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mrpokehontas7 karma

I hope I don't come off as being rude or obscene, but I'm really curious:

Do you/can you pee standing up? If you can't, do you wish you could?

yamikuriboh40 karma

Yes, imagine a girl peeing in the shower.

LOLThatHilarious3 karma

Do you have any tomboy features? What are your hobbies ?

Edit: Remove per se, add "?"

yamikuriboh12 karma

Used to have tomboy features. I was the only girl on after school football training, growing up my interests lay in sports, cars, biking, I used to prefer t-shirts to dresses etc. But now I feel that isn't exactly tomboyish behaviour, as more girls are interested in football and sports etc etc.

Hobbies now include baking, cooking, reading, biking, running, etc :)

Nothing out the ordinary.

xubax0 karma

It depends, do you like playing video games? Can you decide where you want to go out for dinner?


yamikuriboh19 karma

Looooove video games! And sure pasta all the way :)

mainstream_lurker-45 karma

So how does it make you feel to see all these other fake transgender people taking the spotlight?

I mean you're actually trans and they are just mentally disabled and should seek help.

Doesn't that anger/sadden/concern you?

yamikuriboh-1 karma

I'm not one to judge other people. I believe they could have similar conditions or maybe have underlying psychological issues.

What angers me is how there has been a sudden increase in trans people, and how many people identify as trans/'non-binary' because its cool or whatever, when in reality it is not cool at all.