My show has covered everything from stoned driving to parents treating their autistic kids with marijuana. Tonight we're talking about people growing up in high crime cities like Compton using weed to treat undiagnosed PTSD on VICELAND at 10p.

The show is about how marijuana culture and mainstream culture are now intersecting as it becomes legal in more states. Here to answer any questions about weed legalization, cannabis-based medical research, and Jeff Sessions.

You can watch the show here if you want to dig in and see what we've done so far:


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boxbrown215 karma

Will your show cover some of the dumb non-helpful east coast medical cannabis laws? New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York come to mind. There are tons of pointless restrictions in both. Seems like they're designed to fail. Potency caps, no flower laws, priced higher than the black market, limited locations, etc. etc.

KrishnaAndavolu9 karma

We did some PA stuff, on safe harbor. We're story and people based, so if there's a story where a law like that really affects someone's life. I'm always interested in hearing them. On the other hand, I can understand why squeamish lawmakers take half-measures.

macdonaldj2wit11 karma

Out of all the presenters on Vice who smokes the most? Abdullah, Bronson, Desus, Mero or you?

Also since you asked about Sessions, is it your believe that he is out to roll back all the progress so they (Republicans) can gradually end up with more inmates in private prisons and to strip away (felonies) the voting rights on the type of people/persons that would vote Democratic?

KrishnaAndavolu10 karma

Ranked: Action, Abdullah, Mero, Desus, Me. re: sessions: can't get into his mind, but there are good arguments to support what you are suggesting.

LexTheGreat9 karma

Krishna, what's good? My gf and I love the show. We were wondering about your interactions with cops on Weediquette. Do you ever get nervous in that setting?

KrishnaAndavolu12 karma

I think cops are trying to do the best they can. I'm never nervous that they'll bust me or something, and we're smart enough to abide by the law, but I always feel bad, when I see someone arrested for pot. and in those circumstances, especially,

AZOCIAL9 karma

Marijuana and social media:

Does certain regulation online (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) make it hard for cannabis companies to promote themselves/products on social media?

KrishnaAndavolu5 karma

I don't believe so: for instance, Weediquette has a Facebook page:

and I tweet hella weed shit all the time:

but perhaps I'm not that well informed on this stuff.

hippokuda8 karma

Did the marijuana actually help the kids with autism, and with PTSD?

KrishnaAndavolu13 karma

For PTSD, definitely, someone once said to me that smoking pot can "offer a window to an alternate reflection of yourself" and instigating that sort of self-reflection can be helpful. For the kids, the parents, who I spoke with seemed to think that in addition to all of the difference therapies, pot helped. Even for little things (that are huge) like sleep.

Witless0Waffle8 karma

Are you going to do an episode on weed and mental health? Like anxiety, depression, etc. I've been trying to do research on it myself for my own sake, but an episode on it would be cool. I've read that it can't cause mental health issues, but can increase them. I know a lot of people don't know this and I've noticed a lot of teens that do smoke eventually get into this extreme depression. I also did myself. think it's definitely an interesting topic to touch on.

KrishnaAndavolu9 karma

We're looking into it. Really interesting topic, and a bit of minefield. But yes. let me know if you've got any stories on the topic. thanks!

merryjane7 karma

Hey Krishna! We at MERRY JANE love your work. How likely do you think it is that the Trump administration will crack down on legal weed given that many red states also approved legal cannabis initiatives last November? Wouldn't that risk some political blowback from their own supporters?

KrishnaAndavolu5 karma

Prosecutors have immense power, and so do police departments. In Michigan, many legal growers were pursued by local PDs for minor violations and raided and had their assets seized. Compliance checks done with a SWAT team, not a clipboard. So I could imagine a time when the DEA starts cracking down on interstate weed commerce that's bolstered by legal states and cracking down on legal growers on any suspicion of leaking to the black market. Thanks Merry Jane!

KrishnaAndavolu6 karma

Thanks everyone. I'm signing off for the afternoon. Be sure to watch tonight at 10p on VICELAND. and follow me on twitter for more updates and weird thoughts.

susaschris4 karma

any specific person you'd like to interview on your show, and maybe spark up with?

KrishnaAndavolu10 karma


JP10214 karma

Krishna, love weediquette. How has the show impacted your view of cannabis since you started filming?

KrishnaAndavolu5 karma

i never though pot was a bad thing, but i didn't know the depth and extent to which people rely on it as a medicine to get through their lives: that people tell me their lives hinge on whether they can access mmj, that it helped them kick opioids, that they could repair their families because pot helped them through real bad times medically.

Tatiebrooks3 karma

How can black people fight marijuana prohibition? Any tips for how blacks can get ahead of this newfound multi-bill market to fairly gain?

The government's war on drugs has heavily affected this demographic versus others with the large number of blacks incarcerated for using this increasingly mainstream drug.

KrishnaAndavolu3 karma

Cannabis Culture is Resistance Culture. Organize, act, vote.

notreese3 karma

Why do you think cannabis continues to be such a vilified substance by those with political power even when the majority of citizens in the US now support its legalization?

KrishnaAndavolu8 karma

Honestly, because i don't think those in political power can understand what being stoned means to people, partly cause they'll never get stoned. So they judge rather than understand.

my3weirdos812 karma

Do you think the state of TX will ever legalize any form of cannabis?

KrishnaAndavolu6 karma

TX was pretty close right? something about the timing of the paperwork coming out of committee? Sheriffs Associations have big influence on this type of legislation, so the legislative route seems hard. I don't know about referenda in Texas though? you guys have those?

laur3n_tayl0r2 karma

I had high hopes (no pun intended) for marijuana legalization progress in the US prior to this administration. Now that Trump is in office, and taking us back in time as far as his policies are concerned, what do you think the future of marijuana legalization looks like in the US? Especially with big pharma getting more support than ever these days.

KrishnaAndavolu6 karma

Still state by state, Vermont, West Virginia, slow march, but 58 percent of americans think rec pot should be legal, so hard to see it really turn back, little political points to win by clamping all the way back.

Jackbaker901 karma

Any chance having you as guest on bong app├ętit?

KrishnaAndavolu5 karma

we've been trying. Schedules are hard to coordinate!

comatoes6661 karma

Will you be shooting any California Outdoor grows soon since grow season is about to get underway? Give the people what they want! Lol. Love everything you do. Keep up the amazing work.

KrishnaAndavolu3 karma

yes I yearn to smell the smells of Humboldt again soon. harvest time in NorCal is so sweet!

NDhome1 karma

Do you think regular users of cannabis can drive more safely than infrequent users? For example, daily medical cannabis smokers vs. weekend smokers. Dr. Sanjay Gupta did a report on CNN that suggested regular users are better at driving high.


KrishnaAndavolu2 karma

yeah, i think broad strokes that is basically true. Tolerance exists. Remember it's not a crime to smoke pot and drive (in states where it's legal), it's a crime to be impaired by pot and drive. And therein lies the subtle but important difference.

Ryuuken11271 karma


LOVE your show. The episode with the Vets that use weed for PTSD really struck a chord with me. Thank you for that piece.

Do you ever think there will be a day where the stigma of "oh you're a stoner? You're such a lazy piece of shit" will ever go away?

KrishnaAndavolu3 karma

yes. but it will take time and people's stories.

1-800-eatmyshorts1 karma

Hi Krishna! Big fan of the show. I've learned so much about CBD oil because of Weediquette and have recently started using it to help with anxiety and depression.

My question is, which episode of the show do you feel most impacted by and why?

KrishnaAndavolu3 karma

anytime we do a story about parents and kids, i am very deeply affected. that and institutional racism.

Jim1051 karma

Beer drinkers have craft beers.

Is there marijuana that would be considered "craft" marijuana?

KrishnaAndavolu5 karma

yeah, real great stuff out there. Could be thought of as Fine wines. See our Emerald Triangle episode from Season 1. met lots of connoisseur cultivators.

fivext1 karma

How was hanging out in Compton with Johnboycool? Was the BBQ dank?

KrishnaAndavolu2 karma

JB is awesome! BBQ was fantastic!

[deleted]1 karma


KrishnaAndavolu6 karma

I like to think that he doesn't think he's "lying" i think he sincerely believes that smoking pot is a horrible thing to do. And while it's a position I don't agree with, I can understand how if that's something you've been told your whole life. and haven't come across people's stories the way I have, you might come to the same conclusions. I disagree strongly, and I imagine a lot us here do too. Prosecutors have a lot of power in our democracy.

spinderlinder1 karma

Krishna, what do you think is the biggest obstacle/s going forward with legalization across the US? Also, my wife and I watch your show whenever we can. It's good and very thought provoking. Keep up the good work.

KrishnaAndavolu3 karma

Thanks splitlinder, biggest obstacle? old, innaccurate ideas and those who perpetuate them as fact

TaknLiv3ss1 karma

Hi Krishna big fan of the show. Do you think for people like me that have chronic pain will marijuana actually replace pills like oxy and morphine that we take now for the pain?

KrishnaAndavolu2 karma

Yes. outcomes seem clear on this. and whenever FDA reschedules or reschedules,then yes.

LysolDoritos1 karma

Do you know of any illegal immigrants working in the legal cannabis industry or have heard of any? Curious to know if they have any impact

KrishnaAndavolu3 karma

None personally, but i've read that trimming season in Emerald Triangle employs some out of status temp employees, whether legal grows there do or not, i don't know.

jh50421 karma

Hey Krishna! Big fan of the show. What's your go-to music for a nice, peaceful smoke sesh?

KrishnaAndavolu3 karma

You know, I like the record American Beauty by the Grateful Dead, Young Americans by David Bowie, I'm really into old LPs of drumming from countries in Africa, and calypso records. I also like Cam'ron's Purple Haze

Tattoo_Addict1 karma

First off I'm a huge fan of your show man! Second, will there be any follow up on the mom who flew to Denver to buy CBD oil for her child and the other moms kids? I was very curious if it was working out for them or not.

KrishnaAndavolu3 karma

we're in touch, things seem good, or at least it's another tool to help these families.

Boerontosaurus1 karma

What do you think of the medical use of marijuana for mental health issues other than PTSD, like anxiety and depression? Specifically what do you think differentiates treating depression or anxiety with medical marijuana and abusing marijuana because you are anxious or depressed?

KrishnaAndavolu2 karma

it can cut both ways from what i've heard, likely due to the many many different cannabinoids in pot, which is to say certain cannabinoids might exacerbate anxiety or depression and some might quell em. Very case by case, pot by pot and person by person and hard to study. but i've heard people say it's great, and I've heard people say it triggered some major mental health issues.

Anthonyc19221 karma

Do you see the rise of patents and intellectual property in regard to Cannabis concerning? I think it was South Dakota was who was proposing a CBD only law and with a caveat that only FDA approved formulations would be allowed. GW Pharma seems to be the only players gaining that credential at this point. Are you aware of any others?

KrishnaAndavolu1 karma

This is a next level question. There are a few other smaller companies that have patents on new kinds of synthetic cannabinoids.

reefermatt1 karma

Hey Krishna love the show! What's your favorite thing to do while stoned?

KrishnaAndavolu3 karma


Edubyadadoo1 karma

would you be interested in doing a show on the Emery's and what they have been pushing for (as well as how they have gone about it) and their most recent troubles with the law in Canada?

KrishnaAndavolu1 karma

yes! i talked to Jodie the other day. So much happening in Canada!

NirvanaUnDOUGed1 karma

What has been your favorite episode so far?

KrishnaAndavolu3 karma

I still love Stoned Vets from season 1. We were still figuring out what the show would be. but i can't chose just one. Reefer Rehab about opioid detox camps with weed I love. every ep this season is so damn interesting and human and weird. so i can't just name one!

NirvanaUnDOUGed1 karma

As a stoned vet, I'd have to agree. My personal favorite was the very first episode, Stoned Kids. Love the show and thank you for the work you do.

KrishnaAndavolu1 karma

thanks for your service!

thekmwd1 karma

What can a simple individual do to help change the laws in conservative states? Your best suggestion I suppose please, I know there must be many ways! It's hard to be outspoken when you fear the legal repercussions. Your show has helped turned the eyes and minds of people to whom I try and explain the use of cannabis in my life! Thank you.

KrishnaAndavolu2 karma

Call your state reps. Tell em to watch Weediquette! jk. only sort of. Definitely call em and tell em how you feel. and tell em you won't vote for them, if they don't hear you out.

pessimist_stick1 karma

How do I get a job working for you, or do I need to undergo some kind of VICE unpaid internship in the jungles of south america trying to start a utopian society from scratch?

KrishnaAndavolu1 karma