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___XANDER___130 karma

I had the great displeasure of working in a factory farm poultry shed for one night. It was nothing short of torture for the chickens and the work I had to perform has greatly influenced my views on animal rights. I am of the belief that such methods are inherently immoral and that a large portion of the population would come to agree had they been exposed to the conditions I witnessed that night.

Where do you stand on this issue? And how do you see the future of factory farming within the poultry industry?

mychickenlady2 karma

the WORLD is also changing on this issue. Good for you! I am whole heartily behind more humane conditions for chickens and cows!!!! and REAL changes in the laws of agriculture to care for animals. All of them. The greedy corporations CEO's and CFO's should be put in a box for a few hours to see how they feel... (wish it would happen) Maybe the owners of the large companies should be made to actual tour their companies!!!! I do not know even if they do. Also: look at food waste:


People with chickens should look at starting community coops to cut down on TONS of food waste!


sweetpea1227 karma

My mom texted me this morning and one of her hens started crowing like a rooster. What is going on with that? Its definitely a hen by the way

mychickenlady2 karma

Might not be a hen! But sometimes the 'alpha" hen in the coop will try to take over as a top hen. Even trying to mate with other hens... I don't want to go there! Keep looking at the hen.. It could be a rooster. If it is a hen, likely it won't lay eggs as proficiently as the other hens even if at all...

neuhmz1 karma

When first starting out what are some strategies for new people to sell eggs locally?

mychickenlady2 karma

Well, first get some chickens....make sure they are healthy and laying eggs.... then check your zoning laws.. either go "undercover" and sell eggs for cash... or go get registered with the USDA or local agricultural extension office and take your certification ("Hi I am here from the government and here to help...")

If you sell at local farmers markets (depending on your state) you may have to have a $1 millions dollar insurance liability policy.. plus be ready for government "inspections" and monitoring of your flocks... up to you...

Sell eggs on Craigs list, put up signs... If you are serious about starting a business. I can advise. Contact me via website.