I've been working at a movie theater for about 3 months now. In concessions, I've scooped buckets and buckets of popcorn, made dozen of batches of pretzel bites and filled enough drinks to fill an olympic size swimming pool bathtub. If I'm ushering I'm creeping in your movie with that weird flashlight and waiting for you guys to leave the theater because I know there's not a post credit scene and I have to clean the theater.

If you have any questions I'm bored enough to answer them right now.


Edit: I fell asleep for a couple hours there but Kevin the questions coming, I have to go to work and open soon but my managers don't care about me using my phone if I'm also doing my job.

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whitewallsuprise1235 karma

You ever catch anyone recording a movie? what did you do?

I bring my own food to the theatre, fuck you, I'll do what I want.

unostriker1553 karma

I've never seen anyone recording a movie. One time a guy took a call on his phone while I was doing a theater check, which was admittedly ballsy. I just told him to put it away cause I don't get paid enough to actually confront people.

And yeah I don't care if you bring your own food, just clean up after yourself, one lady brought chinese food and left it on her seat like a douchebag.

Chinese Food

CarveTheMind645 karma

Holy shit, those are some nice chairs. Leather with wooden arms and a nice floor? Wow. I'm used to plastic chairs with that cheap fabric backing and that cheap carpet at my local theaters.

unostriker581 karma

The local Regal and AMC both renovated recently and put those seats in, we also have reserved seating. It's a much nicer experience but it's harder to sit with your friends.

whitewallsuprise40 karma

Well.... I wouldn't bring chinese food, that's just a dick move. Leaving the chinese food containers is as you said- douchebag move.

unostriker49 karma

Yeah you're cool, just bring your trash when you leave.

sikeguy88779 karma

You ever catch anyone having sex in theater?

unostriker955 karma

I haven't yet, I know people who have however.

sikeguy88315 karma

what happens?

unostriker745 karma

I call a manager, or a security guard if we have one and they deal with it.

thehared-2 karma

My girl and I have sex about half the time we go to the movies. I'm surprised we haven't been caught yet.

unostriker1 karma

That's sorta gross, a kids gonna sit there at somepoint.

RBLX_RealCaesar224689 karma

Do you uh, give freebies to friends? If so, wanna be friends?

unostriker814 karma

I can give you the snack discount but tickets have to go through a manager. Sorry buddy

RBLX_RealCaesar224339 karma

Since I have you, what's your most memorable experience working there?

unostriker985 karma

Every time I recognize someone from my school, I say hi and they don't recognize me. I know that's not very specific but it's what I'll remember the next time I see those people.

MonkeyWithCymbals633 karma

What's the strangest thing that's occurred at your theater?

unostriker1190 karma

Someone took a shit on the sidewalk

sadlyuseless560 karma

Hey, I also work at a movie theater! I have for two years!

How much do you hate it? I fucking hate it. I hate the customers. I hate how stupid they are. I don't think I'm a smart person but god fucking damn it, it's really getting to me how dumb the average person is. I don't want to believe I live in a world this dumb.

unostriker323 karma

I mean it's my first job, the customers can be a little annoying sometimes but the people I work with can be pretty cool so it works out. Overall it's not that bad.

frenchhorngod454 karma

Can I bring my horn and play along with the movie music?

unostriker546 karma


IRELANDNO1300 karma

What's the mark up on popcorn, how much do you make on each bucket large to small...

Any tips on best times to go, when is popcorn freshest.

Do you make food in advance like some places, what should be avoided?

unostriker151 karma

  1. I'm not sure what the mark up is exactly but it's pretty god damn big.

  2. The popcorn will be the best when it's just came out of the popper. You should hear this happening if you're in the lobby or you can ask the staff to make a fresh batch if really want it.

SausageMahony297 karma

Have you ever spliced a single frame of pornography into a family film?

unostriker374 karma

I don't have keys to the upstairs projector room and we use digital so unfortunately no.

JoshuaFuego278 karma

Can you get free tickets to any movie that you want or if there a limit per week or month?

unostriker396 karma

It's 2 tickets a day, they don't stack though. So basically just me and a friend.

AbramH85229 karma

Are the movies shipped to guys? Do you guys watch them before hand?

unostriker331 karma

I'm not sure what you mean by the first question but I can answer your second question. I can't watch any movies early, I can get 2 free tickets for any movie day of, which means I have to see all my movies in the morning to get a good seat (we have assigned seats).

AbramH85184 karma

How are films delivered to theaters?

unostriker395 karma

Ok that makes sense, a hard drive type thing is shipped to the theater and the managers take the files on it and set it up on the computer the projectors run on. There's been times that a windows error box shows up because the projector program crashed while showing a movie.

whitewallsuprise31 karma

Not by carrier pigeon.

unostriker31 karma


mariexlupin122 karma

Aaaay, I used to work at a theatre. It was the best and worst job at the same time. I however, worked for a privately owned theatre (owner only had two theatres, both in small towns). What is your customer horror story? I think one of the worse I personally encountered was walking into the women's room for a restroom check and finding the sink/counter covered in blood. Ends up some kid got a bloody nose, and his mom didn't bother to clean anything up or tell any of the ushers because it's not like blood is a biohazard /s That or the bag full of shit one of the newbies found in the back parking lot while taking out the garbage.

unostriker118 karma

Someone threw up in the sink and clogged it the other day, the aforementioned shit on the sidewalk. People are gross.

KaikesPokeCards84 karma

How much do you hate Marvel movies? Every time I see one (lets be honest, its every single one of them) I kinda feel bad when the ushers start creeping in but I KNOW there are going to be 2-5 end credit scenes.

unostriker131 karma

It's bot too bad because most of the time the Usher schedule accounts for that and tells me the time of the end of the credits rather than the end of the movie. Wonder Woman was the worst because if I did get there early and people were still waiting through the credits, I knew that there weren't any post credit scenes and I just wanted to turn the lights on and start sweeping but I had to wait, every, single, time.

Jim10537 karma

Would you care if I had a flask of whiskey and bottle of coke on me?

(Cargo pants or shorts FTW).

unostriker93 karma

Just don't throw up or get super drunk and distracting. Than I don't care.

Lazyandmotivated19 karma

Do t you hate when people just leave their trash in the movie theater after the movie? I mean, just take it with you, you ANIMAL

unostriker16 karma

You're one of the good ones

snuk96411 karma

Do you work in the Plymouth Meeting area of PA?

unostriker14 karma

Shhhhhhh, I definitely don't

3eyesopenwide-16 karma

How long have you worked there?

unostriker33 karma

That's literally the first sentence of my post.