Greetings reddit! We are Finnish game developer Colossal Order. Two years ago we released Cities: Skylines together with Paradox Interactive and we now have the game's 4th expansion Mass Transit releasing tomorrow which we are extremely excited about!

Throughout these years we have seen a fantastic community grow out of the game that we created and we are very excited to talk to you all through this AMA!

With us we brought some friends from Paradox Interactive, our lovely publisher that will help in answering questions where they are able. Let's get to it!

Colossal Order:







Paradox Interactive:




Our Proof:

Colossal Order

Colossal Order +1

Paradox Interacive (/u/Sneudinger sadly home with a broken foot)

EDIT: Sorry for the late update but as you've probably guessed we're done! Thank you ALL for joining us for this AMA!

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thelarkshark27 karma

What are some Cities expansions or updates you guys are planning on doing in the future?

co_martsu56 karma

Our publisher Paradox Interactive would kill us if we leak such information :D But there are new things coming up for sure!

Theletterz116 karma

glares silently

Theletterz16 karma

Hey Colossal Order, a lot of people have yet to break free from the grid in order to free their minds and embrace the #BENDIES. What are some tips if you have a friend who is still confined to the prison of the grid that you want to help ascend their mind?

Theletterz13 karma

A question for /u/Sneudinger, can you tell us the story of how you broke your foot? I hear it was pretty badass!

NostradamusJones5 karma

Why blimps? What function will they perform?

<3 you Colossal.

Theletterz10 karma

They can float through the AIR!

Alfray_Stryke2 karma

Which feature from Cities Skylines or any of its expansions were/are you most excited by?

Theletterz13 karma

I don't know about everyone else but in my humble opinion new hats for Chirpy is always #1