Hey guys! My name is Nick Goepper and I am a professional freeskier hailing from southeastern Indiana! It seems crazy to come from such a small place and make it to the top of the freeskiing world! Hoosier pride! When I’m not skiing, I love surfing, skateboarding, and playing basketball. I’ve been really into books lately, especially sports biographies. I helped the USA sweep the podium in 2014 in Sochi and I’m going for Gold (obviously) in Korea! AMA!

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imaslapabitch2 karma

As a fellow Southern Indiana kid, I'm truly impressed at how you were able to become a professional skier! That definitely took some work.

Any good stories from Paoli Peaks? Did you go there growing up or have you gone back as a pro?

nickgoepper3 karma

I did a big-air contest ag Paoli when I was 12. It was called the Midwest X big air. I had an awesome time! The jump was mad sick too.

nickgoepper2 karma

I did a big-air contest ag Paoli when I was 12. It was called the Midwest X big air. I had an awesome time! The jump was mad sick too.

emilym_3391 karma

What's your favorite spot to go to back in Indiana?

nickgoepper2 karma

Perfect North Slopes

katehawks1 karma

who do you love? What girl would you show your medal to?

nickgoepper0 karma

My mom!

KnightOfCamelot1 karma

what would you think of judges requiring at least one "style" trick per comp run - ie: single flip, less than 720 rotation?

nickgoepper0 karma

That would be sick but not in the xgames or Olympics. Maybe in a different format or contest!

JosephFrapples1 karma

What's the hardest trick you ever tried to or succeeded at learning? Do you have a trick that is your enemy that you just can't do as easily as others at your level?

Btw love your edit from Mt Snow back in the day with Carson Kerr. Shits baller.

nickgoepper1 karma

Double cork 1440. That's also my enemy. And thanks man!!

shishkababy1 karma

Shout out from North Carolina! Couple random questions I've always wondered:

  1. Do you still rollerblade? I've seen a couple clips on your Instagram and you look pretty solid. I could see your snow skills transitioning over pretty well to the streets. I really got into skiing after blading for a couple years and picked it up crazy fast.

  2. Most professional skiers (and skaters) seem to be on the shorter side... do you think having a higher center of gravity gives you any advantages/disadvantages? (you are pretty tall right?)

nickgoepper0 karma

I used to rollerblade more but this summer I've really been into skateboarding. I think my height gives me disadvantages but obviously I make it work!

ColbysGotMoore1 karma

Hey Nick, big fan from Wyoming! Have you done much skiing up here in the equality state?

nickgoepper2 karma

Nope... unfortunately. I've never skied in Wyoming

eeks121 karma

Favorite place you have ever surfed?

nickgoepper5 karma

Pacific City Oregon

TeamUSAOlympics1 karma

What do you eat? You look naturally slim but do you have to eat a special diet for training?

nickgoepper3 karma

I have a very clean diet full of vegetables and protein. Mainly salads, broccoli and sweet potatoes...and tacos of course

ajmboarding1 karma

Fellow Hooiser here! So jealous of you man! Keep up the good work and ride on! If we had real mountians here, I'd be snowboarding every second of my life. My question for you is what's your favorite place to ski, and why?!? Mines Park City, UT

nickgoepper5 karma

Perfect North is my favorite mountain and then I'd say Hood

shadowmalice890 karma

Hi Nick! Fellow Hoosier here from Fort Wayne. At what age did you get into free freeskiing?

Also, what is your favorite movie?

nickgoepper5 karma

Started skiing when I was 5 and freeskiing at 10!

neddiebumpo0 karma

So you skate and surf, yet you still agree that two is better than one.

What gives? Is it just because you're better at skiing or is it because you like it more?

nickgoepper1 karma

I used to rollerblade a lot as a kid and when I'm not skiing I enjoy doing other sports to stay active

emilym_3390 karma

Hey Nick! Are you planing to compete at Dew Tour this coming season in Breck? Would love to see you shred 😊

nickgoepper0 karma

Oh I'll be there!

mblumenthal160 karma

What's the more prestigious medal in your eyes: X-Games gold or Olympic gold?

nickgoepper8 karma

I like all gold

lmaoaine0 karma

Hey Nick! I've been a fan ever since Sochi and I think you're really talented :) any advice on following your dreams and making them a reality? Keep up the good work, can't wait to watch you kill it in Korea!

nickgoepper2 karma

Thanks!! My advise would be to work hard and keep your eye on the prize

AxTheAxMan-1 karma

What's your favorite North American ski hill? I've always been a Whistler Guy myself.

nickgoepper6 karma

Perfect North and Hood for sure!

Swifty2510-1 karma

Where is the #1 place you hope to ski/visit?

nickgoepper2 karma

McCall Idaho!

ipradmore-1 karma

What's the meaning of life?

nickgoepper3 karma


mblumenthal16-2 karma

Hi Nick! Who was your biggest inspiration growing up in the skiing world?

nickgoepper2 karma

Bobby Brown and Tom Wallisch

Alexjessa020308-3 karma

Hey Nick! Thanks for doing this. I am super curious to know about the Olympic Village. Can you give us like any inside scoop on what goes on in there?

nickgoepper3 karma

It's like Disneyland! Super cool, surrounded by athletes, every detail has been thought about and very chill.

katehawks-4 karma

Nick, I love you! Tell me -- who is your former and current role models?

nickgoepper-1 karma

I've always looked up to my parents. I've also really been into reading autobiographies on athletes lately and learning and taking away from each of them.