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I’m a 5 time Grammy-nominated guitarist with six #1 blues albums to my name along with a string of #1 mainstream rock singles and numerous awards. My new album Lay It On Down just came out last week - buy it at Amazon - and I’ll be on tour throughout the summer/fall.


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Theandric301 karma

what's on your pedalboard these days?

KennyWayneShepherd409 karma

CAE Wah, Tycobrahe Octavia, TS-808HW Tube Screamer, King Of Tone, Delay Llama, Vibe-Bro, Bi-Chorus, and a tuner

stpfan1221 karma

As a musician, what's it like to play the same songs over and over, night after night? Do you ever get tired of it? Are there any songs you dread playing?

KennyWayneShepherd330 karma

I have always made sure to record songs that I really like ad believe in so that we don't get tired of playing them. I'm proud of all my albums, but one great thing about having such an extensive catalog is that we have a lot of songs to choose from. I usually put together a few different set lists so we can switch it up on any given night if we feel like something different.

slartbarg156 karma

Quick tips to step my guitar playing up a notch?

KennyWayneShepherd398 karma

Do you play in a band? If not, go play with some real people. Find a Blues jam and sit in. The single best thing for my playing was playing on stage every night with other people and getting out of the house with it.

VirtualRealityCzech144 karma

did you ever think you would be playing this long or still touring?

btw... i saw you when you played the bluesfest in thunder bay, canada a couple years ago.

KennyWayneShepherd192 karma

I had no idea what was going to happen when i first signed my record deal. You never know how people will react to your music. Thankfully it's been about 25 years now and we are still going strong, thanks to the fans.

limbomaniac129 karma

What was it like touring with Vai and Satriani on the G3 tour?

KennyWayneShepherd155 karma

Awesome! A couple of very nice people and amazing guitar players for sure.

ronvonjones1128 karma

Who was your favorite person that you got to meet or perform with that made you act all shy around?

KennyWayneShepherd187 karma

BB King

ronvonjones181 karma

You came to town many years ago on tour with BB king and the Fabulous Thunderbirds, and I saw you play with Double Trouble. You blew me away. Not to take away from the other acts but you were the highlight of the show for me.

KennyWayneShepherd66 karma

Thank you!

kelsosv111 karma

Hey Mr. Shepherd! Just wanted to say you are one of the few artists that got me into the blues! But on top of that, I'm a huge car enthusiast and I work for a motorsports website. My question is what is your opinion of the new age muscle cars like the Demon or ZL1 1LE?

KennyWayneShepherd192 karma

I think they're great and we are now living in the new golden age of automobiles. I just ordered a Demon, so that should tell you right there how I feel about it!

kelsosv38 karma

Hell yeah! Good to hear. Thanks for doing the AMA, I could honestly ask you a million questions. Any chance you would be interested in doing an interview for my website? Thanks again!

KennyWayneShepherd74 karma

Whats your website? Usually interviews are scheduled through management or the publicist. If you contact either one of them we can try to get it set up

korny1234597 karma

Thanks for doing an AMA Kenny. I had the pleasure of seeing you on the Hendrix Experience tour. Seeing you play Voodoo Child was by far the the musical highlight of my life. Do you ever get tired of playing that song or does it still feel fresh after playing it so often?


KennyWayneShepherd130 karma

I still enjoy playing that song every night. It's one of the greatest guitar anthems ever written and is a joy to play. Theres many different places you can take that song. It's the perfect music bed for improvisation.

korny1234542 karma

Awesome, thanks for the answer. You are the main reason I got into blues as a kid.

KennyWayneShepherd57 karma

thank you

pattyemo41 karma

With your fan base growing so rapidly over the years will you still play at smaller intimate venues? Being a huge fan it's the greatest experience rather than big arenas (((stone pony))) 😙

KennyWayneShepherd57 karma

We do a variety of different venues from large outdoor amphitheaters to more intimate smaller settings as well depending on the market and the tour. I know the fans love the smaller places because they are much closer to the band. I've found that the happy medium for most people is a nice theater. Still feels intimate but not too small.

BrbCommitingSudoku39 karma

Wow. Huge fan! What was your dream guitar as a kid? What's your favorite guitar now?

KennyWayneShepherd81 karma

As a kid, all I really wanted was a Stratocaster. I didn't have a particular year or color in mind. I just wanted a Strat. My favorite guitar is still my 1961 Stratocaster.

crashgoggz30 karma

Saw you in Aberdeen, Scotland a couple of years ago.

How do you cope with swapping from a big show to a little show, is there much change to the set list?

Also, what's your favourite car?

KennyWayneShepherd79 karma

1969 Charger

KennyWayneShepherd50 karma

Size of venue doesn't affect the set list. My mood affects it the most.

crashgoggz14 karma

Are you aiming to tour the UK again anytime soon? I'll certainly be booking a ticket.

KennyWayneShepherd22 karma

We are coming back in October. Dates have already been posted and are up for sale. Check my website for info

slickerricky25 karma

Hey Kenny. Loving what I heard of the new album so far. A couple of questions 1) Is there any reason we haven't seen you collaborate or jam with Eric Clapton yet, and 2) Any plans to come to Australia again in the near future?

KennyWayneShepherd41 karma

I played with Clapton at the Apollo in NYC when we did a concert honoring Hubert Sumlin. I was invited to do the first two Crossroads guitar festivals but had prior commitments that I couldn't get out of so I was unable to do them. I hope to come to Australia soon as I love that country and the people there.

Mellymooparks23 karma

Can I make you a guitar strap? Where would I send it! Leather worker here.peace

KennyWayneShepherd23 karma

Sure! I would send it to my office. The address can be found on my website.

thegentile21 karma

whatever happened to corey sterling?

KennyWayneShepherd83 karma

I don't know where he's at now or what he's doing currently. There are a lot of unfounded rumors out there by people who claim to know what happened in the band as pertains to Corey, but everything I have read has been fabricated. He's a very talented singer and we had a lot of fun together, but I prefer to keep people's personal details and band details private so i have chosen not to publicly disclose the things that led to our parting of ways. At any rate I wish him the best in whatever his life brings him, and I believe things worked out of the better because Noah and I have been making great music together now for over 20 years.

pattyemo17 karma

Your favorite part of being a parent? And do any of your children show interest in music, instruments?

KennyWayneShepherd29 karma

I love everything about being a parent, especially watching my kids develop onto their unique personalities. Yes they are all musically inclined.

pattyemo6 karma

Are you still a soccer coach? And agreed most rewarding part of my life is being a parent

KennyWayneShepherd19 karma

No. I was subbing for the real coach back when I posted that. It was fun.

Rayedward82916 karma

Who is a relatively unknown guitar player you think people should listen to?

KennyWayneShepherd43 karma

Marcus King

Zurgzurg12 karma

Hey Kenny! Love your playing, have definitely ripped a few licks off of you;) have you found settings on your TS808 that you are happy with and just stick with them? If so what are they? Or do you still tweak. Do you use that pedal as a solo boost or for another purpose? I've seen you at HOB in Houston twice, great shows. Must be awesome to get to play with Chris, such an iconic drummer. Can you speak to how his drumming has influenced your playing? Thanks! -trevor

KennyWayneShepherd27 karma

Level is usually at 1 o'clock tone is between 1-2, drive is between 1-4 depending on the amp and venue

pattyemo11 karma

Will you be adding dates to this tour as you go? This album touched my heart from the first notes.. how do you keep it current yet stay true to the blues, do you listen to other music.. pop, dance, electronic etc?

KennyWayneShepherd23 karma

The tour for this album will continue all the way through the end of next year, so yes dates will continue to be added. I try to just write the music that I feel inspired to write. I hear all kinds of music all the time, but when making an album we just do what we do without trying to push its too far in one way or the other. I will always be true to the Blues as it's my first love.

ledfrisby10 karma

What are you listening to these days? Any good album recommendations from the past few years?

KennyWayneShepherd59 karma

The newest guitar player I've come across that I'm impressed with is The Marcus King Band. Check him out.

blueslovinmama9 karma

You mentioned that your Faith in God has gotten you through all obstacles & I presume you don't mean Clapton haha Have you always been a religious person? Unlike Jonny Lang's stuff, it isn't super obvious throughout your music.

KennyWayneShepherd14 karma

I have always believed and there are subtle messages in some of my music.

Trebor34547 karma

Love The Rides. Will there be another album/tour?
Looking forward to seeing you in NOLA

KennyWayneShepherd7 karma

We have been talking about recording a third album so I would say you should expect one.

blueslovinmama7 karma

Any plans to tour Australia soon?! I've been hoping to see you live since I was younger! Lovin' the new album... The cover is very remindful of SRV's Texas Flood

KennyWayneShepherd8 karma

Wow. I never thought about that in regards to the cover, but thats cool. I hope we come back to Australia very soon. I love it over there.

blueslovinmama7 karma

Really?! I thought maybe you'd based it off that cover art! You should perform at Bluesfest Byron Bay! I'm sure Peter Noble would love to have you on the line up :)

Also, Trouble Is... is SUCH A RECORD! I'm only 20 so it's been a recent discovery for me... Such delicious playing!

KennyWayneShepherd7 karma

Thank you. We have played Byron Bay a few times over the years. It's time that we come back again

black_flag_4ever6 karma

What is your favorite guitar pedal?

KennyWayneShepherd16 karma

Currently it would be the Analog Man King Of Tone pedal

Chtorrr6 karma

What is the very best cheese?

KennyWayneShepherd17 karma

Depends on what you're eating it with.

Zurgzurg5 karma

Does Mel G have any guitars?

KennyWayneShepherd11 karma

Not that I'm aware of, but he could borrow mine if he needed one.

veritasmn5 karma

You're a huge inspiration; love the new album! You're overdue for a stop in Minnesota with the KWS band! What's one music-related item on your bucket list?

KennyWayneShepherd11 karma

One thing i want that I haven't gotten yet is a 1960 Les Paul. I prefer them to the 58 & 59.

ackme5 karma

Thanks for doing this. At this point in your career, do you find your audiences are mostly blues heads, or do you still have rockers there just to hear Blue on Black?

KennyWayneShepherd9 karma

We have a wide ranging audience with ages ranging from 7-70 and they are music lovers of all kinds.

AnnMariebl485 karma

Hi Kenny......see you at the Ridgefield Playhouse in a few weeks!!!!! Can't wait!!!! Why did you change members in the band?

KennyWayneShepherd11 karma

There always comes a time when change is appropriate. I have learned not to be scared of change but to embrace it. On a creative level it's refreshing to change it up from time to time.

brianmandl4 karma

Hey, Kenny! We've been seeing you play more Gibsons in your Facebook Live videos. Any Gibson signature models in the pipeline?

KennyWayneShepherd12 karma

Not that I'm aware of. I have been stretching out playing different guitars because they sound good and inspire different things. I am friends with some people at Gibson and they have been very nice to me lately. I'm working on a new Signature Stratocaster that will come out in a year or two made in USA. The people at Fender have been very good to me for more then 20 years now as well.

notawalkeryet4 karma

If you could go back in time and perform with anyone, who would it be?

KennyWayneShepherd22 karma


notawalkeryet4 karma

Nice! Quick answer too. You must have thought about this ? before.

Thanks for answering my question.

KennyWayneShepherd14 karma

Been asked that question a lot.

pattyemo3 karma

Do you ever think you'll share words of wisdom or experience as Stevie did during his shows? Some precious parts of being a big fan is hearing an artist soeak

KennyWayneShepherd9 karma

I talk now more than I ever have in-between songs, though I prefer to stick to the music which is what i believe people are there for.

AustinTransmog3 karma

Do you have a "pet" cause or issue that's especially important to you? If so, what is it?

KennyWayneShepherd12 karma

I'm on the board of directors for the Hot Rodders Childrens Charity and we raise money for all sorts of causes that help Children. I'm also involved in Mending Kids International.

Kensei423 karma

are you coming to Madrid or Barcelona anytime soon?

i want to say thank you for all the music i've enjoyed over the years, you were great at the 02 in London a couple of years ago!

KennyWayneShepherd3 karma

We don't have any dates booked in Spain yet, but I would love to come there sometime.