Hey Reddit:

We're Matthew Mercer and Erin Cahill of Resident Evil: Vendetta, the action-packed third installment in the state-of-the-art CG animated franchise. Matt is returning as Leon S. Kennedy and we're introducing Erin's character Rebecca Chambers in this film! Follow us along with Chris Redfield (played by Kevin Dorman) as we aim to stop the spread of a deadly virus that threatens to destroy New York City. Check out the trailer here: https://youtu.be/Fs5g-l0Bcss

Based on “Resident Evil™,” one of the bestselling video game franchises of all time, “Resident Evil: Vendetta” will also be released in movie theaters nationwide on June 19 for a special one-night event from Fathom Events. Tickets are available here

The film is on digital June 20 and on 3-Disc 4K Ultra HD™/Blu-ray™ Combo Pack, 2-disc Blu-ray™ and DVD July 18. Ask us anything!


Matthew: https://i.redd.it/q3n6qy1l0r1z.jpg

Erin: https://i.redd.it/ckj9p1at0r1z.jpg

Matt: Thank you guys so much for coming and asking such amazing questions!! This was an absolute BLAST. Can't wait for you all to see the movie in the VERY near future, and keep up with my shenanigans via twitter @matthewmercer, and instagram @matthewmercervo. Much love to you all!

Erin: You guys, ditto to what Matt said! It has been such a blast to talk to you all! I am a slow typer, so look out for our FB live chats (coming up soon: Http://facebook.com/residentevilvendetta ) and I can answer more then. Plus, you will get to see Matt and I rock out to Journey. (Not kidding, that happened today. Don't Stop Believing!) You can follow me on Twitter at ErinJ_Cahill, insta is ejcahill, and FB at ErinJCahill Fanpage. Thank you for being wonderful fans. Can't wait to know you all more. Don't get eaten until we meet again!!! xo

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paynexkiller62 karma

How muscular should Chris be? RE5 (SUPER RIPPED) or RE1? (Normal guy.)

residentevilvendetta181 karma


Dr_Overdose55 karma

Woo! Saw your tweet Matthew and was happily able to make the start of this AMA! I never catch the start of these things.

I have never really gotten into the Resident Evil franchise, Can i jump into this one without really knowing anything about the story (beyond zombies exist). Or should i just totally just binge everything resident evil between now and june 20th?

secondly Matthew care to give us critical role fans a sneak peak of anything special you have planned for the 100th episode of critical role on thursday?

residentevilvendetta64 karma

Matt: I don't think you need to know everything. If you want to get a quick primer you can take at the wikipedia for Resident Evil or just know that there are zombies and creatures that are spawned by viruses.

Can't let anything slip about Critical Role, you'll just have to tune in.

Mattenburg48 karma

Matthew, first off, I'm a huge fan of Critical Role. Granted I've only discovered it within the past few weeks, but in that time, I've uncovered my own love for D&D. After being hesitant to bring it up to friends for fear of being seen as a "nerd", I took the plunge and I have loved every minute of it.

Your work has inspired me to admit and accept my own personal nerdy side, something I've been ashamed to do for years, and I thank you for that.

Anyway, simple question, do you enjoy/hate listening to/playing through your own work?

residentevilvendetta42 karma

Matt: Thanks so much for the kind words!! <3

To answer your question, it can be a bit strange... at first, I couldn't help but listen with a critical ear, hearing my performance and taking notes on how to improve. Now, I just got a little use to it, and try to enjoy the game for its own merit.

dasbif39 karma


1) Build Leon as a DND character. What race, class, background, alignment, flaws, etc. would you put on his sheet?

2) What character would you imagine Leon would choose play if he sat down at a DND table?


3) What is the best zombie survival advice you can dole out?

4) What was your funniest moment in the booth recording for Rebecca Chambers?

residentevilvendetta36 karma

Matt: 1) Oh man... Human Fighter (Gunslinger), with a soldier background. Good alignment, flawed in the need to save others at the expense of his own safety. Fairly high Dex, Wis, and Cha. ;)

2) Hrmm... any class, so long as he could Feat into "Magic initiate" to get the Bard's Vicious Mockery.

3) I'm a bad person to ask, as I fully acknowledge I won't survive much into the first hour of the zombie apocalypse, hehe. Personally? Find the Alphas and let them lead. ;)

residentevilvendetta17 karma

Erin: Wow! Best Zombie advice...try not get eaten by one! ;p As for the funniest moment...we had so many! I would say one of my favorite moments was when our director would yell "Mountain" when he was happy. It always made me happy!

elvismiggell29 karma

What games have you had the most fun working on?

residentevilvendetta67 karma

Matt: Leon's one-liners are always a blast. Sincerely. I also really enjoyed all elements of Overwatch, Hearthstone, and Warcraft, bring a Blizzard fanboy.

equinoxninja20 karma

Hey Matt, what's your wackiest DnD story? Also for both of you, whats the most memorable (either good or bad) job and/or story from voice acting?

residentevilvendetta67 karma

Matt: Oh man. There are many! Quick one: A Recent Episode of CR had our Druid Keyleth leaping off a cliff...

APE_LINCOLN_19 karma

To both Matthew and Erin, how much inspiration did you guys take from the previous actors who portrayed your roles? Were you aware of the characters at all before auditioning for them?

residentevilvendetta29 karma

Matt: Quite a bit! I listened and took a lot of cues from Paul Mercier's portrayal (the one that originally drew me in), and then made it my own from there. I wanted to make it familiar and respectful to the previous performances, but also a little fresher.

residentevilvendetta23 karma

E: Hi! I actually didn't know about Rebecca before I got the part. Once I found out who she is in the franchise I was SO excited! I have grown to love her and the fans so much. x

Theslenderass17 karma

Matt, who do you main in Super Smash Bros? Any game and how do you feel about Chrom not actually getting into Smash 4? Big fan!

residentevilvendetta44 karma

Matt: I lean Mewtwo in Melee, and Luigi in Brawl and later versions (because he's so f--king weird and I love it)

It's fine Chrom wasn't in it. We needed more badass female representation in Smash, and the Fire Emblem elements were quite the sausage fest.

stuff_rulz16 karma

Hey! Love your guys' work! I'm a bit new to AMA's so I'll ask an easy one.

What was your favorite part about working on this film? Any crazy encounters or stories or was it mostly run of the mill voice recording?

Keep up the great work <3

residentevilvendetta25 karma

Matt: For me, any chance to step into the boots of Leon is a gift. The occasional opportunity to play him is like seeing an old friend after a long time away. Comfortable, and full of nostalgia. <3

Nothing run-of-the-mill about it, honestly, but there are certainly an number of rather ridiculous/fun scenes I enjoyed!

residentevilvendetta19 karma

Aw Thank You! I'm a slower typer than Matt...ha! I loved working on all legs of this film. The whole cast was wonderful. And, I always love working with my brother Jason!

djforkit15 karma

Hey guys, this is a question for both. Matt, I know you do a lot of voice acting between anime, CR, and all sorts of games. Sorry Erin, but I'm not too familiar with your work. But do either of you ever find yourselves doing the voice for a character from something completely different by accident? Or do you just fall into a groove and "become" that character? Thanks!

residentevilvendetta18 karma

Matt: Ha! Every now and then! Thankfully, when you return to voice a character you've already performed, they will play examples of your previous work to "dial you in" through call and repeat. This allows you to tune back in and match previous dialogue.

residentevilvendetta17 karma

E: That is a great question! It really depends on the role and project. I think generally you fall in to a groove.

MutantFromTable913 karma

To Matthew Mercer: I'm a fan of your Critical Role show, thank you for the creative entertainment! I'm curious if you're a Harry Potter fan? (I don't know much about DnD, but I recognize a lot of the creatures because of my Harry Potter obsessive tendencies.) Keep up the amazing work!

residentevilvendetta25 karma

Matt: I enjoy HP quite a lot! I fear I've only read the first book, and followed through with the films thereafter (free time to read seems to escape me far too often)

Luke287313 karma

Question for Matthew: How do you feel about Leon not being a character in Resident Evil 7? I know your a fan of the series so one other question: What do you think of the new direction the series is taking with RE7 being in first person and going back to horror roots?

residentevilvendetta24 karma

Matt: I think the franchise definitely needed an injection of new narrative, so I wasn't let down at all not having him in there. I do sincerely hope they eventually loop back into the original RE stories/characters with the themes and classic horror elements that RE7 brought back in. (also, I just want to be able to be Leon again, hehe)

Sonic1012212 karma

Wow, I'm here near the start of one of these things! That's a surprise!

Well, since I'm here so early, I might as well be "that guy": Matt, as the voice of Leon, any juicy details on the RE2 Remake? Maybe an E3 trailer? Something?

Since I know the answer to that question will not be as interesting as I hope it will be, I've got another one too. With how good Leon and the other RE "vets" are at surviving now, do you think there will ever be a game that skews more toward horror rather than action starring one of them? Whether it's classic RE style or even something similar to RE7. Or are they just too good to be solving puzzles and awkwardly shuffling around zombies?

residentevilvendetta13 karma

Matt: Honestly, I am currently not involved with the RE2 Remake, so you are as in the dark about it as I am!

As to your second question, I certainly hope so! I love the Survival Horror roots of the series, and I think RE6 was a learning experience for all those involved. Fingers crossed!

kirapwns11 karma

What was both of yours first VO gig and how did you come across it?

residentevilvendetta19 karma

Matt: It was doing background Walla voices for the old Fist of the North Star animated series. Heads exploding, Guy #3 shouting, etc. Came across it through accident, and was overwhelmed. It was enough to make me seriously think about pursuing it in the future.

residentevilvendetta17 karma

E: I actually started with Call of Duty Black Ops 11. I auditioned for it like a theatrical job, then got to do it all and feel super grateful to have gotten into the voice over world that way.

SilverWarrior911 karma

Firstly, I'd like to say how thankful I am for your talents being used in what I hope to be an excellent film.

To the both of you, Id like to ask for some advice. What would you say to a young aspiring voice actor/regular actor fresh out of high school? What can I do to improve my skills and begin breaking into the industry?

residentevilvendetta18 karma

Matt: Improv training is HUGE, imo. Cold reading is a majority of the job for most Voice Over, so focus on the ability to quick spot-read a script, interpret details quickly and make bold choices.

residentevilvendetta15 karma

E: Hi! I think Matt would give better advice. The best advice I can give for the moment is to say, ask a lot of questions. Of anyone you admire or is where you want to be. You are off to a great start by asking! :)

elsieclare10 karma

A simple question. Your favorite animals?

residentevilvendetta25 karma

Matt: Hrmm... the Huggi. A corgi-husky mix.

Erin made me clarify.

residentevilvendetta20 karma

E: Ha! I did make Matt clarify. You guys, google it...it's the cutest animal! As for me....hm. I have to give a couple answers. I would say a tiger. Like a baby one. Also, I would be a bird. I want to fly. But, a bad ass bird. Like an eagle.

aceavengers10 karma

Erin can you tell us what your character will be like? How was it working with Matt and the others?

residentevilvendetta11 karma

E: Hi! Rebecca is awesome. You guys are going to love her. I hope! She is strong, but sweet. And, fiercely smart. I loved playing her.

Kinla9 karma

Hi Matt and Erin!!

If you were Luchadors what would your gimmicks be?

residentevilvendetta21 karma

Matt: I would think my gimmick would be narrating my movesets and attacks in realtime.

residentevilvendetta13 karma

E: Matt haaaa! I don't know! Probably like a hugging Luchador!

workfuntimecoolcool9 karma

Do you ever ad-lib or suggest improvements to a line, or do you generally stick to the script?

residentevilvendetta19 karma

Matt: Depending on the project! It can be difficult when the project is ADR, as it has to match existing animation. We also don't want to step on the toes of any of the writers. If they encourage it? OH HELLS YEAH

residentevilvendetta13 karma

E: I am going to ditto what Matt said. About the respect and hell yes if it's encouraged!

StonedWooki39 karma

Hey Matt, massive fan, you inspired me to become a DM myself and so far (6 months) my players are really digging it!

My question for you is how far ahead do you plan the over-arching story? You've mentioned before about starting small and planning for what is immediately ahead to avoid being swamped by workload but do you have a direction in mind where to take the story from the beginning?

I have planned very far into the future with the main narrative elements and wondering if I shouldn't stick to what I have to avoid removing the element of choice from my players.

residentevilvendetta13 karma

Matt: Big story arcs I loosely plot out, and detail the smaller, session-to-session stories upfront. I then chisel out the main arc as we go, adjusting and adapting based on player actions!

Raoh908 karma

Hi!!! So thrilled you guys were able to make an AMA. Huge fan here, especially of Rebecca since i was like 7yo! and then playing as Leon as a 9yo. Thank you both so much for the delivery you make to every game. Greeting from Mexico!


A question for both of you: What was your most exciting moment that you took part with in the video games?

residentevilvendetta11 karma

Matt: Finally seeing the E3 trailers for RE6 and seeing Leon's face talking with my own voice. It was such an incredible moment for me, having been a fan of the character for so long. <3

residentevilvendetta9 karma

E: Hi! Thank you for being such a great fan! Honestly, I keep having exciting moments! When I got the job I was excited, when we went to Tokyo I was excited, when we were recording in the sound booth I was excited, now we are doing press and I am super excited to meet all of you!!

blyssblack78 karma

For both of you, are you fans of the RE universe, or just in it for the work? I'm okay with either, just genuinely curious.

residentevilvendetta17 karma

Matt: Myself? I've played pretty much every RE game since the original for PSX (including some of the terrible early Gameboy ones). Since the friggin dog through the window made me yelp in front of friends in High school, I've been hooked. Leon became my favorite character by RE4, so to step into his shoes was a genuine honor.

residentevilvendetta13 karma

E: I have been a fan of the movies since the first frame! I watched the digital movies in prep for my audition. I am a super fan now. :)

LinkStaticMDK7 karma

Matt - How did the events in Resident Evil 6 change the way you approach the character's voice and performance?

Erin - Joining the cast to a gaming franchise with such a rich history, did you take any queues from past performances and characters to influence how you approach your role?

residentevilvendetta13 karma

Matt: Leon has definitely come a long way. From the bright-eyed new cop thrown into chaos, to the confident wise-cracker in 4, I found that the perpetual death and hollow victories have progressively taken their toll on Leon. By the time RE6 rolled around, I saw him as more brow-beaten and trying to cling to his optimism. Doing what he feels is right, unsure if it will make any real difference... but knowing no other way to live than to try.

ColonelGW6 karma

Hi guys! Really excited for the film and seeing Rebecca back again.

Matt: If it doesn't spoil anything in terms of dialogue, are Leon and Chris on more friendly terms this time and able to have some banter together, or are they still quite mission focused like RE6?

Erin: Was there any particular previous voice actor of Rebecca (Lynn Harris, Hope Levy, Stephanie Sheh) that you based her voice on? Also, have you ever seen or heard of "Biohazard The Stage" and if so what do you think of it?

residentevilvendetta5 karma

Matt: Let's just say Leon and Chris aren't quite as "macho-conflict" as they were in RE6.

residentevilvendetta4 karma

E: I didn't use anyone's performance. I actually have only seen pictures of Rebecca. I'm so excited to be playing her in her 30's. You guys haven't seen her since she was a teenager! I hope you like it as much as I loved playing her. :)

ehkodiak5 karma

How different is doing voice over for an animated movie compared to say video games?

residentevilvendetta10 karma

Matt: Many Video Games and Animated projects do record the voices as Pre-lay, so we get to perform without any constraints, and the animation is tailored to our performances. Others involve us recording our voices over existing animation, called ADR, and that's a more technical process that takes layers of concentration.

AdaWongForever5 karma

Matt: What is your opinion the relationship of Ada and Leon? Does Leon miss or mention Ada at all in Vendetta?

Erin: Does Rebecca ever say her famous "OH NO!" line in Vendetta? lol

residentevilvendetta9 karma

Matt: Leon and Ada have a very interesting, complicated relationship. What romance that is there is peppered with mistrust, yearning, and playful denial. I imagine he misses elements of her, and REALLY doesn't miss others.

residentevilvendetta5 karma

E: I can't tell you! You will have to watch and see. Tee hee!

Nookyava5 karma

Hey Matt, big fan and I've loved your work across everything Blizzard related, and beyond!

I have three, you can pick and choose if you want.

1) What got you really interested in voice acting, and kept you going? 2) How did you go about practicing and getting better at voice acting? 3) Have you ever thought about going back to facial hair? You could cosplay as McCree at cons!

Thanks for the enjoyment you bring!

residentevilvendetta7 karma

Matt: Thanks, friend!

1) My love of cartoons and video games merging with my love of theater. 2) Many, MANY classes and workshops over the years while performing on stage whenever I could. Improv helped tremendously. Cold-reading and reading outloud when alone. 3) I have, but many projects I have going on require facial mocap, and I need to shave for those... it's frustrating.

junkun4 karma

Erin: in case Matt hasn't already invited you to make a guest appearance in Critical Role, would you? I'm sure you'd have loads of fun...what class would you pick?

residentevilvendetta5 karma

E: Ha! I just showed him the question and told him I would love to be part. :)

GoneRampant14 karma

Matt and Erin: Do you believe the Resident Evil franchise should stick with the direction of Resident Evil 7 and go back to the slow-paced horror route, or should it stay with the Vendetta-style action setpieces?

residentevilvendetta9 karma

Matt: I believe both have their place, but I would like to see an emphasis on the more slow, atmospheric horror, and sparing use of the action craziness.

residentevilvendetta6 karma

E: I agree they both have their place. I also like the slow and scary moments. I like the suspense! I'm a total horror fan. Scare me, Baby!

junkun4 karma

Matt, how did you get into voice acting? And if you hadn't been a voice actor, what career path do you think you might have ended up in instead?

residentevilvendetta16 karma

Long story short, I trained for many years as a hobbiest performer in community theater, and when I decided to pursue it, I gave it my all... which led to many years of "creative living" within my studio apartment trying to make ends-meat.

If not this career path? Probably game development, or an English Teacher.

PainkillerJames4 karma

This is a question for either of you. As someone looking to get into voice acting, what would you recommend as the best way to start?

residentevilvendetta10 karma

Matt: Training in any forms of performing arts you can that pertain to acting. Scene study, character study, cold reading, etc. Theater lends skills to VO more than others, I find. The "Acting" is more important than the "Voice", imo.

Durt-Murph4 karma

Matt: For real though, who'd win in a gun fight? Leon or Mccree.

Erin: who's more sexier? Leon or Mccree.

residentevilvendetta8 karma

Matt: I think they'd beat the crap out of each other, then when the wounds set in and they are breathing hard in cover, they'd spin back-to-back and fight off the zombie hoards as a team.

residentevilvendetta5 karma

E: Well I am going to have to go with Leon, of course!

StainlessStealRat4 karma

Do zombies have feelings? And did you hurt them?

residentevilvendetta11 karma

Matt: Don't care. ::loads shotgun::

residentevilvendetta4 karma

E: Ha!! I hope they don't have feelings! Cause if so, we hurt a LOT of them.

theonewhosees4 karma

Just wanted to say thank you all for taking the time to answer all these questions!

Matt: How do you find time to sleep? It seems like you're everywhere doing everything!

Everyone: What's your favorite sandwich and beverage?

residentevilvendetta8 karma

Matt: The nutrient broth that maintains my consciousness also keeps the majority of sleep necessity at bay.

Sandwich - French Dip with Au Jus. Beverage - Thai Iced Tea.

residentevilvendetta5 karma

E: I love a good meatball sub! With extra cheese.

StainlessStealRat3 karma

How many times can a zombie outbreak be stopped before its just too much and we all give in and zombie party for the rest of our lives?

residentevilvendetta7 karma

Matt: 72 times.

residentevilvendetta6 karma

E: Ha! Never give in and never surrender! (Yes Goonies fans.)

Hegemon19843 karma

If you met Leon S. Kennedy in real life, what would a conversation between you two look like?

PS: Been a long time... comrade.

residentevilvendetta5 karma

Matt: I'd buy him a drink, we'd swap stories for an hour, then I'd awkwardly ask him to sign my leather jacket.

dotsdfe3 karma

Hi, Matt! Huge huge huge fan of your work, specifically Ryoma and Yusuke.

My question is simple: Who are, let's say, the five favorite characters that you've ever done VA work for?

residentevilvendetta8 karma


Leon, McCree, Aloth, Tygra, Kiritsugu Emiya...?

JetSylar173 karma

Matthew! You did an excellent job taken over for Paul Mercier. So chances are you're probably going to be Leon in the RE2 remake. I know you would have to keep hush hush on something like that ;) but hypothetically if you were called in to do Leon for the RE2 remake, would that be an accomplishment for you in your career? How would you portray Leon differently, if at all? Fingers crossed for you and Allyson Court! Thanks Matt

residentevilvendetta7 karma

Matt: I would love to take a crack at Leon in his earlier years, but I do not think its in the cards for me regarding the Remake. Alas! I would love to bring some of his young optimism and his first frantic attempts to take control of a chaotic disaster in such a project.

ColdVergil3 karma

Hey Matt. I wonder, are you familiar with Metal Gear/Solid Snake - David Hayter? If you are... Were you inspired by him?

I've always wanted to hear you trying some Solid Snake lines ever since I got into Overwatch. Haha. Maybe imitating the voice or doing them in your awesome McCree voice.

residentevilvendetta8 karma

Matt: MGS is one of my favorite franchises, and David's Snake is iconic. I've had the pleasure of hanging with him a number of times, and he's awesome. Inspired by his body of work? Yes! As a voice ref? Not...really?

brunalanz3 karma

Hi Matt and Erin! Is really nice to see such talented people as you guys in Resident Evil.

Here are my questions (sorry for the bad english. I hope you can understand me!)

Matt: How is it to play Leon one more time? Is he different from what we saw in Resident Evil 6?

Erin: We haven't seen Rebecca in a long time. She was a very delicate but brave girl. How is she in RE Vendetta?

Kisses from Brazil!

PS to Matt: I started playing DnD with my boyfriend because of you!

residentevilvendetta7 karma

Matt: I relish it. He's one of my personal favs, and means quite a lot to me. He's certainly reeling still from the events of Damnation and RE6, so prepare for that emotional baggage.

Also, that's awesome! Enjoy your game!

residentevilvendetta3 karma

E: Hola! I love my fans in Brazil. I hope to meet you all one day. Rebecca is still sweet, but has really matured. She is so cute and SO SMART. And very brave. Can't wait for you to see!

Drewkinn3 karma

Matt and Erin: Who in your opinion is the most dynamic, interesting character in RE:V? You can pick yourselves. I won't judge.

Thanks. Really excited for the release in a couple weeks!

residentevilvendetta6 karma

E: Well shoot I can't pick! I would say all of them. Haaa. #Switzerland!

residentevilvendetta5 karma

Matt: Oh man. Could be Leon. He's the cynic and wise-crack master. Probably Rebecca, though. She's the heart of this story.

Croswynd3 karma

What's your opinion on RPGs becoming more and more about appealing to a wider audience rather than being made specifically for people interested in RPGs? Do you think there's a balance and is it currently perfect or tipped too far to one side?

Thanks for being so damn entertaining, by the way.

residentevilvendetta6 karma

Matt: I feel RPGs can only benefit from a wider love and appreciation of the hobby. All systems evolve with the times, and while some may lend their efforts towards a more accessible gamer base, others will still cater to the more classic gamers who carried the hobby all these years. I don't see any trends or changes being able to alter or change how you play your game at home unless you somehow let it.

sushiwashi3 karma

Has Matthew or Erin played any of the RE games? If so, which one did you like?

residentevilvendetta9 karma

Matt: RE1, RE2, RE3, RE4, RE5, RE6, RE7, RE Code Veronica, RE Zero, RE Revelations, and the RE Card Deck Building game...?

George13FTW3 karma

First of all hi guys. Now onto the questions.

Matthew: Can you tell us anything about a new RE game and if you can't what do you the focus should be in the next one ?

Erin: How does it feel coming into this huge world of Resident Evil and voicing one of it's main characters ?

If by any chance you answer this question, thank you so much.

residentevilvendetta3 karma

Matt: I don't really know anything about upcoming projects, but I'd love to see them maintain the survival horror/atmospheric elements of RE7 and tie it with the original storylines a bit!

kazam903 karma

So Matt, did Leon steal your haircut or did you steal his?

residentevilvendetta2 karma

Matt: Ha! Me thinks he claimed this territory before I, and I probably subconsciously wandering into it.

Dr00_PhD3 karma

Matt: What is your favorite 16-bit JRPG and why?

residentevilvendetta5 karma

Matt: That's a hard choice between FFVI and Chrono Trigger.

Don't make me choose. Please.

DanjaBus3 karma

What's your favourite food and is it a Jill sandwich?

residentevilvendetta4 karma

E: Ha! Matt just explained that to me. Hilarious! My favorite food is....sushi. Or anything covered in cheese.

residentevilvendetta3 karma

Matt: Chicken Alfredo or a Medium-Rare Fillet Mignon. And it is not... I just hope this au jus isn't made from Chris' blood...

residentevilvendetta2 karma

Ha! I love that. I love sushi and anything covered in cheese!

Lanowar3 karma

Matt: Are there any Leon quotes you think would work well with Mccree and vise versa?

Erin: How different do you find Voice acting to say working on Power Rangers?

residentevilvendetta5 karma

Matt: Ha! Probably a number of them! "Ain't I killed you before?" Seems thematic. "That'll do fine" when buffed/healed would be fun.

residentevilvendetta3 karma

E: Doing Voice Over is different from any other medium I have ever done. I do mostly film and tv, so this has been a really fun challenge for me!

Luke28733 karma

Question for Erin: What was it like taking on the roll of Rebecca in Vendetta? do you feel like you have done in a good job in bringing her character back in Vendetta?

residentevilvendetta5 karma

E: Well Jeez I hope so! I loved her and want to make the fans happy, so I hope so! :)

Lyndzi3 karma

Hi Matt!

Big fan of both RE and Critical Role (and many of your other projects, like Final Fantasy 15, and going waaaaay back... Sailor Moon)

My Not Resident Evil related question: (I'm sorry, but you expected this right?)

When using your resurection ritual rules does rolling a natural 20 on an attempt to aid a resurrection ritual (Vex for Percy's first res and Pike for Scanlan) have any benefit mechanically? Or was that just another example of the dice reinforcing awesome story/character moments?

Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for the many many hours of entertainment you've provided me, and for inspiring me to start a D&D game with my own friends. A year ago I picked up the 5e starter set and DM'd my first game. Now we're playing Storm Kings Thunder, and I credit or monthly game for bringing us all closer together.

I know you hear it all the time, but I wanted to add to the many many people out there you've had a positive influence on.

Also I hope you have a fantastic wedding whenever that is! Congrats to you and Marisha!

residentevilvendetta5 karma

Matt: No mechanical benefit, just ensuring the success of the ritual and making a beautiful moment of narrative improv. That's my genuine thrill in TTRPGs. :)

Thank you so much!! <3

BrockyJay2 karma

Matt: is a hotdog a Sandwhich? Erin same question for you.

residentevilvendetta6 karma

Matt: No, it's a damned hot dog. What's wrong with you? ;)

residentevilvendetta4 karma

E: Ha! I don't think so! (I freaking love hot dogs.)

Hypnotoad252 karma

Question for Matt: Since the Tal'dorei setting book is set after the year time skip, during which, Scanlan became The Meat Man, is The Meat Man going to be in the Ankarhel(sp?) lore in the book?

residentevilvendetta2 karma

He is in Ank'Harel during that time, but the campaign guide only covers the lore of current-day Tal'Dorei, so it's not in the campaign guide. ;)

Cyphee2 karma

Matt, how do you feel Leon has evolved throughout the series? He started as a rookie "wrong place wrong time" cop in RE2 and has grown to be a much richer and stronger character since. Does this play a heavy role in how you play him?

Thanks, I started playing DnD cause of you and Critical Role!

residentevilvendetta5 karma

Matt: It VERY much informs my performance. He carries the weight of each person who died under his watch, every failure he incurred, and every victory that was torn from him. To still stand and fight in spite of such crushing experiences shows his true heroism, in my opinion

Luke28732 karma

Question for you both: How was it working together on this movie? Do you both see yourselves working together in the future? Hopefully something RE related :P P.S - My girlfriend doesn't have Reddit but she's a big fan of you Matthew. If you blink I'll lose my gf so please don't. Thanks :)

residentevilvendetta4 karma

E: I am so excited to know these wonderful people. Both in front of and behind the mic. I would love to work with them all again!

SFPhlebotomy2 karma

For both of you guys: Would you rather be eaten alive by a zombie or just bit by one once in a non-critical area?

residentevilvendetta6 karma

Matt: Just bitten once, so even though it may be a slow death-sentence, you can choose the time, place, and scenario of your sacrifice to save others.

residentevilvendetta2 karma

E: I would say I would like to be bitten in a non-critical area, then hopefully get a vaccine ASAP!

Applewapples2 karma

Mr. Mercer, Ms. Cahill, what's been the highlight of your VA careers?

residentevilvendetta4 karma

E: This is so exciting for me! Absolutely this and Call of Duty.

Falcon20251 karma

Hi, I can't think of a good question

Would you rather fight 100 mcree sized horses or 1 horse sized mcree?

residentevilvendetta2 karma

Matt: 1,000 horee sized McCorses.

Eiganjo1 karma

So Matt,

Would you like to see Leon being represented with you as a VA in a crossover type of game, think Marvel vs Capcom or a new Project X Zone?

residentevilvendetta2 karma


Aerynaldie1 karma

Mercer- What made you want to take on the role of Leon kennedy? Erin- what was it like taking on the role of Rebecca after her not being in anything resident evil related since RE 0??

residentevilvendetta2 karma

E: I actually didn't know who she was till I got the role and have been so excited ever since I found out!

residentevilvendetta2 karma

Matt: My fav RE character for a long time, and when I had the opportunity to audition for him, I gave it my all. :)

arcrisegenesis1 karma

Long time RE fan here and I grew up with it with my brother. How did it feel being called up and given the voice role of your respective characters?

residentevilvendetta2 karma

E: I was and am still so excited! I love the RE world and love Rebecca. And you fans!

residentevilvendetta2 karma

Matt: A brilliant honor, and a bit intimidating!

residentevilvendetta2 karma

E: I was so excited and am even more excited as it gets closer to the premier and the more fans I am meeting!

StainlessStealRat1 karma

If doritos made zombie flavored chips, would you eat them?

residentevilvendetta2 karma

Matt: I'd stare at the package for days, battling the urge... then drunkenly finish the bag one night without realizing.

LinkStaticMDK1 karma

Assuming you've run out of bullets, what would be your preferred melee weapon to kill a zombie with?

residentevilvendetta2 karma

Matt: Electric Drill.