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My name is JizzBgone and I am unofficially done working at the adult store. I haven't quit just yet, because I have some workers compensation stuff to deal with. I am also a male!

Here is an idea of what the arcade looks like

  • What kind of store did I work at? The kind that has a video arcade

What is a video arcade? It's a place that has this kind of stuff on the ground.

Oh, and this too

It was a place that had video booths. Customers would be a small fee to enter, and that fee also counted towards their time to use in whichever booth they wanted to use. These booths were not always used to watch videos. On the daily, it would sound like someone was watching a video with the volume all the way up, except a video wasn't playing. So, maybe the customers wanted to be the actors for a change.

Regardless, it was disgusting. It was also income though.. I needed the money. But now I am getting paid for some time off and to go see a psychologist.

Why did I finally leave? Well, I was sexually assaulted back in September and I finally reported in the middle of March. Was it too late? Maybe..

Will anything be done about it? Probably not. I have been told that it is too sketchy for my HR and workers comp. to compensate me for my time off. I was told I was going to be compensated, but so far I haven't been. Oh well.. I would much rather be out of there than scrubbing booths by day and crying my eyes out by night. It was a tough 9 months to endure. I needed to do it though. I couldn't really find a job anywhere with me being a felon. Not even fast food!

I am in debt a good amount. But let me tell you, the amount of stress and psychological damage is not worth convincing myself every day to go back to work and deal with what happens back in that arcade.

Back to the job hunt... My Proof:

I can't really post the proof, so hopefully the mods verification will be enough for all of you guys. Those pictures I posted above can also help my proof. But, with me not being gone just yet, I can say only so much about the workplace I worked at.

Ask me anything though! New stories, old stories, or the reasons I worked there! Sex advice, dating advice. You name it! I'm here to talk and I'm here for a while. Last time I made sure to reply to EVERY SINGLE COMMENT that I read. So hopefully, I can do that here too!

Edit: Thanks to those that have supplied me to buy beer. this one is for you!

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daveblazed3482 karma

Do these people not have the internet?

JizzBgone5685 karma

That has been my main question for a long time.

iwas99x2838 karma

Why didn't they provide a small bucket or litter pan for the Customers?

JizzBgone5842 karma

They did in the past, but someone would always pee in the bucket or shit in it.

TheAsgards2572 karma

An entire book about this one topic?

300 pages, but 295 of them are stuck together?

JizzBgone2480 karma

500 pages, with 400 of them being pictures of all the condoms I have found during my time at work

AdvisesPTTs1014 karma

Nice, so a classy coffee table book to have on display for company during the holidays?

JizzBgone644 karma

yes :D

mybustersword2414 karma

Do you have some sort of cleaning solution or tips to clean up those stains that can be left behind? Asking for a cumbox

JizzBgone2261 karma

warm water and patience! Or, pet piss cleaner! It's a great protein break down! :)

Freckled_daywalker1736 karma

Why are you using warm water? Semen is full of albumin, which is the same stuff that egg whites are made up of. If you use warm or hot water it "cooks" the semen and makes it that much harder to get up.

JizzBgone877 karma

most of the time i clean on wood hah* or plastic surfaces, so the scrubbing helps more than the liquid. the protein cleaner is what really does it. but if i cant have that, then hot water worked better than cold for me :/

Sennirak99 karma

Good to see you have a sense of humour through all that. Has your sense of humour ever wavered?

JizzBgone148 karma

Not at all! I gotta find a way to keep myself smiling!

John_Thena2172 karma

How many dick pics have you gotten from each AMA because people didn't read and thought you are a girl?

JizzBgone3460 karma

Honestly? Too many to count. The best one was a guy that sent me three in different angles.

uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu2157 karma

prepare to get ones with 27 different angles now.

JizzBgone2113 karma

Ill be impressed at that point.

iwas99x2084 karma

Why is there no space invaders or Pac man at this arcade?

JizzBgone5888 karma

Not sure. They had the weird version of pac man that had him eating ass instead of those ghosts. but instead of pac man, it was a real man.

SmarterAdult1472 karma

I love you

JizzBgone1247 karma

:D you the best

loganandroid374 karma

Ummm, whats this game called? I'm curious, its for research.

JizzBgone926 karma

Called life- Adult edition. You have to buy the DLC and do some mods to it.

chugmioli1953 karma

Would you accept stories from other people for your book? I've worked at an arcade/store for 3 years. I feel your pain, although I manage the place now.

JizzBgone2203 karma

WHAT?! Yes. Send me some stories! I will cite them as appropriate.

markko791741 karma

What's worse than cleaning up a drunken Belgian's smegma from theatre seat?

JizzBgone5567 karma

Knowing that I would have to do it again the next day LOL

SadPenisMatinee1426 karma

Why work there? I get you are a felon but it seems like an extreme hazard.

JizzBgone2314 karma

It can be a hazard, but thankfully the company supplied me with a lot of protective equipment. And I applied to fast food places, dumpster jobs, recycling yards, and landscape! None would take me. If it wasn't the felony, it might have been the lack of experience.

deedeethecat1841 karma

I feel outraged when people served their time and aren't given the opportunity to support themselves so they are at risk for poverty, and stress. both of which do not help minimize reoffending rates, which is what we should be doing.

JizzBgone1290 karma

Agreed! its tough, but its life for now

Dickbagel111328 karma

What was your best memory about working there?

JizzBgone3906 karma

Someone told me I deserved a raise, and she gave me a hug, looked me in the eyes, and told me that it will get better. I bawled like a baby in the break room..

DavidCorzo1152 karma

Was your internal sadness that evident? Or did she realize what your job entailed and made some very accurate assumptions about you?

JizzBgone2048 karma

both. at the time, I took a deep breath before going back in the arcade and she stopped me from going in and told me that. :/

puckinright1170 karma

Did you switch to nitrile gloves?

JizzBgone1863 karma


It made everything way easier after that.

PaulDoe961 karma

Hey, bud! I also work at an adult store. My jizz situation isn't as bad as yours since we're focused on merchandise, but I do still have to clean it up every day in the video booths.

Will you be my best friend?

JizzBgone923 karma

hi best friend :D

Shan_Jaan768 karma

What's the worst experience you had cleaning a booth?

JizzBgone1991 karma

From the past AMA, someone asked if I have ever fallen. At the time, the answer was no!

This time, it is yes. I was crouching and cleaning a corner, but I forgot that there was a fresh... liquid.. on the ground. So as I try to get up, I lose my balance and catch myself! But my hand lands in the gunk, slips foward, and my entire shoulder and back rubbed against the gunk. I had to go change my shirt. It was fresh and terrible.

rosin_exudate837 karma

Bro...are you in the US? A quick call to a reporting agency could shut this fuckstain location down. How is it even allowed to operate??

JizzBgone1310 karma

In the US. And I think its allowed because we have TONS of signs saying that we do not tolerate that kind of stuff, and that it is illegally.

Vince1820406 karma

I'm picturing you in a hazmat suit through this story. I'm thinking "well at least he's got the suit". Then it struck me that you're probably wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Strange jizz all over you. That Fucking sucks. Hate that for you.

JizzBgone236 karma

exactly that :D

jaxturbo3681 karma

What is your best memory from working in this industry?

JizzBgone1482 karma


Kidding. The amount of knowledge, or lack of, that people have. So many people are uninformed about the sex industry. I think sex ed. should be something taught in schools, but of course at the right time.

dustinmyblood674 karma

Ever found large quantities of drugs or drug paraphernalia? Ever catch anyone selling or exchanging drugs for services in the arcade?

There's a local arcade that's somewhat well known within the drug / sex circle which is why I'm curious.

JizzBgone979 karma

Yes actually. I found a decent pack of crack once. I caught someone blowing someone for a joint, but thats it.

the only thing I have seen that could be sketchy as an underground thing is exchanging sex for money. guy to guy stuff

iwas99x591 karma

The people you cleaned up after, which zoo animal would you compare them and their mess to?

neodymiumPUSSYmagnet572 karma

How often do straight males wander into those booths for a complete surprise?

JizzBgone676 karma

I would say once every other day. Most males walk in knowing what to expect, as we do have regulars. So, sometimes we get some straight males saying mean things like "Man, all these guys really should hurt themselves." Some guys just wanted to have some alone time, but some would go as far to say mean things.. it was terrible.

iwas99x551 karma

Did you ever puke or want to puke?

JizzBgone823 karma

only like, 3 times? During my time there I eventually got used to everything, but every now and then something would surprise me.

tinybrownbird363 karma

What did make you puke/want to puke?

JizzBgone1211 karma

Some guy farted and dropped this thing called Electric contact cleaner, or poppers. That smell was too intense and I ended up vomiting and crying cause of how strong it was.

Also, I slipped in semen and it landed on my shoulder and arm

deedeethecat141 karma

I'm not sure what you mean by poppers. Do you mean he dropped something when he farted? Or dropped something meaning he did drugs.

JizzBgone331 karma

he tried to do drugs but fucked up and it spilled everywhere.

CSMRaptor500 karma

I remember in your last AMA you talked about poop condoms. I just wanted to thank you for that minor nightmare fuel and say that you must be very brave.

I also am very interested in your book, so I have a few questions about that. First, what exactly is the book about? Is it autobiographical? Do you divulge the dirty secrets of the job? Second, in what stage of the writing process are you? Are you outlining or are you already onto the writing? Third question is a two for one: when do you expect to be done and where can I find a copy when it is done?

JizzBgone695 karma

No problem! I regret not taking a picture of one.

The book is going to be autobiographical and I will go into EVERY DIRTY SECRET of the job that I can imagine. I am outlining right now and I have the first paragraph done, just as a way to see what direction I want to go in.

I expect to be done by the end of july. roughly a 12 chapter book? maybe more

iwas99x432 karma

Who are your celebrity crushes?

JizzBgone1010 karma

You ;)

Jessica alba, scarlet johannson, and my girlfriend. shes a princess to me

AsRiversRunRed422 karma

What kind of perks do you get being the janitor at an adult store? 50% off? 100% health coverage? Free cleaning items to take home?

JizzBgone1401 karma

15% off and tons of mental scarring

LizardKing41987 karma

Did you ever use your discount?

JizzBgone222 karma

a couple times to buy condoms and some toys for my gf

iwas99x400 karma

How do you de-stress?

JizzBgone619 karma

my computer! I've been using a computer since I was a wee little dude. It has been my coping mechanism for quite some time now..

lasagnaparfait393 karma

Typical age range of the guests that use the arcade? I hear they're typically older men; seems odd since there's plenty of young gay guys too.

JizzBgone444 karma


iwas99x387 karma

Are the bathrooms there gross too?

JizzBgone957 karma

I clean them, so no they werent that gross :D

iwas99x381 karma

What is the funniest porn parody title you ever saw for rent/sale? For example the hills have thighs or tit-tanic.

JizzBgone688 karma

It was a try hard movie trying to do guardians of the galaxy called something OUTRAGEOUSLY STUPID like defender of aids. it was pathetic. LOL

iwas99x272 karma

What type of career do you want?

JizzBgone704 karma

Anything that makes me happy when I wake up and sleep. So far, web design is for me.

justnovas268 karma

Are you a man or woman? Maybe I missed that in the description. For research purposes, how much does it cost to enter these booths? Willing to share more about the sexual assault? What sort of dangers do/did you have to deal with?

JizzBgone709 karma

Male! I didn't put that in the post, but I just edited it! Thank you.

It cost Between $5-$10, can't say the specific. The sexual assault.. well, in a tl;dr version of it:

I was cleaning the outside wall of a booth that was located near the bathroom. Check out the new picture I put of the arcade layout up top. Next to the door, down the first hallway on the right, I was standing there when a man ran his hand down onto my perineum and grabbed hard, while moving his hand upwards to rub my lower back too. I froze. I walked out. I cried. I walked back in and started cleaning.

ersatz_substitutes254 karma

What kinda things were in the lost and found? Anything interesting besides the used needle?

JizzBgone480 karma

wig, cucumber, underwear, pants, cane, glasses, and a wallet

duality556213 karma

You ever partake in booth activities? Or at least curious to try it?

JizzBgone568 karma

The number of male+male couple from female+male is maybe 98%/2%. When the female+male couple came in, I considered it. Some offered! But, I have a girlfriend that I am VERY very proud to stay by and be faithful to. I just walked out each time, or stayed and had my back turned depending on what they requested. Sometimes they would tip me though. Whether I accepted the tip or not, who knows :)

cockOfGibraltar275 karma

I didn't pick up that your booths where regularly being used for sex. That's sounds much worse than just having to clean jack off booths.

JizzBgone287 karma

Yeah, I want that point to be something that all AMA readers have to figure out on their own. It is definitely something that made it that much harder to want to wake up for work.

SmarterAdult208 karma

How did you find out about this place? And how shocked were you when you realized what your job actually entailed?

JizzBgone393 karma

Indeed! I was just looking for a job.

I had no idea that job even existed. let alone in my town. let alone the fact that i had to clean it @[email protected]

LarsAlexandersson180 karma

What would be some sex advice that you would give coming from this...background?

Also I wanted to say you seem like an awesome guy, and I hope the book goes well and that the rest of your life kicks ass! Post another AMA or link when the book goes live so we can all check it out. :D

JizzBgone358 karma

hey man i hope you kick ass in life too. whatever problems you have, i hope you find a way past them. <3

Sex advice: Communicate with them. If it is a life partner, ask them what they want. Dont be afraid to let them explore. Does your wife want a 10 inch cock in her mouth and pussy? spend $80 to make her happy, and dont let her find someone else only to get a divorce. cause then you will spend all your money on the divorce when you could have just bought a phat dick instead.

if thats not the case, then just make sure she feels loved when she wants it, and dirty when she demands it.

iwas99x177 karma

Which USA state was this in?

JizzBgone272 karma


MightyCavalier152 karma

Do you feel that it was Manifest Destiny, when your parents decided to name you JizzBGone, or just a crazy coincidence?

JizzBgone165 karma

I felt it. Oh, you bet I felt it.

mannyv88146 karma

Did working at this place affect how you view sexuality or gay men in any way? It sounds like it was horrible for you! I admit I visited a similar place once in Berlin (specifically looking for sex) and while I didn't have a great time it didn't seem all that bad. I never thought of the poor staff that have to clean up after all that mess! Also I'm so sorry for what happened to you, i hope you get at least something from your work, good for you for standing up for yourself.

JizzBgone335 karma

I've always been open to the new things happening. People can be whoever they want, as long as they dont burst my personal bubble or put their own beliefs against me, ya know? Gay, straight, trans, bread, monkey, horse. I dont care. Be who you want

DrewPeacock47136 karma

What's the worst cleanup you've had to do? And btw you're one of my favorite AMAs

JizzBgone331 karma

hey, thanks friend!

worst clean up happened about a week before i had to leave.

Okay, so imagine a whole roll of toilet paper bundled up. nice and fluffy, right? okay now imagine a big piece of shit on top of that. Okay now imagine 5 condoms filled with PISS on it. Okay now imagine some fat guy falling it and making it spread across a 2.5ftx2.5ft floor. that was in two different booths.

iwas99x132 karma

Are dating or single?

JizzBgone288 karma

dating. i have a girlfriend of two years

thaMagicConch128 karma

So your the guy that wipes down the loads?

JizzBgone107 karma

indeed i am. there is some movie that mentions jizz moppers.. i forgot which one though

iwas99x128 karma

What are your favorite subreddits?

JizzBgone362 karma

food, entrepreneur, wallstreetbets ( for the humor), and pcmasterrace! :D

Boo_Radley69122 karma

Sorry if it was asked before, but was it a good paying job? I can see that as a lot of pay, or very little.

JizzBgone285 karma

Not at all! Minimum wage and I worked my way up to 1.50 above minimum.

iwas99x111 karma

Did you wash your clothes twice on hot with concentrated detergent and oxy boosters when you got home from work?

JizzBgone141 karma

Just once with hot clothes since I wear the same pants every day of work. LOL

R1MSH0T100 karma

Are you a tits or an ass man?

JizzBgone259 karma

Asking the real questions ass

xXx_thrownAway_xXx90 karma

I was a big fan of the AMA last time and I'm super excited about the book. Have you ever seen any rubber ducks in a booth? Maybe someone left one behind?

JizzBgone202 karma

Two rubber ducks, both purple though..

quite odd that you ask that.. WAS IT YOU?

iwas99x85 karma

Best pizza chain: Dominos , pizza hut, papa johns or little Caesar's?

JizzBgone216 karma

little caesars if im low on money, dominos if i have a decent amount, pizza hut if im well off

beepboopbadiba77 karma

I hope this isn't too sensitive, but how were you sexually assaulted and why did you wait so long to report it? Is it the stigma again men being assaulted?

JizzBgone151 karma

Exactly that. And also the fact that the management and company was never like "oh hey, make sure nobody sucks dick back there!" They always said something sly like "well.. its not allowed... but we know what happens and it makes us money" basically. So I decided to leave it alone, especially since there aren't any cameras back there. You know? Like, how would they prove it? :/

iwas99x75 karma

Weirdest looking people you saw there?

JizzBgone214 karma

Everyone is pretty average, which is scary. You never know who can be a pervert, sex addict, friendly guy, or something like that.

But if I had to choose, it was this one guy that would keep his sack hanging to the side and ALWAYS had his hands in his pants. fucking disgusting.

iwas99x73 karma

Best fast food burger: Burger king, in and out, carl Jr's, jack in the box, or McDonald's?

JizzBgone223 karma

in n out :)

iwas99x72 karma

Is the store in a sketchy area or halfway decent?

JizzBgone118 karma

Halfway decent. Not too bad of a place in my opinon, but definitely on the outskirts of a decent town.

Smgth43 karma

Your last AMA was a fantastic read, I remember participating and you seemed like a genuinely good guy caught in a terrible situation. How is the book coming? If you need a proof reader I are good at grammer and speeling!

JizzBgone48 karma

hey man! glad to see somene from the other ama. I r ok at splling nD i wunt to sell lotso BEWKS HUEHEUHEHE haha thanks man, the book is okay so far! I wrote the beginning paragraph!

NauseatingLego31 karma

What rank are you in overwatch?

JizzBgone109 karma

I should be 2800 but my teammates are holding me back all the time /s


iwas99x26 karma

What are your favorite phone apps?

JizzBgone61 karma

vainglory and my alarm

iwas99x24 karma

Do you have a lawyer or will get one?

JizzBgone70 karma

I have a lawyer from my felony and he is pretty helpful with that and the road to my expungement. He believes I was innocent too, but I just didn't have the money to go to trial :/ plea bargains are scary.

mymassiveness18 karma

Do they call it an arcade in hopes of luring in children? I remember when I went into one of those stores and being incredibly disappointed that there were no video games in sight.

JizzBgone35 karma

Nope! thankfully not. They check ID for anyone that looks under the age of 25. We only allowed 18+

iwas99x15 karma

How many books (rough estimate) do you own?

JizzBgone20 karma


iwas99x11 karma

Is your psychologist a man or woman? How old are they? Do they have a comfortable couch? And do they take good notes?

JizzBgone12 karma

Havent seen them yet! just a doctor :P

iwas99x10 karma

Do you ever make a mess (with pants on) in your car or house? And then do an awesome job cleaning it up?

JizzBgone33 karma

On my girlfriend. I clean up every time though

iwas99x9 karma

Favorite magazines?

JizzBgone10 karma

i dont read magazines

iwas99x9 karma

Did you take 20 minute showers twice shampooing , twice lathering and rinsing your body with soap when you got home from work?

JizzBgone24 karma

once lathering, 30 minutes on my body, especially my feet.

iwas99x7 karma

Did you work for the store or subcontracted?

JizzBgone8 karma

For the store.

iwas99x4 karma

Do you watch any sports? If so which sports and teams?

JizzBgone16 karma

League of legends, TSM. Basketball- lakers Football- whichever team is easier to band wagon, or whichever team is the opposing team to the majority of my friends during the superbowl baseball- dont watch soccer- dont watch

iwas99x4 karma

Do you have any tattoos, if so, how many, what are they of, what colors and designs?

JizzBgone6 karma


young_Handsome_MF3 karma

What are you gonna do now that you've clearly already peaked?

JizzBgone11 karma

Hm, what do you mean by peaked? Like, left? I am going to finish writing this book with the paid time off that they gave me and look for more work! I cant afford to take time off work :(

iwas99x2 karma

Who is the most famous slut right now?

JizzBgone21 karma

ur mum

iwas99x2 karma

What type of music do you listen to?

JizzBgone4 karma

all kinds! even country! just depends on what mood i am in. for now its panic at the disco

iwas99x2 karma

How do you get your news? Twitter, Facebook, newspaper, tv, radio all of the above or some combination?

JizzBgone2 karma

twitter and reddit

iwas99x1 karma

Have you ever been to a strip club? If so, how often and what is the best one?

JizzBgone3 karma

One in LA. I think it was like CA girls in anaheim? They were okay. Many boobs on my face.

wazowski_kachowski1 karma

How did you get into that line of work?

JizzBgone5 karma

I applied on indeed and went in like a normal job. But it wasnt a normal job :(

iwas99x1 karma

Most disturbing porn video they sell/rent?

JizzBgone2 karma

There is a porn film that has ONCE scene that includes a girl throwing up. Typically, it is illegal to produce and sell. But somehow it got through since it only has one scene of it.

iwas99x1 karma

Do they also smell smoking accessories'?

JizzBgone1 karma

nope, just adult toys and stuff

iwas99x1 karma

Did you get any discounts?

JizzBgone2 karma

Yup! A decent amount and the occasional free item or two.

iwas99x1 karma

What are your favorite cleaning brands?

JizzBgone2 karma

pet piss cleaner. life saving stuff when cleaning semen.

iwas99x1 karma

Are you thinking about attending college?

JizzBgone6 karma

Yes! For web design.

iwas99x1 karma

Do you have any piercings, if so , how many?

JizzBgone3 karma

none as well!

iwas99x1 karma

Favorite movies?

JizzBgone5 karma

any marvel film, and lord of the rings as well.

iwas99x1 karma

Favorite tv shows?

JizzBgone3 karma

I dont watch tv. Recently saw 13 reasons why and i think that was good!

iwas99x1 karma

What are your fears and phobias?

JizzBgone3 karma

dark rooms with guys in them, sticky floors, fire hydrants exploding near me, and drive bys

iwas99x1 karma

Do you have any pets?

JizzBgone2 karma

one cat

iwas99x1 karma

What type of books do you read? What are your favorite books? Who are your favorite authors?

JizzBgone2 karma

Things not seen- I read it in middle school and it was the first long book ive read. Other than that, I started walden

iwas99x1 karma

Do you watch porn or no?

JizzBgone2 karma

Not as much as I use to. From three times a day to maybe once or twice a week.

GirlswithbigTips1 karma

Why wouldn't you wait to write the book before doing an AmA?

JizzBgone4 karma

So I can do one when its written too, and I use this for a coping mechanism

iwas99x1 karma

Did you have a pay for your own cleaning supplies or did they provide all the chemicals, sprays, gloves, suits, shoe covers etc?

JizzBgone2 karma

They provided everything. They were also very open to me asking for different equipment, depending on the situation.

iwas99x1 karma

Have you ever met a celebrity? If so who?

JizzBgone2 karma

bjergsen, from TSM

iwas99x1 karma

Does the store sell fembot sexbots?

JizzBgone2 karma

LOL no. Just these things called fuck me silly's

iwas99x1 karma

Do you play any sports? If so which ones?

JizzBgone3 karma

esports! :D

greenlalablue-2 karma

did u ever eat the smens?

JizzBgone2 karma

nope! thats gross ._.