaster_29 karma

Not yet lol

thewholedamnplanet13 karma

They will come, he looks like a guy that fun stuff happens around.

Dizaster_27 karma

I'm just thankful to have grown up being inspired by his movie and his lyricism to see him show the love back , it means everything, even if I never have " fun " stories . I'm already where I need to be on the side of history. The right side. 😃

StonerJack92517 karma

Who won, Rone or ICE? Whos on your Mt Rushmore?

Dizaster_8 karma

No comment.

Squirrelschaser39 karma

What a pussy.

Jukebawks3 karma

It makes sense that Diz doesn't follow the rules of the Ask me Anything thread because he doesn't follow league time rules either.

Dizaster_4 karma

Reality is mainly based on perception. In this regard I'm going to help you see how off you are. My answers are actually the most honest your gonna get. it's me telling u directly I how I feel I'm not being PC I'd rather drink bleach then be pc. If I say no comment I really feel that way I don't care how either rapper feels or anyone else for the matter. As far as league rules? What league rules? There is no set of rules last I checked . If anything I need to get contractual agreements stating how long I'm allowed to go, because people always lie and it's easy to say "diz stick to the rules" .I've never went back on anyone's word ever. U can quote me . ( besides the math thing ill give u that ). Lol

chiefhero26 karma

doesn't AMA stand for ''ask me anything''?

you're a battlerapper, yet too politically correct to give us your opinion on 1 battle or naming some of your greatest colleagues. huh

still a big fan of your battles but it would be great if you would reconsider and answer this question.

Dizaster_10 karma

It's a hard battle to judge I don't have to agree with the decision neither do u . Underwhelming battle to say the least

DMCrimson13 karma

What is the story with the laminated dollar half-turtleneck shirt at BOLA 3?

Dizaster_28 karma

I'm an idiot. End of story.

saint_corn12 karma

What do you think about battles in Russia? After all, battles in Russia have already surpassed the battles in the United States and have a greater impact on culture.

And what do you expect from a versus battle with oxxxymiron?

Dizaster_12 karma

I fuckin love you guys

vypahhhh12 karma

Does pineapple really belong on pizza?

Dizaster_73 karma

Don't ever disrespect pineapples again. They belong on everything.

McBawse11 karma

What was it like meeting Taylor Swift?

Dizaster_46 karma

She smells good .

Noonamous11 karma

Wait... Eminem has a new movie?!?!?

Dizaster_29 karma

Yes sir . Act like u know and tell a friend

Gingetastico11 karma

How do you feel about the demise of Dont Flop?

Dizaster_24 karma

I exposed eurgh 3 years ago, everyone said I was a bully. Donny answer is , I'm drinking a tall invisible glass of water right now ..,gulp gulp

bendanger9 karma

Can anyone translate this answer?

Dizaster_10 karma

The answer is i fuckin told people he was doing bad business that's why I spit in his face and almost beat his ass infront of everyone ...everyone talked shit to me and said I was "having a meltdown"

SkooterMcirish10 karma

How come every time you go on RYD you wanna smash Avocado's stuff?

Dizaster_5 karma


magicmase239 karma

Is there anything that you brought up about someone during a battle and later regretted?

Dizaster_22 karma

I regret any personal shit I said to anyone, back then we were desperate for a win, now it's corny and not impressive , I will avoid personals

StonerJack9259 karma

Who would you 2 on 2 with?

Dizaster_20 karma

Hollow pat or iron.

OverlordPlayz9 karma

1) Is Oxxxymiron your next battle? And when are we going to see it?

2) Is it possible we would see You vs Hollow 3 rounder this year?

3) Congrats on BODIED! Tell us a little bit about your role.

Dizaster_7 karma

My next two battles are two battle I requested and I am very excited to bring u guys 6 flawless rounds by the end of this year. I cannot elaborate more on that.

As far as bodied , my name is megaton and Los Angeles based mc and my role is the antagonist (main villain) and I play myself in the movie just a little more intense and savage. I battle a fair amount of times and the closest u can compare my role too on a huge movie level is darth Vader in Star Wars. So yah super asshole and my fans will get there dose of dizaster their looking for.

adamtucker17198 karma

You've been face to face with mainstream artists like canibus and Cassidy. Where do you rank the reveal of you an hollow in comparison to repping battlers against the music dudes?

Dizaster_8 karma

I think it's only right , as you can see longevity creates a different level of stock for the battler and conisistency after so long is a huge factor in why we get the huge opportunities when they arise.

OminousBooch8 karma

What is your favorite bar someone has used against you?

Dizaster_18 karma

Hollows "u even battled the host " and "he can hear a cellphone ringing in ur jacket " best personals ever I'm still in tears.

zatchel18 karma

If you put an intercom in a generator,


Dizaster_13 karma

lol ud be able to hear the sound of the engine from the inside

HungryNiggaDeezy8 karma

You gonna be on World Dom? And what language is the Oxxxy battle gonna be?

Dizaster_15 karma

Idk .... and oxxxy will battle me in English.

Robpool20008 karma

Biggie or 2Pac?

Dizaster_35 karma

PAC overall..,. Biggie as an mc.

AcreT38 karma

Why the fuck haven't you started a "Megaton watches battles" series on YouTube to help promote this film, completely in character? No but seriously, what is your battle rap endgame? Who do you NEED to battle before you hang up the pen and pad?

Dizaster_24 karma

Idk why, maybe I was waiting for someone like you to come up with the idea lol

Ali31307 karma

when hollow started complaining about the time limit did that affect your performance ?

Dizaster_7 karma


SkooterMcirish2 karma

Follow up question do you think you'll be able to stick to the time limit in the full battle against hollow?

Dizaster_12 karma

I did there was no time limit originally we agreed nobody would be cut off , hollow decided I was done rapping on his own (and that's after I let him ride) i probably won't be battling him 3 rounds unless I get the agreement in writing this time.

xJonLove19937 karma

Any chance of coming back to the UK to battle any time soon?

Dizaster_24 karma

No Bruv.

09Customx4 karma

What about for an event not thrown by MC ISIS-beard?

Dizaster_5 karma


ninjabully7 karma

Did you expect the sort of reaction you got after the Bodied trailer was released?

Dizaster_13 karma

joseph kahn is a genius

YaBoyTHC7 karma

Diz is there anything you do for breath control? Thanks man.

Dizaster_20 karma

I don't smoke garbage ass ciggerettes

YoungTeo6 karma

Stepping aside from all the battle shit, who are you listening to heavy right now?

Dizaster_11 karma

Childish gambino

robot_deathwish6 karma

What is your favorite battle to watch again and again?

Where do you see battle rap in 5 years?

Dizaster_25 karma

I see battlerap at the top of the Industry food chain and by then we would have removed everyone off Mount Rushmore and replaced all 4 heads with one big statue of my DICK instead.

SevilKeez6 karma

Yo Diz, who was your best opponent in your opinion?

Dizaster_14 karma

Hollow or iron

Dizaster_6 karma

I'll be frequently answering through out the night if u guys still have questions

-I know a lot of my supporters are from different time zones

XboxRedditor6 karma

Your freestyles during a battle can sometimes ruin your flawless written performance if they come off mediocre and bland, Do you agree?

Dizaster_10 karma


Dizaster_6 karma


Gjonaj never recovered after me he had 2 battles where he kept losing steam and immediately retired after that.

Obviously he had this drawn out explanation of why he's not battling anymore . But let's be real, he has to say that , clearly he's not gonna come out and say "hey y'all diz put my fire out" But let's examine a few things : gjonaj was the most buzzing name in battle rap at the time probably since I battled thesaurus out of no where back in 08 ... he was the the talk of the community . Everyone said he would 3-0 me and even smack was behind him.

Hands down he was on a unmatchable high. You don't understand what that feels like being An mc and having everyone praise you like that u feel invincible. It's everything U work for as a battler cuz money is not an issue yet. My point is he had such a promising buzz and before we battled he looked stronger then me on his own. People were saying he was gonna beat me I remember vividly lol. In comparison to each other with out us battling he looked like he had a chance or that if we battled he would do MAJOR damage at least and when I just made a Mochery out of him and effortlessly decimated him , the world realized that he was just a gimmick. He wasn't ever able to even see himself the same after that because the problem was that he puffed him self up so much that he even believed the gimmick was real himself. The lines blurred and he couldn't distinguish what was real and what was fake anymore . So the day the world found out the truth , he was finding out with them, and he never got over it. I feel like Conor mcrgreggor might suffer a similar fate vs Floyd. There's a good chance Conor doesn't land a single punch or minimum gets schooled and clowned . After that we all see him as a joke especially if floyd easily wins . Shit if he gets clowned too hard he might also quit and say he's moving on to "bigger and better things".

So all in a nutshell , Did i destroy gjonaj?

stolos265 karma

  1. Do you regret doing the Hitler mustache angle vs Solomon? I know that fell flat for a lot of people.

  2. Where do you rank Arsonal all time now that he is retired?

  3. Most underrated battler from the West?

  4. This isn't really a question, but I think you need to condense your rounds more. Your good stuff is really good, but sometimes you have a lot of filler which sometimes outweighs all the good stuff you said. Nowadays no one wants to hear people rap for more than 5 minutes. Less is more, etc

Dizaster_27 karma

Yah I agree bro the Hitler shit came off corny def could have did with out it , arsonal is one of the goats, most underrated from west is bdot , and as far as 4 go fuck your self. Lol.

Qweerz5 karma

Can you comment on Gnoaji's voice? Doesn't it sound like sandpaper? Also can you do more soccer announcer impressions?

Dizaster_6 karma

Hahahahah will do

DirtMcgirt13135 karma

Did you get the creative freedom to write your own material for the Bodied movie?

I've heard Kid Twist took over a lot of the writing process.

Dizaster_9 karma

Yes they let me be me. But twist did an excellent job I also contributed to other bars besides my own.

OverlordPlayz5 karma

Bruh stop avoiding Oxxxy questions. Tell us, when can we expect you to see you in Russia?

Dizaster_3 karma

I can't give u an exact date my friend

ManOf59Cheeses5 karma

Hey Diz, big fan here.

What was the most upset you've ever gotten in a battle?

Best line used against you?

Who would win in a battle between Canibus' notebook and that thing on T-Rex's ear?

Dizaster_14 karma

Most upset is during , arcane ,Cassidy and jones... those battles had too much fraudulent shit attached to them ... and canibus notebook is by far superior

Tower_Of_Rabble5 karma

Hey Diz. Congratulations on the movie. Hope it opens up even more doors for you and battle rap in general. Also super hyped for you vs Hollow.

On Ruin Your Day Illmac had shared that he reads more books to prep for a battle (The Book of Five Rings) and Hollow said he stops smoking as much and goes for long drives. Is there anything that you do to get ready for an opponent?

Dizaster_12 karma

I go around knocking people out.

epichvs5 karma

Where would one even begin to grow a vast vocabulary? What is the best verse you've heard from a competitor? Thank you for doing this AMA, Im jealous of your commitment to such a badass career. :)

Dizaster_8 karma

Thanks man I appreciate that compliment . Truth is I been obsessed with words since a young age. I been battling for 17-18 years so , it doesn't come over night. plus it helps I come from a long blood line of poets and rhymers.

The_Plow_King4 karma

What there a different feeling during the Grind Time era than there is now? Is it better or worse?

Dizaster_6 karma

Well there's a sense of hunger that is missing. The essential needs battle rap was predicated on , was the natural instinct to kill. It's lacking now cuz the motive to kill is contingent upon the amount of funds being put forth.

sagaof4 karma

What do you make of the UK scene at the moment? Favourite UK battler?

Dizaster_14 karma

Favorite U.K. Battlers : shotty ,lunar c , soul, shuffle t and Marlo, cruger, shox the rebel dialect ........ older favorites : O'Shea innuendo tenchoo Lego, respek ba

Dizaster_13 karma

It's in shambles Bruv. But the British battle scene will always have a special place in my heart, some amazing memories there.

ViolentFrog4 karma

Yo Diz, big fan here I have some questions for you my man:

-At what age did you start to rhyme? -How long was the grind before your first paycheck? -Was it tough at first?

thank you for your time, I still watch occasionally your battle with canibitc- ehr I mean bus, one of your best for sure peace out

Dizaster_7 karma

Thanks violent frog ....

  • The age I started rhyming is tricky although as I recall vaguely, I started around '99 which would put me at 14-15 years old. But my brother tells me there's footage somewhere of me rapping when I was 12. I can't confirm that.

  • The grind for the first paycheck was a long clusterfuck of years getting paid nothing. I will take u all the way back to the park benches and cafeterias . We first started betting over 20$ , newports, shoes even pizza/food at one point. (I have a funny story for another time). After a couple of years of side betting and cyphering at parks, We started finding out about little functions with 100$ prizes ... that went on for a while then the 500$ prizes came and eventually it was "omg there's a tournament with a stack for winner". -Then it was 5 stacks .... -then the world rap championships came around And it was 2on2 but a chance to get 50k... -Then GT era started and we started with transportation and room. -Then it was a couple hundred -Then 500$ or I won't do it. -Then I want a g. -Then 2k. -Then I travelled the planet took over Came back and asked for 5k. -Then I battled canibus 2012 made +15k. -Then battled Cassidy 2015 made +50k. And now 2017 I won't battle for less then a certain amount. And that's how I built my stock.

chbwoi4 karma

Did you cry when Arcane beat you?

Dizaster_29 karma

Yes i did , I cried for hiphop cuz a big piece of it died that night.

YaBoyTHC12 karma

We all cried a little bit.

Dizaster_23 karma

Hold me

Robpool20004 karma

Thoughts on Wu-Tang?

Dizaster_10 karma

My big homies

Chris_the_Pirate4 karma

What's your favorite 3-0 to rewatch not including any that you were involved in?

You vs Gjonaj is my favorite Jellyfish to rewatch. 3-0, Real Body.

Looking forward to the movie, keep doing you Diz.

Dizaster_5 karma

Bahahahahahahahahhhhhaha I love u man that's a hilarious comment

Arby1244 karma

other than canibus because you kicked his teeth down his throat lol who do you think you've stomped out the worst in a battle?

Dizaster_11 karma

Gjonaj , jersey swift , and (billy boondocks) . Those are the most severe beat downs I've probably handed out besides canibus. Those 3 are all career Enders in every sense of the word.

The_Plow_King3 karma

How far back do you and Lush go? Did he help put you on as much as a lot people say he did?

Dizaster_4 karma

We started off as enemies lol then he booked me vs thesaurus and from there He got me some of my biggest matches of all time , canibus and Cassidy are both him which is my highest pay checks . Almost 6 digit paycheck on the Cassidy battle

OverlordPlayz3 karma

Have you ever talked to Math Hoffa after whooping him?

Dizaster_46 karma

I would but I don't happen to own a ouiga board

ernest033 karma

Whats the biggest misconception about the rap world?

Dizaster_20 karma

That these guys are actually serious people . Lol

ClevelandBrownJunior3 karma

What are your thoughts on Carter Deems?

Is Bigfoot real?

Dizaster_4 karma

Love carter deems

ifreet1113 karma

Which rapper from those you've battle had the worst breath smell? from my observation, i think it was DNA because he seems to care less about his oral hygiene. amrite?

Dizaster_13 karma

Official . And it's not debatable.

OverlordPlayz3 karma

Against Aye Verb, you took his scheme and freestyled your whole round with it "Circumcise him, perfect hymen etc.". That is the craziest thing I've seen in battle rap and I think that's a really underrated performance. How did you manage to even do that?

Dizaster_10 karma

I don't know...and it's not fair to me that I never get credit for it , but your awesome so it's ok

magicmase233 karma

Do you rewatch your battles? If so, how many times?

Dizaster_6 karma

Once or twice sometimes more rarely tho

sp533 karma

On the Bodied movie, are you going to spit more rounds? What about Daylyt he battles too? Why your real names werent used?

Dizaster_6 karma

Yes I rap more then just the trailer scene , I can't speak on anyone else's role , and as far as the real names idk why maybe it's weird for someone to use real names . Eminem was "brabbit" why should we be any better lol the name is just for the story line everyone has a movie name I ain't mad , now call me mega from now on biatchhhhhhhhh

MegaSuperUltraThingy3 karma

Hey yo dude, big fan.

Are you into any video games rignt now? Those streams where you were playing the new UFC game were gold.

Dizaster_6 karma

Gta5 is all I play

MegaSuperUltraThingy3 karma

Good answer, borderline work of art really.

Dizaster_3 karma

It's a way of life 😍

The_Plow_King3 karma

Did you really battle Lil Flip in Texas? lol

Dizaster_3 karma

Nah that's my boy he put me on a card with Gucci mane and twista. I was supposed to battle a dude from Houston there but the sound and stage both weren't fit and it got cancelled

GothamMonroe3 karma

If u had a choice after Hollow would u pick LUX or ROC to kill next ?

Dizaster_5 karma

Me tay roc and conceited are the most popular battlers right now (analytics) wise .. so I would go for tay roc cuz he has bigger numbers then lux right now I've done the stats. I research my next moves carefully.

Qweerz3 karma

Do most people know how book smart you are? Like that line about how Gnoaji's voice is the reason he lost like JFK's voice?

Dizaster_5 karma

Thanks for noticing that line, it went over everyone's head . I thought it was fire lol

Bigmethod3 karma

Hey mate, pretty big fan of you in the rap-battle scene. Your energy is undeniable and you are unrelenting and always on-attack, which honestly goes against the usual "cool guys don't yell" attitude that I see being popularized in hip hop a lot of the time.

A few questions :

1.) How was the shift from purely Battle-rap to acting (and acting battle rap)? Was it tough? Did you find that a few of the more performance-oriented situations actually carried over from your massive pool of experience?

2.) Eminem is producing this project, which is awesome! Are you a fan of the dude musically? A lot of his recent work (especially his off-album and/or bonus-tracks) have clearly taken tons of inspiration from battle-rap and its delivery. What are your thoughts on this?

3.) Who's the guy that inspired you to take the craft of rhyming to the next level?

All the best, Diz, keep doing you, bruh. Your battle against Canibus was one of the nuttiest things I've seen that year. That shit was legendary.

Dizaster_7 karma

First of all thank u everything u said is much appreciated . So to begin answering your questions .

1) honestly it was natural for me I didn't even notice a shift , I've always acted out my punchlines so this felt normal.

2) Yes I am a fan of Em since day 1. I can relate to him on levels people aren't aware of yet. Especially fighting for acceptance , and using the doubt around you to fuel you. He has always been an inspiration on a rhyming level and style of insults using multisyllables and I feel like he's the only one who gets it. As far as him taking influence from us I wouldn't be surprised since we (me) are a product of his era . It's only right that he would draw inspiration from what made him who he is today. I see marshall as the type of person that would never lose his roots , and being a battler is a itch u can never lose.

3) The answer to this is the same as number 2. Reality is if it wasn't for 8 mile I wouldn't be who I am today. That movie might not mean to others what it is to me. When 8 mile came out it gave me the exact vision of what we are doing today , I spent the next 15 years making battle rap the reality it is today, because it gave us the notoriety we needed to be respected by the mainstream as an underground art form. Before 8 mile battle rap was just a random thing, and we became world wide over night and the dream lives on ever since . To add to mentioning canibus , I knew I was gonna beat him back when I was just 16 years old I told myself I would wipe him out one day. And he was probably the best on earth at the time ... this whole journey has been crazy.

feelsgoodbut3 karma

Ah fuck. Im aware I missed the boat but I'm hoping you see this and can answer. What specifically went down with you and eurgh? What made you so upset with him personally?

Dizaster_3 karma

It was a long string of things , it was lying about money after lowballing me to begin with , not taking care of me while I was there, then disrespecting me when I asked to be treated fairly, and pretty much warned specifically not to do it again and doing it again with no regard to consequence as if he didn't believe they would come. I'm used to it tho, math thought the same shit.

spento3 karma

What's your favourite flavour of ice cream? cheers man love your battles

Dizaster_7 karma

Gangsters don't eat ice cream.

MrPudge2 karma

You still friends with Nocando? That battle was a classic for me

Dizaster_2 karma

Yah nocan will always be the homie

badcharacter132 karma

Why hasn't Eminem or Paul Rosenberg promoted the film themselves? They marketed SOUTH PAW very differently it seems.

Will you host your own battle event again? such as the halloween battle card.

Dizaster_6 karma

I don't question the work of people that laid out the blueprint for us to begin with and neither should you.

As far as Halloween battles I want to, but I might be too tied up with battles and tv commercials and other movies potentially

StonerJack9252 karma

Have you ever ghostwrote a line for someone and it became popular for them? I'd like to see you vs Fresco

Dizaster_2 karma

Occasionally little things like this do happen and I wouldn't battle fresco but he's underrated as fuck and I hope he jumps back in the ring soon.

mikecharles692 karma

What is your role in the movie exactly? Are you playing just a one scene character, enemy of the protagonist or a mentor? I understand if that gives away too much of the plot just wondering because you were a big part of the trailer. Regardless big fan, can't wait to see you on world dom (if you're participating)

Dizaster_4 karma

Yes I'm the main bad guy in the movie lol

BigDogAlex2 karma

What were the best 3 events in your opinion?

Dizaster_2 karma

Hard question

BigDogAlex2 karma

Do you think you were robbed against Daylyt on Total Slaughter and would you battle him in a 3 rounder?

Dizaster_4 karma

Yes and I wasn't mad. That was his first big thing he ever done I was not even excited as he was + he wanted it more then me and a big part of me didn't want to take that from him.I let my soft side override my logic, like it has many times in the past. But I have changed. If we battled now I would smoke him and burry him underneath the stage. Problem is I would never do it cuz it just doesn't interest me anymore. He can have that...

The_Plow_King2 karma

Anything you can share about what went down before/during/after the Cadalack Ron vs Dizaster battle? Anything you can tell us about your freestyle battles with Caddy?

Dizaster_3 karma

I don't remember it tbh , we were at Red Bull comp and I can say caddy really was motivated and took it more serious then we all did and wanted to win .

Wristopher2 karma

Would you fight another rapper again during a battle?

Dizaster_4 karma

Hope to god not.

BenJamieson2 karma

Would you ever battle in the UK again? Doesnt have to be on DF of course, could be any league

Dizaster_4 karma

I don't know, there might be something happening next year we'll see.

KanyeCanceIIed2 karma

What episode of Game of Thrones are you on?

Dizaster_6 karma

Ur gonna hate me ...but I never watched it

I like different shit.... Like fringe and black mirror.

TimNelson142 karma

Your first round against SMP is one of the funniest rounds ever. Do you wish you could've used those jokes on a bigger opponent?

Dizaster_6 karma

Nobody is bigger then SMP 😂😂😂

empw2 karma

Do you listen to other genres outside rap? If so, what are you digging right now?

Dizaster_10 karma

All types of wierd shit man the whole gta5 playlist lol

OverlordPlayz5 karma

The Hispanic songs are annoying asf in gta 5 tho loool

Dizaster_9 karma

Those are my favorite ones lol

InterchangeDebates2 karma

Is Eminem as angry as he portrays?

Dizaster_7 karma

Eminem is a human being. If u see him when his angry then he might be angry at that moment , when ur real you show the world your vulnerabilities and wear them on your sleeve , that's why I can relate to him. I'm not always angry either . We just happen to be humans.

GrapeSasquatch2 karma

What's you favorite sonic the hedgehog game ?

Dizaster_8 karma

Nintendo for life xxx 187 on all sega babies

NotTheRealDF2 karma

Have you met em yet? As of recent? If not what will you say if you meet the walking wordsmith, and in the movie are you gonna sing sucky sucky

Dizaster_3 karma


stolos262 karma

How do you think Lupe Fiasco would do if he ever stepped in the battling ring?

Dizaster_18 karma

He would suck.

RapSyndicate2 karma

Feelings on JC vs Lux?

Personally it's too early, and level of competition is nowhere near equal.

Dizaster_3 karma

No comment

StonerJack9252 karma

Do you pay for weed?

Dizaster_6 karma


jspence30132 karma

"But your fuckin hats the only time you'll ever be a Rockstar."

Thank you for that bar. One of my favorites of all time.

With that being said, do you have a favorite bar(s) you've used?

Also, what is your favorite bar, or bars, ever used against you?

Dizaster_7 karma

Ur a proper legend Bruv thank u.

And my fav bar used against me was hollows host line