Hello Reddit, this is Michelle Gomez. I'm back playing Missy on this week's new episode of Doctor Who: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ad5bRIlAD0A

Thank you for joining me for the AMA. I'm done with all of you. That's about as nice as it gets.

New episodes of Doctor Who air Saturdays at 9/8c on BBC America and Saturday nights on BBC One. Take a look at this season: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NxG7M_xVuMQ

Proof: https://i.redd.it/1aldk85xopxy.jpg Proof #2: https://twitter.com/MichelleGomez/status/864298809505067008

FYI: the BBC America social team have typed my answers today.

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amysturg1062 karma


My question is: Have you improvised any of your lines on Doctor Who?

MichelleGomez1346 karma

There’s been a lot of what we call topping and tailing. Most of it ends up on the cutting room floor. Hey Missy You’re So Fine made the cut.

grretchen672 karma

Who would you cast as the next Doctor?

MichelleGomez1986 karma

John Oliver.

GneissShorts646 karma

Since moving to the US, what's something you miss from the U.K.?

MichelleGomez1156 karma


bluesunco568 karma

Your portrayal of The Master is my favorite character in the show. Is there any chance you will get your own spin-off?

MichelleGomez1277 karma

Missy Who? Make it happen, bitches. Now that’s worth campaigning for.

clonosaurus445 karma

What do you think Sue White from Green Wing is up to these days?

MichelleGomez433 karma

She’s probably traveling through all of space and time.

MacduffFifesNo1Thane384 karma

Ms. Gomez, a true pleasure.

What was your favorite part about your time with the Royal Shakespeare Company?

MichelleGomez566 karma

Getting my mouth 'round all those vowels. It was a real education. I probably got more out of it than the audience did. Stand up for Shakespeare.

MikeyFatFingers340 karma

Michelle, as an actor, how much of the Mistress did you derive from yourself?

MichelleGomez675 karma

It’s hard to draw a line between the two, ya big fat finger.

KittensAreEvil301 karma

Favourite Missy line so far?

MichelleGomez780 karma

Hard to choose, but "Tell him the Bitch is back" is up there.

thewholocklover301 karma

Hey Michelle! What's your favorite memory from set?

MichelleGomez924 karma

Walking into a studio filled with every generation of Dalek was heart-stopping.

GobbieBoom298 karma

I mean, these questions are obvious: (1) How are you so perfect? (2) Do you know you're so perfect? (3) Thank you for being so perfect. That last one isn't a question and I don't care.

MichelleGomez466 karma

1) Oh Gobbie, thank you.

2) Yes, Gobbie. I do.

3) No thank you, Gobbie.

Captainfizzlefits275 karma

Hi Michelle! I Absolutely love you in Doctor Who! I actually have 2 questions if that's okay?

My first question is: When you were cast as The Master, there was some controversy and doubt as The Master had always been played by a man, how did you overcome the backlash that the gender change received?

And my second question is: If Missy could face against any Doctor from the shows history, who would you like to battle?

MichelleGomez577 karma

1) No it’s not.

2) I wasn’t aware of any backlash, but thanks for pointing it out.

3) You!

gaflima274 karma

Hi Michelle! What was it like kissing Peter Capaldi in Dark Water? Is he a good kisser?

MichelleGomez547 karma

He’s incorrigible.

LindyHopperOfShame3272 karma

How does having such impressively intimidating eyes affect your daily life? They certainly help Missy hold her own versus Capaldi's brows!

MichelleGomez375 karma

Dark sunglasses help from dawn ‘til dusk.

bedwyrg269 karma

Hi Michelle, as an actor how strange is it to be turned into an action figure and Mr Men/Little Miss character?

MichelleGomez612 karma

I can die happy. To be immortalized in plastic and characterized in a Mr Men book with no apparent clothes on.

ImpossibleMatthew264 karma

How is working alongside Pearl Mackie compared to Jenna Coleman? P.S I think you are brilliant on the show!

MichelleGomez974 karma

I didn't know Jenna had left. I only have eyes for Peter.

lostheadphones245 karma

Are you in the vault?

MichelleGomez610 karma

That’s very careless of you. I hope you get a new pair. I’m not answering your question, you silly sausage.

SHSLChemist245 karma

Hey Michelle! What's the funniest thing that's happened on set?

MichelleGomez772 karma

Shoving Clara down a hole. It made me laugh.

DreamsUnderStars229 karma

Which Who episode that you played in did you like the best?

Also I just wanted to say I love your character so much I named my kitty after her. http://i.imgur.com/fq21dDP.jpg

MichelleGomez610 karma

What a lovely pussy!

snowbankmonk201 karma

Hi Michelle, thank you for proving all the naysayers wrong and creating one of the most enjoyable villains on television! I just wanted to ask whether there were any bad guys and girls from movies or TV of old that you took inspiration from?

MichelleGomez421 karma

No. I tend not to do any research or think about anything I’m about to do. Ever. It’s called blind ignorance.

tmetic186 karma

Who from the Doctor Who cast would you most like to act alongside again and why?

MichelleGomez508 karma

Peter Capaldi in a heartbeat. I am forever his servant.

mattreyu172 karma

When they cast you, were they looking for a Scottish Master to play off a Scottish Doctor?

MichelleGomez515 karma

I think it was a happy accident that Scotland took over Doctor Who for 3 years.

Iris_Wildthyme151 karma

If Missy was to meet up with any previous Doctor, who would you choose it to be and why?

MichelleGomez366 karma

It would have to be a Baker and Pertwee interface because they were my Doctor from my generation. Missy would like to go to Paris with them for a croissant on the Champs Elysees followed by a quick trip up the Eiffel Tower.

your_mind_aches180 karma

Be honest: Would you throw them off the Eiffel Tower?

MichelleGomez474 karma

That would have to be a definite maybe.

allanb748144 karma

What's the trickiest part about playing such an iconic character?

MichelleGomez443 karma

Having to be absolutely fabulous all the time. It’s very tiring.

Another_Greyfinch144 karma

Best cure for a hangover?

MichelleGomez636 karma

Don't drink.

lmccumiskey136 karma

Who has better hair, you or Peter Capaldi?

MichelleGomez376 karma

I can’t deny Peter’s folical magnificence, but I have enough hair to stuff a large couch so you choose.

Spindash54131 karma

Thank you for doing this! How much input do you get on Missy's mannerisms, characteristics, certain lines of dialogue, etc.?

MichelleGomez304 karma

Well it’s my face, it’s my mouth, it’s my body. I’m merely a channel for Steven Moffat’s brilliance.

the57thdoctor116 karma

What's your favorite thing about working with Peter & the rest of the gang and now working with your predecessor on the show?

Also fav ice cream???

MichelleGomez270 karma

57th Doctor, you’re too greedy. Too many questions, too little time. Such a naughty Doctor.

your_mind_aches114 karma

  1. Would you rather fight ten Clara-sized Doctors or one Doctor-sized Clara?

  2. What would Missy's dress sense be like if you got to pick it out?

  3. What is your favourite restaurant in New York?

  4. You said you're leaving the show with Peter and Moffat, but which actor who used to play the Doctor would you pick to continue the role of Missy (exactly how you played it), and why is it David Tennant?

MichelleGomez191 karma

1) I’d fight them all regardless of shape and size.

2) Elasticated waistband, comfortable shoes and a paperbag for my head.

3) Anywhere that sells pizza.

Azarath_Raven109 karma

If Missy could do literally anything - not that she can't, necessarily - what would it be?

MichelleGomez252 karma

I’d take all the ravens in the sky and come and visit my favourite Raven - you.

The_100th_Doctor108 karma

What is your favorite part about being in Doctor Who?

MichelleGomez271 karma

Freedom. Freedom to do and say and be anything I want. Obviously being good is not an option.

Whoscaper102 karma

Hey Michelle, firstly can I just say how much I adore you as an actress, and how fantastic you have been so far as Missy (cannot wait for the rest of this series!) I am absolutely in love with the character! I would love to meet you some day too- please do a convention in the UK- i.e. London/Cardiff Comic Con :D

My question: Is there anything, if given the chance, which you would change about Missy? Or anything which has come up in a past script before which you haven't 100% agreed with? Is it a collaborative process working out where the character is going in terms of development?

MichelleGomez173 karma

I have thoroughly enjoyed everything about playing Missy and collaboratively speaking, it’s Steven’s vision, but I’ve been given a lot of freedom within and made it my own.

dwj196589 karma

Do you plan on working in the USA anytime soon?

MichelleGomez349 karma

Heck yes. I'm available for weddings and Bar Mitzvahs.

Azarath_Raven88 karma

Have you ever had a companion? If not, would you steal one of the Doctor's?

MichelleGomez233 karma

I’ve never had a companion and I would happily steal one of the Doctor’s to toy with. There would be a lot of flicking involved.

dumbodoggies88 karma

What was your thought process on becoming what had only been a male role on such an iconic and long running show (love your portrayal BTW!)?

MichelleGomez314 karma

I just brought my panties to the party with my fingers crossed.

Gremloblin87 karma

Do you have any say in the outfits Missy wears?

MichelleGomez250 karma

I have no say in the outfits Missy wears, sadly. Great image, but bloody tight corset.

peppertoes83 karma

Hey! I'm so excited you're doing this. Thanks for being a great role model and a fabulous Missy! What will you take away from the role and what's the best thing about being apart of the Doctor Who universe?

Thank you so much!

MichelleGomez230 karma

I’ll take away a great sense of satisfaction and immense gratitude for all my wonderful fans. Also the umbrella for whacking people I don’t like the look of.

Catrinkadoo78 karma

If Missy were to sing a karaoke song (other then Hey Missy) what would it be?

I once saw an interview with you, Steven, Peter, and Jenna where you said your full name in Spanish. I couldn't make it out (and neither could Steven) but it sounds gorgeous. So now I'm curious: What is/how do you spell your full name?

MichelleGomez243 karma

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. Boo!

Michelle May Romney Marsham Guacamole Chicken Pot-Pie Gomez.

walkintom76 karma

Out of all the villains featured throughout the show's history, who would you most like Missy to team up with against the Doctor? You can't choose the Cybermen though as you've already done that ;)

MichelleGomez212 karma

Probably the Silence, I’d team up with the silence and just whisper my evil around.

Gibbzee74 karma

What's your weirdest fan encounter?

MichelleGomez184 karma

Having my autograph tattooed on flesh, because I’ve got terrible handwriting.

GiraffePolka71 karma

I'm so excited, I absolutely adore you! My question is: is there anything (a prop, item of clothing, etc.) you've taken from the Doctor Who set as a souvenir? Thank you so much! You are 100% amazing!

MichelleGomez170 karma

Yes, I have very sticky fingers. And I am very excited for you too.

iVanessa2765 karma

How would you describe Missy in Series 10 with three words?

MichelleGomez145 karma

Strong. Fragile. Hostility.

Rendosi63 karma

What has been your least favorite part of starring in Doctor Who?

MichelleGomez164 karma

Knowing everything comes to an end. Nothing stays the same. This too shall pass. NEXT!

willfindmegone59 karma

What's your favorite thing to do in Brooklyn?

MichelleGomez163 karma

Count squirrels. Those darn squirrels.

Iris_Wildthyme59 karma

If Missy was to have a pet, what do you think it'd be?

MichelleGomez189 karma

Half cat, half dog in the shape of a Gucci handbag with legs. Obviously.

thedeepandlovelydark56 karma

You are my all time favorite villain. So fabulous, so classy, so terribly evil.

What is your favorite book?

MichelleGomez94 karma

Actually, Bonfire of the Vanities is a rollicking good story. Still very relevant to date.

fennric54 karma

Hi Michelle! 100% in love with your masterful take on Doctor Who's best villain.

Any chance you could tell us about your plans for world domination?

MichelleGomez127 karma

Always appear normal. It's a challenge.

DonnaTempleNoble53 karma

Do you sing in the shower?

MichelleGomez137 karma

I do. YEP.

Girvvy53 karma

Absolutely adore you in Doctor Who, you're fab! (Plus I had the pleasure of a photo op in 2015!!)

Just wondering, which has been your favourite series of Doctor Who to film so far and which is your favourite episode out of the ones you've appeared in?

MichelleGomez115 karma

The last episode of series 8 on the steps of St. Paul’s Cathedral with a Cyberman backdrop, upstaging St. Pauls.

BarelyValidUsername52 karma

Hi Michelle! How do you usually watch Doctor Who episodes you're in, or, how do you plan to watch the next episode you're in?

MichelleGomez124 karma

I don't watch them, because I've already been in it and done it, so I feel like I've already seen it. Got it?

Iris_Wildthyme47 karma

Will Missy have a regeneration scene? If you can't say, how would you 'like' to go?

MichelleGomez116 karma

Missy will never be far away, even in death. She’s behind you!

HaroldSaxonTheMaster39 karma

Hi Michelle, What do you think Missy would have been like with David Tennant's Doctor?

MichelleGomez123 karma

I'm not at liberty to answer that, given I'm bound to Peter Capaldi.

dreamcatcher198835 karma

Hi queen! What's the #1 thing to do or place to go to on your bucket list?

Greetings from Germany! xox

MichelleGomez104 karma

I would love to sit on the moon, looking back at the Earth on a perfect Spring evening with a faint scent of jasmine in the air.


Since Capaldi is leaving us very soon, what is your favorite regeneration story?

MichelleGomez93 karma

All of them. You know, that really good one too. That was brilliant.