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iwas99x3 karma

Do you wish you could listen to XM Sirius satellite radio while piloting?

MrCudou15 karma

Do I wish? I already do! I get spotify direct to my phone and connect to Bluetooth to my aviation headset, so I can fly and jam out to Gambino at the same time!

iwas99x4 karma

That is allowed?

MrCudou20 karma

Of course! so long as we can still hear ATC clearly, there's no regulation for listening to music :D

Most headsets come with Bluetooth capability, and auto-reduce the volume of the input when ATC talks

iwas99x2 karma

Do you fly r/c planes or drones or no?

MrCudou3 karma

R/C? No. Drones? Absolutely.

Cocoa_Rises2 karma

Are you a good driver?

MrCudou4 karma

I speed frequently (no tickets though), but my automotive record in terms of accidents is totally clean :)

romeostasis72 karma

What was the closest you got to another aircraft while in the air?

MrCudou12 karma

Close enough to see the other guys mustache! :O

romeostasis75 karma

did you died????

MrCudou11 karma

No (I hope), but a safety report had to be filed with the FAA, it was a mistake on the controllers part for thinking that we were already on the ground, but in reality we were still about 1 mile away!

iwas99x1 karma

Why are you awake right now?

MrCudou5 karma

Excellent question. I am currently watching episodes of "Disney's Abandoned" on YouTube and checking my ranarr crops on OSRS :D

QuicksilverSwaggan1 karma

Have you flown around the globe to disprove the "earth is flat" theory??

MrCudou8 karma

Theory? Excuse me sir but that "theory" is supported by hard fact science based evidence!

(But really though) No, I don't have to constantly push the nose down to "correct" for the Earth's curve. Yes, you can in fact see the curve of the earth at high latitudes, and yes I have flown around the globe on several occasions!

QuicksilverSwaggan3 karma


I've never really thought about planes having to nose down to keep "parallel" with the earth!

Wish you all the best for your career!

MrCudou6 karma

Oh yes! That is actually part 4 of our training at Tinfoil-Hat Air Lines ;)

iwas99x1 karma

Do you share one apartment with 4 other pilots?

MrCudou3 karma

Yes actually! one from Texas, one from Ohio, and one from the UK

iwas99x0 karma

Did you forget to put a small roundish square icon next to your posting and did they mods forget to Mark your AMA"LIVE"?

MrCudou2 karma

Not sure how to check either of those...

Dissociatve0 karma

How much do they pay you to release HAARP chemical agents in the sky?

No, but seriously, is it true that people living under flightpaths shoot at planes? I remember hearing that somewhere but I don't remember where or whether it was reliable.

MrCudou7 karma

Unfortunately we HAve A swoRn duty not to mention anything about suPposed leaKed "chemIcaL agents" so i am not sure what exactLy it iS you are referring to...

As for being shot at, the only thing I can relate with that is getting shot at by annoyed citizens with laser pointers :P