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odinwp2 karma

What do you do when you run into Mayhem?

XjonboyX2 karma

Can you be more specific? I'd be glad to answer. Just don't understand the context

AutoOtter2 karma

What are some good jokes that only firefighters really understand? I'd really like to know what kind of stuff would get a good laugh out of you guys.

XjonboyX3 karma

Hmmm i dunno. Most of are jokes are pretty dark. Lemme think on that

JackyMac1 karma

Can jet fuel melt steel beams?

XjonboyX2 karma


I know where this is headed. All steel will melt at a certain temperature. Any fuel can fluctuate in heat depending on its velocity and mixture with the surrounding atmosphere. It's impact on the steel is also affected by the isolation of the flame in relation to the object and duration.

A small beam with little mass and a high velocity flame of pressurized jet fuel would yes cause the steel to fail. While a laminar burning pit of fuel underneath a beam of large mass may over time weaken it but highly doubtful it would fail.

I don't want to make a comment that would identify me with either side of this argument out of respect for the 343 the other thousands that died.

PaintsWithSmegma1 karma

How many basements have you saved in your 10 year career?

XjonboyX1 karma

Well considering I work in the coastal south. Not too many!

lisapang1 karma

Why are most firemen one dimensional?

XjonboyX1 karma

How so? Please explain

theflamingskull0 karma

Have you ever had to tend to someone abused by the police?

If so, did you report the officer(s)?

XjonboyX8 karma

No I can't say that I have. I have been called to remove taser prongs several times but considering I wasn't there when they went in I can only assume my brothers in blue were justified.

theflamingskull-7 karma

Why would you assume that they were always justified?

XjonboyX9 karma

Because as a professional servant of the city and protector of the public I want you to assume I'm making the correct choices when it comes to saving you and your loved ones. Do we have idiots who make mistakes? Absolutely. They do too. But overall, they do their job, and they do it right. So I will always assume they are performing to the standard I expect of them unless I have a reason not too.

theflamingskull0 karma

Do we have idiots who make mistakes? Assaulting citizens is not a mistake, it's a crime that often goes unpunished.

I've also worked municipally, and have personally known good cops, bad cops, and ones who cover for them.

Good cops who don't report crimes can't be trusted to protect the public, only their brothers in blue.

XjonboyX1 karma

Yep. I agree. There's some terrible people out there who are in all forms of public safety.

However as a whole. I cannot lump the actions of a few (comparatively to the entire American police force) with the rest of the bunch.

The jackwad fireman who did malfeasance x,y, or z is an idiot and possibly a criminal. But his actions don't make me who I am.

nolbie0 karma

Is it possible to commit arson without leaving behind any evidence?

XjonboyX2 karma

Yes. Although I think qualifying this with a "how" could condemn me so I'll leave that to you and google.